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City Administration
Meeting Minutes Title

Monday, April 2, 2001, at 7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: 7:06 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners in attendance were Ashley Brown, Jessica Ordaz, Laura Wenograd, Coree Brown, Stacie Del Chiaro, Lacey Barry, and Daisy Hurtado. Also present were Maria Segura, Adult Advisor; Tim Taylor and Poldina Scherff, Parks and Recreation staff members. Absent Casey Billingley. Excused absences were Cynthia Fredenberg and David Lang. Also present non-voting member Taylor Brinkman.

Discussion regarding Casey Billingley’s continued absence without excuse. Poldina Scherff explained the by-laws clearly state rules for absence and that it is time to send a letter to Casey regarding her status for continued absence may jeopardize her membership on the Commission.

Motion by Laura Wenograd to send the letter, seconded by Coree Brown. Motion carried unanimously.


AGENDA REVIEW:  No changes or additions.



Item No. 1
Approval of minutes of regular meeting on March 5, 2001. 

Motion by Ashley Brown to approve the minutes, seconded by Laura Wenograd. Motion carried unanimously.



Item No. 1
Spring to Life Fun Run discussion by Mac Kaiser, Ashley Brown & Coree Brown. Mr. Kaiser gave an overview of the Fun Run and went over some of the details. Remind them that last year the Youth Commission was one of the two recipients of the proceeds from the Fun Run, and will be again this year. The other recipient is the Liberty High School District Educational Foundation. Date is set for April 28th. They are already taking registrations now and working on some other final details. Now looking to Youth Commission for assistance as there is the need for someone from the Commission to be the sole contact for him to work with in terms of time lines, etc. Ashley and Coree Brown will be the contacts. 

He reported he needs about 18 to 24 volunteers from the Youth Commission. These can be friends, family members, neighbors or whoever you choose. There will be stations, such as water stations, setting up and having cups out on the course for when runners go by they will be handing out the cups they need. Need assistance at intersections, turnaround areas, etc. Also will need some folks in the baseline area as well. They are getting about the same amount of people from the educational foundation. Also need to pass out the flyers, he bought several with him and passed them out to the Commissioners at the meeting. He also bought posters that should be distributed at the schools, and in other surrounding communities. Don’t need to take to businesses already listed as sponsors. Ashley Brown reported she already has 14 people on her track team that have agreed to help. Last year the Commission made about $400 on the Fun Run and hope to do as well this year. Mr. Kaiser confirmed that all volunteers need to be there at 6:30 a.m. and should be done by 11:00 or 12:00 noon. He asked for questions from the group. He will stay in touch with Ashley and Coree. They also had some flyers with them to distribute to the group. 

Item No. 2
Discussion on Youth Commission sponsored August Pool Party. Tim Taylor reported on the progress on this upcoming event. He reported that he had a meeting with the subcommittee March 19, when they discussed various items such as decorations, budget and other related needs. Decided not to have a live band at all, will use CDs for younger group, and have DJ for last older group. He reported they also discussed having a “Virgin Bar” serving non-alcoholic drinks, such as fruit drinks and would charge about $1.00 to $1.50 for the drinks, such as Shirley Temples, sodas, and other soft drinks. Mr. Taylor feels they need to get together again to finalize many of these items. Poldina Scherff said she is willing to cook hot dogs, but will need a count of how many and some assistance. She also will need them to come up with price they want to charge. Will also need to know what types of games they want and how to price them also, all costs for decorations too so they can plan the budget for the party. The committee will get together and come back with cost budget at next meeting, also get Taylor and Brian involved especially for the younger group. Poldina also reminded them of the date August 11, and will require all of the Commissioners to be involved.

Item No. 3
CPRS Conference discussion and awards by Poldina Scherff. She asked them what they thought of the conference and if they enjoyed themselves. Consensus was that it was a good conference but would have like to have had more meetings with other commission groups around the state to discuss their activities, thoughts, and ideas. Poldina showed the group the publicity in the Activities Guide for Summer 2001, the awards are listed on page 5. The Youth Commission received the Award of Excellence for the logo. She further reported that on Tuesday, April 10, the Brentwood City Council would like to present that award to you, therefore she would definitely like a high representation of the Youth Commission at that meeting. They will be scheduled at the front of the agenda so that it won’t be too late. Since the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. would like a commitment from commissioners tonight to be there, since this is a great honor for them. This award represents all of California, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, and Nevada. 

