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April 28, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Tom Jones called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present: Chairperson Tom Jones and Commissioners Lanny Brown, Jan Melloni, and Sandra Myers. Vice Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues was an excused absence. Staff members present were Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager and Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The Pledge was recited by all.

A. Recognition of major sponsors of Sunset Park Athletic Complex Grand Opening
Chairperson said he was delighted to see the representation of people who were so helpful in the opening of the Sunset Park Athletic Complex. He then passed out an official commendation from the Commission. Business and sponsors recognized were East Diablo Youth Soccer League, Brentwood Pony Baseball, Brentwood Explorer Post 415, 80 Volts “Divas”, and Bay Area Vending Company. Chairperson Jones thanked all of those for their great contribution to the event. Those that were not present to receive their certificates will receive them by mail.

B. 2005 Spring to Life Fun Run (M. Kaiser)
Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor announced the 8th Annual Spring to Life Family Fun Run, Bike and Health Expo. It will be held Saturday, April 30, 2005. The 5K race starts at 8:30 a.m., the bike ride at 9 a.m. and the one mile run/walk at 9:30 a.m. This year he was pleased to announce at least 25 local sponsors and health care providers will be at the Health Expo. There are 100 volunteers lined up to help and he also invited the Commissioners to come out also to help with the race. Commissioner Melloni will be running the 5K and the other Commissioners agreed to assist. Mr. Kaiser said that the proceeds from the Fun Run will benefit youth and senior programs and activities in the city. He also said that there were approximately 230 plus pre-registered and usually they have 50% pre-registered and 50% the day of the race. Bike helmets have been donated for the bicycle racers. He invited all present to participate in the event. Volunteers need to be present by 7:00 a.m.

C. Proclamation for National Drown Prevention Month-May 1-31, 2005 (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff reported that National Drown Prevention Month is the entire month of May and has been proclaimed by the City Council.

Mr. DeSilva, Park Services Manager said that Item #12 on the agenda needed to be pulled as Ms. Burr-Siegel would not be available at this meeting. The item will be moved to the May regular meeting.

Ms. Toni Hay of the Mom’s Club of Brentwood “Crusade for Shade” reported on the recent garage sale and asked if there were any sketches available for the club of the proposed shade elements. Ms. Janet Hansen, Park Planner said that she does have some sketches, but not available in the meeting. She suggested Ms. Hay call and set up an appointment time to come into her office and look at them. Ms. Hay also said that they have a big golf tournament the following day also a fund-raiser for the Crusade for Shade. Chairperson Jones asked where they were at this time in the effort and Ms. Hay said at about $28,000, not counting the golf tournament and the garage sale, plus the reverse draw which will bring in another $5,000. They have also applied for a City Grant. She said the garage sale brought in approximately $4,000, final totals not available as yet. She invited all to play in the golf tournament at Shadow Lake.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of March 24, 2005.
2. Accept staff report from Parks Division. (B. Margesson)
3. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division. (P. Scherff)
4. Accept staff project status report from Facilities Division. (M. Merizon)
5. Accept results of Ellis Audit of the Brentwood Family Aquatics Complex. (M. Kaiser)
6. Accept goals for the next year for the Brentwood Senior Club. (M. Kaiser)
7. Accept update on working with Jim Townsend of East Bay Regional Parks District regarding coordination of trails.(K. DeSilva).
8. Approve field closure policy. (P. Scherff/K. Salisbury)
Commissioner Brown moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar, motion seconded by Commissioner Myers, motion carried unanimously.

