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City Administration
Wednesday June 1, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94514

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p. m. by Vice Chairperson Elizabeth Cruz.

The roll was called by Vice Chairperson Elizabeth Cruz. Commissioners present at roll call were Commissioners Taylor Brinkman, Luke Barnesmoore, Mickell Escobar, Christine Mendez, Brianna Swisher, Belinda Ordaz, and Ashley Clare. Commissioners absent at roll call were Leah Hocking and Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg.

Staff member Tom Burt, Recreational Services Supervisor, and Adult Advisors Kiko Ceja were present. Adult Advisor Ana Marie Torres and Officer Mark Louwerens of the Police Department were absent.

There were no presentations. However Mr. Burt said he felt the audience should introduce themselves. They were as follows; Matt Strauss, Sarah Simmons and Helen Sidhu and they are the newly elected but not as yet installed Commissioners. Also present were Clay McNamara, new Adult Advisor, not yet installed and Dannette Bentz.

There were no changes to the Agenda.

No citizens’ comments

1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on May 4, 2005.
Commissioner Barnesmoore moved the approval of the regular meeting minutes of May 4, 2005. Motion seconded by Commissioner Ordaz, motion carried unanimously.

2. ACTION Youth Commission Group Photo (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt and all of the Youth Commissioners and Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja adjourned to the plaza for a group picture. Each Commissioner wore a Youth Commissioner shirt for the picture.

3. DISCUSSION City Advisory Committee replacement for Ashley Clare. (A. Clare)
Commissioner Clare described the position and said the person would be responsible to attend the City Advisory meetings on the third Monday of every month. The meetings last approximately one hour and consist of discussion of facilities needed in Brentwood. She explained the group attended the City Council meeting the previous week to discuss the items chosen for facilities needed in the downtown community. These will now have to be prioritized in order of importance. This will be done as the city continues to build and also financing will be a part of the second phase. The Commissioner chosen to serve in this position will be responsible to attend all of the meetings and will be vocalizing the need for a teen center.

Mr. Burt said the person chosen for this position should fully understand their commitment. Of those present at this meeting those eligible for the position would be Commissioner Brinkman, Ordaz, Barnesmoore, Swisher, Mendez or Escobar. Commissioner Hocking who was absent would also be eligible. He then asked if those present and eligible would be willing to participate in the committee. Commissioner Clare said that the representative will be the only youth member, the rest are all adults and it is a very “no nonsense” committee. The representative will have to be able to strongly voice their opinions and not be intimidated by the adults or swayed by their differing wishes. Commissioner Clare said it is a very interesting committee to work on and she has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. The meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, the next meeting will be Monday, June 20, 2005 and Mr. Burt asked for Commissioner Clare to attend this meeting. The candidate for this committee will go as her guest to learn about the responsibilities. Mr. Burt then called for volunteers for the committee. Commissioners Swisher, Escobar and Ordaz indicated an interest as well. Commissioner Escobar and Ordaz would need to check schedules to see if they were available for these Monday nights due to classes they are registering for and do not have schedules at this point. Commissioner Cruz suggested having a first person and then alternates. Commissioner Clare and Mr. Burt said this would not work because of the way the information is presented and not reviewed again at each meeting. The delegate should be the same all the time in order to be prepared to discuss issues.

Mr. Ceja suggested those Commissioners interested to attend the next meeting as a guest of Commissioner Clare in order to become more informed of the duties and responsibilities. This choice will have to be made by the July 6th meeting. Commissioner Escobar would be out of town at that time and Commissioner Swisher will also be out of town. Commissioner Ordaz indicated that she would be able to attend. The meetings are held at the Brentwood Technology Center on Sandcreek Road in the meeting room. Commissioner Clare will meet her there and introduce her. Commissioner Clare will still be available for the July meeting, so if a choice has not been made by that time she could still attend with the candidate/s.

