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City Administration
Monday, June 3, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, Cal 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Coree Brown called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. 

ROLL CALL: Secretary Brea Bryant called the roll. Present were Cynthia Fredenberg, Daisy Hurtado, Jessica Ordaz, and Brian Fredenberg. Commissioners absent were Laura Wenograd, Stacie Del Chiaro and Taylor Brinkman. Adult Advisor Dave Lang was present and Adult Advisor Maria Segura was absent. Also present was Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.



Item No. 1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting on May 6, 2002.
The Chairperson requested Commissioners to review the agenda and the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg moved to approve the minutes of the May Meeting, Commissioner Brian Fredenberg seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 2. Discussion on new Commissioner position/applications (P. Scherff).
Since Ms. Scherff was not present at this time the Chairperson moved to Item No. 5.

Item No. 5. Update on the Cornfest (A. Brown/C. Brown).
Commissioner Brown reported that she had called the Chairperson of the Cornfest and he has not returned her call. She will call him again the following day. 

At this point Ms. Scherff returned to the meeting and Item #2 was then discussed.

She reported that she had received an application in the mail and asked if any of the Commissioners had received any applications for the positions. Brea Bryant has received one and she submitted this to Ms. Scherff. Discussion of how to get more applications and other youth interested in the Commission. Laura Wenograd and Stacie Del Chiaro will be going off the Commission since they will graduate this year. Ms. Scherff gave the dates when the Commissioners terms are up and discussed the need to fill the positions being vacated as soon as possible. She said they should be sworn in July and have them in place in August as their terms are up August 31, 2002. Adult Advisor Dave Lang reminded them that the prospective new commissioners will have to be interviewed and submitted to the City Council for approval before they could be sworn in to office. Discussion of advertising the open positions. Suggestion of doing this at the Cornfest which is July 12, 13, and 14. Also advertising at the walk-through at the High School for the open positions. Commissioner Ashley Brown moved that the deadline for applications for Youth Commissioners be August second. Commissioner Brea Bryant seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg moved that on the August 5th meeting the decision will be made as who will be appointed to the open positions. Commissioner Jessica Ordaz seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 3. Update on Youth Commission Scholarship (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff asked if the Commissioners would like the scholarship ready to be given out at the Walk-through and also the Cornfest. All agreed that would be good. Ms. Scherff will have the Scholarship applications ready for approval at the July 1st meeting. 

Item No. 4. Update on Youth Surveys (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff said she is still missing some of the surveys and asked that they all be turned in as soon as possible. She said a date needs to be set as a deadline for turning in all surveys. This date must be by late July or August. Discussion of holding a special meeting in July if necessary to present them to the City Council in August. Discussion of holding a “youth forum” to invite other youths in the community, the City Council and present the main topics of the survey, and to address the issues brought forth in the survey. 

Discussion of what to do with the Scan Trons, and would the Commission like to donate them to one of the schools for their use. Commissioner Bryant moved that the Commission donate the Scan-Trons to Bristow Middle School. Commissioner Brian Fredenberg seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

It was decided that the deadline for returning the surveys should be June 14. At the July 1st meeting they will decide if another special meeting will need to be called.

Item No. 6. Update on Summer Concerts (B. Bryant).
Commissioner Bryant reported on the costs for obtaining the popcorn machine. She said there is no deposit, and cost of the machine is $42 per day, which would be $168 for all four days of the concerts, plus tax. Popcorn packages serve 8 people and they cost $2 per package. Bags cost 5 cents a each. There is charge of $35.00 for the pickup and drop off of the machine. This cost would be $140 for all four days. Commissioner Bryant said she will need to get back to the owner to confirm by the upcoming midweek for the first concert if they wish to rent the equipment. Discussion of whether or not there would be any discounts by buying large quantities and Commissioner Bryant said no, same price. Ms. Scherff said she could pick up the machine for the first concert and wondered if someone else could then return it and save that delivery fee. After some discussion it was decided to sell the popcorn for $1 per bag. 

After further discussion, it was decided that a schedule would be set for the pick up and delivery of the machine. Each person picked a date that they would be responsible for returning the machine. Ms. Scherff would pick up the machine each Friday and have it in place for the concert. For the June 21st concert, Commissioner Ashley Brown will return the machine, she will also return it for the July 19th concert. Adult Advisor Dave Lang will return it for the August 23rd concert. The August 2nd concert is still open for someone to return the machine. Commissioner Bryant will book the popcorn machine for all four dates and they will continue to look for someone to return machine on August 2nd. If they can’t find anyone, they will pay the vendor to pick it up. Chairperson Coree Brown moved that: (1) the Commission sell popcorn for $1/bag at the Summer Concert Series; (2) that certain people will be designated to return the popcorn cart the following day (concert dates being June 21st, July 19, August 2nd and 23rd), and (3) that the amount of $300 be allocated to cover the costs of renting the machine and supplies. Commissioner Bryant seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

At this point Ms. Scherff asked about Item No. 5 and requested that it be brought back to the table for further discussion.

