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June 23, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Tom Jones called the meeting to order at 7:00 p. m.

ROLL CALL: Roll was called by the Minutes Recorder, Commissioners present as follows: Chairperson Tom Jones, Commissioners Lanny Brown, Jan Melloni, Ernie Rodrigues and Sandra Myers. Staff members present were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Kerry Salisbury, Recreation Services Supervisor; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; and Barry Margesson, Parks Landscape Supervisor.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The Pledge was recited by all.

A. Recognition of Spring to Life Fun Run and Health Expo Sponsors (Mac Kaiser)
Mr. Kaiser announced that the 8th Annual Spring to Life Family Fun Fun, Bike Ride, Health Expo was a success. There was also an art show on the same day in downtown Brentwood. There were 339 runners, ages 3 to 84 years old. There were 50 bike riders of all ages and 18 health fair vendors/exhibitors. There were 6 local non-profit groups providing over 100 volunteers. Mr. Kaiser said that his purpose this evening was to recognize the sponsors. The sponsors present to receive their certificates were the John Muir Mt. Diablo Health Center and Delta Pedlers. Chairperson Jones then presented them with a certificate of appreciation. Other sponsors names were read as follows: In-Shape Health Clubs, and another John Muir-Mt. Diablo component, Sutter Delta Medical Center, SDA Schwartz Design Associates, I. D. Graphic Design Studio, Delta Peddlers, Tri Delta Transit, Delta Pure Water, Club One, Monthly Grapevine and California Living, also Black Diamond Print, Albertsons, Brentwood Press, Brentwood Yellow Pages,110 Degree Magazine, Diablo Funding, Actus Chiropractic and Got a Party. Those not present will receive their certificates by mail.

B. Presentation of Fun Run proceeds to volunteer groups (Mac Kaiser)
Mr. Kaiser explained that because these non-profit organizations provide all of the volunteers to assist in putting on the event they then receive a share of the profits from the run. Approximately $3900 was brought in and these proceeds were then distributed at the meeting to these organizations. Checks were given out to these participants by the Chairperson as their names were called by Mr. Kaiser. They are as follows: Liberty Union High School District Education Foundation, Brentwood Senior Citizens, CC Cafe, Village Drive Community Resource Center, Delta Peddlers and the Brentwood Youth Commission.

C. Presentation by Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed (Sarah Beamish)
Instead of Sarah Beamish, Holly Hartman of Brentwood gave the presentation for the Friends of Marsh Creek. She gave a brief background of her life in the Brentwood community and the fact that she is also a teacher in the Brentwood School District and serves on the Liberty Union High School Board of Trustees. She expressed her interest in the community and the desire to keep Marsh Creek as a viable resource in the community. She described the work of the Friends of Marsh Creek and when they meet. She invited all those present who belong to the organization to stand and be recognized and also invited anyone present also to become members if they so choose. She discussed the drop structure and the salmon that come up the creek to spawn in the spring and how this structure impedes their journey. She said the group would like to see this changed if possible. She also mentioned the speakers that have met with their group at their meetings, among them the Pinn Brothers, local developers and other scientists and biologists. They have hiked to the headlands in Morgan Territory which has been very educational and have visited Creekside Park to do restoration work. She described other activities of the group in the area. She commented on the fact that she would like to see Marsh Creek remain as a recreational and educational part of the community.

Ms. Hartman then introduced Tom Lindemuth, who is a science teacher in the Liberty Union High School District. Mr. Lindemuth is a resident of Oakley and has been in the area for about four years ago. He is a chemistry and environmental science teacher at Freedom High School in Oakley. He discussed his work with the students in the science department. He also stated that he was a chemical engineer for 35 years prior to becoming a teacher. He expressed his desire to be around water and discussed how water moving through a community affects its residents. He has had his students sample water in Marsh Creek and living organisms in the creek. He had a picture display of work of his science classes in Marsh Creek. At this point he has had over 500 students involved in these studies and feels it helps to understand and care more for the creek and their environment. He closed with hopes that the creek can remain accessible to all area residents.

Ms. Beamish then passed out some brochures and the meeting schedule for the Friends of Marsh Creek. The handout included comments from community members.

AGENDA REVIEW: No additions or changes.

