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Park & Rec Commission Minutes - October 25, 2007
Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2007 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chamber
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Myers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chair Sandra Myers, Vice Chair Lanny Brown, Commissioner Eileen Hofstadt, and Commissioner Jan Melloni (arrived at 7:06 pm). Staff members present were Tom Burt, Recreation Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Edie Keller, Administrative Supervisor; Felix Errico, Parks Planner; Roger Stromgren, Landscape/Facilities Supervisor; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor; and Tammy Homan, Management Analyst.

PRESENTATION: Introduction of Recreation Coordinator, Anthony Schriver by Poldina Scherff.

AGENDA REVIEW: Chair Myers requested that Item 9 come before Item 8

CITIZEN COMMENTS: Mary Grim, Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, stated that she wanted to get the community more involved with Marsh Creek and the watershed with an adopt the creek program. This would allow citizens or groups to be assigned a particular section of the creek. This program would benefit Brentwood in support of our Healthy Community programs and at the same time keep an eye on the creek.

Chair Myers stated that this item was not agendized and the Commission would not be able to speak on it. Chair Myers suggested that Mary Grim leave her contact information with staff, and staff would contact her if they felt the item could go on the agenda.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of August 23, 2007.
2. Approve minutes of the special meeting of September 15, 2007.
3. Accept Recreation Division monthly report and Recreation Manager project status report. (P. Scherff)
4. Accept Park Division monthly report. (R. Stromgren)
5. Accept results CIP Project Status Reports. (K. De Silva)
6. Park maintenance cost comparison – informational only. (K. De Silva)
7. Accept results of Ellis & Associates audit of the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex. (M. Kaiser)

 Motion to approve items 1 – 7.
Motioned: Hofstadt
Second: Brown
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Absent: 1 (Rodrigues)

9. Approve Field and Facility Use Procedure/Policy for athletic field facility use by affiliated and non-affiliated user groups and recommend moving forward to City Council for approval. (T. Burt)
Tom Burt, Recreation Supervisor, informed the Commission that this item was reviewed by the City Attorney. The City Attorney returned the item to Tom Burt with some changes that needed to be made. Tom Burt said that he met with the City Attorney again to verify that the changes made were correct. Tom Burt stated that this item has come to its final version and that he is looking for the Commission’s approval to bring the policy forward to City Council for their review and approval.

 Motion to approve the Field and Facility Use Procedure/Policy for athletic field facility use by affiliated and non-affiliated user groups and recommend moving forward to City for approval.

Motioned: Brown
Second: Melloni
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Absent: 1 (Rodrigues)

8. Review and comment on the draft of the Nail Property Conceptual Plans (F. Errico/P. Abey)

Felix Errico, Parks Planner, stated that there was a public meeting at the site in May hosted by the East Contra Costa Historical Society. Phil Abey with Abey Arnold Associates presentation will include a lot of input that was received by the public. The presentation will provide what the things and potential location of the items addressed by the public at the meeting.

Phil Abey with Abey Arnold Associates reviewed the site location and expansion of the historical site location. Phil Abey stated that they are hoping to design it in such where it does not preclude us from expanding it even more. The features of the site are something that we would like to build upon. Everything we do will cascade form what is there now. Phil Abbey suggested having the property look inwards and not have the view leak out on the adjacent site. Phil Abey suggested that both the Nail Property and the Historical Society site feel as one and not have a defined line between the two.

Phil Abey described the following areas on the display: proposed orchard, parking overflow area, covered display area for farm equipment, a small informal amphitheater, row crop display area (plantings and irrigation canal), drying racks area, green house/event area, community garden area, overlook area, animal display area, corporation yard area, multi-use barn with even space and library space, and a large group picnic area.

Phil Abey explained site features. The potential new location for the City Gazebo is on the site for a more traditional orientation between the main house and the gazebo. All kinds of possibilities for exhibits from interpretive signage to complicated programs as a blacksmith shop. Picnic areas will be scattered in natural setting. Orchards will consist of fruit trees with flowering in the spring. Green houses would be vented in the summertime, lit in the evenings and a possible event area. The amphitheater would be an area for teaching opportunities or large gathering areas for demonstrations.
Buildings/barns will be the unfinished barn type of look.

