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City Administration
Monday May 5, 2003 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:24 p.m. by Chairperson Brea Bryant. The meeting was delayed until enough Commissioners were present to form a quorum. Prior to calling the meeting to order Commissioners present reviewed scholarship applications that had been offered to the Commission for consideration for their Scholarship by Liberty High School. These applications had not been for the Youth Scholarship. The “Spring to Life Fun Run was also discussed.

ROLL CALL: Present at roll call were Chairperson Brea Bryant, Vice Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg, Secretary Crystal Hammers, and Commissioners Jessica Ordaz, Taylor Brinkman and Megan DeGuerre. Commissioners absent at roll call were Darcy Garrity, Brian Fredenberg, Ashley Brown and Daisy Hurtado. Also present were Adult Advisor Dave Lang; and Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager. Youth Officer Mark Louwerens was also present.


Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on April 7, 2003.
Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg moved the approval of the minutes of the April 7, 2003 meeting. Motion was seconded by Crystal Hammers and carried unanimously.

Item No. 2 Update on Cornfest and Commission involvement (C. Fredenberg/B. Bryant/M. DeGuerre).
Chairperson Brea Bryant reported that she and Commissioner DeGuerre went to the meeting site on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. and discovered that the meeting had been held on the first Thursday of the month. They had been given the wrong night for the meeting. Ms. Scherff asked them then if they could attend the meeting this week, otherwise it would be too late to make any plans since the Cornfest will be held in July. Commissioner Meagan DeGuerre would be unable to attend. Commissioner Hammers said she would be able to and Chairperson Brea Bryant will also try to attend. Since this is a major fundraiser for the Commission, Ms. Scherff stressed the importance of attendance. She asked them to call her right after the meeting to discuss the results. Commissioners said that when they attend the meeting they are going to request that they not be tied to the same event each year as in the past. They would be willing to do the Children’s Craft area, but not to commit to this every year. The Cornfest is the second weekend of July. They will need to have enough Commissioners to commit to be at the event and work in order to make it successful, they may also bring friends to assist if necessary. Adult Advisor Dave Lang said he would be available. 

Item No. 3 Discussion of Spring to Life Fun Run (C. Hammers/B. Fredenberg/F. Fredenberg/T. Brinkman).
Commissioner Brinkman said the event went very well. All agreed and felt it was better than previous year since they did not have the 10K so did not to have to go out so far on the route. They liked the route and did have enough help from volunteers. Some car drivers were rude and complained about the road closure.

Item No. 4 Update on Antioch Youth Commission (B. Bryant).
Chairperson Bryant reported that she has called the contact in Antioch several times and had not received a call back since she was out of town. She is due back today, so she should hear from her in the near future and will report on this at the June meeting. 

Commissioner Darcy Garrity arrived at 7:30 p.m.

Item No. 5 Update on recruitment of new Commissioners (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff reported that they have had one application for the Commission and a copy of the application is in their packets. Since several of the Commissioners terms are up, and they need to reapply, if they all do there will be two positions available. She said she would like to get the new Commissioners on board as soon as possible to follow the Bylaws. The Commissioners reviewed the application in their packets. The Commissioners will hand out more applications and try to get more applications this month. Ms. Scherff would like to have approved applicants to present to the City Council by June 2003. Commissioner Crystal Hammers moved that they postpone the selection of the Youth Commissioners for next year until the June 2003 meeting. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Megan DeGuerre and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 6 Update and discussion of Youth Scholarship (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff passed out copies of applications for scholarships that had been given to her by the counseling office at the Liberty High School. No one had applied for the Youth Commission Scholarship. She felt the criteria was too difficult for some of the “would be” applicants and she felt they may have to modify some of the terms. She received these applications from Eileen Foster who felt the ones presented were deserving and did not receive a very high amount of money in scholarships from other entities and wondered if the Commission would like to consider two of them for the Youth Commission Scholarship. There was considerable discussion regarding these applicants and whether to try to extend the deadline and continue to seek applicants for the Youth Scholarship and if the criteria needed to be modified. They could also not award any scholarship this year and retain the money in the separate fund it is now in until the next year. The discussion also reviewed the tax forms required and the fact that some people do not have their taxes done in time to meet the deadline for the applications and consideration of lowering the grade point average requirements from 3.0 to 2.5. Adult Advisor Dave Lang suggested some ideas for change in the criteria, he felt the 3.0 was too high as some high school students, although not carrying a high grade point average in high school, do go on to be successful later when they are more sure of the direction they wish to go in their life and education. Commissioner Bryant felt that the applications in the counselor’s office were more or less “lumped together” and not given much individual attention. It was noted that the scholarships have to be awarded to Brentwood residents only. Some Commissioners also felt the 3.0 was appropriate. Discussion of whether to award scholarships to the applicants presented from other source. Sgt. Louwerens also had some suggestions as to how to rewrite or change criteria along with Ms. Scherff and Dave Lang’s suggestions. It was suggested that if they award no scholarships this year and advertise more at the schools and the Cornfest they may have more applicants in 2004. Discussion of the essay and possible changes in how wording for the essay requirements be written. Commissioner Garrity would like to see the scholarship this year and had suggestions on changes in application form. Adult Advisor Dave Lang also said he was not comfortable in giving out the scholarship to people who had not applied for it. He felt the scholarship should go to ones who showed the initiative and responsibility to apply for it. Commissioner Crystal Hammers asked if the deadline could be extended and open up for more applications. The scholarships could then be awarded at City Council meeting and not at the scholarship night at Liberty High School. They could have press present at the awards ceremony and promote the Youth Commission at the City Council meeting. 