9. DISCUSSION ITEM Consideration of use of BMX bicycles at the Brentwood Skate Park. (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff, Recreation Services Manager introduced Steve Mattson. Mr. Mattson had previously done a presentation to the City Council approximately two weeks prior and had been directed by the City Council to come back to the Parks and Recreation Commission for consideration of his proposal. Mr. Mattson is a student at Liberty High School and presented his reasons why he believed BMX bicycles should be allowed at the Brentwood Skate Park. He said that the most common misconception is that BMX bikes damage the skate park structure, he said that bikes are just as maneuverable as skate boards, are just as safe and do as little or less damage to the skate parks. He said if the skate park is designed properly it should be able to withstand both types of grinds. He said that BMX bikes have been riding skate parks since the first skate parks were built in California. He cited the Lakewood Park, built in the 1970’s and even prior to that time. He said that across the United States there are seven million BMX riders and it is growing. He said that is a lot of bikers for the few parks that do allow BMX bikes into them at the present time. He felt that due to this much interest cities should provide recreational facilities for these bikers. He said it is a rapid growing sport and more popular than any other sport that does not have a facility provided. He feels they should belong in the skate park as much as the skate boarders and roller bladers. He felt if all followed the rules posted in all skate parks no problems should result. He suggested the possibility of separate days for skate boarders, roller bladers and BMX riders. Mr. Mattson said that BMX is good exercise and will help young people to get the exercise they need to stay healthy and avoid obesity. He said that BMX riding is an engaging, exciting recreational activity that leaves no room for gangs or drugs. Mr. Mattson feels the Brentwood Skate Park could easily accommodate the BMX riders as well as the roller bladers and skate board riders without any further changes or accommodations. National competitions for all three sports are held on the same courses, just using separate times to conduct the competitions. Mr. Mattson cited sources in California covering this sport and brought them along for the Commissioners perusal. He felt BMX riders have been treated as criminals for the past year in Brentwood and he asked the Commissioners to take BMX riders off the street and allow them to ride in the skate park. Brentwood is a “Bike Friendly Community” according to signs about the city and he challenged the Commissioners to include BMX in this category. He presented a petition with 300 people’s signatures that believe that BMX should be allowed, these include signatures, names and phone numbers. Mr. Mattson was thanked for his excellent and well researched presentation. Chairperson Jones commented that there has been some discussion on this issue and that they and staff need to look into the feasibility and liability insurance concerns. He said if the Commissioners concur, he would like staff to meet with Mr. Mattson and look into the matter. He said they would be happy to accept the signatures on the petition. Commissioner Myers asked about the fact that some BMX parks are dirt, and she wondered if there are communities where facilities such as the Brentwood skate park where skate boarders and BMX bikes are used in the same facility. Mr. DeSilva said yes, that some are the dirt trails such as seen in other communities and then others such as Antioch BMX riders do use the same type of facility. Mr. DeSilva said that staff will have to research the issue and find out about the physical conditions, whether it is safe, etc. At this point Ms. Scherff gave a brief history of how the skate park started to evolve. She said that in all of the meetings with skate boarders and roller bladers leading up to the building of the park, there was little if any interest displayed by the BMX riders. It was not physically designed for any other than those two above mentioned sports. She said the velocity and weight of the bike is more than that of a normal skater, these items need to be taken into consideration. She then quoted the California Health and Safety Code which protects the City. The legislation does not include bikers. This could then become a liability issue for the City. Risk Management that covers Brentwood as well as four other cities covers this skate park design for roller bladers and skate boarding. Mr. DeSilva said that is part of the research that needs to be done by staff to find out if anything has changed since the original design of the structure currently in Brentwood. They would also have to research the insurance coverage that they have with the existing skate park. Chairperson Jones had no answer to Mr. Mattson at this time, but after staff does the research and returns to another meeting with an informed up to date response to his request he will hope to have more information. Commission requested an update at the May meeting on the subject. He was thanked for his presentation and staff will update him and call him if they have further questions. He was asked if he knew of any town in Northern California that does allow BMX bikes, skate boarders and roller bladers on the same park. Mr. Mattson said no, but he would bring a list to the next meeting. He was complimented on his research and Commissioners commended him on his research and presentation since he is presently 15 years of age and a freshman in high school
10. ACTION ITEM Review and approve park and trail concept plan for the Castello Project, Subdivision #8854 by Western Pacific Housing, Inc. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen, Park Planner described the park and gave a brief history under the standard five-acre park size. Copies from the Development Fee Program were distributed to the Commissioners. Ms. Hansen went through this document to explain it and summarize it for the Commissioners. Ms. Hansen then described the Castello property location, and the layout of the park concept being presented at this meeting. Ms. Hanson introduced Georgia Olvera of Westen Pacific and John Nicol of John Nicol & Associates, Inc., landscape architect for the above described project. The project will include a trail from Balfour Road all the way north to Central Boulevard. Ms. Hansen also said that she wanted the Commissioners to keep in mind appropriate names for the parks that they are looking at.

