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January 27, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Lanny Brown called the meeting to order at 7:06

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present as follows: Chairperson Lanny Brown, Ernie Rodrigues, and Sandra Myers. Commissioners Jan Melloni and Tom Jones had excused absences. Staff members present were Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; and Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The pledge was recited by all.

A. A Special Recognition.
Director Bronzan reported that in October of last year the National Recreation and Parks Association recognized as they do on a yearly basis, three Park and Recreation Commissions or Boards throughout the United States for the efforts of what they have done in their local communities. The Brentwood Commission was nominated for all the things they had been doing since incorporating the Department five years ago and, as a result, last October the Brentwood Parks and Recreation Commission was recognized by NRPA as the outstanding Commission throughout the United States for populations 25,000 to 75,000. The Commission was awarded a plaque which is on the back wall and was presented to the City Council. The Commissioners are now recognized individually. Director Bronzan presented each of the Commissioners a special award which has imprinted on it “City of Brentwood, Parks and Recreation, recipient of the National Parks and Recreation Association Citizen Board Member Branch, Outstanding Board Commission Award 25,000 to 75,000 population, October 15, 2004”. Names of each Commissioner was imprinted on each award. All the Commissioners were very pleased and thanked the Director and staff for doing this for them.

AGENDA REVIEW: There were no changes to the agenda.

Toni Hay of the Mom’s Club in Brentwood reported on the Crusade for Shade fundraising campaign for the Brentwood parks. She was wondering where the copies of shade structures that they wished to look at for the parks were, if they were available. The parks they had identified for these structures were Orchard, Loma Vista and Balfour-Guthrie. She said her groups wanted to know what types of structures they could put there according to the architectural firm. Ms. Janet Hansen said she did pass on the names of those parks and has not been able to get a layout of the play areas of those parks as yet. They are working on this and she feels sure that by the February meeting she should have more information as to costs and plans. She suggested that prior to the February meeting they could have a meeting with the landscape architect and Mom’s Club and herself. She said they could then look at the plans and see if the landscape architects are going in the direction the Mom’s Club would like. She said there also has been some discussion of getting some City funds to support the effort as well. This project has been identified within the CIP budget which is in process at this time. Ms. Hansen said that within the next two to three weeks they could have a meeting with the landscape group and the Mom’s Club. This plan could then be brought back to the Parks and Recreation Commission for the February meeting. Ms. Hansen will contact the Mom’s Club. Ms. Hay also displayed the new posters and discussed the fundraisers that are ongoing. They also have a website, There are sponsors listed on the website as well as the upcoming fundraisers. Ms. Hay left some of the posters to be given to each of the Commissioners. She also thanked the Commissioners and the staff for their help and also the newspaper coverage they have received.

Kirk Applegate, a representative of Brentwood Pony Baseball was present to comment on the Pony Baseball and said that they plan to have about 1200 children involved this year, up about 10% from previous year. They are excited about the opening of the Sunset Park and utilizing this facility.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of October 28, 2004.
2. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 18, 2004
3. Accept staff report from Parks Division. (B. Margesson)
4. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division. (P. Scherff)
5. Accept staff project status report from Facilities Division. (M. Merizon)
6. Accept information on “Greening Up Fertilizers Home Prices”. (J. Hansen)
7. Accept update on Veterans Park dedication (J. Hansen)
8. Approve Brentwood PONY Baseball for primary affiliate organization status. (P. Scherff)
9. Accept update on CPRS Conference. (T. Homan)
10. Accept reminder of CIP Workshop scheduled for March 24, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. (T. Homan)
Chairperson Lanny Brown stated that since he was absent at the October meeting as well as Commissioner Rodrigues, there were not enough Commissioners present to approve these October minutes at this meeting. Item #1 will then have to be tabled until the February meeting when there is a full Commission present.
Commissioner Rodrigues then moved to accept items 2 through 10, Commissioner Myers seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.


11. UPDATE On Marsh Creek Trail issues/Police response discussion. (K. DeSilva/J. Hansen/Lt. Brian Strock)
Mr. DeSilva, Park Services Manager introduced Lt. Strock to respond to the complaints at a previous meeting regarding issues on the Marsh Creek Trail. Mr. DeSilva and Lt. Strock were present to follow up on these concerns and explain what action had been taken in response. Chairperson Brown asked if there had been any recent calls or complaints since those voiced a couple of months ago at a Park and Recreation meeting. Mr. DeSilva had not had any in a couple of months and he then referred to Lt. Strock. He said he had reviewed the October and November minutes of the Commission regarding these complaints and has gone out and spoken to Mr. Christ. He has also taken the field operations commander out to speak to him. Mr. Christ has since put some motion sensor lighting on his outbuildings and an alarm on his shed and lets his dog out at night. He was appreciative of the police response and of the extra patrol the Police Department has been giving to the area. He did reiterate that although the trail is closed at night, the Marsh Creek Road which runs directly in front of his property is a public roadway and people can be on that road at any time. There were no further incidents reported to Lt. Strock since the earlier ones already reported. Commissioner Myers asked about the response time for calls to the Police Department and the procedure of going through the Antioch dispatch office to then be routed back to Brentwood. Lt. Strock explained the procedure and how calls are prioritized by the dispatching office. Question from Commissioner Myers as to when or if the Brentwood Department would receive their own dispatch office. Question by Chairperson Brown if the Police Department would respond to incidents on the trails or if that was under the jurisdiction of the East Bay Parks System? Lt. Strock said that they do respond to calls on the trails, since it does involve the citizens. They would also notify East Bay Parks of the situation. Lt. Strock was thanked for his attention to the problems and reporting to the Commission.