Ms. Beamish then presented the Commissioners with the results of the Marsh Creek Survey. The survey was conducted to see how residents of Brentwood value, conceive and use Marsh Creek. She said 2000 households were surveyed, randomly selected as those living within a quarter of a mile from the creek. She said 317 residents responded, which is a high response rate of 17%. She said the report was very interesting and included drawings and interviews with children. The survey, posters and other highlights of the survey were distributed to the Commissioners. She credited assistance from Janet Hansen and Craig Bronzan of the Parks and Recreation Department for their help and funding. She thanked the City of Brentwood on behalf of the Natural Heritage Institute and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at U. C. Berkley. She left the full report and CDs with Craig Bronzan.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of May 26, 2005
2. Accept staff report from Parks Division. (B. Margesson)
3. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division. (P. Scherff)
4. Accept proclamation of July as Recreation & Parks month. (P. Scherff)
5. Accept notice of CAPRCBM meeting to be held in Brentwood on September 10, 2005 (C. Bronzan)
6. Accept City Council staff report on MOU between the City of Brentwood and the State Department of Parks and Recreation. (C. Bronzan)
7. Accept update on Community Survey Questionnaire. (P. Scherff)
Commissioner Lanny Brown moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar as presented, motion seconded by Commissioner Ernie Rodrigues, motion carried unanimously.

8. DISCUSSION and update on consideration of allowing BMX bicycles at the Brentwood Skate Park.
(P. Scherff)
In the absence of Ms. Scherff, Kerry Salisbury gave the following report. He said that several attempts have been made to meet with Mr. Mattson regarding the use of BMX bikes in the skate park. The design and construction of the facility needs to be investigated to see if it would meet requirements for this type of use. The department has also not received a response from the original construction designer. They have begun researching other facilities to see what it would take to withstand this type of use (BMX bikes). They do not have an answer at this point and the research is ongoing at this time. They will be checking with all other parks which allow mixed use. Mr. Salisbury has this task and has a history of working with the Skate Park Commission through CPRS for quite a few years and knows there are a number of issues surrounding this mixed use. Mr. Salisbury will have a further report at the next meeting.

9. DISCUSSION and update of the Veteran elements at Veterans Park and related fundraising efforts.
(E. Rodrigues)
Commissioner Rodrigues said that Director Bronzan would begin this discussion and he would then add his comments. Director Bronzan said that the date of Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. is set for the dedication. City Council has approved the veterans element at their last meeting. It will be an evening dedication and staff is working with the plans and Commissioner Rodrigues is working with the veterans groups. There will be light refreshments served, such as ice cream, snow cones, etc. He discussed the funding issues for elements since the park was named after it had been designed so that there will be the veterans elements included that were not in the initial design and plans. Costs are estimated currently at about $170,000. Director Bronzan will be working with Commissioner Rodrigues and the veterans groups along with Phil Abey of Abey Arnold Architects so that there is a display available on the 23rd for the public to view. This will kick off the fundraising. He then discussed how the funds will be raised and that they will be funneled through the Summerset Veterans, which are a non-profit organization. They will then turn the funds over to the City for construction costs. Through the 501c4 non-profit status of the Summerset Veterans there will also be a tax deduction.

Director Bronzan handed out samples of the type of black granite tile design that were suggested by Mr. Phil Abey. A map of the park was shown on the overhead which depicted where the flags will be located at the entry and other elements and where the granite tiles would be located. Costs of this element were discussed. Costs and types of donations for these tiles were discussed and it was suggested by Mr. Abey, as well as Director Bronzan that the larger tiles with a donation for each of $500 was recommended. It was important to get some decision on this at this meeting, since the staff will have to have descriptive materials available at the dedication ceremonies. He wanted to get the Commissioner’s thoughts on these suggestions at this meeting and to remind them that all need to be involved in getting the flyers and information out into the community. He has already had some positive comments for donations for at least the first phase. Chairperson Jones asked if this could be done in phases and Director Bronzan affirmed that there are three phases. The first phase will be approximately $31,000.

Commissioner Rodrigues gave his comments on the planning of the park to this point. He commented that flyers could not be hung on doors in any of the four Summerset communities. Mailers or a newsletter were suggested. Hopefully the first phase will be completed by November 11, 2005, Veterans Day. Chairperson Jones asked about the dedication on July 23, he wondered if veterans groups would be involved in this ceremony and Director Bronzan confirmed that they would be. Commissioner Myers said she loved the idea, but did question having donors names or businesses on the granite tiles. She would prefer having names of veterans being honored, not the name of the donor. Director Bronzan will work on this issue with Mr. Abey. Question about who to contact for donations and Director Bronzan said this will all be spelled out in the brochures. Donations can also be sent to the Parks and Recreation Department and then turned over to the non-profit organization from the department.