Ms. Olvera presented the location of the park on a map for the Commissioners and then turned the balance of the presentation over to Mr. Nicol. Mr. Nicol described the park concepts for the Commissioners and pointed out the locations of each segment as he proceeded with his presentation. A ranch theme is proposed with split rail type of fence and plantings of lavender and roses, etc. Native oaks and elms are proposed for the trees. Playground equipment is planned to be unique, either in the ranch/farmer or cowboy theme, with approval of the Commission. Commissioners suggested that narrow “elbow” end of park be enhanced with a trellis and park benches. There was discussion as to the situation of the park and trail system and its accessibility. The proposed site is basically located from Balfour/Fairview corner to Central and ends at Catholic Church. Ms. Hansen described how this trail system will ultimately connect with other trails and properties to the west of the property. Commissioner Myers said this park should have a drinking fountain and should have larger shade trees or interim cover, also some shade also over the play area. She looks forward to working with the designer and developer with play equipment. Commissioner Melloni asked to make sure there are mutt mitt stations and garbage cans located with them. She also asked about pathway lighting, Ms. Hansen said typically there is not in this type of park. Commissioner Brown asked about park benches along the trail, he felt this would be a nice option, especially at entrance on north corner. Ms. Hansen asked if the park had a name other than the Castello Property. Ms. Olvera said the project is called Sage Glen and it would have an Italian theme since the people who owned the property were Castellos. Their name will be used within the park, so that is another option in naming the park. Ms. Hansen asked this question so the Commissioners could be thinking of the name they would like to give to the park.

Commissioner Lanny moved to approve the concept plan for the Castello Project, Subdivision #8854 by Western Pacific Housing. Motion seconded by Commissioner Myers, motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Hansen said that the construction documents will be moved forward as soon as possible. She also asked which Commissioners would like to be assigned to work with the designers on the park. After a short discussion, it was decided that Commissioners Jones and Myers would be assigned to the park.

11. ACTION ITEM Project overview and review and approve park concept plan for Marseilles project, Subdivision #8729 by Pinn Bros. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen presented this project by Pinn Bros. and noted that this is the first project in the city by Pinn Bros. and noted that this is a very large project that has been years in the planning process. The project is located both on north and south side of Central Avenue, west of railroad tracks and east of Griffith Lane, and runs along Marsh Creek. Ms. Hansen directed the Commissioners to the maps and informational layout included in their packets. The project will have a number of different types of housing. The total number of units is 563. There are four actual park sites that the Commissioners reviewed at the meeting. Mr. Dale Garrin of Pinn Brothers Fine Homes, and Mr. Robert Mowat of Robert Mowat Associates were present to present the concept plans for the four parks. The project overall does involve two trails, including the redevelopment and design of a two-stage channel of the trail along Marsh Creek, as well as the trail along the railroad tracks. There will be more discussion of the Marsh Creek Trail as it is quite an intricate project and a number of entities interested in how that is developed.

The Commissioners were presented with two different concept plans on the four park sites. There is an expansion of Central Avenue along with a second bridge over the creek included in the developers plans. There will also be a bridge for a trail connection from William Lyon project. A large number of amenities will be provided by the developer of this project.

Ms. Hansen then described the parks and project. Park #1 has a homeowners and recreation center included in the plan that will be operated by the homeowners association, similar to the Rose Garden Project. She then turned the presentation to Mr. Dale Garrin of Pinn Bros. Family of Fine Homes. Mr. Garrin thanked Ms. Hansen for all of her work with them and appreciated the opportunity to be able to come to the Commission in a timely manner. He said he feels that the concepts for the parks they are presenting for ideas and guidance, hopefully will be beautiful amenities to the communities they are building. Chairperson Jones asked about the timing of the projects. Mr. Garrin utilized the maps in describing the projects and their planned development. Park #1, with the recreational center and apartments is the first planned construction. He went on to explain how the other phases of construction will follow over a period of time, after the infrastructure required by the City is in place, they plan to start building in late 2006-2007. Mr. Garrin then turned the concept plans of the park over to the landscape designer Robert Mowat.

Mr. Mowat began his presentation and gave a broad overview of how they arrived at the park designs they were presenting at the meeting. He asked who takes the minutes and said that they were very helpful to him as he went on-line to review the Commissioners’ previous meetings, shade requirements, Agricultural Advisory Board, and other creative designs that have already been incorporated into other parks. He explained the reasons for breaking the segments into separate parks and also designed by age groups. They then planned the parks age groups around the appropriate housing to fit these needs. This to explain why some parks are for preschoolers, toddlers and then adolescents. He discussed Marsh Creek and working with staff, the Natural Heritage Institute (NHI) and Sarah Beamish who represents both the NHI and the Friends of Marsh Creek and who he noted was present at this meeting. He then presented the two options of each plan, starting with Park #1, Plans A and B. Samples of materials were described and further informational material distributed to the Commissioners. The first park follows a Mediterranean Garden Theme. Park #2 is focused on adolescents and has a lot of special planting for habitat and to protect the ecosystem. Park #3 is geared toward adolescents with a creek and animal theme. Park #4 is designed for toddlers and preschoolers and is farm themed. Mr. Mowat explained that in designing each of these parks they are planned around not only who will be using them, but local habitat and preservation of Marsh Creek. He presented the types of amenities, playground equipment and other planned elements.