Item No. 5. Update on the Cornfest (A. Brown/C Brown).
Ms. Scherff said they need to discuss the picture for the coloring contest. A picture included in the meeting packets came from the Brentwood Press. She asked Commissioner Ashley Brown if she had received a picture for the contest from her friend. Commissioner Brown said she had discussed it with her but has heard nothing since. Ms. Scherff said then that she would like the Commission’s approval to use the picture submitted by the Brentwood Press and have it inserted in the June 14th issue for the Coloring Contest. This would give the contestants two weeks to get it back by June 28 for decision on the winners of the contest. Water World passes will be donated and other prizes were discussed as well as the age groups of the contestants. After considerable discussion it was decided to grant prizes in the following age groups, and a prize for a boy and girl in each group; 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10. Prizes would include passes to the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex, Delta Cinema, Toys ‘R Us and donated Water World passes. Other expenses would be copying expenses for the pictures. Commissioner Ashley Brown moved that the amount of $1,200 be allocated for the expenses incurred in the Coloring Contest for the Cornfest. Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

It was also suggested that the back of picture have the name, address, age, phone number, gender and date submitted for identification purposes. Deadline of submission is June 28, so that the winners can be judged at the July 1st Commission meeting. Discussion of rules and restrictions for the contest. The Commission decided no rules, can use whatever mediums they wish.

Item No. 7. Discussion of Youth Commission Team Building (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff explained that this will be similar to the event last year where the Commissioner met with another Youth Commission for ideas and “team building” and then spent some time together to reinforce their goals. She also felt something special should be done for the members leaving the Commission at the end of their terms, Laura Wenograd and Stacie Del Chiaro. A plaque was suggested with their name on it, a gift was also an idea along with a going away party. Adult Advisor Dave Lang suggested a proclamation for services. The proclamation could be presented at the City Council meeting in late June or July. Ms. Scherff will work on the details of this and get back to the Commissioners on dates, etc. Commissioner Bryant will contact outgoing Commissioner Del Chiaro and Commissioner Ashley Brown will contact outgoing Commissioner Wenograd to make sure they are available for the meeting, which will be determined later by Ms. Scherff. Commissioner Bryant moved that $100 be allocated for plaques for the two outgoing Commissioners. Commissioner Hurtado seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Team Building plans then discussed and it was suggested that they try to meet with the San Jose Youth Commission and include a trip to Great America with this meeting. Ms. Scherff will contact the San Jose Youth Commission to ascertain a date agreeable with them. She commented that the conference next year will be in Santa Clara and she would like the Youth Commission to attend this if possible. 

Ms. Scherff also suggested that Danielle Warfield, who was a non-voting member of the Commission, also be acknowledged with a plaque. She is also graduating this year.

Commissioner Ashley Brown moved that the San Jose Youth Commission be contacted to see if a meeting can be set up in July. The week of July 8th was decided as a good week for all concerned. Outgoing Commissioners would be invited to attend and $3,000 would be allocated to cover the costs of food and transportation along with entrance fees for Great America. Commissioner Hurtado seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.



Judge the Coloring Contest
Discuss Surveys/Youth Forum
Tractor Races
Team Building Meeting

Ms. Scherff said since there will be a lot to discuss at this meeting, it would be a good idea to make it an early working meeting and bring in pizza. Suggested meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg moved that the Commission meet at 5:30 p.m. and make it a working meeting and include dinner. Commissioner Brea Bryant seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Scherff then reminded the Commissioners that they will need to allocate some funds for the fundraising event on the 21st of June (popcorn machine). They will need petty cash to make change.

The following Commissioners agreed to work at the fundraiser: Commissioners Bryant, Hurtado, Ordaz, C. Fredenberg, B. Fredenberg, and A. Brown. Chairperson Coree Brown will also try to make it if possible. Gates open at 6:00 p.m. so they need to be there to set up by 5:30 p.m. Ms. Scherff will be there to assist in set up and bring petty cash. Commissioner Bryant will confirm with vendor for popcorn machine and get back to Ms. Scherff with amounts for checks. She will also confirm dates and amounts needed for the invoices. 

Chairperson Coree Brown moved that $100 be allocated for the petty cash fund for the Summer Concert Series. Commissioner Ashley Brown seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 8:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City Administration
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