Commissioner Hammers said she liked the idea of extending the deadline and changing the criteria and giving the scholarship at the City Council meeting. Adult Advisor Lang suggested doing a blitz in the media, at school and extending the deadline, award could then be done at June 2, 2003 meeting and awarded at City Council meeting in June. They could present a certificate showing they have won the scholarship and check would be sent out after proof that the applicant is enrolled in a college or school. Commissioner DeGuerre was asked if her leadership class could do posters for them and she said they could. Commissioner Hammers moved that the deadline for applications be extended to May 30, 2003 at 5 p.m. since no one has as yet applied and the scholarship be awarded at the June 2, 2003 meeting. Essay question to be changed to read “what qualities do you possess that helps you meet the stated purpose of the scholarship and how it will help me to achieve future goals”. The grade point average changed to 2.5 and only one letter of recommendation be required. Scholarship will be presented at the first available City Council meeting following the awarding of the scholarship. Motion seconded by Commissioner Megan DeGuerre and motion carried unanimously. 

Discussion of when to run an ad in the Brentwood Press. Ms. Scherff would rather run the ad in the Brentwood Press as she gets a very good rate from them and it could be run on two consecutive Fridays, May 16 and 23, 2003. Commissioner Megan DeGuerre moved to run a quarter page ad in the Brentwood Press on May 16 and 23 and that the cost not to exceed $500. Motion seconded by Commissioner Taylor Brinkman and carried unanimously.

Item No. 7 Discussion on possible modifications to Youth Commission Bylaws to possibly include age requirements (D. Lang).
Adult Advisor Dave Lang remarked that he had thought there were age requirements in the original Bylaws, but since has discovered they are not included. Instead he felt they had been operating under the presumption that once someone is 18 years of age and graduates from high school that they would be immediately made an Adult Advisor if they chose to stay on. He does not think this is a good idea and therefore proposed that there should be age requirements included in the Bylaws. Currently the understanding is that Commissioners are recruited from Edna Hill through Liberty High School. He felt they need to explore putting in a specific age requirement into the Bylaws that applicants will be of certain age category. Discussion of the current ages in the Youth Commission, and currently they start at age 11 through 18 and Mr. Lang suggested that the oldest age should be 20-1/2 years of age. This would allow them to also recruit commissioners from the college level. This would give the Commission benefit of a slightly older college age person. Chairperson Bryant asked if it would be possible to revise other sections of the Bylaws as well. When this was affirmed, she pointed out that when she was Secretary she did not take the minutes, although the Bylaws state this is one of the Secretary’s duties. She did roll call only. She wondered if this should be removed as a responsibility. Mr. Lang and Ms. Scherff said that when the Bylaws were written they did not have a Minutes Recorder, therefore were supposed to be doing their own minutes. Mr. Lang suggested that the Secretary’s duties be amended to cover taking of the roll call and any outgoing correspondence that would then be approved by the Chairperson. Also, she would sub for the Minutes Recorder when she is not available. This was not voted on at this meeting.