12. UPDATE and discussion of Park and Recreation Ordinance and park signs. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva discussed with the Commissioners Ordinance No. 788, regarding use of City Park and other City parks and facilities as well as trails and City recreation areas. The ordinance was included in each Commissioner’s packet for the meeting. This ordinance was approved by the City Council December 14, 2004. Along with the report was the signage to be posted at these facilities. Mr. DeSilva asked for feedback on the signs verbiage from the Commissioners. The signs need to be readable and enforceable. Samples were enclosed with the ordinance packet. Chairperson Brown said the most important thing to him was the alcoholic beverage warnings. Hours of operation need to be posted. Question as to whether signs should all be in both English and Spanish. Mr. DeSilva had consulted with Lt. Strock on these signs and another suggestion was to have the signs reflectorized so they can be read at low light levels. Commissioner Rodrigues said the warning about alcohol should be in Spanish as well on those signs. Chairperson Brown asked Lt. Strock about the law regarding the use of motorized scooters. He asked how this law affected parks and trails. The law applies to any public property, drivers must be 15 years of age or over, wear helmets and cannot operate on public streets. All felt signs should prohibit them from the parks and trails.

Resident Jeff Davidson came forward to speak. He had written to the City of Brentwood and the Brentwood Police Department regarding the problems with dog feces along the trails and increased use of motorized scooters, quads and other types of motorized traffic on the trails. He said his son has had to run off the trails to avoid being hit by the vehicles and the piles of feces that are accumulating along the trails because people are not using mitts to collect after their dogs. He had drawn up a map where he felt more signage and mutt mitt holders should be placed and replenished often. He reported some signs had been put up and then removed by vandals. Mr. DeSilva responded saying it is impossible to put up vandal proof signs, but maybe something a bit more resistant can be used. There was discussion of the problem with the increased dog feces, especially in the area of the new bridge. Education, more dog mitt stations and refilling were suggested, along with citizens taking responsibility for themselves and their dogs. Ms. Hansen, Park Planner mentioned the fact that a new dog park will open soon in that area. She suggested that when advertising the opening of this new park, also publicize use of mutt mitts to dog owners taking their dogs to the park. Mr. Davidson said he had noticed where there are mutt mitts and garbage cans, people were using them. Mr. DeSilva said sometimes he is too short staffed to get out as often as he would like to fill the containers with the mitts. He felt this could be an excellent volunteer project for seniors or other neighborhood groups.

13. ACTION ITEM Review and approve park concept plan for Granville Estates, Subdivision #8724 by
D. R. Horton. (J. Hansen/D. R. Horton/vanderToolen & Associates)
Ms. Hansen indicated on the map the location of the property and introduced the representatives of D. R. Horton and vanderToolen & Associates. She referred the Commissioners to their packets and the information and maps on these projects which were included therein. Blow ups of the maps were also shown on the overhead screen. She familiarized the Commissioners with the project by giving them a history of the project. The Granville Estates was formerly Magnolia Ranch. She described the trail which runs near this park site. The park site under discussion is in the middle of the development. Mr. Peter Lezak of D. R. Horton was the first representative to address the Commissioners. He gave a brief background of the acquisition of the property and stated that along with the park, they have a public arts requirement for the park and are working with the Arts Commission on this project. He then introduced Darren Reynolds of vanderToolen Associates to present the proposed landscape plans for the parks.

Mr. Reynolds described the landscaping and layout of the park and the trail which will be a continuation of work they have previously had approved for the Pulte Project Rose Garden as well. Shade aspects are considered as well. He showed play structures, one a concrete boulder which can be used as a climbing element and could be connected to a slide. There are separate play areas for younger children and one for older ones. There is also a covered picnic area and two long promenades connected the development which will include a heritage tree, probably an oak. Traffic should be able to circulate well throughout the park, from one part of the community to another. Larger shade trees will be planted along the walkways.

All play equipment shown was conceptual at this point and Mr. Reynolds was bringing ideas and looking for discussion with the Commissioners. Acreage was discussed and the concept, all Commissioners said they really liked the concept as presented. Completion date of the park is estimated in fall of 2005. Ms. Hansen said that they had not yet selected Commissioners for this particular park and needed to do that also at this time. Commissioner Myers and Chairperson Brown volunteered to be assigned to this park. Commissioner Rodrigues moved the acceptance of the concept of Granville Estates Community Park Plan, and that Commissioners Myers and Brown be assigned to work with staff and Granville Estates on this park. Motion seconded by Commissioner Myers, motion carried unanimously.

