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City Administration
Meeting Minutes Title

March 5, 2001 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: 7:09 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners in attendance included Coree Brown, Stacie Del Chiaro, Laura Wenograd, Ashley Brown, Jessica Ordaz, Lacey Barry, and Daisy Hurtado. Also present were Adult Advisor David Lang and Parks and Recreation staff members Poldina Scherff and Tim Taylor. Also present was Taylor Brinkman, non-voting member. Absent: Casey Billingley
Excused absences: Cynthia Fredenberg and Maria Segura.

AGENDA REVIEW: No comments.



Kim Carrington (1120 Second Street #116, Brentwood) representing a company called Trntelligence, Inc., an educational publisher that designs life skills training here in town. Part of what we do is community training and grant writing. I wanted to let you know that we are here and try to find out what kind of activities you might be open to, as you know in collaborative grants, there is a lot of money out there. We are putting together some scholarships as well as internship programs for students. Partly, because we are new, we don’t know where we should go and who we should coordinate with and that kind of thing. So this is a first step so that you would know that we are here. We have also put together the forming stages of something called East Bay Promise. I don’t know if you are familiar with America’s Promise, that was put together by Colin Powell, we are starting that for East Bay Promise, and this is a linkage of business as well as educators to put together programs that will enable students to come up with skills that businesses need in the 21st century. One of the things that businesses are saying that schools are producing students that don’t have the skills that they need. So, that is what we are doing, working on programs to help get teachers trained in technology and get those programs into the schools. Do not have a business card tonight, however can be reached at (925)634-8288, email


Item No. 1

Approval of Minutes of regular meeting on February 8, 2001. 

Coree Brown moved to approve minutes, Daisy Hurtado seconded. Motion carried unanimously.



Item No. 1 
Discussion on Youth Commission Sponsored August Pool Party. Tim Taylor reported that the has been set for August 11 and he wants to know what type of theme the Commissioners are interested in. Mr. Taylor asked the Commissioners to mark their calendars as all will be expected to work that day. It is mandatory. August 11th is a Saturday. The fifth and sixth grades will be from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., the eighth grades from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., and ninth through twelfth grades from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. Commissioners need to be there beginning at 11:30 a.m. for set-up. Admission will be $1.50. The Youth Commission will sponsor the rest. Requested that a sub-committee be put together to ask companies such as Safeway, Albertsons, etc. to donate the hot dogs, the hot dog buns, the condiments, sodas, candy for the menu. The following volunteered for the subcommittee: Coree Brown, Laura Wenograd, Lacey Barry and Stacie Del Chiaro. 

Poldina Scherff added comments and also told the subcommittee that she would like their help in getting a DJ, games, food, advertising and also other matters pertaining to the party. Discussion of DJ - times to have one or more DJ’s play the music, or whether to just play other music for 5th and 6rh graders on their own since there is a music system at the pool. Then have only one DJ for last segment. Discussion of games. Tim Taylor said he will try and get flyers out to all schools and hopes Commissioners will also help to advertise. He requested that advertising not just be to friends, but put in announcements at school, flyers throughout the campus if possible, etc. Suggestion of having music play for first two groups and then have some bands from high school come in and play for 9th through 12th grades (last segment). Discussion of variety of music these bands would play. Subcommittee can work on this issue. Discussion of costs, lifeguards and recreation aids would come to about $1,800. This could be offset with admission fee and concessions. Planning on approximately 600 people throughout the day. Discussion of bringing their own CDs to play also. 

Motion made to reserve $2,500 for the Youth Commission Pool Party, and the subcommittee to be Coree Brown, Lacey Barry, Laura Wenograd and Stacie Del Chiaro. Motion made by Coree Brown, seconded by Lacey Barry. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 2
Discussion on Youth Commission promotional items. Poldina Scherff presented this item and noted that since Commission is scheduled to attend conference in Sacramento in about one and half weeks, so she ordered 250 Youth Commission buttons. The buttons have the Youth Commission logo. They are white circular buttons with your colored logo on it. Ms. Scherff asked is if you would be willing to pick up the cost for one, and then when we come back we would have those buttons available for you for promotional items. So whenever you go out in the public you would wear these buttons and you could also start giving those to people who are working with us, volunteering their time, etc. They would also be nice whenever you have tables, which we are supposed to have at the beginning of each school year to promote the Youth Commission and to try to get people to come to our meetings. The cost is no more than $200, and may be under that. Would like a motion on the table that you would be allowed to pick up that cost. 

