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February 24, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Tom Jones called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present as follows: Chairperson Tom Jones, Vice Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues, and Commissioners Jan Melloni and Lanny Brown. Commissioner Sandra Myers had an excused absence. Staff members present included Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician; and Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

A. Special Recognition
Mr. DeSilva and Mr. Jones, presented a Special Recognition Plaque to former Parks and Recreation Commission Chairpersons Karen Rarey and Jan Melloni. A plaque for National Park and Recreation Society awards were given to Jan Melloni and Tom Jones.

B. Recognition for outgoing Senior Club Board Members
Mac Kaiser presented recognition awards to outgoing Senior Club Board Members. Awards were given to Barbara Russell-Cambra, outgoing President; Gene Brown, Vice President; Henrietta Fox, Financial Secretary; Shelly Newton, Trip Secretary; and Stella Brown, Club Volunteer. Also a special recognition was given to Audrey Formosa, Senior Senator. Ms. Russell-Cambra gave a brief description of the Senior Senator’s responsibilities in connection with legislation for senior citizens. Linda Oliver then arrived and was recognized as outgoing Treasurer. Mr. Kaiser apologized as he had ordered some gifts for these outgoing board members that have not arrived as yet. They will be given out in March.

Ms. Russell-Cambra presented a binder relating the history of projects of the group. She gave this to the Park and Recreation Commissioners to view and will leave it with Mr. Kaiser for the new officers.

C. Recognition for continuing Senior Club Board Members
Recognition was also given to those officers continuing on with the Senior Club.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes to the agenda.

Audrey Formosa of the Senior Legislature commented on the Senior Club, saying that she is very impressed with this Senior Club. She has worked with many others and feels this club is doing a great job and will be facing many challenges in the future with the growing senior population.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of October 28, 2004.
2. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 18, 2004
3. Approve minutes of regular meeting of January 27, 2005
4. Accept staff report from Parks Division. (B. Margesson)
5. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division. (P. Scherff)
6. Accept staff project status report from Facilities Division. (M. Merizon)
7. Accept Partnership Operations Guidelines for Brentwood Senior Citizens Club. (M. Kaiser)
8. Accept reminder of the CIP Workshop scheduled for March 24, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. (T. Homan)
9. Approve affiliation agreement with East Diablo Youth Soccer League. (P. Scherff)
Commissioners Brown and Melloni asked to have items regarding minutes pulled, since both Commissioners were not present at all of these meetings. Items 1, 2, and 3 were pulled from the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Rodrigues moved that the Consent Calendar be accepted with the exception of items 1, 2, and 3. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of October 28, 2004.
This item could not yet be approved since there was not a quorum of Commissioners present at that meeting. This will be brought back at the March meeting for approval.

2. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 18, 2004.
Commissioner Melloni stated she did have an excused absence at this meeting as a correction. Commissioner Rodrigues moved the acceptance of the minutes of the November 18 regular meeting. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown and motion carried with one abstention.

3. Approve minutes of regular meeting of January 27, 2005.
Since there was not a quorum of Commissioners present from that meeting, this item was tabled until the March meeting.