Chairperson Jones asked for Mr. Mowat to give a brief comparison of the two proposed plans for each of the parks, indicating the difference in each plan. He emphasized that all play equipment purchased will be customized for theme and attractiveness. He described the water play areas and noted that he understood from reading previous minutes about the water problems and they will work to solve these issues. Commissioner Melloni had questions regarding the Park #1, with recreational center, wondering if there should not be some facilities for older aged children in this park, as well as toddlers and preschool. Mr. Mowat said there is the pool area and elements there for older children; however if they want to do traditional play, then they do have to walk approximately 500 feet. They have not attempted to be “all things to all people” in each park. Further discussion regarding the regarding the plans, some of the Commissioners felt some of the amenities of both Part #1 and Park #2 they liked and discussed incorporating some of these changes into one model. They wondered if they needed to make these decisions at this meeting. Ms. Hansen said they do need to move along especially on Park #1 and suggested that they make these decisions at this meeting. Commissioner Myers asked if there could be a plan incorporating some of Plan A and Plan B and make it a Plan C. She stressed liking the larger water play area in A, but liked the playground on B - she liked larger elements of A, did not like metal roof and would like shade structures on A and put them on B. Commissioner Melloni likes the wood shade better than metal for the roof. It was suggested to move the barbecue area closer to the play area by Commissioner Myers. In other words less grass and more play area with water elements and barbecues and shade. Mr. Mowat will work on these proposed changes. The final consensus was they liked the layout of the picnic area of Plan B and the play area of B and the water element of Plan A. Mr. Mowat also said that when they return with the revised designs if there are still changes that need to be made, they can be done, it will still all be only on paper at that point.

For Park #2, again Mr. Mowat gave the overview of the park with concepts A and B. He explained that the riparian eco-zone is identical on each concept. The arbors and picnic area is also identical on each, the only change is the active play area. He also described the eco-zone, with savannas, oak woodland eco-zone, the stream canyon eco-zone and riparian creek eco-zone and the chaparral (closed to the play area) going from dry to more moist conditions all the same on both plans. He then described and explained the areas of difference in the two plans. There was a lot of discussion of this plan with the Commissioners and Mr. Mowat, the Commissioners particularly liked the boulders and individual play structures on Plan A.

At this point in the presentation Sarah Beamish was recognized. She was present to represent the NHI and Friends of Marsh Creek. She voiced her concern for Marsh Creek and explained what an amazing resource it is in the City o Brentwood, with spawning salmon, river otters, herons and egrets, etc. She felt it is a very important part of the community. She feels it is compromised at this time. She said it is part of the flood control channel, void of any vegetation, and lacks shade. She said that trees cannot be planted in the flood control channel.

She reported that their group has been working with the flood control to figure out ways to recreate shade and riparian vegetation along the section of the creek. They have told their group that the only solution is to widen the creek channel. Most of the land along the creek is already developed and houses cannot be removed. The Pinn Bros. Marseilles project offers a great opportunity to expand the channel, since it is the longest section of undeveloped land adjacent to the creek in the entire City of Brentwood. She reported on the Master Plan of Brentwood Parks and Recreation, Appendix, which identified all the places along Marsh Creek to create riparian habitat and improve Marsh Creek. She says that in the Pinn Bros. tract, the design recommendations are to increase the stream channel from 150 to 200 feet wider than it currently is to revegitate the 100 year flood. The new channel cross section should include a two stage channel in gradual slopes. Parks should be aligned along the stream the way Creekside Park is. This was recommended in the Master Plan. When Pinn Bros. first started working on this, the corridor was only about 30-feet wide altogether. Pinn Bros., the City of Brentwood and NHI all spoke to Friends of Marsh Creek group. All have worked together with the city engineer, planning department to expand this corridor and create a two stage channel. Pinn Bros. set aside a minimum of 47 feet instead of 30 feet. Also, homes were moved aside that had been planned at the top corner of the park. Mr. Garrin said they sacrificed 14 lots to accommodate this requirement. She thinks the development is great and likes the fact that it is highlighting the creek. She however, feels she has been in the dark lately on the subject and was not aware that the parks were going to be discussed at this meeting. She reported some confusion on what is being approved at this meeting, and was concerned that final plans would be made on these parks before they figure out where the channel is going to be along the creek. Ms. Beamish wanted further to know if there will be any flexibility around the design of the parks along the creek that will allow for the creation of an expanded channel. The volleyball court area was one of her concerns. Ms. Hansen explained what has been planned to this time with all of the entities involved. All of the parks are planned outside of the riparian in the park assigned area. She said there is no reason not to anchor a park concept at this time because of the channel work not being completed. Commissioner Melloni voiced concerns over what would happen if the Commissioners anchor a park concept and the boundaries of the channel work are changed. Ms. Hansen said that then revisions would be made. Ms. Hansen said that currently the map has been approved with these proposed park acreages. Ms. Beamish still had concerns on this issue. At this point Mr. Garrin of Pinn Bros. spoke to the issue also, saying that the Marsh Creek riparian value is a Contra Costa County Flood Control facility. It is located on Contra Costa Flood Control land, that facility is confined to that ownership. There is a recommendation that was developed as a part of the master parks plan, that appendix which discussed future thought processes associated with the development of Marsh Creek. The recommendation that there be 200 feet, however the other side is gone, house are set right on the creek, so they have gotten as much as everyone was willing to give on the other side. It must be within the confined right of way, which is about 120 feet bank to bank on the bridge. This is within the Contra Costa Flood Control facility. This subject was discussed further with Mr. Garrin and the Commissioners and Ms. Beamish. Maps were shown to indicate the riparian flood control area. There will be no recreational structures on the corridor of the riparian area.

