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City Administration
Monday, January 6, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Ashley Brown called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Secretary Brea Bryant called the roll. The following Commissioners were present: Ashley Brown, Taylor Brinkman, Brian Fredenberg, Cynthia Fredenberg, Jessica Ordaz, Crystal Hammers, Darcy Garrity and Brea Bryant. Commissioners absent were Daisy Hurtado and Megan DeGuerre.

Others present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor and Adult Advisor Dave Lang. Maria Segura was absent. Also present were City Council Member Ana B. Gutierrez and Police Officer Sal T. DiMercurio of the Brentwood Police Department.

PRESENTATION: Reach Alliance Services - Youth for Positive Change
This group was not present, therefore no presentation at this time.

At this point Ms. Scherff asked to discuss Item 3, Youth Commission Scholarship Application. She asked if the Commissioners had remembered to take the scholarship applications into their school offices. Advisor Lang asked if the application had been finalized and Ms. Scherff responded that it had been and that before it was to be accepted again for the final time the Commissioners would have to find ways to publicize it. The deadline is February 28 so they need to have suggestions and plans to promote it for possible applicants. Ms. Scherff had mailed copies of the applications to Mr. Kirk Foster and since she has not received any applicants to this date, she asked one of the Commissioners to check to see if anything has been presented to the students as yet. These should be on file at the Career Center. Chairperson Brown said she has checked for scholarships and did not see this one; therefore, she will check again to make sure they are in the files. If not, she will notify Ms. Scherff and Ms. Scherff will personally walk them over to the Career Center. Ms. Scherff also suggested to the Commissioners that they may wish to put a paid ad into the Brentwood Press. They have the budget and could allocate funds for this purpose. Mr. Lang also suggested not only the Brentwood Press, but also the Brentwood News which comes out on Fridays in the Contra Costa Times. Channel 54 was suggested as an advertising medium by Mr. Lang. He recommended that they advertise in the newspapers and have the High School announce the scholarship in their daily bulletin. Discussion of these and other means of advertising were discussed. Chairperson Ashley Brown moved that they spend no more than $500 for running ads in the Brentwood News and the Brentwood Press for the scholarship. Commissioner Taylor Brinkman seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of December 2, 2002.
Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg made a motion for the approval of the minutes of the regular meeting on December 2, 2002. Commissioner Crystal Hammers seconded the motion and motion carried.

Item No. 2 Accept calendar of scheduled events for 2003. (P. Scherff). 
Commissioner Bryant moved to accept the calendar of schedule events for 2003. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Brown and carried unanimously.

Item No. 3 Accept final Youth Commission Scholarship application (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff asked if their was any further changes to be made in the application and after a brief discussion Chairperson Brown moved to approve the final draft of the application. Commissioner Bryant seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 4 Review of draft letter of Team Building with San Jose and Livermore Youth Commissions.
Commissioner Bryant passed around a letter that she had composed to the two youth commissions and asked Commissioners to read the proposed document and make revisions as necessary. After reading the letter, Advisor Lang suggested that the language read “requesting” their assistance, not “informing” them . . . “to plan for future events”. Mr. Lang then asked if the Commissioners had thought of any place that the Commissions could meet together. He said since they would be basically drawing from three different counties geographically they might look for a mutual area. Ms. Scherff also mentioned that she would like as many Commissioners as possible to attend the California Parks and Recreation Society’s meetings which will be held in San Jose in March. Mr. Lang said he has already discussed the meeting briefly with the Livermore Commission’s Advisor and suggested that it be hosted in Livermore. He could volunteer the Police Department’s Community Room as well as other facilities that might be available at one of the schools that could be reserved over a weekend. A few other minor suggestions were made for changes in the letter by Ms. Scherff, dates or deadlines were suggested. Chairperson Brown moved that Commissioner Bryant make the suggested revisions to the letter and submit it to Ms. Scherff for final approval and printing on the Youth Commission letterhead. Commissioner Brian Fredenberg seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Ms. Scherff then said that she felt that tonight the Commission should set some goals and dates and when they will approach the School District at their Board meetings. Also, they need to set a target date for when first draft and second draft and final to be presented. Mr. Lang commented that in preparation for this presentation they should have a special meeting and prepare the topics they are working on, and any other topics other than those on the sample cards that need to be presented, and reasoning behind the topics presented to the School Board. They should be able to justify these topics and also ask if there are any other topics that the School Board feel should be included in the resource cards. There were also comments by Ms. Gutierrez and discussion on resources available in the community. Goal is to have this resource card available to the schools by the end of July 2003 for the new school year. Therefore it will have to be press ready by June 15. It was suggested that so as not to interfere with finals week, the final card should be ready to go to the printers by the end of May. They need also to check on School Board meeting dates and arrange times appropriate to making the presentation to them. The Commissioners decided they would need to plan to go before both the High School Board and the Elementary School Board in February. Mr. Lang said even though the Master Plan has already been approved by the City Council, the Commissioners should have an outline prepared for the School Boards and also to ask if they would like to see further items other than those included by the Youth Commission. At this point Chairperson Brown commented that she felt there should be a subcommittee to work on this project. It was agreed and the following Commissioners volunteered to serve on the subcommittee: Brea Bryant, Cynthia Fredenberg, Brian Fredenberg and Mr. Lang will meet with them. Date for meeting was set for Tuesday, January 21 at 6 p.m. They will meet in Director Bronzan’s office. This will be a special meeting and the only subject will be the resource card. 

