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City Administration

Monday, January 7, 2002, at 7 p.m.
Parks & Recreation Administrative Office
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94514

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Coree Brown, Chairperson

ROLL CALL: Secretary Brea Bryant called the roll, the following Commissioners were present: Chairperson Coree Brown, Vice Chairperson Cynthia Fredenberg, Commissioners Laura Wenograd, Ashley Brown, Jessica Ordaz, Chairperson Coree Brown and non-voting member Danielle Warfield, Commissioner Stacie Del Chiaro was absent, Commissioner Daisy Hurtado was absent and excused. Commissioner Brian Fredenberg was excused as ill, and Commissioner Taylor Brinkman arrived at 7:06 p.m. Others present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor, Dave Lang and Maria Segura, Adult Advisors

Prior to the Call to Order Ms. Scherff presented all of the commissioners with new hooded sweatshirts with the Youth Commission, Brentwood emblem, and also to the Adult Advisors and non-voting member.

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Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting on November 6, 2001.
Commissioner Cynthia Fredenberg moved to accept the minutes of the November meeting, Commissioner Brea Bryant seconded the motion, motion carried. 


Item No. 2 Discussion of donation from Mirant California to East County Libraries (Melinda Cervantes/Leonard Roudman, Brentwood Library).
Mr. Roudman then noted that since Ms. Cervantes was still not present he would go back to Item 2, the discussion of the donation from the Mirant Corporation a grant of $2,000,000.00 to the East Contra Costa County Libraries. This grant will be received by the libraries in a period of over five years, which will be $400,000.00 per year. He expressed the reason for coming to the Commission tonight was to poll the community, and especially the teenagers as what they want at the library. Mr. Roudman said the libraries had previously held a meeting on October 25, when the libraries presented a number of ideas for use of the money. Suggestions were to buy books, literacy programs and expanding use of literacy programs by use of volunteers, etc. Also Reach and Read Program, a national program that works out of pediatric clinics, currently in Richmond and Concord through a partnership with County Health Department and the County Library, the program would be expanded to include Pittsburg and Brentwood, where medical staff would offer appropriate advise to parents on early literacy. He further described this and other proposed programs and their costs. He said there will be another meeting on January 17 at the Antioch Library, starting at 7:00 p.m.and invited all who are interested to attend.

Ms. Cervantes then apologized for her late arrival, due to slow freeway travel and introduced herself. She is a Deputy County Librarian and works out of the Pleasant Hill location, and also all of the branch libraries in East County. She asked the Commission if they had any ideas on what they felt the needs were for library services in their community. Reasons for using or not using the library and took a poll of those present who currently have library cards. The Commissioners responses were then recorded and they would get the list back to the Commission at a later date. Danielle Warfield suggested more information on applying for colleges. Basics such as how to apply, what needs to be done to prepare, etc. Also information on financial help, scholarships, etc. Commissioner Bryant asked for programs to get children to read more. Create a huge program where at the end you would receive a trip as a prize for completing the program. Ms. Cervantes said they are starting such a program this fall. They are looking for ideas for the logistics and prizes of the program. Chairperson Brown suggested more access to a teen section, more comfortable areas, marketing the books better in each library. Commissioner Fredenberg suggested a list of books available of interest to teenagers. Ms. Bryant also asked for speakers to come in from colleges to offer information on scholarships, financial aid, etc. Expand on what the schools locally currently offer. Commissioner Wenograd would like sample SAT tests and books or workshops. The hours were questioned and all felt they should be opened more evenings to 8:00 p.m. Commissioner Bryant said they need more consistency in hours along with longer evening hours. Commissioner Wenograd said she felt there should be a more comfortable reading area, place to relax and read, plus a laptop plug in area for their laptops. Chairperson Brown said they should publish what is available, programs offered etc. through the schools and newspapers. Also school newsletters suggested as a vehicle for getting information to students and parents. Ms. Warfield also suggested a teen outreach person to represent teenagers. Adult Advisor Dave Lang, said that there should be more information for students who are going to trade or vocational schools. Some of these students are not in the regular high schools, but in continuation schools, home-schooled or religious schools. 

Ms. Cervantes also suggested that many are taking classes over the Internet, and said they will be developing a teen web page, looking for ideas for this and different sites to link to and have brought on an intern who will be seeking a lot of ideas. She also asked if the commissioners have found any sites that are particularly helpful to them. was suggested as good one. Ms. Cervantes thanked the commissioners for their time and said that they had a lot of wonderful ideas. She again mentioned the meeting in Antioch January 17, and said they have a lot of teens planning to come and hoped some of them could come, or leave further information at the library. Mr. Roudman showed a questionnaire that is available at the library for this purpose.

Item No. 3 Discussion of Q & A Cafe (Leonard Roudman, Brentwood Library).
Mr. Roudman introduced himself as the Branch Librarian at the Brentwood Library. He discussed the Q & A Cafe, a project started by the Bay Area Libraries. The Q & A Cafe he said was an on-line opportunity to talk to a librarian. Reference questions may be asked for reports or themes. He explained they then use a system called “Push Technology” where the librarian can push onto the questioner’s screen a web site or direct response to the question. All is done on line. He said it is up and running and can be accessed by going to the Contra Costa County Library website and clicking on the icon for Q & A Cafe. He said it is available seven days a week from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. He further discussed this website and how it can be used. 

Item No. 4 Discussion of Youth Survey (C. Brown/S. Del Chiaro/C. Fredenberg)
Ms. Scherff reported that she had finally got to the point to go forward on the survey. She has called Bristow and Edna Hill Schools but they have not returned the calls as yet. Since the calls were just placed today and it was the first day of school after Christmas vacation, they will probably return the calls as soon as they can. The surveys are typed up and ready to go to the principals, she hopes to have some of the Commissioners go with her, but if not she will go to keep up the momentum. She will also see if they can do the scantron and if not then will compile by hand. The surveys are set for scantron with the exception of some questions that require written responses. Dave Lang, Adult Advisor said he was sure he could obtain a scantron from a supply house, he will find out how to get hold of one if the principals do not respond. Ms. Scherff said her goal is to have the survey done by the end of February, so that the Commissioners can go to the City Council with the results. When this is completed then Ms. Scherff would like to start working on the Master Plan for the Youth Commission. 

Item No. 5 Discussion of ski trip (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff passed out flyers for the ski trip and has already taken a supply to Edna Hill and Bristow. She asked the commissioners to do some “word of mouth” advertising and also pass out the flyers she gave them. Two buses have been chartered and she must have all registrations by February 8 so that she can reserve the buses. Cost of buses are $1300 per bus. The first bus is for ages 11-12, and would ask to have an adult go with them, cost $22. per person. The second bus is for ages 13-18 and cost is $40. per person. She stressed that all equipment must be rented prior to the trip, she will not be responsible for renting equipment after they get there. Also, Ms. Scherff stressed proper attire and flyer has checklist of suggested attire. The trip is scheduled for Saturday, February 23 and will leave from City Hall parking lot at 6:00 a.m. sharp. Trip is to Bear Valley Mountain Resort and should be a great trip because they have lots of snow. Parents must sign the registration form for those attending the trip. Buses should be back at 9:00 p.m. Staff and advisors will be present on buses and available all day. Any parents of the Youth Commission that would like to help are invited to go along. She said if you bring your own equipment make sure it is marked before it goes on the bus. Further discussion of details and who can go, lift tickets etc. Cost of trip includes bus fare and lift tickets.



Fun Run
Follow up on Survey
Ski Trip

Chairperson Coree Brown adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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