Motion made by Stacie Del Chiaro, and seconded by Laura Wenograd. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 3
Update of Ski Trip. Poldina Scherff had several comments on the ski trip. Comments made include that perhaps a closer location would be better, perhaps near Arnold or Bear Valley, which are approximately 2 hours away. This would be an option for next year. Another issue is that we do not want to deal with rental in the future. We had 2 separate packages; you could rent your snow boards via or through the City, and I think that is something for you to consider, you would then be on your own. Parents would have to rent your skis or boards down here someplace, wherever available, and then we would mark them and put them on the bus. Or, they could take their credit card, give it to their child and let them rent them up there, but we don’t want to have that expense in the future. We lost 4 or 5 snowboards. Other than that, problem with me going in to pick up tickets, etc., and settle out everything with the sales, since that took about one hour. Ashley, wondered if it would be possible to have two trips and separate younger children from older kids. Tim Taylor said they should have seat assignments next time on specific buses. Too large of a group with too big an age span. Some not properly dressed, ill prepared for that type of activity. Would like lower age group to take guardian or parents as many called and wanted to go with their child. Had to say no, since it was a youth commission sponsored trip and want to try this with no guardians other than our staff and advisors. Need to have proper gear and would like parents to be responsible for that type of issue. Overall a good experience for all of us. Would like to maybe offer more than one trip, and maybe separate the ages. Need more staff or more help with Adult Advisors. Ashley thought it would be better to separate older from younger on buses. Some got rather impatient, rather rude, just got impatient. Tickets were supposed to be printed up in advance and weren’t and this caused a problem. Seems every resort does this type of thing differently, so we learn each time. Future, don’t do rentals, don’t do lessons, just do lift tickets, period, anything else you buy on your own. Weather caused problems in delay for time of lessons, etc. Ashley brought up discussion of possibility of separating Liberty High School from Freedom High School, not having them travel on same buses. Lots of fights between two schools, many problems in past, etc. Dave responded if you open it up to anyone you can’t discriminate between schools. Advisors commented that you can’t do this. The goal instead should be that you should get everyone to work as team and organize. By offering these trips, that is what you are trying to do and create this unanimity. This is also where chaperones come into play and also you as Youth Commission in the community. Younger people will listen to you better than others, need to have you present on these trips. Comments by both Dave Lang and Tim Taylor. 

Motion that we have a ski trip next year, with two different trips, would also like to have more parental or guardians present, split trips by age groups.  Motion by Stacie, seconded by Lacey. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 4
The CPRS conference discussion. Poldina Scherff reporting this item. Stacie Del Chaiaro has softball tournament and coach will not let her out of this event. Time to meet at bus, prior to 7:30 a.m. Saturday, bus will be leaving at 7:30 a.m. from in front of the Community Center. Will bring you back to arrive here at no later than 4:00 p.m. Dave only one representing them at the banquet. Poldina then asked how many people are actually planning on going to the conference. After a count it appears 9 people will be going. Only Stacie and Casey not going at this time. Transportation will be provided. If for any reason anyone decides not to go, Poldina must be informed. Schedule will be ready on Saturday, three or four things that advisors would like them to attend. Lunch will be on their own, but provided for by staff, do not have to bring lunch or lunch money. Can bring extra money for snacks or other incidentals if they wish. This is a statewide conference so will provide lots of sharing experiences with other youths across the state. Tim and Poldina will be there to greet you and Rob will be driving the bus/van. The conference is in Sacramento on March 17. Everyone is asked to wear their Youth Commission shirts. Name tags will be provided. Poldina will send out reminder notes. 

Item No. 5
Update on Scholarship Program by Coree Brown. Coree was not ready with the information, will report back next month.

Item No. 6
Skate Park opening celebration. Discussion lead by Poldina Scherff. The project was approved last Tuesday night at the Council meeting. They don’t know when they will start breaking ground and will keep them posted on the progress and keep Commission posted as they wish to do something for the skate park. Poldina reported that there is some art work for the skate park that hasn’t been funded that would be on the fence or gate. Cost estimated at about $3,000. Ms. Scherff asked if the Commission would be willing to donate this money. There would be placards there indicating donor. She will check this out and report back. Commissioners were interested in this project.

Item No. 7
Spring to Life Fun Run discussion by Ashley and Coree. Coree reported everyone should get some volunteers get sign up sheets with name and phone number. Then also call and remind them before the event. Will try to get newspaper coverage and flyers. Coach has been approached and he will talk to track team about this tomorrow. The event is scheduled for April 28. Would like to have track teams from Liberty, Freedom, Bristow participate and then use time as community service hours and have some type of award for winners. Something special for track teams. This would be provided through staff according to Poldina Scherff. Would prefer that schools do the run, others can either run or walk. Announcements would tell winners of each school, etc. Poldina has talked to Dave Flores at Bristow and he is looking into it. Poldina stressed that she is willing to do special awards to get more schools involved. Race starts at 8:30 a.m., so volunteers need to be there at 7:00 a.m. or earlier. Need volunteers to set up, give water or fruit along the route and take down after the event. Need also to put up posters around town when the posters come. Would like for someone to go to some of the other local races to promote this event. Flyers will be sent out in the mail also. Some of the communities mentioned having events are Stockton, Dublin, and Livermore. Dave will check on connection for Livermore event. Also need help stuffing bags, etc. Poldina really wants to get more people involved, there will be a professional timekeeper. Race will start at 8:30 a.m., end at 9:30 or 10:00 a.m.. Ashley Brown and Coree Brown will be the subcommittee and coordinate the event.