Commissioner Melloni felt strongly that they should not be considering putting structures on these areas at this time on Park #2. Ms. Beamish concurred.

Mr. Pat Sotelo of Brentwood then asked to address this issue. At this point Mr. Mowat said that in Park #2 and #3 he has allowed what he calls a buffer zone to resolve this issue. This would allow them to decide on the park elements, and at this meeting knowing that it was going to be an issue with all of the various entities has already allowed for this possibility, so that at this meeting they could decide on the park elements. Chairperson said this would be discussed as soon as Mr. Sotelo was able to give his comments. Mr. Sotelo is also a member of the Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed and said that when he moved here he and his wife started walking, biking and running along the Marsh Creek Trail. He said it is a truly incredible trail with hawks nesting, coyotes in the fields, muskrats and would love to see the river otters. He thinks that the Marseilles project has a lot of wonderful parks that will be used by the residents who actually live there. He wanted to remind the Commissioners and those present that thousands of Brentwood residents use the Marsh Creek Trail. He strongly felt that to see an enhancement and protection of the trail of Marsh Creek is very important to him and his family. He thanked Mr. Mowat and Mr. Garrin for coming to the Friends of Marsh Creek watershed meeting. He is very excited about the development and feels that this is the first development that has looked at Marsh Creek, not as an inconvenient ditch, but as living resource. He discussed the salmon that have spawned there and hopefully will be able to return when the ladder is put in to assist them in the return to spawn in the next few years. He commented on how well many of the parks have been constructed and especially Creekside Park with the natural area around the creek. He said the riparian corridor or eco-zone could become an educational resource for the local children. He thinks the two stage corridor is a wonderful plan and resource for the parks. Chairperson Jones asked him then if he would like some of the elements or play areas removed. Mr. Sotelo said absolutely not, he just wants the riparian corridor to be looked at as a very important resource to the town. He is very excited about the development as he sees it and he wishes to see that the plans presented by the Pinn Bros. remain in force.

Mr. Garrin pointed out that Parks #2 and #3, in both options there is an allowance on the plans for whatever decision may be made in the future about the grade in that area. They have already allowed for this and can move forward with the elements and their placement in the plans conceptual map as presented. One question was the swapping of the grass area in Park #3 with the play elements. Mr. Mowat said this could be done.

Opinions differed between Commissioner Melloni and also Ms. Beamish regarding the riparian corridor and proposal of Mr. Mowat and Mr. Garrin. At this point Ms. Hansen, Park Planner suggested that they leave the concept plans for Parks #2 and #3 until next month. She will then have information from the engineering department in regards to this issue as well as the flood control issue and the street. The streets have been shifted and moved to maximize the creek area from top of bank and the 100 year flood. She said that there had been an in depth conversation with the City Engineer on where the water would come and the engineering’s paths to make sure that the water never gets to the homes, and a number of other engineering issues that are involved. Ms. Hansen felt it would be easier to make the right decision if there is further information available to the Commissioners. Commissioner Melloni then asked if there was going to be a meeting with several of the interested parties, and Mr. Mowat said there were plans to have a meeting at some time with seven or eight of the people involved and have all of them together at one time. This would be an attempt to decide all of these issues at that time. Chairperson Jones said one month should not be too long to wait and Mr. DeSilva, Park Manager said that they are in the process of meeting with the City engineering department, and all of the entities involved. Mr. Garrin said that his company is charged with building Central Boulevard from Griffith to Dainty, a very desperately needed four lane facility, and they are to do this very quickly. Presently they are working on the bridge structure, which will set up the configuration of the channel from that point on down. There will be many other elements to be worked out before they get to this section.

