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City Administration
Wednesday May 4, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94514

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg.

The roll was called by Secretary, Commissioner Taylor Brinkman. Commissioners present at roll call were Chairperson Fredenberg, Commissioner’s Taylor Brinkman, Luke Barnesmoore, Mickell Escobar, Christine Mendez, Brianna Swisher, Leah Hocking, Belinda Ordaz, and Ashley Clare.
Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz was absent.

Staff member Tom Burt, Recreational Services Supervisor, and Officer Mark Louwerens of the Brentwood Police Department were present. Adult Advisors Kiko Ceja and Annamarie Torres
were both absent.

There were no presentations.

There were no changes to the Agenda.

Trista Townsend and Jennifer Vo were introduced by Mr. Burt to give their presentation on the First Annual Liberty “Take Back the Night” which will be held Friday, May 20th. They are both a part of the Leadership Class on Liberty campus. They were approached on this event by their Leadership teacher because she felt it was important to be pro-active about sexual abuse in the community and on the school campus. She gave a brief history of the program which first started in Europe in 1976 and has continued throughout the world as a sign of empowerment for women, men and children. This event will be the first time Liberty High School has hosted a “Take Back the Night” and it would be important to have the Youth Commission involved as a part of the event.

The schedule for the event is an introduction and history of “Take Back the Night” at 7:15 p.m., the first speaker is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. and a speak-out with 2-3 speakers at 8:00 p.m. followed by a candle light vigil at 8:30 p.m. Candles will be passed out to the public attending and there will be 30-45 seconds of silence, then a slow transition into the song. The event will be concluded with thanks to all attending and an invitation to visit the booths and serving of refreshments. Ms. Townsend said it would be their honor to have the Youth Commission in attendance and have their support, including the Commission’s name on their flyers. Ms. Vo also spoke and said that there will be testimonials as well as informative information regarding the organization. Others will be invited to share their experience. They will need access to the park and police support and also their attendance.

The Commissioners asked what support they would like from them. The response was that they wanted to use their name for support and asked as many as possible to attend. Ms. Townsend stressed that they would like it known as a community affair, not just the high school. The event will be held at the gazebo at the city park. Officer Louwerens said that Commissioner Cruz has brought the subject up at a PAL meeting and he said that he intends to be present. He agreed that this is a problem and that every day the police department is dealing with rape, spousal abuse and child neglect cases. He felt the Youth Commission’s showing of support would be very valuable as they have a very good standing in the community.

Mr. Burt said that since this was not a scheduled matter, no formal action could be taken, a sub-committee could be formed to meet with the “Take Back the Night” representatives, but would have to be very soon because of the timing. He asked for a show of hands as to how many would be able to attend the event. There was some discussion as to how to deal with the issue. Ms. Townsend said they would not have to be involved other than showing support. Mr. Burt then said that he can assist in reserving the park and possibly the mobile stage. The Youth Commission will support the “Take Back the Night” event on Friday, May 20th.

Commissioner Brinkman said then the point would be the Commission’s name on the flyer and as many as could attend as possible to show support and it was agreed that is what they would like.

1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on April 6, 2005.
Commissioner Escobar moved the approval of the minutes of April 6, 2005. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Hocking. Motion carried unanimously.

2. DISCUSSION Youth Commissioner Applications for next term. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt said that all of the Commissioners whose term will be up and wish to reapply must complete their application and give it to him at this meeting. There are six Commissioners that are eligible to do so. Commissioner Ordaz has turned hers in, Commissioner Swisher needs her parents signature, Commissioner Hocking has turned hers in also and Commissioner Brinkman needs to pick up an application and complete it as soon as possible. Commissioner Mendez still needs to obtain signatures for her application. Commissioner Escobar has also turned in her application. Mr. Burt gave Commissioner Brinkman an application at the meeting.

3. DISCUSSION Spaghetti Feed & Spring to Life Fun Run Review. (L. Hocking)
Commissioner Hocking said that it was a lot of fun. She said they were there for three hours and had lots of good food. Mr. Burt said that Mr. Schultz came to his office that day and dropped off a check for $100 for all of their efforts at the spaghetti feed. He commended them and said good job and looking forward to working with the Youth Commission next year. Mr. Schultz represents the Liberty Union High School District Education Foundation. Those funds earned go towards the scholarship fund.

4. DISCUSSION Fun Run Review. (M. Escobar)
She said that the Fun Run was interesting. She was able to stand on the route and cheer people on as they ran or walked. There were responses by some of the Commissioners that they encountered some very rude people in cars and at the parking lot. Some were trying to drive through where the runners were racing. But overall it was a good experience. Mr. Burt told them how proud he was of the fact that they show up and invite friends and family. He said the Leadership class from Bristow was great, very good turnout and all the Commissioners showed very good representation to the community. Funds earned from this will also go into the scholarship fund.