10. DISCUSSION of open space management plan and ways to increase public awareness. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva asked for comments on how to educate the public on how open space areas and trails are maintained by the department. He asked the Commissioners for comments on how to get this information to the public. He explained some of the problems that have been encountered in informing the public on when and where these areas are mowed and maintained. The open space management plan was included in his report in each Commissioner’s packets. He explained the process which is undertaken when the department is called regarding these matters and how they are followed up on after the report. Plans are also ongoing to have a website for residents to make their comments via the Internet, these would be followed up on at least twice a day by staff and if a response is requested by the resident, this will also be done. Chairperson Jones also suggested having newspaper coverage in the Brentwood Press as well. Another suggestion was an article in the Activities Guide and Hometown News. Signage and the 110 Degree magazine were other suggestions.

11. DISCUSSION and update of Park & Recreation Commission meeting procedures. (K. DeSilva)
Chairperson Jones gave the background on this issue which goes back to the meeting a couple of months ago where the meeting lasted until after 11:30 p.m. The proposed procedures were included in each Commissioner’s packet and Chairperson Jones asked them for their suggestions or further input. This was set up for the Commissioners by Mr. DeSilva. Commissioner Brown felt that the time should be set for 10:00 rather than 10:30 p.m. There was some discussion by the Commissioners. Commissioner Rodrigues moved the acceptance of the meeting procedures as presented with the exception of the change of time under the fourth bulleted paragraph be 10:00 p.m. rather than 10:30 p.m. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried unanimously.

12. DISCUSSION and update of features on the Parks and Recreation section of the City of Brentwood website. (T. Homan)
Since Ms. Homan was not present at the meeting, Mr. DeSilva presented the changes and additions to the website. He went through the process by displaying the website for the Commissioners. All of the athletic facilities are displayed with address and directions, Mapquest can even be accessed through the website for the consumer. Also, if an activity is rained out of scheduled use, this information can be obtained through the website. Panoramic views of parks are now available online as well. Many other features are currently being added as new parks are being completed. The Commissioners were very impressed with these new options.
Service requests can be accessed through a link from the website and a work request can then be generated so that if requested to be done the night before the work will be done the following day. Status of the work request can be entered for follow up. Ms. Homan is responsible for keeping this website up and has, along with Donna Grilli, done an excellent job.


Director Bronzan reported that Janet Hansen has resigned and will be working with the Park and Recreation Department through July 5, 2005. He and Mr. DeSilva are already working on the job description and will be getting an advertisement out on this soon. He will also be working on many of the items Ms. Hansen had been working on with the developers along with Mr. DeSilva. He expects to have a replacement within the next two to three months.

Kerry Salisbury and Commissioner Melloni both said they would buy a tile for Veterans Park.

Commissioner Rodrigues commented on the poor state of the grass in the Veterans Park. He said the grass is dying fast. Mr. DeSilva, Park Services Manager said that he and Director Bronzan have met with the new contractor on this issue. There is a learning curve for any new contractor coming on, and they are aware of the problem. He said nothing is dead there, it is in a rest mode and will come back. Mr. DeSilva said the soil is prepared properly, samples have been taken and all fertilization is correct. He is confident that all will come back as the contractor learns the system of each park.

Commissioner Rodrigues thanked Mr. DeSilva for the weed abatement that has been done near Fairview. Commissioner Rodrigues also mentioned the workshop on September 10 and hoped all the Commissioners would plan to attend. This is a workshop for the CBM (Commission Board Members).

Commissioner Myers commented on the dedication of the Big Break Pier the day previous. She said there were maps there regarding the science center and felt it was very interesting. She said that Los Medanos College is going to take over the building and will be having classes there. Chairperson Jones was also there. She commented on the green algae type of growth that is taking over the delta area near the pier. It was possibly something coming from ships in the bay from other countries. Mr. DeSilva said there is supposedly a grant to clean this up since it is a problem throughout the Bay Area.

Commissioner Myers commented on the social and this was well represented by Supervisor Glover and Representative Tauscher. Supervisor Piepho was not there. All the Oakley Commissioners and City officials were well represented.

Chairperson Jones gave a progress report on the Pop Warner teams that had appeared before the Commission some time ago. He said that Ms. Scherff, Recreation Manager and her staff have worked with them and it looks like a third of the leagues are getting partial access to some fields. So this looks like the Commission and Parks and Recreation Department has been helpful working with the Pop Warner Football league and the school system.

Discussion of weight loss campaign for city
Right of Way tree loss
Vineyards Presentation
East Bay Regional Park Trail

Chairperson Jones requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Rodrigues moved to adjourn the meeting, motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925)516-5445