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Park & Rec Commission Minutes - March 23 2006
Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2006
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Rodrigues called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners, Sandra Myers, Jan Melloni, Lanny Brown, Tom Jones, and Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues were all present. Staff members present were Ken DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager; Barry Margesson and Roger Stromgren, Landscape/Facilities Supervisors, Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Sue Barry, Recreation Supervisor; and Brandi Marx, Intern.

A. Fitness and Wellness Campaign (B. Marx)
Brandi Marx gave a PowerPoint presentation of the Fitness and Wellness Campaign that is being conducted by the Parks and Recreation Department. She passed out the staff report for the campaign and then proceeded to take the Commissioners through the program. Activities, challenges, calendar, education and promotion projects are all included in the program. She presented the facts of the obese population and said that the goal of the Fitness and Wellness Campaign is to motivate employees to live a healthy and active life. The program will provide the tools and resources to the employees and the Commissioners to complete the ten-week campaign and also help them to extend beyond that campaign. The campaign will kick off April 24 and will end June 30. Activities will track food, inches and pounds, daily logs will be incorporated into this 10-week course. Pedometers will be furnished to keep track of the miles, which should parallel a “walk across America”. There will be prizes for different competitions. Activities will be organized, such as weekly walking groups, potlucks with healthy food, and “Fun Friday” every other Friday, with tournaments and other activities at one of the local parks. Curves will come in and do a nutrition workshop. Measuring days will keep track of inches and weight lost during the campaign and will be done via self reporting. Tracking sheets will be given to the participants with points listed and explanation. There will be teams tracking most improved and other successes. She is working with outside organizations to get prizes to be awarded to winning participants. Ms. Marx explained the sign up programs with captains for each team. Participants will get out as much as they give to the campaign.

B. Acknowledgment Plaque from Ragasso Soccer League (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff presented a plaque given to the Department from the Ragasso Soccer League in appreciation for use of facilities.

C. Acknowledgment Plaque from EDYSL (P. Scherff)
Another plaque presented to the Parks and Recreation Department by the EDYSL and displayed by Ms. Scherff. Chairperson Rodrigues also acknowledged this fine plaque and again suggested a letter of thanks to this group. These plaques will be placed in the front office.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes.


1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of February 23, 2006
2. Accept Recreation Division monthly report and project status report. (P. Scherff)
3. Accept Parks Division monthly report (B. Margesson)
4. Accept Arts Division monthly report (R. Burr-Siegel
5. Accept CIP Project Status sheets. (K. DeSilva)
6. Accept update on status of King Park. (K. DeSilva)
7. Accept update on Veterans Park Memorial Project. (K. DeSilva)
8. Accept information on Accident Investigation for Supervisors Training of February 23, 2006. (P. Scherff)
9. Accept results of audit by Ellis & Associates at the Brentwood Family Aquatics Complex. (M. Kaiser)
Motion by Commissioner Jones to approve the Consent Calendar, motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried unanimously.

11. ACTION ITEM Approve the priorities of projects for recommendation to City Council for consideration in the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2006/2007-2010/2011. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva asked the Commissioners to approve the projects as prioritized in the previous workshop and direct them to be forwarded to the City Council for approval. Commissioner Melloni moved that the projects be approved as indicated in the CIP Workshop and be forwarded to the City Council for approval. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried unanimously.

12. DISCUSSION ITEM Service Club Dedication of Veterans Element at Veterans Park Scheduled for May 27, 2006. (E. Rodrigues)
Chairperson Rodrigues said that the program is going along very well. The East Bay Concert Band and Summerset Singers will participate in the event. They also have a very dynamic speaker, Mr. Pete McCosky, who Chairperson Rodrigues considers a hero.

13. DISCUSSION ITEM Consideration of Fitness and Wellness Policy for the City of Brentwood (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry presented a draft of the Fitness and Wellness Policy for the City of Brentwood. A copy of the draft was included in each of the Commissioners packets for this meeting. She asked the Commissioners to review this policy and give her their feedback. Chairperson Rodrigues congratulated Ms. Barry on the plan. She will continue to update the plan and bring back to the Commission as she develops it further.


Mr. DeSilva reported he has had contact with the Moms Club on the Crusade for Shade. At this point they have $20,000 in donations and need to have $34,000 in order to order the equipment for Orchard Park. They wondered if the equipment could be ordered before they have the full amount for the matching funds. Mr. DeSilva told them the equipment could not be ordered until all funds are received. This is the Moms Club’s second year in working on this project. Another option was that they could use the funds for another play area in the park. He will stay in touch with the club.

Ms. Scherff announced the 9th Annual Brentwood Fun Run and asked for volunteers to help and participate in the event that will be held April 29, 2006. She also announced the annual Lunch with Bunny on April 8, 2006. There will be two servings of the lunch, one at 11:30 a.m. and one at 1:00 p.m. Participants can have their pictures taken with bunny. She also announced the expansion of the Liberty and Heritage High School tennis programs. The department is now working with the USTA and has a $2,500 matching fund grant they are working on with Karen Wahl, Grants Manager. She will be putting together a subcommittee to work on a plan for additional tennis courts in Brentwood within the next three weeks. She reported an amount of $1,650 received from participation in the crab feed and $1,000 from Summerset Seniors Club. They will be acknowledged for this at the next meeting with a plaque thanking them for the donation.

Commissioner Brown said he will work at the Fun Run in his usual position and Commissioner Myers will help with the shirt distribution. Commissioner Melloni plans to participate in the run and others indicated they will help where needed.

Commissioner Jones reported on the CPRS conference. He would also like to pursue the survey. Commissioner Melloni would like to pursue looking for grant funds for the trails project which she would very much like to see completed before her term ends. Mr. DeSilva will look into what is available. Chairperson Rodrigues commented on the conference and said that he attended many meetings. He thanked Commissioner Jones and Ms. Scherff for attending the banquet when he was installed. Commissioners Melloni, Brown and Myers expressed interest in attending the EBRP meetings.

Update on Veterans Elements
Trails Subcommittee
Status check on grant applications

Commissioner Melloni moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:58 p.m. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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Brentwood, CA 94513
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