April 25, 2013
Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Council Chambers
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Vice-Chair Myers called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were; Vice-Chair Sandra Myers and Commissioners Eileen Hofstadt, Alyssa Madden and Blythe Lind. Chair Bruce Mulder was excused absent. Staff members present were: Craig Bronzan, Director; Roger Stromgren, Park/Maintenance Manager; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Sue Barry, Recreation Supervisor; and Linda Stadlbauer, Administrative Assistant II.



1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of March 28, 2013.
2. Accept Recreation Division Quarterly Report and Recreation Manager project status quarterly report. (P. Scherff)
3. Accept Parks Division quarterly report. (A. Wanden)
4. Accept Landscape Division quarterly report. (B. Margesson)

 Motion to approve Item 2- 4 of Consent Calendar, Item 1 was removed by Commissioner Madden due to absence.

Motion: Lind
Second: Hofstadt
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Absent: 1

 Motion to approve Item 1 of Consent Calendar.

Motion: Hofstadt
Second: Lind
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Abstain: 1 - Madden
Absent: 1

5. DISCUSSION ITEM: Discuss a request from City Council for the Commission to consider and make a recommendation back to City Council regarding the return of a gazebo to City Park. (C. Bronzan)

Craig Bronzan led the discussion regarding the design, location and purpose of a gazebo or like structure in City Park. The Commission concurred that the original design of a Victorian style gazebo would not match the prevalent Spanish architectural scheme of the Civic Center. The Commission also conveyed that a permanent structure at this time would be premature. Craig will prepare a written response to City Council.

6. INFORMATIONAL ITEM: Youth Activity Scholarship Assistance Program. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff presented her informational report, clarifying that the Men’s Club is currently the only community organization that donates to this program, while East Bay Regional Parks District and Kaiser subsidize the aquatics youth scholarship program.

7. ACTION ITEM: Discussion of City Park Quasquicentennial and formation of a celebration event sub-committee. (S. Barry)

Sue Barry presented her staff report, and the Commission was in agreement to form a sub-committee for which Commissioners Lind and Madden volunteered.

 Motion to approve Item 7 of Consent Calendar to move forward with a Quasquicentennial celebration event and to form a celebration event sub-committee.

Motion: Hofstadt
Second: Lind
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Absent: 1

8. VERBAL UPDATE: General Plan Workshop Group verbal update. (E. Hofstadt)

Commissioner Hofstadt reported on her attendance at the General Plan Workshop Group.


Roger Stromgren informed the Commission that the Veterans Park bocce enhancements are done, and several new parks are in the process of plan review and being forwarded to City Council for approval.

Poldina Scherff updated the Commission on upcoming events and sports.

Craig Bronzan thanked Commissioner Hofstadt, Poldina Scherff and Tammy Homan for their participation in the General Plan Meetings.


Commissioner Hofstadt thanked staff for the update regarding the extra fencing at the Universal Abilities Playground.

Commissioner Madden announced that the Pitch, Hit and Run event for boys and girls, sponsored by the Delta Dawgs, will be the weekend of April 27th and 28th. She also commended the City for having the water feature amenities at City Park, Blue Goose Park and Rainbows End operating from early April through late October.

Commissioner Lind announced that she and Commissioner Madden will be attending the annual Wine and Chocolate Festival for Special Kids Foundation. She also inquired whether staff could install two more benches at the play area at Veterans Park, to which staff confirmed that they will be ordered and installed soon.

Vice-Chair Meyers commended staff for the new bocce courts, and informed staff that one of the activity boards at the pirate ship is broken. Staff is aware, and it is scheduled to be repaired.

Plan a date for a summer meeting at one of our parks. Staff will bring dates to the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.