The Park #4 concept plan was then put before the Commissioners for comment and approval. A train theme was considered as a possibility for the park, along with a pinata pole as one of the many other enhancements proposed. Windmill and water tower elements suggested in Plan B. In Plan A, Brentwood art history was suggested to utilize the 1% public art ordinance program. Commissioner Myers asked if the water tower could be an interactive water feature. Mr. Garrin said this could easily be done. Commissioner Brown questioned whether or not he would need to recuse himself from voting since he lives quite close to this area. Ms. Hansen assured him that the question regarding his home being close to the bridge would not affect his ability to vote on the park plans. The Commissioners said that they preferred Plan B, with water tower and orchard/farm theme the best. They also like the train theme in Plan A as well, so could be incorporated if the architects wished to include this in play area. Commissioner Brown moved to accept Plan 1A and 4, Plan 4B, with the suggestions recommended by the Commissions. Motion seconded by Commissioner Myers, motion carried unanimously. Commissioners Melloni and Brown were assigned to work with the developers on these two parks. Pinn Bros. and Robert Mowat will be back the following month for Parks #2 and #3 after the meeting with all of the interested parties. Commissioners Melloni and Brown asked if they could attend the meeting and it was agreed that they would be invited. Mr. Mowat thanked Ms. Hansen for all of her hard work also on the projects.

13. INFORMATIONAL ITEM Public art element in Rainbow’s End park in the Rose Garden development by
Pulte Homes. (R. Burr-Siegel)
Since Ms. Burr-Siegel was not present the item was presented by Mr. DeSilva. He then introduced Lisa Cooperman, designer for the art element in the Rose Garden Rainbows End Park. She presented the artwork for the “cloud theme”. The art work has been approved by the City Council and the Arts Commission and Public Art Committee so it has gone through all of the committees necessary for approval. She said that this will be in one of the pocket parks in the Rose Garden Development. It is an interactive water feature and she described all of the features, with colored art work and explained how the water will be treated with a softener so that is it not a problem due to the type of water in Brentwood. Ms. Cooperman had a very descriptive pictorial display for the Commissioners. She discussed the maintenance schedule to keep the park in good condition. Material samples were shown to the Commissioners. All of the Commissioners thought it a beautiful design.

14. ACTION ITEM Consider affiliated organization request by Brentwood Oakley Youth Football League
(BOYFL). P. Scherff
Jack Snyder of BOYFL introduced himself and the history behind the formation of the Brentwood Oakley Youth Football League. Mr. Snyder is Vice President of the BOYFL and one of the Executive Directors. He introduced the organization’s Treasurer (Angela), Athletic Director (Carl), and the President (Tony Russomano). They are incorporated in California in the City of Brentwood and are a “Pop Warner” affiliate. This is a 75-year old organization nationwide. This league was started three years ago. They have been able to use Brentwood parks for practice purposes. On game day they need a football field, and the Parks and Recreation Department has helped them to secure the high school. However, the league is continuing to grow, this year with only one day of sign-ups they got 400 children. They don’t have facilities for 400 children to practice so have had to stop signing up any more children. He said that last year they had five teams and this year will have nine. It is both boys and girls and also have cheerleaders associated with the teams. They would like to be an Affiliated Organization. All are volunteers and would like to work with the Commission and with the Parks and Recreation Department and are looking for guidance as they do have big plans for growth. He feels that in the future Brentwood and Oakley will be two separate teams. They are currently working with Freedom High School but need another facility for practice and play. He discussed the requirements of the organization and their wish to become an affiliate of the Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department. He said if they cannot get more space they will have to return some funds and would not like to do that at the present time. He said the team has done well and described the events the team and cheers have been involved in regionally and nationally. Mr. Snyder explained that with Pop Warner teams there are no try-outs and no cuts, all who sign up can play. Even if physically or mentally challenged they are accepted. Ages for the program is from 8-15 years of age. Active time for the league is August through November each year. He is requesting help from the Parks and Recreation Commission to become an affiliate. He said that had applied to the new Heritage High School and were told their application was too early and when they returned to apply again, were told they were too late. There were further discussions and questions and answers from the Commissioners regarding the BOYFL and what their current and anticipated requirements are at this time and in the immediate future. Of the participants 75% are from Brentwood with the balance of the players are from Oakley, Knightsen, and Byron.