Item No. 8
Discussion on Cornfest by Ashley and Laura. Ms. Scherff reminded them that they need to call the Chamber of Commerce and find out when the next meeting is going to be and please let her know when the meeting is. She will then call and remind them to go. Would like them to do a booth along with the City. The Parks and Recreation Department has a table would like your Commission to also be represented. The dates of the Cornfest are July 13,14, and 15th. 

Item No. 9
Discussion of social/team building for Youth Commissioners by Tim Taylor. Tim said he would like to do a team building or social event just for the Commissioners. Would like to have some ideas on what you would like to do. Choices could be go into the San Francisco for dinner/theatre, go to a beach, or Monterey Museum. Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, some hiking also along with event. Could be a mini-weekend event. Could be either weekend during school or after school is out and could be middle of the week. 

Ashley made a motion that a subcommittee be formed to work with Tim on this event. Seconded by Coree. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 10
Update on financial statement and budget recommendation by Laura Wenograd. She just received financial report showing a balance of $17,117.73. Beginning budget (original) was $20,000. Laura will give a report each month on the budget and expenditures. Poldina explained the budget and its uses. The money must be used for commission events or we could lose it. She explained the need to be more creative and bring in more people and events for promotion of youth. This is a separate budget from the general fund of the Parks and Recreation fund. If you are utilizing the money as a worthwhile organization doing activities in the community and therefore deserving of continuing the funding. Probably will be funded for the same amount for the next two years programs. She asked that they considere trainings that could be done, mainly get more people involved. Ms. Scherff indicated she is very happy with what has been done so far, but as this Commission gets older and begins to leave, more people need to be brought into the Commission. 

Item No. 11
Discussion on other commission packets sent to Youth Commission. Poldina Scherff wanted to know if the members wanted information included in their packets from other Commissions. After some discussion general consensus was that they did not need this material.

Item No. 12 
Discuss rough draft of the Youth Commission Survey by Poldina Scherff. All seemed to feel need for shortened form, omit headings and use smaller fonts. The title is okay, but just omit category titles. Focus first on completing survey and then how we are going to get it into the schools. Need to be sure the statement tells you what you want to get out of the survey. Need to tell individual completing survey why they are doing the survey. Does the Commission want the Mission Statement included? Mission Statement is “To create a safe, youth-oriented environment that promotes motivation, interaction and unity within the community”. Coree added the following “We the Youth Commission are trying to help the youth of Brentwood by this survey. Please fill out this survey in order to help our town be more teen-oriented”. Would like mission statement also. Discussion of topics and wording some wording changed. 

Craig Bronzan looked at the survey and called the Chief of Police and they both agreed that we pinpointed questions for our department and questions for the police department. What he was concerned about was they wanted to know more, if they said, I agree, or if they said, I disagree, wanted to know what is wrong. The theory being our department or the police department are not going to be able to rectify or try to rectify what the problems are, if there are no other answers than I agree or disagree, need to know more information to try to help. Therefore on those two questions to add a comment line. After some discussion it was agreed to have this added.

Invite Commissioners to the April 10th City Council meeting to accept the Youth Commission Logo award. We would need a commitment from an adult, or an advisor or staff who could go to the Council and accept the award. It would be nice if we had representation of all of the Youth Commissioners. The meeting is the second Tuesday of April at 7:30 p.m. You would need to be there early so you can get a seat and wear your Youth Commission shirts. The following said they would commit to the event: Daisy Hurtado, Lacey Barry, Ashley Brown, Coree Brown, Laura Wenograd, and Dave Lang. 


Poldina requested to speak on this, going back to survey. Need to know where we are going from there. Poldina will go back to Director Bronzan. He may want this passed through our Parks and Recreation Department first, and from there to the City Council. Some discussion as to whether it would need to go to Parks and Recreation first before City Council. Poldina felt she would like to present it there first. Also, it would give them practice on presentation, as they will have to give the presentation there first before taking it to the schools. Will have to go to school boards to get their approval before going to schools. Poldina will research dates for school districts. Coree volunteered to give presentations. Also need to have an adult advisor present. Ashley and Laura also volunteered. Poldina will call and set schedules for presentations, will try to get them all done in March. Park and Recreation meets on Thursday.

1. Discussion on Youth Commission sponsored August Pool Party.
2. CPRS conference discussion
3. Update on Scholarship Program
4. Skate Park opening celebration discussion
5. Spring to Life Fun Run discussion
6. Discussion on Cornfest
7. Discussion of social/teambuilding for Youth Commission
10. Update on financial statement and budget recommendation
11. Discuss Youth Commission Survey
12. Update on survey presentations
13. Attend City Council meetings every 6 months
14. Attend School Board meetings. 

Lacey moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:41 p.m. Coree seconded. Meeting was adjourned.

City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
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