Phil Abey stated that the goal of this site is to make it feel like a real farm (historical farm).

Commissioner Hofstadt inquired why there were two amphitheaters so close together. Phil Abey responded by stating that he put it out there to show two types of amphitheaters. We don’t necessarily need both. Commissioner Hofstadt inquired that if there was one amphitheater what would become of the unused space. Phil Abey suggested that we make it more of display type of space.

Commissioner Melloni inquired on where are the access roads for the vehicles to get onto the site and corp. yard area. Phil Abey stated that the intent that there are pathways on the perimeter that are wide enough for a small forklift or small truck. Commissioner Melloni asked about the drying area, how would that be done by hand or with harvesting machinery. Phil Abey commented we were just trying to identify a spot that would work the best and we haven’t worked the details out as yet. Commissioner Melloni inquired about the lifespan of the weathered wood. Phil Abey commented that if the wood is redwood or cedar, maybe 15 years down the line we would have to look into replacing some of it. If we stain it or use a wood preservative it may extend the life a little longer. Commissioner Melloni suggested that we weigh the cost of regular maintenance versus rebuilding it at a future date.

Commissioner Brown inquired if the overlook would be a good place for the gazebo. Phil Abey replied that he would have to look at the gazebo structurally since it will up in the air 20-30 feet. Commissioner Brown inquired about the trail near Sunset Blvd., if it would continue to come down to this site. Felix Errico explained that the trail will follow the aqueduct. Commissioner Brown suggested that it would be wonderful if people could walk or bike the trail to the park.

Chair Myers suggested that people wanted a spot with chairs outside and a wedding area. If you incorporate the gazebo for that, will the gazebo be at lawn area? Phil Abey stated that was his first thought. The historical green area is suggested to be lawn. Commissioner Myers inquired about an equestrian area to incorporate with the trails. Phil Abey stated he would like to question enthusiasts because it would be a good compatible use for this. Commissioner Myers inquired on how the area would be irrigated; the water out here is awful. Phil Abey commented that the well water would be tested with the potential of using if for irrigation. Commissioner Myers inquired about the creek bed. Phil Abey stated that it would be a dry creek bed unless there is a heavy downpour. Chair Myers suggested that row crops may be relocated to where they might not be so visible. Crops are not always visually appealing.

Public Comment opened:

Kathy Leighton with the Historical Society wanted to thank both Felix Errico and Phil Abey on being open to their suggestions. She stated that they were looking forward with working with the City on this project.

Dan O”Brien with Shea Homes, complimented Phil Abey on his presentation. He stated that he loves the use of natural materials and he believes that the weathered wood for the site would probably not need to be replaced in our lifetime or our children’ lifetime. It will bring a certain warmth and genuine feeling to what you are trying to accomplish. He also offered advice that gazebos tend to fall apart as you disassemble them.

10. Discussion regarding adding a fourth swim team to our list of swim team affiliates. (M. Kaiser)

Mac Kaiser, Recreational Supervisor, presented an affiliation application request from the newly formed Brentwood Sea Wolves for the Commission’s consideration. The Brentwood Recreation Department has 3 affiliated swim organizations: the Brentwood Dolphins, the Aquaknights, and the Terrapins Swim Club. The Brentwood Dolphins and the Aquaknights are characterized as summer swim teams running from April – August. The Terrapins Swim Club is a year round competitive organization. All three teams combined, there was about 413 Brentwood youths involved.. The teams utilized the Heritage High School pool from the months from April through mid-August. Between the three teams the Heritage High School pool was used extensively. During the height of the season the Heritage High School pool was programmed from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday. This does not include evening and Saturday swim meets. The Terrapins utilize the Liberty High School pool from mid-August through the end of March. Then move to the Heritage High School pool April through August. The Terrapins utilize the Liberty High School Pool from 4:00 pm -7:00 pm and they use the Brentwood Aquatic Family Complex on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5:30 am – 7:00 am. Mac Kaiser continued that the Brentwood Sea Wolves had recently formed and are requesting affiliation status and if granted would create a fourth team swim organization serving the Brentwood area. Mac Kaiser noted that the addition of a fourth swim team does not coincide with additional facility space for the swim teams. With the addition of a new time, it does not create new space in the City but divides the current space into four teams versus three.

