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City Administration
Wednesday, January 5, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 7:13 p.m. by Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg.

The roll was called by Secretary, Commissioner Taylor Brinkman. Commissioners present at roll call were Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg and Commissioners Taylor Brinkman, Luke Barnesmoore, Mickell Escobar, Christine Mendez, Brianna Swisher, Leah Hocking, Belinda Ordaz, Elizabeth Cruz and Ashley Clare.

Others present at roll call were Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja. Staff members present were Tom Burt, Recreational Services Supervisor, Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager and Officer Mark Louwerens of the Brentwood Police Department. Adult Advisors Annamarie Torres and Victor Silva were both absent.

At this time Tom Burt, Recreation Services Supervisor, discussed informational packets that he had passed out prior to the opening of the meeting. He explained that these packets are in reference to the Youth Commission becoming a part of the PAL. Officer Louwerens would explain more in detail, however Mr. Burt said the thicker packet was to be taken home so that parents could review them and sign in the appropriate places. This is the release of liabilities for photographs and this type of activity. He explained that their parents will also have to sign and he requested that the packets be returned to him by the following Wednesday at his office in the Parks and Recreation Department.

Officer Louwerens then explained the reason for all the paperwork being completed prior to their official membership in the PAL organization.

AGENDA REVIEW:  There were no changes to the Agenda.

CITIZENS COMMENTS:  No citizen comments.

1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on December 1, 2004.
Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held on December 1, 2004. Motion seconded by Commissioner Hocking and the motion carried unanimously.

2. DISCUSSION/ACTION Youth Job Faire 2005. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt showed the two commercials that were produced for the Job Faire last year and explained how they were produced and the audience they were geared to, one for adults and the other for the students. He showed them the commercials so that they would have an idea as to what they would have to do in the next two or three months for the upcoming Faire.

After a brief discussion of the commercials and how they were made, Mr. Burt suggested that the Commission continue on with the remainder of the items on the agenda and them return to this item since it will be a more lengthy discussion.

3. DISCUSSION Ski and Snowboard Trips. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt passed out the flyers for the Ski and Snowboard Trip at the Sugar Bowl Resort. The date of the trip is January 29, 2005. They will travel by bus, which will leave from the Community Center at 6:00a.m. and return at 8:00p.m. Youths ages 6-12, must be accompanied by parents or guardians and the fee is $20. Ages13-22 do not have to be accompanied by parents and the fee is $45. For those that are between ages 23-59, the fee will be $55. For the parents who take the bus trip only and do not ski, the fee will be $10. They are encouraged to invite friends at school and other relatives etc. For further information, the Parks and Recreation Department phone number was provided. They also discussed how to advertise the event, such as leadership classes, announcements at school and more flyers to be passed around the schools. Commissioners Elizabeth Cruz and Ashley Clare will get the information to the teachers for announcements and flyers. Commissioner Leah Hocking will take flyers to school as well. Mr. Burt said that the Ski and Snowboard Trip would also be announced in the Brentwood Press and the Contra Costa Times on Friday, January 7th, 2005. Commissioner Mickell Escobar will also make presentations at the 7th and 8th grade classrooms, and if they like the idea, will make posters and put up a bulletin near the lunch line.

There was a discussion of what is expected of them, as to providing their own equipment and Commissioner Taylor Brinkman discussed his experience on previous ski trips.

The next scheduled Ski and Snowboard trip will take place at Sierra Tahoe two weeks later on February 12, 2005. It will be approximately the same price and busing times. These are not fundraising trips. Mr. Burt asked for a show of hands of those interested in going and six or seven of the Commissioners indicated they would like to go. The cost of the trip is for the lift ticket, bus costs will be absorbed by the Parks and Recreation Commission. The buses are modern and are equipped with video players and some cassettes will be provided for movies during the trip.

4. DISCUSSION/ACTION Youth Commission Scholarship. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt said that the Youth Commission gave a $1,000 scholarship last year to a male and female graduate at Liberty High School. They now are beginning the scholarship application process for this year. The goal is to get enough applications for Commissioners to judge for the awards this spring. The scholarship applications need to be in the Career Center on the following Monday. Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg will take the applications to the Career Center on Monday. There is a March deadline so Mr. Burt wants to be sure they get the applications into the Career Center on time. He told them who to approach at Liberty and also that the scholarship needs to be publicized. Chairperson Fredenberg will stay in touch with Mr. Burt on this item.