10. ACTION ITEM Review and approve park concept plan for S & S Farms/Terrano project, Subdivisions #8788 and #8789 by Lennar Communities. (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen reported that Commissioners Brown and Myers recently met with Steve Jones of Lennar Communities and Andrea Swanson of Thomas Baak & Associates, to develop a more complete concept design for both the 4-acre neighborhood park and the 1-acre pocket park in the Terrano Project which had previously been presented to the Commission at the November 2004 meeting. Both Ms. Swanson and Mr. Jones are present at this meeting with the revised design for approval of the Commission. Ms. Hansen said the Commissioners were only to view the 4-acre park at this meeting. A small plan was included in the agenda packet for each Commissioner and Mr. Jones gave a larger handout for the Commissioners to follow along with the presenters. Ms. Swanson gave the initial presentation and said that the theme of the park is a farm. Park will consist of an area designating orchards, fields, trees, etc. and there will be two water features. She described the park and entry area with a windmill feature to follow the farm theme. The fountain will be treated as furrows in a field and the water will trickle back down and return and re-circulate for a play area for tots. Trees made of copper tubing with water feature that can be run through, but will not completely saturate a person, more like a cooling fog. There is also a climbing feature with shape of Mt. Diablo, approximately eight feet in height, with background mounding for play and picnic area. Trees looking like oaks will be featured in this grassy mound area, a covered arbor looking like a fruit stand was also a suggested feature. She described play apparatus and showed visuals that resembled a farm with tractor themed play apparatus. Ms. Swanson also is planning shade structures, and at one end of the park a space net structure for older children. Other features described were a maze and picnic tables in the orchard area. Safety issues were discussed by Chairperson Jones regarding the proximity of the school and whether or not there would be a gate and if it would be locked. Director Bronzan is discussing this situation with Doug Adams, the School Superintendent, about moving some of the lines to ease the sharpness of the fence line. Commissioners said that this is the most creative design they had seen and both Commissioners on the committee had liked both designs presented at the subcommittee meeting. There was a question regarding the restroom. It was down-sized slightly since there will be no need to house pool equipment for the pond. Shade was discussed as well as providing mutt mitts for dog waste. Discussion of whether this meets with the 5-acre park guidelines. There will be drinking fountains and trash cans provided at this park. There is limited parking area in this park. Motion to approve the S & S concept for the park as presented by Commissioner Brown, seconded by Commissioner Melloni, motion carried unanimously.

11. ACTION ITEM Approve concept plan for Summerset Park. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen introduced the next item and gave a background of the park and noted that later on in the agenda are some suggested names for new parks. She gave some background information on previous meetings on this 10-acre park. This park is adjacent to Fairview Avenue, south of Balfour Road and north of Concord Road. Phil Abey and Peter Arnold of Abey/Arnold Associates have facilitated both of those meetings and Phil Abey was present at this meeting. Commissioners Jones and Rodrigues are the Commissioners assigned to this park. She reported that they did have a complete consensus from the Summerset residents on the proposed plans for this park. The concept design was in the agenda packet for each Commissioner. This park, if approved in concept 1tonight will be in the CIP Project in the current budget planning. Probable costs are also included in the packets for this proposed design. Mr. Abey reviewed the plan for the Commissioners and discussed with them the major concerns of the residents in the neighborhood. There is no proposed parking, so it will be used primarily by the people living in that area. He described the plan as mostly walkways, with no active uses, utilizing the park more for strolling, walking and sitting types of activities. He described the topography of the park, with a steep slope, with no large trees along the slope. The view will be maintained and will be a habitat for birds and animals. There will be three primary use areas in the park, a rose garden, a middle meadow and 2 horseshoe pits. There will be some picnic benches, with an arbor element along the pathways. There will be a continuous path for golf carts throughout the park and to reach the golf course from the residences. At one point on the far left a dog park is planned. This is not definite at this time since that part is owned by the Home Owners Association. This decision is to be made later on. Park funds will be for the park only; the golf cart path proposed will be under separate funding. Ms. Hansen said that the City’s standpoint on the dog park area is that if the Home Owners Association is willing to dedicate that portion of land to the city, then the city would develop it as the dog park. The city cannot develop property that is not city owned; therefore the dog park would only be developed if the property is deeded over to the city from the Home Owners Association (HOA).