5. DISCUSSION/ACTION National PAL trip. (M. Louwerens)
Officer Louwerens announced that this trip has been canceled. He said because they have the Sacramento Experience and the week long meeting in Monterey very close to the time of the National meeting that they have decided to wait and see how all of them felt about their experiences on the state level and look at this trip again next year.

6. DISCUSSION/ACTION Commissioner “Get to know the Youth Commission event”. (L. Barnesmoore)
Mr. Burt said the reason he put Commissioner Barnesmoore on this committee is that he is probably the best bowler on the Youth Commission. Commissioner Barnesmoore then asked the Commissioners if they would like to have this event at the Bowling Alley as they did the previous year. All seemed to think this a good idea because there if a room available for the meeting, plus they can bowl and have good food served also. This will be a get together for the new Commissioners and give them an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the current Commissioners. The meeting will be an opportunity to have a mock meeting, give the shirts to the new Commissioners and plan their agendas for the next year, among other things. There was discussion of the cost of the rental of the facility and also for the food. Mr. Burt said some of the costs were complimentary of Mr. Wageman, but total cost was estimated at approximately $300 the previous year. Commissioner Hocking moved to host the “get to know the Youth Commission” event at the Harvest Park Bowling Alley. Commissioner Barnesmoore seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Clare moved to set aside $500 to fund the “get to know Youth Commission” event. Commissioner Hocking seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

There followed a discussion of when the event will be held. It must be held after the new Commissioners are approved at the City Council meeting. This should be held prior to the June 1st meeting. Discussion of the timelines involved in setting this event. The date of Friday, May 27th was discussed. If the dates in May are not workable, the event could take place in June and new Commissioners will be invited to come to the meeting and sit and observe and their first official meeting will be in July. The date of June 14th was then suggested and to have the time set for 10:00 am through 2:00 p.m., with the meeting and workshop from 10:00 until 12:00 Noon, and then eat and bowl until 2:00 p.m. Commissioner Clare moved to schedule the “get to know the Youth Commission” event on Tuesday, June 14 at 10:00 am. to 2:00 p.m.. Motion seconded by Commissioner Swisher, Commission Hocking opposed, motion carried.

7. DISCUSSION Youth Commission Scholarship update. (C. Fredenberg)
Scholarships have been awarded to one senior female and one senior male. There was some discussion of the applicants. Both of the students are at Liberty High School. Scholarship award night is May 23rd . Mr. Burt encouraged all of the Commissioners to attend since they do actually go to the podium and announce the scholarship winners’ names. He reminded them to dress professionally. Chairperson Fredenberg will announce the names of the winners. Time will be 7:00 p.m. Commissioner Clare gave a brief account of how the scholarships were awarded by a subcommittee. They met after school and read through the applications to make sure that all met all the requirements. Then essays were read and were judged by how they responded to the questions, their essays, and their letters of recommendation. Mr. Burt said he was very proud of how the decisions were made. Mr. Burt or Lisa Smith will call and remind them of the time and date of the awards.

8. DISCUSSION Approve recommendation to City Council for new Youth Commissions and advisor. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt passed out a list of the new Youth Commissioners. The adult advisors have not been chosen as yet, this decision will be made the following week. This recommendation will then come before the Commission in June. Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja is reapplying and they have others that have applied.

Mr. Burt then discussed the application and decision making process in selecting the three new Youth Commissioners. They will be replacing Commissioners Fredenberg, Clare and Cruz. He said they held 16 different interviews for the three open positions, and it was a difficult decision. He said there were a lot of excellent candidates. He also encouraged the Commissioners to tell candidates for next year to get involved by serving on subcommittees and get to know how the Commission works. The new Youth Commission candidates to come before the City Council are as follows in alphabetical order; Belen Sidhu, Sarah Simmons, and Matt Strauss. Mr. Burt said they are excellent candidates. These candidates will come before the City Council on May 24th for approval and then will attend the June 1, 2005 Commission meeting to be sworn in by the Chairperson Fredenberg. Commissioner Brinkman moved the approval of the list of candidates as presented as new Youth Commissioners to be sworn in at the June 1, 2005 meeting. Commissioner Clare seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Burt said that there is a group in Brentwood called the Brentwood Diversity Committee. He asked if anyone knew why this committee was formed. It was formed because of a past incident a few years ago at Liberty High School. This group is asking for two or three Youth Commissioners to get involved in a focus group meeting as teenagers throughout the community. They want to receive feedback on various topics. The meeting will be held May 5th the following day at the Brentwood Technology Center at 5:00 p.m. There will be snacks served at the meeting. Commissioner Barnesmoore was suggested as a representative of the Commission to attend this meeting. Mr. Burt said it is good for the Commissioners to get involved in these various groups in the Council Chambers at 4:00 p.m.

Update on Cornfest
Welcome and swearing in of new Commissioners
Results of Adult Adviser Interviews
Report on Scholarship

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445