It was also noted that the Commission is not abiding by the terms as written in the Bylaws. They haven’t been as diligent as they should be in recruiting for new positions. Commissioners who need to reapply need to get applications in on time and new positions need to be filled more quickly than they have in the past. It was stated by Mr. Lang and Ms. Scherff that those Commissioners whose term is up, need to reapply immediately if they wish to remain on the Commission so that new Commissioners can fill the vacant positions. Discussion of changing the age requirements and where this would be applied in the Bylaws. Adult Advisor Lang said it should go under the Membership clause. 

Commissioner DeGuerre moved to change the Bylaws under the Membership clause to read as follows after the last sentence in the current Bylaws: “The minimum age of eleven years of age at the time of appointment, and to a maximum age of twenty and one half years of age. If the Commissioner turns twenty and one half during their term, they would be allowed to complete that term”. Commissioner Garrity seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Ms. Scherff commented that this change will have to go before the City Council as a recommendation and be approved by the City Council before the Bylaws can be changed. Chairperson Bryant asked about the Adult Advisors and wondered if there is a recruitment for additional ones for the Commission. Ms. Scherff said she is having a problem recruiting any Adult Advisors. Sgt. Louwerens asked if the request had been made to service groups such as the Rotary, Soroptimists, Lions, etc. and possibly appear before them and ask for volunteers to serve as Adult Advisors. Mr. Lang then suggested asking the Secretary to draft a letter to these entities in the Brentwood area regarding this subject. 

Item No. 8 Update on status of Teen Crisis Referral Card (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff asked if the Commissioners had read the Staff Report, which states that the Teen Crisis Referral Card has been approved by the City Council, Liberty Union High School and the Brentwood Union School District. Presently the card has been emailed to Yolanda Mendrek, Vice Principal for insertion into the school planner at Liberty. She also reported that they had to delete the birthright and planned parenthood from the Junior High School brochure and also that 2000 copies will be made for the Youth Commission to distribute at walk through in July. She is working with Mrs. Mendrek on the distribution of the card at the High School. The Youth Commission needs to discuss what other locations it would like to see the card located and the allocation of funds for the project. They will also have to discuss how it will get distributed. She reported that they will have to redo the project and make any changes necessary next year. Locations for distribution were the Library, Fire Department, Police Department and Counseling offices. Mr. Lang suggested the resource office in the old post office building and the Cornfest and Aquatic Center was suggested for distribution as well. Commissioner Deguerre moved to attempt to distribute the Teen Crisis Referral Cards to Counseling offices, the Library, Police Department, City Hall and Aquatic Center with an additional 2000 copies to be printed for this distribution. Chairperson Bryant seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Scherff said they will set a time to get together and plan the distribution and have some food available to those after the distribution of the referral cards.

Item No. 9 Update and discussion of PAL Leadership Conference (Youth Officer M. Louwerens).
Officer Louwerens said the conference will be held in Big Bear and is called the Mile High Camp CALPAL Conference and will be held August 4 through 8, 2003. The purpose is to build leadership skills and they would like to invite 3 or 4 of the Youth Commissioners to attend at no cost to them and also Explorers and members of the Leadership Class at Liberty High School. Attendees will be high school age only. Chairperson Bryant said she would like to go but will have to check out the dates. Youth Officer Louwerens will have more information for the Commissioners at the next meeting. They can also come to the Police Department and ask to speak with him or other two officers who are involved in PAL. He suggested this would be a good item to have on résumé when applying for a college. He said there is a website for this event as well.


Chairperson Brea Bryant said that she will be unable to make the first meeting of each month from now on due to her job and she cannot switch her hours at the Library. She asked what the Commission would like to do about this. She has one more year in her term. After some discussion Ms. Scherff said she would talk to the Library Manager and see if something can be done to allow Commissioner Bryant to attend the meetings on the first Monday of each month.

Update on Cornfest
Update on Teen Crisis Referral Card
Scholarship award
Antioch Commission update
Summer trip or event
Completion of Bylaws change
Reordering of shirts and sweatshirts and give away items

Chairperson Bryant adjourned the meeting at 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
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