Mr. Abey discussed also the problem of the restroom among the residents. Some residents were in favor of it and some were not, this was also up for discussion with the Commissioners. He said it would be a small facility and could be well screened and probably would be near Fairview Avenue. The plan is to work with the topography and do minimal grading. Commissioner Rodrigues discussed his work with the park planning and the HOA; he feels for the most part the residents are pleased with plans generally at this point. Points of discussion presently are the proposed dog park and restroom. He likes the plans as well, and is rather ambivalent about the restroom. Commissioner Jones said his only continuing concern, is because of the location, and fact that there is no on-street parking, that for it to be a truly community park there should be some parking or access by the community. Commissioner Melloni voiced a similar concern and also asked about a public art element. She wondered where that would be located. Mr. Abey said about $13,000 to $14,000 has been budgeted for this and thought that this was to be a natural element along the toe of the slope, possibly having some pads for the public art in this location. Ms. Hansen said the Arts Commission will be dealing with this when the project moves forward. The art element will be paid for out of the Art ordinance which budgets 1% of the total costs of the construction for the park. Arts Manager Rebekah Burr-Siegel will be meeting with Abey/Arnold and Ms. Hansen after the park has been approved. No project has been designed as yet for the art element. The construction line item at this time is $1,562,683, so roughly $15,000 for an art element is planned. Commissioner Melloni also felt there should be restroom in this large a park. She also wanted to remind everyone about the necessity for dog mitts. Commissioner Brown asked about the rocks in the area and asked if they would be kept in the area. Mr. Abey said they will try to incorporate them into the natural landscape. Commissioner Brown also felt there should be a restroom in a park that large. Commissioner Rodrigues was pleased with the plan and complimented Mr. Abey on getting such strong support from the residents. Motion made by Commissioner Rodrigues to approve the park concept, motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried unanimously.

12. ACTION ITEM Approve concept plan for Veterans Park veterans’ element. ( J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen proceeded to discuss this park plan and the design for the veterans’ element. She said that Lynn Spatz has been working with the Abey ∙ Arnold Associates with this project as well. This is to discuss and design an appropriate element for the Veterans Park. She explained some of the history of this park and the fact that the name was not given until after the park was under construction. Therefore, the design process is being handled after the park was begun. A subcommittee group was named to look at the park as a whole and design an appropriate element to honor the veterans. She said that at this time there is no specific funding for this project. Shade structure and weather issues have slowed development of the park. She then turned the discussion over to Mr. Phil Abey for the ideas that they have designed for the veterans’ element and also the estimated costs. Mr. Abey presented the plan, which included a memorial at the entry which would have an inscription similar to “dedicated to armed forces of past, present and future”. The plan was for six white granite blocks, representing each service group. Flags for each of the service groups would be there along with a large American flag above them all. This would be at the entrance of the park, at the turn around of the parking area. Ms. Hansen indicated that the Veterans Park sign is already at the entrance. This was the first element designed by the Abey Arnold Associates; the other would be a memorial area, which would be a peaceful and contemplative place. He described the Sierra white granite from a quarry in Raymond which they thought would be appropriate. This would be at the entrance for the flags. He did further description of the granite feature, and the lighting planned for the element. He also thought the memorial area would be large enough for ceremonies on Memorial Day and other similar occasions. He indicated on the park map where he felt that would be appropriate. He also described the types of landscaping around this area. Mr. Abey suggested inscriptions that could be used in this area and some other details for the park. Chairperson Jones asked if what was being asked at this point was an approval of the concept and interim approval so that plans could move ahead, and Mr. Abey concurred. This, of course, would require comments and approval of the veterans group. Ms. Hansen said these plans would simply be a basis for the funding source. This has not been looked at for being a part of the CIP project. The anticipated cost of both of these elements, the first one for the entry area is $31,400.75, and the Memorial area if $119,082.50 and the Circular Planter in front of the restroom cost is estimated at $20,125.00, bringing the total estimated cost for the entire project to $170,607. Chairperson Jones asked if there was anyone present from the veteran’s groups who would like to comment on this project. There was a discussion of phasing in these separate elements at different times as funds become available. Commissioner Rodrigues commented that the veterans group has not really had an opportunity to meet together. He said that there is no question that it will have to be done a step at a time. He felt the veterans are very pleased with the concept, but that they need to discuss how the money could be raised. He agrees that the entrance is the most important and they need to work with it first and look at other elements later, along with areas where they may be able to raise funds. Mr. Mel Portue of Discovery Bay, representing the American Legion spoke and wanted to know who has the final say on all the plaques that go on the different areas of the park. Commissioner Melloni said the veterans groups have final say. After some further discussion Commissioner Rodrigues said he intends to call a meeting within the next week if possible, with the veterans and the subcommittee. Commissioner Brown said he liked the plan and Commissioner Melloni and Jones agreed and felt this would be conceptual model for the groups to go forward and start their fundraising campaign. Commissioner Melloni asked about city providing any funds, Ms. Hansen said nothing available until project is brought forward and approved as a concept plan. Commissioner Melloni then asked about grants. Ms. Hansen said she had not had an opportunity to approach the grants administrator, since there was not a developed project or cost. Another representative of the Summerset Veteran’s Group, Mr. Len Bregman spoke and said he felt the best way to handle it was to keep it simple. He would like to take the most important segment first, the American Flag and the identification of the services, then the plaques after that. Then they will know how much money would be required. He said the original plan was to put up a flag pole and a few service flags, and they have bought a ten foot flag. He said the veterans group does not have a lot of money, they are currently sending money to service personnel overseas. He would like all segments broken down, and figure the cost of each so it is something visual. He suggested dedicating the flag on Memorial Day and go on from there. Commissioner Rodrigues supported the concept and said he will set up a meeting very soon to work on ideas for fund raising and where to start with the project. Commissioner Brown moved that the concept be approved, and to direct Commissioner Rodrigues to have a meeting within the next week with the veterans group and subcommittee and bring the results of the meeting to the next regular meeting in March. This motion died for lack of a second. After some further discussion, Commissioner Brown then moved to approve the concept and direct the subcommittee to come back with a more defined plan for source of funding at a future regular meeting. Commissioner Melloni seconded this motion. Commissioner Melloni asked if approving the concept also approves the cost. Ms. Hansen said no, not an approval of costs. Motion carried unanimously.