Item No. 4
Discussion on the Cornfest by Ashley Brown and Laura Wenograd. Laura reported that she called the Chamber of Commerce and contacted the lady in charge of the Cornfest and she said she would call her back, but has not heard from her. The contact at the Chamber did tell her the meetings would be the first Wednesday of every month and would call her as to where the meetings would be held, but she did not receive a response. Laura did introduce herself and Ashley as contacts from the Youth Commission. Poldina will confirm when and where next meeting will be and will get information to Laura, she asked Laura to call her after school for the information. Poldina also told the group that since Laura will have to be able to tell them what the Youth Commission will do at this event, they must decide tonight what that will be. Ms. Scherff said she would like to see participation from them at the City booth and want to make sure the Youth Commission is with them, promoting themselves. Since they are already committed to the Tractor Races, wonder if they would like to participate in other contest, such as coloring contest through schools and they would be judges. Other possibility would be running a booth. The Cornfest is scheduled for July 13,14, and 15. Discussion of need to get more people on the commission. Need to do some advertising and get out applications. Cornfest would be good opportunity for that. Ashley Brown, Jessica Ordaz and Laura Wenograd committed to being available for the event. 

Item No. 5
Update on Scholarship Program by Coree Brown. Coree reported she has not found too much through her preliminary search. She wondered what kind of questions the Commission would want to ask on the application, essay other type? Discussion of criteria, volunteering in community, grades, or family income. Demonstrate need for scholarship. Discussion on where funds will come from. When do they want first scholarship award to be granted, etc. The group felt year 2002 would be best time to get all criteria ready. 

Coree Brown moved that they form a subcommittee and come back to the next meeting with more details on the scholarship program. They should have a rough draft of the questions and criteria. Laura Wenograd seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

Subcommittee will consist of Stacie Del Chiaro, Laura Wenograd, and Coree Brown.

Item No. 6
Skate Park groundbreaking discussion by Poldina Scherff. Discussion of when the groundbreaking ceremony will take place. When Poldina gets this information, she will inform everyone, would be good to have a good representation there if possible. Reported that the Art Commission would like to do some type of contest, and Ms. Scherff has informed them that the Youth Commission had already proposed that at the inception of the skate park. This is in previous minutes, $250 to the winner of that contest. Hopefully all remember this and when this point comes up, and Youth Commission will work with the Art Commission on this. Youth Commission will be the lead on this. Discussion of the type of art work, skaters and trellis. She will inform the Commission as the time comes up and more information is provided. 

Item No. 7
Update on financial statement by Laura Wenograd. Last time she checked it was around $17,000 approximately and does not think it has changed much. 

Item No. 8
Discuss final draft of the Youth Commission Survey by Poldina Scherff. She reported what is attached to their minutes is the final draft. She reported it has been approved and Coree Brown did a great job on presenting to Council. Next step is calling the Superintendent of the schools and see where to go with it. If anyone likes to make any changes on this, now is the time. All felt it was very clear and would get a lot of responses from this format. Felt should go directly to principals and go from there. Idea to have different colors for each school. 

Motion by Coree Brown to approve the final draft of the survey, seconded by Ashley Brown. Motion passed by a unanimous vote.


Commissioner Ashley Brown commented on the trip they were planning for the Commissioners to Santa Cruz and Monterey and wondered if they wanted to make it two nights, Santa Cruz first and Monterey the next day. Planning to do this during the week when it would be less crowded and less expensive. She had rates for hotels and wondered what Commissioners felt about this and how much money would be available. She was checking rates for end of July, rates between $129 to $150 per night. Some comments by Tim Taylor, he felt pretty good rates for height of season, might get better deal during middle of week. Subcommittee will meet one more time and back final figures and dates at next meeting. This should be a team building effort. Should also look into activities that can be done on this trip. 

Ashley Brown made a motion that they discuss this further in the subcommittee and report back the next meeting. Daisy Hurtado seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Further comments about getting more people involved in the Commission. Applications are available. Maria Segura suggested these should be put out at upcoming events such as pool party, Cornfest, Fun Run and scholarship. Walk throughs of schools also a good avenue for circulating these applications. Poldina Scherff will get applications for distribution to these events. Confirmed that Poldina will send letter to Casey Billingley. 

Discussion of concerts. Laura Wenograd wondered if they could get local bands for concerts, and put on concerts by the Youth Commission. Poldina said not this year, but could be done next year. Get names of bands they like and give to her. Mentioned that they do have concerts occasionally at the Vets hall, would like something other than jazz, more youth oriented. It would have to be appropriate and inside with more control, either gymnasium or Vet’s hall. Could be punk rock, without being offensive, “clean punk”. Would like to try for next year. Good idea to try for next year.

Daisy Hurtado remarked that her name is always spelled wrong on envelopes, should be Daisy, no “e” after s., and Drive in address not Place. So noted.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m. by unanimous consent.

Respecfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
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