Chairperson Jones asked Ms. Scherff about this situation and she referred to the staff report she prepared for the Commission and was a part of their packets for this meeting. She commented on the $200,000 which has been given to the Liberty Union High School District so that the Parks and Recreation Department is a partner with the Liberty Union High School Football field. The representatives said they have also started the process of working with the City of Oakley’s Park and Recreation Department for affiliation there. The BOYFL representatives said that they are self-insured and provide their own health and safety people through the Pop Warner organization. Ms. Scherff was asked about whether there was field time available. She reported that soccer was approved as an affiliate in January and they are requesting field time with lights in this time frame. The situation with Freedom High School was discussed in response to a question from Chairperson Jones. Comments by Commissioner Melloni she felt this league should not be excluded because of an affiliation with another group. Commissioner Myers said they need to know if there are fields available. Discussion of what the BOYFL is requesting, mostly to become affiliated and build a relationship with the Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department. Commissioner Brown commented on the fact that the Parks and Recreation Department gave Liberty High School $200,000 for the track, and wondered what they were receiving in return for the investment. Ms. Scherff responded that the Parks and Recreation Department does not do a sport that would require usage of the track. There was considerable discussion on the usage of the facilities and the East County Flag and Pop Warner football teams. Ms. Scherff then went back to the joint usage agreement process. She said (in response to Commissioner Brown’s comment) that this joint usage is with both Liberty Union High School District as well as Brentwood Union School District and the whole intent of putting money back into the school systems so that the whole community can utilize these facilities. Therefore they get bigger gymnasiums and can do after school activities for the community. Ms. Scherff said that extra money has been provided for the swimming pool at Heritage, the gymnasium at Heritage, the football field or facility at Liberty and the new gym at Liberty. The Parks and Recreation Department is then able to use those facilities after hours. These hours are limited, since high schools are first and the department is second. The City is the negotiator for the use of these facilities for others on the outside. The BOYFL representatives said that this is what they had hoped to get involved in, the negotiations for use of the facilities. Ms. Scherff said with others now wishing to use the facilities this would put the City of Brentwood in a better negotiating position. Commissioner Melloni asked if it would make a difference if the BOYFL were an affiliated organization with the City? Ms. Scherff did not feel it would make a difference. She explained how the process has worked for example with the swim teams. There was a discussion of getting all of the football leagues together, BOYFL, The Patriots and East County Flag Football. Commissioner Melloni asked what the advantages were in being an affiliate with the City, they are not automatically entitled to field use. Ms. Scherff says the affiliation agreement was so that if they are in a City facility, then it would be City usage first, school usage second and then the affiliated usage third, anything after that would be anyone from the outside. At schools it would be schools first, City second and then affiliates third or negotiate for outside entities to get in. The BOYFL representatives felt that being an affiliate would put them in a better planning position with the City. Commissioner Melloni expressed her very positive feelings for the Pop Warner program. She would like to see all three organizations together and try and work something out. She thought they should be offered the opportunity to become an affiliate. Ms. Scherff then this should be offered to East County Flag and the Patriots as well. Commissioner Melloni thought all groups should get together and work out practice schedules and work with the high school district and see if they could get them into these facilities. Later then revisit the affiliate issue, and not close the door on it at this time. Chairperson Jones said since the BOYFL is still drawing a base from Brentwood and Oakley, and encouraged staff to bring all leagues together so they might act in concert with the Oakley Parks and Recreation Department on the situation. The consensus of the discussion was that affiliate status at this time was not appropriate, but to work on negotiating with the schools with the assistance of the staff and look at what facilities could be utilized for the teams. Commissioner Brown suggested that he or/and Commissioner Melloni meet with them when they have the meeting with the other teams. Staff will work with them also and should be able to do this within the next month. They were wished good luck and asked to come back so the issue could be revisited after these steps are taken.