13. ACTION ITEM Approve recommendations of the Park Naming Subcommittee for names of new parks to be taken to City Council for approval (L. Spatz).
Ms. Spatz presented the list of parks that were included in the Commissioners agenda packets. The list is of current park names, along with suggested names as proposed by the park naming subcommittee. These parks are all in development. Ms. Spatz explained the reasoning behind the naming of these parks. They would hope that these names would be approved by the Commissioners so that the names can be conveyed to the developers for the purpose of putting up the signs as the parks are developed. There was some considerable discussion on the name of Central Park in the Rose Garden Parcel C. Commissioner Jones did not feel this was an appropriate name for a park that was not in the central part of Brentwood. This park is located in the center of the Rose Garden development. After some further discussion it was suggested that the Blackhawk Park name be taken from the list at this time. Ms. Hansen said that in the future they will start asking the park naming committee to start naming the parks when the concept plans come before the Commissioners the first time. When the construction documents first come through then the parks will be referred to from the beginning of the construction. Chairperson Jones did not like the name of Summerset Park as it suggests it is for use by that residential area only. Some names suggested were Fairview, Golden Hills, and others. It was suggested that more research be done on the area for naming this park. It could be named after the geography in the area. Commissioner Brown moved that the recommendations of the park naming committee be accepted as proposed with the exception of the Blackhawk Park which will go back to the committee for further study. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

14. UPDATE on Mom’s Club Crusade for Shade (J. Hansen)
Ms. Alyssa Madden of the Mom’s Club of Brentwood was present and was invited up to report on the Crusade for Shade. Before her comments, Ms. Hansen commented that she has met with one of the Mom’s Club representatives and has gone over a number of the issues. In addition, she has had Abey/Arnold Associates “spec” the structure sites specific to the three sites that the Mom’s Clubs are interested in providing shade. Peter Arnold has been to the sites and has taken some photos and is working on this project. Ms. Madden said that they are currently still raising money and the next event coming up is the garage sale at the Aquatics Complex. They are hoping to raise around $5,000 at the garage sale. They have been working with the Police Department regarding security coverage for items left out overnight. They are also planning on a golf tournament at Shadow Lakes, April 29, 2005. They are looking for players and volunteers for this event. There also will be a silent auction at that event and a reverse draw, $50 per ticket, only 300 tickets will be sold by all Mom’s Club members. . Currently they have raised approximately $12,000. They have also sent letters to all of the developers requesting assistance from them. They are very interested in what the Parks and Recreation Commission can also do to assist them in this venture.

