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City Administration

Monday, March 4, 2002 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Commissioner Stacie Del Chiaro.

ROLL CALL: Secretary Brea Bryant called the Roll as follows; present Commissioners Brian Fredenberg, Daisy Hurtado, Ashley Brown, Stacie Del Chiaro, Danielle Warfield, Laura Wenograd, Taylor Brinkman. Absent, Chairperson Coree Brown and Vice Chairperson, Cynthia Fredenberg.

Others present were Tim Taylor, Recreation Coordinator, and Maria Segura, Adult Advisor. Absent were Dave Lang, Adult Advisor and Poldina Scherff, Recreation Supervisor.

AGENDA REVIEW:  No changes or additions.


1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting on February 4, 2002.

Commissioner Ashley Brown moved the approval of the minutes of the February meeting, Commissioner Brea Bryant seconded the motion, motion carried.

2. Request for assistance with Arts Commission “Art for Art’s Sake” project. (M. Hannigan)

Ms. Hannigan of the Art Commission introduced herself and said she was presenting two different matters to the Commission. The first item was the “Art for Art’s Sake” event that was being presented by the Art Commission. She explained that it would be an event for all people to show their art. She also requested the Commission’s help in getting the word out to the community and especially to the young artists. Ms. Hannigan said the next art show at the Brentwood Technology Center would have the theme of “American Pride”, which would mean anything that the artist felt depicted their pride in their country. Art can be brought to the gallery on May second, and it will be a juried show. Since this will be a themed art show, Ms. Hannigan wanted to give artists enough time to plan for their presentation. A teacher from Las Positas College will be judging the show, and prizes will be awarded. Ms. Hannigan has called the Liberty High School principal, but has not received a response. The second item was a request to the Commission to distribute her flyers around the school. Chairperson Del Chiaro responded that it is hard to pass out flyers as some of the teachers have issues and do not allow the distribution of flyers. However, they could get an announcement and put posters or flyers in the art rooms. Ms. Hannigan further explained other details of the art show and requested whatever help she could get to publicize the show. The Chairperson thanked her for her presentation.

3. Presentation regarding the Grand Opening of the Highway 4 Bypass (K. Rarey)
Ms. Karen Rarey introduced herself and said she was representing the Kiwanis who have taken over the project of the Grand Opening of the Highway 4 Bypass. This will be a safety program and offers an opportunity for the Youth Commission to raise money for their Commission. She mentioned types of events that the Commission might consider such as the “Portable Potty Races”, and they could charge a fee and give prizes for this or any type of race or event they wished to sponsor. The opening is scheduled for April 13th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and there will be no charge for any non-profit group which wishes to participate. Commissioners thanked her for the presentation.

4. Update on the ski trip (T. Taylor)
Mr. Taylor reported that the ski trip was a success compared to last year. It was a lot more fun, and much was learned from the previous year. Ski tickets were purchased in advance, and were available as soon as they got off the bus, providing more time to ski and snow board. He said he would like to start doing this event twice a year, and hopes to see more people participating next year.

5. Update on the Fun Run on April 27, 2002 (City Park) (Commissioners)
Ms. Scherff has the information for this item, and was to discuss the event at this meeting. Mr. Taylor said that volunteers are needed to assist in the event. Each Commissioner is requested to volunteer and bring along five more people to help in the race. The Commissioners reported that they have people that will participate but need times and where to show up the day of the event. Mr. Taylor said it will be early, approximately7:00 AM on a Saturday. There was a discussion regarding times and start place, which will start at the City Park with several stations along the route for water hand outs, etc. The specific route has not been determined. Mr. Taylor asked for firm commitments by next meeting.

6. Update on scholarship. (C. Brown)
Since Commissioner Brown was not present this was put ahead for the April agenda.

7. Update and request for assistance for the lunch with Bunny on March 23, 2002. (Commissioners)
Mr. Taylor explained that the “Lunch With Bunny” is similar to the Christmas “Lunch With Santa”, and requested help at the “Bunny” luncheons. The first will be at ll:30 AM, and the second at 1:00 PM. Assistance is needed in helping the children with art work and getting them organized. Ages of children will be pre-school, with the event being held at the Community Center. Commissioners Brian Fredenberg, Taylor Brinkman, Brea Bryant, Daisy Hurtado and Laura Wenograd volunteered to help with the luncheon. Ms. Scherff is in charge of the event, and will get back to the volunteers for exact times, and other particulars.

8. Discussion of Cornfest participation from the Youth Commission (T. Taylor)
Mr. Taylor asked the Commission if they wanted to assist in event like last year, such as assisting in the Tractor Races and Coloring Contest. They thought the Coloring Contest and Tractor Races were good events and would like to assist again. A discussion was held regarding the times for the Tractor Races. All agreed to do the same events this year.

9. Update on Youth Survey (T. Taylor)
Mr. Taylor reported that Edna Hill and Bristow have completed the survey, although Liberty has not done theirs as yet. Next the survey will be done by ScanTron. Mr. Taylor request people to do comment section. A discussion was held regarding working this item during Spring Break. Mr. Taylor took a showing of hands for those who have at least a day to help on the survey during Spring Break. He will get in contact with the volunteers when Ms. Scherff returns and sets a schedule. Commissioner Bryant asked about the survey regarding what questions were asked. Mr. Taylor explained the general types of questions asked, and how it will be used in the community. 

10. Update on staff’s recent attendance to an “at risk” conference (T. Taylor)
Mr. Taylor brief the Commission on the conference he attended in Austin, Texas. He felt it was an excellent conference, and had much information on recreational activities for youth after school. He discussed some of the programs that were presented, and what they involved. He feels it would be very good to take two commissioners to the next conference in Chattanooga, TN. Mr. Taylor expressed that it may a good idea to do a presentation on what Brentwood’s Youth Commission has done. 



1. Fun Run
2. Art for Art’s Sake
3. Scholarship
4. Highway 4 Bypass
5. Cornfest


Commissioner Ashley Brown moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 PM, motion seconded by Commissioner Bryant, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445