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Youth Commission Minutes February 1, 2006
Youth Commission Regular Meeting
City of Brentwood
Wednesday February 1, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Chairperson Taylor Brinkman

The roll was called by Secretary Luke Barnesmoore. Commissioners present at roll call as follows. Chairperson Taylor Brinkman, Commissioners Luke Barnesmoore, Sarah Simmons, Matthew Strauss, Leah Hocking, Mickell Escobar, Christine Mendez, Brianna Swisher and Subcommittee member Chris Walker. Commissioners Belinda Ordaz and Belen Sidhu were absent at roll call. Others present were Tom Burt, Recreation Supervisor, and Adult Advisors Clay McNamara and Kiko Ceja were present. Adult Advisor Anamarie Torres was absent. Officer Mark Louwerens was present also.

Mr. Tom Burt noted that Anamarie Torres was no longer an Adult Advisor and that he is currently reviewing applications for a new Adult Advisor. He will interview them and will be calling Chairpersons Brinkman, Barnesmoore, Ordaz and Hocking as an Executive Committee to sit in on the interviews.


There were no changes to the Agenda.


1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting on January 5, 2006. (T. Brinkman)
Commissioner Matt Strauss moved the approval of the minutes of the January
Meeting, motion seconded by Commissioner Hocking, motion carried unanimously.

2. DISCUSSION Review activities event from January 27, 2006. (K. Ceja)
Mr. Ceja thanked the individuals from each school who had a lot to do with the recruitment. He said it would not have taken place without the help from both Bristow and Edna Hill. Commissioner Barnesmoore was mentioned for his work in this effort at Edna Hill. He said there was a survey of the kids that attended the event and those would be given later. Adult Advisor McNamara and Commissioners Strauss and Simmons lead in the recruiting at Bristow. He thanked them all for this and said that they were present and setting up the event at 5:00 p.m. All showed up and they did not end up getting the even amounts of students from each school, but still felt they had a great event with some modifications. He then turned to Commissioner Strauss for further information on the survey. Commissioner Strauss said that overall the participants said they would give the event an 8.8 out of 1-10 scoring. On the question of the activities, they got an average of 8.5, and as to the dancing and music they got an 8.9 average. On the question of what activities they would like to see next year, they would prefer some of the same games, plus adding hula hoop, tackle football and more dancing, tug-of-war, soccer and overall sports. What they disliked most was “human knot”, which was rather contradictory since this was one of the games they had also said they liked. The jump rope was also not one that they would like again. Suggestions were for more soda and more people to attend. Overall the survey showed the event was appreciated and enjoyed. Chairperson Brinkman reported that since there was not an even number of attendance from each school. The teams were divided from a lineup and split in half. He felt it was a good event. Commissioner Strauss feels the Activities Night will continue to build through word of mouth. Chairperson Brinkman said that next year they will need a different venue as they will need more space. There was discussion of the possibility of holding it on a Saturday in a park during the day when weather is good.

3. DISCUSSION Treasurer’s report. (L. Hocking)
Commissioner Hocking reported that there was an expenditure of $1,360 on the tour bus for the ski trip to Sugar Bowl. Another $1,280 expended on lift tickets for this trip. $408 was spent at Cap’s Restaurant for the Holiday party. In the last month $3,048 has been expended from the budgeted amount.

4. DISCUSSION Review of Sugar Bowl trip. (M. Strauss)
Chairperson Brinkman said he and Mr. Burt, also Commissioners Mendez and Hocking went on this trip. The bus was full and it was fun. Weather bad but they all had a good time. Next trip will be to Sierra at Tahoe.

5. DISCUSSION/ACTION Job Fair Update. (B. Ordaz)
Mr. Burt reported on this item. He said that March 11, 2006 is the date for this year’s Job Fair. It will be coming up rapidly and they all need to get busy on planning and making decisions as to how it will be handled. He wants to have a subcommittee formed at this meeting to work on the planning. He said the City of Brentwood has solid commitments from several departments to have booths at the Job Fair. The subcommittee will have to start working on recruiting vendors and put together the format of the Job Fair. Discussion of whether they want the break out sessions during the Job Fair, rather than before the fair starts. He stressed getting more quality vendors. He asked the Commissioners whether they feel comfortable in recruiting vendors along with the Adult Advisors and himself. He said the event has been very successful for the City of Brentwood as they have gotten lots of employees from the Job Fair. This will be especially important with the opening of the Heritage pool this summer. Chairperson Brinkman said he felt they need to formulate a better way of approaching the businesses. Probably call first to see if interest is indicated then make appointments or send flyers. Mr. Burt said they could come into the office to make the calls if they wished. The Chamber of Commerce should be contacted for business names and contact persons. Discussion of sending out mailers in water bills again as they have in the past. Mr. Ceja said that he doesn’t mind going out to call on businesses as he has in the past if this is necessary. He also feels this is a good skill for the Commissioners to learn. He suggested some of the Commissioners accompanying him (one or two at a time), when he calls on the businesses. There was discussion of calling first, then going with Mr. Ceja with packet to confirm booth space, etc.