Officer DiMercurio was invited to be involved in the meeting as he will be in a position to know what resources are now available in the community. Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg moved that a special meeting be held on Tuesday, January 21 at 6 Director Bronzan’s office to discuss the main points for the resource card. Commissioner Bryant seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Scherff suggested that in the meantime the Commissioners go to the resource center in the Career Center to ascertain what resources are currently available at the high school. Commissioner Brian Fredenberg will also check what is available at Edna Hill and Bristow schools. Officer DiMercurio will bring whatever is available currently at the Police Department. Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg will obtain the dates for School Board meetings. 

Item No. 7 Election of Officers (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff said that the Commissioners need to select candidates and vote on Chairperson,
Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Two Commissioners were absent and Ms. Scherff was questioned as to whether they could be included in the nomination and voting and she said they could and should be included. By-laws were checked for this issue. Commissioner Bryant was nominated for both Secretary and Chairperson, she was asked which she would prefer, and since she had already served as Secretary, she would prefer the Chairperson position.

The following persons were nominated then as follows:
Chairperson Brea Bryant
Vice Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg
Treasurer Brian Fredenberg
Secretary Crystal Hammers
Voting slips were passed out for nomination, but were not needed as there were only the above nominations. Duties of the various offices were briefly discussed. Commissioner Brinkman moved that the above slate of officers be elected by unanimous vote since there were no further nominations from the floor. Commissioner Brian Fredenberg seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Officer DiMercurio commented that he is hoping to attend all of the Youth Commission meetings. He is interested in finding out what the vision and goals are of the Commission and said that as a Police Officer he wished the Commissioners to know that the Police Department is greatly concerned about the concerns expressed in the recent survey. He also said that he hopes that they all will feel comfortable in coming to him at any time and would encourage them to pass along any suggestions and concerns for the Police Department to him. He hopes to be able to act as a liaison between the Youth Commission and the Police Department and work with them. 

City Council Member Ana Gutierrez announced that she is the City Council person assigned to the Youth Commission and thinks that they are going about things in the right way. She suggested that there are a lot of other areas in the community that the Commission needs to reach out to, especially in the ethnic and diverse populations. Possibly trips to San Francisco, computer training and other needs in community. She will attend as many meetings as possible and will keep herself available and approachable. 

Ms. Scherff said that the Parks and Recreation Department has cooperative arrangement with the Liberty High School on use of their gym. They will start programs for this brand new gym three nights a week and she would like ideas for activities at the location. She would like their input and ideas, especially more athletic types of events. She suggested various types of programs that have worked in other areas such as Midnight Madness and pick up ball games, etc. Mr. Lang said the Commission could sponsor fund raisers there also for their scholarship program. 

Commissioner Bryant said she had spoken to a man who was interested in opening up a teen club in Brentwood. He is looking for space and she was wondering if there was any open and available space in the community for this type of club. Discussion of types of space available, suggestions of the U.S. Print building. This would be club similar to “The Graduate”. This thought this might be good location since it would not be noise problem for residential areas. Some other locations were discussed and the proposed youth center mentioned by Councilwoman Gutierrez. 

Ski Trips (February & March)
Revision of letter to other Commissions 
CPRS Conference
Fun Run in April
Discussion of meeting with school boards

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Ashley Brown adjourned the meeting at 8:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445