Public Comment opened:

Steve Brix with the Brentwood Sea Wolves did not have a presentation but asked the Commission if they had any specific questions. Commissioner Hofstadt inquired how a fourth team would fit with limited space available, and how the other three would share the water. Steve Brix replied that the Brentwood Sea Wolves would be a year round team with more options for swimmers and would also offer water polo programs. Steve Brix explained that the Brentwood Sea Wolves is an affordable, parent-owned, and a home-based team. Commissioner Hofstadt commented that there isn’t existing space to add another team, so how will the teams share the water. Steve Brix replied that he would get the density up, more kids in the water. Commissioner Hofstad inquired if he had spoken to the other teams on how to share the water.

Commission Hofstadt inquired if there is a protocol in place that manages the growth of certain organizations; the continued need of water run by every existing group, and the intensity of use by the population growth. Every time you add another organization the conflict between trying to negotiate use becomes more cumbersome, because everyone is trying to go to the year round use. Commissioner Hofstadt stated that she had a hard time understanding how the City could fix that when the groups themselves aren’t dialoguing among themselves. The groups themselves need to problem solve.

Commissioner Brown inquired why we can’t get one good swim team in Brentwood. The town will become deluded with swim teams. Commissioner Brown suggested that all the organizations should come together and form a team for Brentwood with Brentwood residents using Brentwood facilities. We should have one solid swim team, not four swim teams that are deluded.

Commission Hofstadt commented that she does not know where the water is for more programs. If the water is being divided four ways instead of three, you are diminishing the ability of another organization to do their business also. Commissioner Hofstadt asked Steve Brix to talk to his peers and try to come to us with a solution as well.

Chair Myers agreed with Commissioner Hofstadt that the teams need to have a good dialogue between them. If not, maybe the City can facilitate the dialogue.

Commissioner Melloni strongly stated that there is not enough water out there at this time. She stated that adding more kids to lanes is not a solution to get more kids in the water.

Paul Stafford, with the Terrapins Swim Team explained their program. The Terrapins have been in the community for about ten years with a full-time competitive swim program. They swim in Brentwood five days per week. The Terrapins is a California nonprofit organization. The concern with a fourth affiliate team would be the difficulty of scheduling the water.

Ali Othman with the Brentwood Dolphins Swim Club explained his organization. It was very bad last year, with six kids in each lane. We did our best in splitting the lanes and times. We did shorten the practices for each group feeling the crunch.
Commissioner Brown asked how long the Brentwood Dolphins Swim Club has been in existence. Ali Othman replied about 28 years.

Kelly Fedel and Greg Fulton with the Aquaknights explained their program. The Aquaknights is a recreational swimming team and very family oriented. They have been established since 1985. Our main concern is particularly restrictions during the high school swim season; we had kids in the water until 9:00 pm on a school night. We primarily used the Liberty pool and we had 7-8 swimmers per lane.

Stephen Holzmuller, parent and with the Brentwood Sea Wolves, explained the drive behind the Sea Wolves is to provide a service to anyone who wants to swim recreationally or competitively.

Commissioner Melloni suggested that you need to build on what is already here. Sit down with the other groups and discuss the options. There is no more space. It has been put out to you to discuss with the other affiliates your options.

Commissioner Myers inquired from Mac Kaiser on what direction he would like the Commission to take. Poldina Scherff, Recreational Manager, replied that it would come forward at the next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting as an action item for your final vote.

Commissioner Myers stated that there is not pool space and unless the teams can work something out and bring us something different than we heard tonight, nothing is going to happen. Commissioner Myers inquired if Mac Kaiser could meet with a representative from each organization and a Commissioner before next month’s meeting.