5. DISCUSSION/ACTION Approval of recommendation to City Council for termination of Adult Advisor Victor Silva. (T. Burt).
Mr. Burt explained the process involved in this action and the reason for it. Basically Adult Advisor Silva has not attended the required meetings and has not indicated any interest in continuing in this position. However, to remove him from the position the Youth Commission has to make a motion to do so and this motion/action has to then be taken to the City Council for approval. Commissioner Leah Hocking moved to remove Victor Silva, Adult Advisor from the Youth Commission, motion seconded by Commissioner Brianna Swisher, motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burt then asked the Commissioners if any of them had any leads or ideas on other candidates for Adult Advisors to the Commission. Commissioner Luke Barnsemoore had some ideas and will talk to them about the Youth Commission. Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz also had one person in mind and will talk to them. There was some further discussion on the position of Adult Advisor.

The Commission then returned to the discussion of the Job Faire and Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja described the process of planning and recruiting businesses for the first Job Faire last year. He felt the Job Faire would be easier to plan and present this year after putting on the first one and learning what needs to be done and now having the credibility in the business community. He felt the next step now is to decide on a date and time for the Job Faire 2005. He discussed the importance of approaching the Chamber of Commerce and various service clubs such as Rotary, etc. Advertising and the commercial were also discussed by Mr. Ceja. He explained that after all the work in advertising and approaching the businesses personally the result was more than 25 businesses involved in the Job Faire. The youth turnout was also excellent and exciting. He discussed the workshops that were held, such as how to complete an application, how to interview and dress for success. Mr. Ceja said the Youth Commission now needs to decide if they wish to continue the workshops this year, do the commercial and decide what date will be chosen. He said this was the most successful project the Youth Commission has ever sponsored. They also need to know if they need to find a bigger location and plan the budget. There was some discussion on the subject among the Commissioners.

Mr.Burt said one of the best advertisements last year was taking the video to the classrooms and also the posters and flyers. He also said that it will be held at the Community Center again and with about 18 booths and can expand outside and can tent an area in case of rain and get probably 10 more booths or more this year. Evaluations from businesses last year were very positive. Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz received her job as a result of the Job Faire. He then asked for a decision on the date of the Faire. Commissioner Luke Barnesmoore suggested the Saturday prior to Spring Break which would be on March 12th. There was discussion of new businesses opening in Brentwood that might be involved. Mr. Burt read a list of most of the businesses involved in last year’s Job Faire. Cost of the commercial was discussed. Last year’s cost for the commercial was about $2500. There are also the added costs of booths, posters, flyers and door prizes, etc. Time for the Faire and the hours of operation were discussed. Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz moved that the date of Saturday, March 12, 2005 be set for the Second Annual Job Faire, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Commissioner Escobar seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Clare moved that the funding for the Job Faire be approved for up to $7500. Motion seconded by Commissioner Cruz, motion carried unanimously.

They discussed when to start shooting the commercial and when to have the person who shoots the commercial to come and meet with the Commissioners. There was also discussion of a special meeting or whether to form a subcommittee to meet for this project. There was a show of hands for those available for an after school workshop or subcommittee meeting. A subcommittee of five was formed, consisting of Commissioners Hocking, Clare, Fredenberg, Ordaz and Swisher. Commissioner Escobar would serve as alternate. They will meet Wednesday, January 12 at Mr. Burt’s office in the Parks and Recreation Department at 4:30 p.m.

Door prizes, businesses to call on and other issues will be discussed at the February regular meeting.

Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz reported back to the Commission on the recent PAL Board Meeting. She said the only thing she had to report was that there will be the Harvest Park Super Bowl party, which is the Fourth Annual Super Bowl Cook-off and there is a need for runners from the kitchen. She would like all to volunteer. The event will be held on February 6, 2005, which is a Sunday. She said they will need 3-4 people to set up, and to be there around 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. The event will start at 10:00 a.m., they can do shifts and will need about five runners, and then people to clean up after the event. This will be held at the Harvest Park Bowling Alley and sponsored by the PAL. Chief Davies has promised to feed all the volunteers from the Youth Commission. Some cannot make it, and only five may have to work all day, otherwise they can work in shifts.

The Brentwood Press is still reporting that the meetings are being held on Mondays. Mr. Burt is aware of this and has called them to ask them to change it to Wednesdays and will do so again.

Officer Louwerens reported that April 8,9, 10 and 11th is the Sacramento Experience for CALPAL and they usually take two males and two females, so to keep this in mind.

The Liberty High School Suicide Prevention Week was reported by Commissioner Elizabeth Cruz. They would like some of the Youth Commission pamphlets. Commissioner Cruz would like to pick some up from Mr. Burt’s office that evening. He agreed to this immediately following the meeting.

Commercial for Job Faire
Meeting Calendar for Remainder of Year 2005, after June 2005.
February Ski Trip
Super Bowl Party
Recruitment for Next Year’s Youth Commission
Sacramento Experience

The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted.

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445