Chairperson Jones complimented them on the amount of work that has been done for the parks. Ms. Hansen said that based on what has been accomplished in working with the department, they are establishing through the CIP program a potential for matching funds. There will be a project sheet on the budget next month. The parks identified for this project are Loma Vista, Balfour and Orchard. Mr. Phil Abey said they would like to get a list of the choices for these areas and then get the prices so that decisions can then be made.

15. UPDATE on Heritage Tree Program. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva presented the proposed Heritage Tree Ordinance modification which was also in each Commissioner’s packet for study. He explained the major points of the modification and reasons for the changes. It also included the follow up report that was given to the City Council in November 2004. He was requesting direction from the Commission at this meeting to try to fine tune the Tree Ordinance, and get some component approved by City Council. Mr. DeSilva said probably the greatest concern was how the ordinance affected private property. He discussed the ordinance as it now stands and asked for any recommendations or changes especially as it relates to heritage trees on private property. Mr. DeSilva said most of these ordinances follow other local ordinances and follow national guidelines. Mr. DeSilva then explained what the Tree Board would be, he said it would mainly address appeals. Example; if a person wants a tree removed in front of their house and Mr. DeSilva’s office says, no, then the person requesting the removal would be required to complete a permit form for that removal and if it would be denied by staff, then the person could go to the Director and if answer still the same, then the person could go to the Tree Board. Appeal would eventually go to the City Council. There was a discussion of who would serve on the Tree Board and how they would be replaced. Commissioner Melloni said she would like to see portions of the ordinance rewritten, especially with relation to the selection of trees, Item C and bring it back to the Commission, along with Items A & B. Mr. DeSilva asked the Commissioners to call or email him in the next few weeks if they had any further suggestions for changes to the document.

16. UPDATE on Sunset Park Athletic Complex dedication event. (T. Homan/P. Scherff)
Ms. Homan passed around a full color flyer of several pages that will be coming out March 1 in the Contra Costa Times, advertising the grand opening of the park. The flyer was fully paid for by advertisers. She said the event starts at 2 p.m. with the color guard and ribbon cutting ceremony. Police Explorers will be the color guard, with the Liberty High School 80 volts singing the National Anthem. There will be a lot of activities for children, give-aways and activities throughout the complex. Baseballs and softballs will be given away and there will be an actual game with Park and Recreation staff and Commissioners. Over 400 invitations have been sent out for the dedication. Staff will be present to assist in all the events. Soccer balls and water bottles and beads etc. will also be given away.

17. DISCUSSION of Trails and Open Space Advisory Committee. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva asked the Commissioners if they had any background information on the above committee. Some history was given by Commissioners Melloni and Brown. This was a committee originally formed to connect existing trails with others in the region. Commissioner Melloni said she did see a need for this committee. The suggestion by Mr. DeSilva to treat this as a subcommittee of the Commission. Chairperson Jones thought it should bring in others from other areas, such as neighboring communities as Knightsen, Oakley as well as Brentwood. Some thought the committee should consist of only Brentwood residents. Chairperson Jones said they need to either appoint people to the committee or get it off the books. Commissioner Brown thought a subcommittee should be formed to explore what can be done for the Trails and Open Space Advisory Committee. Mr. DeSilva suggested inviting the East Bay Regional Parks come to the Commission and ask how they are interfacing with Brentwood. Commissioner Rodrigues also agreed that the East Bay Regional Parks should be invited to a meeting. Chairperson Jones will work with Mr. DeSilva on this subject and will bring all those issues back, along with other local communities and special interests. They will meet within the next week or two and bring this subject back to the Commission at a regular meeting.



Commissioner Rodrigues will be absent from the April meeting and would like to be excused. He then complimented the Abey/Arnold group on their architectural plans.

Update on Trails and Open Space Advisory Committee
Art Element Clarification
Park Development Standards related to size of parks
Vineyards project presentation
Invite new City Manager to meeting.

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Jones adjourned the meeting at 10:22 p.m.


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