15. ACTION ITEM Approve policy for practice use of City Parks and recommend fees to be taken to City Council approval. (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff said this item was brought back per the request of the Commissioners it was on the agenda the previous month. This was to approve the policy, not the fees. This was a result of the problem that was raised when teams would book fields and they would not show up and no one else could use them. She is currently researching other cities to see how they handle this type of situation. She is requesting that all practices be on first- come, first-serve basis; practice can be scheduled with the fee per field, in addition to the already implemented light and staff fees. Staff recommends that allowing users to reserve practice space not more than one month in advance and booking can be only up to about three months in advance. This would help with all of the leagues and affiliates. She said it does put a burden on pricing since they will get charged. She explained that the more the fields are used, the more maintenance costs go up and the money for maintenance otherwise is not enough. The minimal amount is charged to offset those charges. Ms. Scherff said the only facilities that they schedule practice and game times for and they are Sunset, Balfour, Oak Meadow and Apple Hill. There was some discussion on this subject. Commissioner Brown moved that practice use be scheduled, Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously

16. DISCUSSION of “Pinata” Poles in parks. ( J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen said that there was a request included in the staff report on an idea submitted by another city staff person after visiting another park and seeing a family breaking a pinata in a park on a pole. He recalled his trouble with family trying to break a pinata tied to the small trees in the park. She said Ms. Spatz had done some research on pinata poles and found nothing. However tonight, Mr. Mowat had a pinata pole on his park plan. She wondered if the Commissioners were in favor of this idea if a source can be found through Mr. Mowat and his or other research. She asked if the Commissioners agreed they would put them up in various parks, not all, but at staff’s discretion. All agreed this would be a good idea.

17. DISCUSSION of holding August or September 2005 meeting at Veterans Park. (L. Brown/K. DeSilva)
Commissioner Melloni asked when the park is officially opening. Ms. Hansen said the plans are to have the park opened by Memorial Day. The park will be open to the public the Friday of Memorial weekend. Dedication will be sometime in June. Commissioner Brown suggested that they learn to play Bocce Ball (the Commissioners) and have a tournament at the meeting. The Commissioners decided the meeting should be held in August and to play some Bocce at the meeting.

18. DISCUSSION and consideration of setting date for Park & Recreation Commission annual tour of park
sites. (K. DeSilva)
Chairperson Jones wondered if all wanted to have another tour. Commissioner Brown said he liked these tours, but would like to include the Los Vaqueros Reservoir, and Commissioner Myers would like to tour the John Marsh site. This subject was tabled at this time to be brought up at the May meeting.

19. DISCUSSION of NRPA Conference in San Antonio, Texas in October. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva said that they have funds for two people to attend this conference. Commissioners Brown and Melloni said they would like to attend this conference.


Ms. Hansen mentioned that for Veterans Park, there is no firm commitment on the shade structures at this time. She said her best guess is that they may have the three type fours over the picnic area completed when the park is opened. The other 1, 2, and 3 where there were some legal issues, most likely will be done at a later date. She also said the issues on park naming and getting the park name onto the construction document. She said it is critical that the play equipment depicted on the various parks when going through the planning process have the park named its proper name. She recommends naming the park when the concept is approved. She wants to name each park as it comes before them. Ms. Hansen recommends disbanding the Park Naming Subcommittee and name the parks or have the discussion at the concept approval. Discussion of planning names prior to the concept approval or at that time. Consideration of this when staff report comes in to the Commissioners. Names do have to be approved by the City Council. Both of the parks viewed at this meeting and two others are on a fast track, so already need to be thinking of names for these parks. Suggestion to leave the subcommittee in place and name those five parks, then disband the subcommittee. Ms. Hansen reminded the Commissioners that there will be the Vineyards Project and a workshop on the Vineyards Project for the overall Commission to understand the Vineyards project this will be presented at the next meeting, also the two parks concept will also be presented at this meeting. Next month the Cox Property, which is a small project, but has a park trail component will be coming to the Commission review. Discussion of how to meet on these prior to the next meeting and which Commissioners should be involved. Discussion of emailing names to Ms. Hansen or having Ms. Spatz set up a Park Naming Committee meeting for these parks. After some discussion it was decided that Ms. Hansen will email the Commissioners and then they will come up with names (subcommittee by email).

Mr. DeSilva discussed the pocket park issue. This will probably not be taken up next month. He also noted that the East Bay Regional Parks meeting will be June 22, 2005, the Board will be here for the annual meeting held in east county. There are three options to meet with their Board. They could have a regular formal workshop as they have in the past, or an informal meeting with a dinner type of format. The Board will also be going to the Oakley pier and science center and possibly the Commissioners would want to be involved in this. Commissioners said they would prefer the informal and all-in-one type of meeting. Mr. DeSilva asked if they would like to have a dinner or get-together before dinner prior to the 7:00 p.m. board meeting. Commissioners agreed to this, if this is in agreement with the East Bay Regional Parks group.


Vineyards Parks
Affiliates request of BOYFL
Marseilles Project, parks concepts 2 and 3
BMX skate park proposal
Commissioners tour of parks
Public Art Program

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Jones adjourned the meeting at 11:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

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Minutes Recorder

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