11. Approve Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan Annual Report for Fiscal year 2006/2007 and recommend moving forward to City Council for approval. (C. Bronzan/T. Homan)

Chair Myers commented that it was most incredible piece of work she has seen. Tammy Homan, Management Analyst, explained that staff will be taking it to City Council November 13th. Commissioner Hofstadt is proud of a community of our size to have such a comprehensive Master Plan, and that we actually do an annual report. There are actual work plans and objectives. Commissioner Hoftsadt stated that she was really impressed. Tammy Homan explained that each year we will be trying to expand it more and more. We really tried to emphasis the extras this year.

Commissioner Brown stated that he loved the report, but he had one comment about the people that use the pool with comparison with previous years. Tammy Homan stated that in the future there will be more graphs and more comparisons especially for the hot items.

 Motion to approve the Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan Annual Report for Fiscal year 2006/2007 and recommend moving forward to City Council for approval.
Motioned: Hofstadt
Second: Brown
Ayes: 4
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Absent:: 1 (Rodrigues)


12. Discussion regarding E. Clampus Vitus wanting to place a plaque at the park in the Vineyards at Marsh Creek identified as “Pioneer Park”. (F. Errico)

Frank Vranek, President of the Contra Costa and Alameda Chapter of E. Clampus Vitus, a historical organization that places plaques throughout the state, stated that they would like to place a plaque up at the Pioneer Park facing the John Marsh House. Frank Vranek shared a photo of a similar plaque. They would like to build a plaque and donate it to the City. He requested that it be placed so that you can read the plaque and see the house. Chair Myers commented that it was a great idea but we do not have a master plan for the park yet. Commissioner Hofstadt stated that the conceptual plan for the park would have to include the plaque.

Public Comment opened:

Dan O’Brein with Shea Homes commented that this is really important to the heritage of the area. They are in total alignment with this. They are supportive of this plaque being placed in the park area.

Commissioner Myers would like to bring this item back as an Action Item and the Commission is all in support. .

13. Discussion regarding the overview of the national Recreation and Park Association Annual Congress. (P. Scherff)

Commissioner Brown stated that it was a good conference and great sessions. There was quite a bit on competitive sports.

Chair Myers stated that overall that out of all the conferences she had attended this had the strongest sessions. Chair Myers attended a session for AARP that presented a 10-week program and is starting a pilot program that will be open to a select ten cities. Chair Myers put our name in hopes that the City would get selected. Poldina Scherff suggested combining this with the Playful City’s Day. Commissioner Myers explained the 10-week program, and what is expected from the City. Chair Myers would like to go forward with this program whether we are selected or not.

14. Discussion regarding attending California & Pacific Southwest Recreation & Park Training Conference in 2008. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreational Supervisor announced the California & Pacific Southwest Recreation & Park Training Conference will be held in Long Beach on February 28 and 29, 2008. Poldina Scherff wanted to get a pulse of who will be attending. Chair Myers stated that Commissioner Rodrigues would be attending since he is the California Representative. Commissioner Melloni stated that she would be attending.


Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor, introduced Devin Hidalgo, the pool manager, to the Commission. Mac Kaiser stated that he had done a wonderful job at the pool this summer.

Felix Errico, Parks Planner, stated that he had attended the American Society of Landscape Architects in San Francisco, October 5th -9th. Felix Errico explained green roofs and storm water uses (reuse of water).

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager mentioned that Sue Barry, Recreation Supervisor, will be taking forward to the City Council on November 13, 2007, the Administrative Policies for our Wellness Guidelines so it will become a policy. She will also be taking the vendor component of one of our policies, which a percentage of our vending machines should offer a healthier choice for the residents. There are 19 components and she will take each piece forward.

Poldina Scherff stated the groundbreaking for the Senior Center will be around the second week of December. Poldina Scherff explained the Pumpkin Patch at the pool.

Edie Keller, Administrative Supervisor reviewed the Brown Act. Edie Keller reviewed the question on the public’s place on the Agenda. Edie Keller read that the public may not be given an opportunity to speak on a item that has already been considered by a committee, made up exclusively of members of the Legislative Body at a public meeting. If all the interested of the interested members of the public had the opportunity to speak on the item before or during its consideration and if the item has not been substantially changed. Edie Keller stated that you can limit the time each person speaks.



Chair Myers adjourned the meeting at 10:17 pm.

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