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Youth Commission Minutes
Youth Commission Minutes for March 7, 2000

Roll Call and Opening: Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.
(Members absent: Stacie Del Chiaro, Arlene Gonsalves, Angela Ordaz, Holly Bryan and Gabriela Elizarraraz.)

Agenda Review: None

Proclamations: None

Presentations: None

Citizen Comments: None

Consent Calendar: Approval of minutes of regular meeting from March 7, 2000. Casey Billingsley approved minutes Cynthia Fredenberg 2nd.

Public Hearings: None

Old Business: 
1. Staff gave update of the Skate Park Task Force meeting held on March 4, 2000. The Task Force made two recommendations to the design of the park, otherwise they approved of the design. The Task Force asked staff to present to the Youth Commission an art contest for the skate park. This contest would be presented to the community to design the fencing and gates of the skate park. They are requesting that the Youth Commission sponsor and donate $200 to the winner of the contest. Two winners will be awarded one skateboarder and one inline skater. Land Image will sponsor and donate $200 for the other winner. Casey made a motion to sponsor the art contest for the skate park, Coree second the motion. 5-0 motion carried.
2. The commission discussed the rough draft of the by-laws. Changes and suggestions were made and the final draft will be submitted at the April 3rd meeting.
3. A meeting was set with the sum-committee to go over the Fun Run.
4. Coree reported on the Cornfest meeting. She suggested that we get a booth by the next meeting. The committee discussed that they wanted to get a carnival booth. Casey made a motion to allow $500 towards getting a carnival booth for the youth commission. Cynthia second the motion. 5-0 motion carried.
5. It was discussed and the Youth Commission felt comfortable with the calendar.
6. Casey made a motion to table the commission logo contest to the April meeting. Coree second the motion. 5-0 motion carried.

New Business:
1. The staff report for the Brentwood Family Aquatic Center programs was tabled to the next meeting.
2. Staff suggested that we have a facilitator come to the Youth Commission to discuss its future direction. It was further discussed and Casey motioned for a “Special Meeting” on Saturday, April 1, from 8am-5pm for a mandatory workshop. Coree second the motion. 5-0 motion carried.

Staff Reports: None

Informational reports from commission/committee members: None

Requests for future agenda items: Brown Act, Cornfest status report, Fun Run status report, Pool Party, By-Laws, Recruit commission members.

Adjournment: Casey motioned to adjourn at 8:58 p.m. and Coree second. 5-0 motion carried.

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