Mr. Burt will revamp the posters and update the banner for the fair. He expressed that this is the busiest time of the year for the Commissioners and they really need to be prepared to commit to these upcoming events. Chairperson Brinkman asked about the commercial. Mr. Burt will call Mr. Payton and set times/dates open to shoot the commercial some time within the next three weeks. The subcommittee will have to work on the script along with strategy on how to get vendors. Commissioners who wish to be in the commercial will be called when the date and time are decided on and must be available for a couple of hours after school. All of the Commissioners indicated they would be available with the exception of Chairperson Brinkman who has just started a job. Chris Walker, member of the subcommittee for the Youth Commission also said he could work on this committee. Mr. Burt then broke the volunteers into two groups and decision was made as to when they could meet. The “A” group consisted of Commissioners Mendez, Simmons, Escobar and subcommittee member Chris Walker. The “B” group will be Commissioners Hocking, Barnesmoore, Swisher and Strauss. Group “A” will be responsible for the commercial and Group “B” will work on getting vendors for the Job Fair. The other two Commissioners absent at this meeting may be added to these groups. Each group then met briefly to decide on a time to set for their meeting and also include a time when an Adult Advisor will be available.

Group “B” said they will meet on Thursday, February 2, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at Starbucks. Group “A” will meet Monday, February 6, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. also at Starbucks. Mr. Burt told them to be sure and schedule subsequent meetings at the end of each of the planned meetings. He suggested same time, same place each week. He gave the Commissioners the specific details of what each subcommittee responsibilities will be. Adult Advisor McNamara will meet with Group “B” and Mr. Ceja will meet with Group “A” on Monday night. Mr. Burt will also be involved with the groups.

Mr. Burt then asked for feedback on the booths, do they want the full skirted divided booths, or tables which would be less expensive and easier. The Commissioners agreed the tables would be just as effective and less work and expense. Discussion of balloons and helium for entrance, Mr. Burt will take care of this part for the Commissioners. Mr. Burt told the Commissioners that they would be responsible for 80%-90%of the work for the Job Fair and asked if they felt comfortable that they could do this, they all felt they could. Adult Advisor asked the Commissioners what they would discuss at each of their subcommittee meetings. Mr. Burt said these strategies each will be following are critical to the success of the fair. He also said that they can do a press release in the Brentwood Press and he will help with that and if they wish to have an article in the paper then the group handling the planning for the Job Fair will be responsible for that as well. Contacting the Chamber of Commerce for business names and the mailing will also be their responsibility. He would like to see 20-25 vendors. Discussion of the break out sessions also discussed. Mr. Burt said he will be available for consultation at all times, they can call him on his cell phone.

6. DISCUSSION/ACTION Youth forum topics and dates. (T. Brinkman)
Mr. Burt explained that this is something the City of Brentwood is sponsoring and will hold one this year. All will be a part of this which will happen in 2006 as a part of the Master Plan for the City. He then asked for recommendations for a date and topics. This will be for a cross-section of students throughout the city. They will represent each of the schools and the principals will be asked to release the designated students from class to attend this forum. He explained the logistics of how the forum will be set up to the Commissioners. He asked the Commissioners to come up with ideas for key topics or questions for the group. Dates of September 7, 13 and 23 were suggested and either a Tuesday or Thursday. Discussion of a new teen center and what it should include will be one of the topics, they should be able to give their vision of this facility. How the students will be chosen for this forum will be totally at random. Suggested topics were an indoor skating rink, miniature golf, discussion of police department and school officers. Chairperson Brinkman said questions should be more introspective and ask hard questions. Mr. Burt took their responses and suggestions and said he will be bringing this topic back again in future meetings.

7. DISCUSSION Liberty High School Scholarship. (B. Sidhu)
Mr. Burt announced that the scholarship will be awarded Monday, May 22, 2006. He had a letter which is directed to Mr. Halloran of the Liberty High School regarding this scholarship. There was a discussion on how the scholarship was handled in the past, who to direct the applications to at the high school and who would take the packet to Ms. Ballentine’s office at Liberty High School. Chairperson Brinkman volunteered to take the letter to the Career Center the following day. He will ask for the scholarship applications used in the past. The scholarship is for two $1,000 scholarships so it is a significant amount. They are to be awarded to a male and female graduating senior at Liberty High School.

Commissioner Barnesmoore said he thought an eighth grade social or activities night would be a good idea to get all acquainted prior to going on to high school. Mr. Burt said this could be a future agenda item. Question was asked about the skate park competition; Mr. Burt said it will be held later this summer. Question was also asked about representation at the PAL Board meetings. Commissioner Swisher said she will be going to these.

Ski Trip Update/Recap Sierra Tahoe trip
Job Fair Update/commercials, vendors and other plans
Scholarship funding
Youth Forum
Social Bristow and Edna Hill
Treasurer’s report

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m. by Chairperson Brinkman

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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