4. DISCUSSION Recap Scholarship Awards Ceremony. (C. Fredenberg)
Since Commissioner Fredenberg was not present, Commissioner Cruz commented on the ceremony. Other Commissioners at the ceremony were Ordaz, Barnesmoore, Clare and Hocking. The event was held May 23, 2005. Awards were handed to Vannessa Pridmore and Moeen Koya by the Commissioners. It was a very nice ceremony and Commissioner Cruz said she has been thanked many times for encouraging those receiving the scholarships to enter. The idea that it was youth raising the funds themselves and awarding them also was very gratifying. Other Commissioners and Mr. Burt as well had received similar comments and praise. Mr. Burt said this was one of the best things the Commission has done for the youth in the community in assisting people with their education. He said the two receiving the awards will be attending the June 28 City Council meeting and the Mayor will read a proclamation for them and they will be congratulated in front of the City Council. The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. and should be very early on in the agenda. Mr. Burt said he had great cooperation from the Career Center at Liberty High School this year and it was well organized. He asked the Commissioners to thank Rosemary at the Career Center for a good job well done.

5. DISCUSSION/ACTION Commissioner Commitment to “Life After High School”. (T. Brinkman)
Commissioner Brinkman had no information on this subject and asked to open up the discussion. Mr. Burt said that he had expected Officer Louwerens to be present for this discussion and since he was not, there will be more information from Officer Louwerwens in July at that regular meeting. This was then moved to request for future agenda items for July 2005. Commissioner Cruz said this is a meeting with the PAL and is held in Monterey in July. It will be a conference regarding “Life after High School” and will be a four day event. The State YDC puts on the conference, and will have various workshops. All expenses are paid for by the PAL/YDC. There are spots for 6 Commissioners set aside by Officer Louwerens for those wishing to attend. Commissioner Cruz commented on how well the PAL group treats the Commissioners. She said she is being flown to Palm Springs this weekend for a free trip.

6. DISCUSSION Review diversity committee meeting. (All Commissioners)
None of the Commissioners attended this meeting.

7. DISCUSSION Discuss “Get to know the Youth Advisory Commission” event. (M. Escobar)
Commissioner reported that the event will take place at the Harvest Park Bowling Alley on June 14, 2005, time from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The workshop and lunch will be first and then be a time for bowling and recreation. This is for the new Commissioners as well those already in office. Mr. Ceja said for new Commissioners in the meeting to be sure and put this on their calendar. Commissioner Escobar said they will have mock meeting so that incoming Commissioners can learn the protocol of how to hold an official meeting. Shirts will be ordered at that time after Mr. Burt has been given sizes. This is an opportunity for the new and old Commissioners to mingle and learn more about the Commission and its goals as well as the proper way to hold an official meeting.

8. DISCUSSION/ACTION Cornfest ice delivery fundraising effort on July 8, 9, and 10th. (B. Swisher)
Commissioner Swisher asked what the Commissioners were doing. Mr. Burt said this could end up being one of their major fund-raisers for the year and replenish the scholarship fund. Fifty percent of all the proceeds from the sale of ice will go to the Youth Commission. All Youth Commissioners and Adult Advisors should expect to volunteer for at least 8 hour during the 3-day event. Commissioner Barnesmoore will be camping. Commissioner Clare will return Saturday night from Boston, but will work on Sunday. Most will be in town and available. Mr. Burt said that this is a huge commitment, easiest time will be early in the day, however as crowds become larger, it is harder to move around and deliver the ice later in the day. All who can should be there and show that they are helping. He said there is a strong possibility that they could make enough money to completely fund the scholarship for the year 2006. New Commissioner Strauss said he will be unable to attend but will try to get volunteers in his place. Commissioner Barnesmoore also said he will do that. On July 6th at the next regular meeting a sign up sheet will be passed around to give Mr. Burt an idea of what type of commitment he can expect. They can also choose the shift they wish to work at that time as well. The subcommittee can work on this as well. Commissioner Ordaz asked if people could sign up for this and get credit for Community Service hours, she was assured that they could and she said then she would have some for that out of the 2006 senior class. These would be volunteers.

9. DISCUSSION/ACTION Recap on “Take Back the Night”. (E. Cruz)
Commissioner Cruz reported briefly on the background of this event and said it had started in Europe and is to combat rape and violence against women and children. She said it was a very powerful program. Commissioners along with her who attended were Ordaz and Laura Andrade, Recreational Services Coordinator. Their presence was appreciated and Commissioner Cruz hopes the Youth Commission will support this event again next year. She took this to the PAL Board and they will support it as well next year. She felt this was a good move for the Leadership advisor to bring this event to Brentwood.

10. DISCUSSION Final 04/05 Youth Commission thoughts. (All Commissioners)
Commissioner Clare said it was truly an awesome time for her and she is really sad she didn’t get on the Commissioner earlier. She said it was an amazing experience and she learned a lot about the City and see how functions. She hopes to get involved in the city where she is moving to for college. Commissioner Cruz agreed with Commissioner Clare on wishing she had gotten involved before her senior year. She thanked the previous Chairperson, Brea Bryant for encouraging her so strongly to get involved. She said it affords them to become an ambassador for their school and leadership classes, but also in the community. She wished the future Commissioners a lot of luck. She thanked Mr. Burt and Adult Advisor Ceja, and even thanked the Minutes Recorder. Commissioner Ordaz also thanked all and especially those Commissioners leaving and said she really enjoyed having them as a part of the Commission. Commissioner Clare said she will come to meetings whenever she is home from college. Commissioner Brinkman who has been a Commissioner for five years, said he felt this was their best year. Many things were accomplished this year, and he is committed to go through his senior year. Mr. Burt said he was very proud of him for his long term commitment. Commissioner Brinkman discussed the changes and growth during the time he has been a Commissioner. He cited the linking with PAL/YDC as being a great advantage for the Commission. Commissioner Cruz clarified that PAL is the Police Activities League and YDC is the Youth Directors Council, which is the leadership board for PAL. She was their representative and hopes that Commissioner Swisher will continue with that. She discussed the activities she has been involved in because of the PAL commitment, such as the Sacramento Experience and upcoming Life after High School. Commissioner Clare said that these are well rounded conferences and they learn a lot from them.

Mr. Burt explained how all of the new Commissioners will be involved with the PAL and YDC with the merging of the two this past year. She said in the State of California there are 150 chapters in California, and about 38 chapters in the United States. CALPAL is one of the strongest chapters in the country. Mr. Ceja said it has been exciting for him as well and felt the merge with the PAL/YDC and Advisory Committee has been excellent for the Youth Commission. He wished good luck to Commissioners Clare and Cruz and said he knows they will have fun in college and invited them to come and visit when they return.

Mr. Burt said he has gone back and reviewed the very first agenda and commented on the growth and change in the Commission. He commented on Commissioner Cruz as being selected as California Youth of the Year by CAL/PAL and recently National PAL Youth of the Year. She has received a scholarship from this as well. He commented on the growth of the Commissioners as they work and learn about the city and community. Mr. Burt encouraged the subcommittee members to also come to the meetings and volunteer. Commissioner Swisher said she was quite impressed with the Commission after her first year. Commissioner Brinkman said the new Commissioners will have many unique opportunities than none of the other youth in Brentwood will have. Commissioner Cruz commented that not many cities have a Youth Commission and this indicates what a great community and city they live in.

Commissioner Escobar also commented on the many opportunities that are opened to the Youth Commissioners.

Mr. Burt commented on the increased interest in the Commission, in the past it was hard to get youth interested enough to fill all the spots and this year they had 16 applicants for three spots. They are becoming well known in the City and community.


Update on Cornfest
PAL Board replacement for Commissioner Cruz and backup
Replacement on Advisory Committee
Life after High School
Review of Get to know you event.
Swearing in of new Commissioners and Adult Advisor

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445