14. UPDATE and discussion of Sunset Park Athletic Compex dedication event. (P. Scherff/T. Homan/
J. Hansen)
Ms. Homan, Administrative Secretary announced that the dedication ceremony for Sunset Park is scheduled for March 5, Saturday starting at 2:00 p.m. She said staff has been working very hard to put on this event. It will continue into the early evening, there will be demonstrations with soccer, baseball, lots of giveaways in the form of soft balls, soccer balls, baseballs, water bottles and many other items. The staff is currently working to get donations and will need lots of help that day. There will be food, the Mayor, Director of Parks and Recreation and other dignitaries will be present. There will be an insert in the Contra Costa Times, this will be a 12 page insert paid for by ads, this comment by Ms. Scherff, Recreation Services Manager. The grand finale will be fireworks to end the celebrations. They could use all the help they can get, Commissioners will assist also. There will be an update at the February meeting. Past Park Commissioners will be invited to the event as honored guests.

15. UPDATE on Summerset Park meeting of January 21, 2005. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen reported that the second meeting has been held the previous Friday at the Summerset lll Clubhouse. Abey/Arnold Associates presented a concept design for the Blackhawk/Summerset Park which will be officially named at a later date. The vote for going forward with the concept and design was nearly unanimous. Commissioner Rodrigues commented also on the meeting and felt it was a good meeting also. He thanked Janet for the job well done. Plan was taken back by Peter Arnold and will be worked on and presented to the full Commission at a later date. He said that overall the design has a trellis rose garden element, native types of materials down the slopes, an open turf meadow, a small picnic area and will ultimately tie to the Vineyards project by the golf cart path. Ms. Hansen said there will be a full picture update at the February Commission meeting.

16. VERBAL UPDATE Concept plan for S&S Farms/Terrano Project, Subdivisions #8788 and #8789 by
Lennar Communities. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen reported that since the last meeting Chairperson Brown and Commissioner Myers met with Steve Jones of Lennar Communities and Andrea Swanson of Thomas Baak & Associates and staff on this project. A number of ideas were discussed at that time and she has not heard anything further from the developers at this time. Commissioners Myers and Brown said they had no further information at this time. They are still waiting to see the updates. They did like both of the options presented and would like to see the new concepts presented to the full Commission. Ms. Hansen will follow up with the school district, Director Bronzan and the developer.

17. ACTION ITEM Election of officers. (K. DeSilva)
Commissioner Jones was not present at this meeting. Since he was 2004 Vice Chairperson, he will be automatically moving up to Chairperson. An election needed to be held for a new Vice Chairperson. Commissioner Myers nominated Ernie Rodrigues as Vice Chairperson, nomination seconded by Chairperson Brown, motion carried unanimously.

CITIZENS COMMENTS: No citizens present

Ms. Scherff commented on a survey that was distributed to the Commissioners. This survey will be distributed to the community, this is the second draft and Ms. Scherff would like the Commissioners to look it over and if there are any comments, questions or recommendations she requested that they get back to her with these prior to the following Monday. They will then go forward to the next step in the process. The survey will be by phone calls to 400 people in Brentwood and this will be followed by a presentation to the Commission with the results.

Director Bronzan commented that he looked up the Crusade for Shade on their website and found it to be very good. He also that it is traditional to present the outgoing chairs with a plaque so he presented one to outgoing Chairperson Brown, also to former Chairperson Rodrigues and will be presenting one also to the two other past chairs who did not receive one, Commissioner Melloni and former Commissioner and Chairperson Karen Rarey. Karen Rarey will be invited to the next Commission meeting to receive her plaque at that time.

Janet Hansen then introduced Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician who is involved with the dedication of the Veterans Park. She said that Ms. Spatz, Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor and others have been working to set up a meeting for the dedication for Veterans Park, the date set is for February 9 and needs to confirm the time with the veterans group. Ms. Hansen also said she is not going to the CPRS Conference, but is trying to go Friday, March 11, and go through the expo hall. She extended an invitation to anyone else who would like to go for just the one day. Commissioner Brown said he might be able to go also.

Ms. Spatz asked for a time for the meeting on the Veteran’s Park, Chairperson Brown said Friday, February 4th is the only time he has available. Ms. Spatz will email Commissioner Brown and Commissioner Rodrigues and others involved when a time is set for the meeting. Commissioner Rodrigues will also follow up with the veterans group on this.

Commissioner Rodrigues congratulated Chairperson Brown on the fine job he has done this past year. He also said he will be installed as Vice President for CPRSCBM Friday evening March 11, in Sacramento. There will be a North Region meeting in Brentwood and will need to work with all and wants to do something different. He will be working with Director Bronzan on this.

Commissioner Myers said she would like to have a project looked at in the CIP budget planning meeting. One is for shade at the bocce courts, and the other is for a restroom facility that is permanent at Creekside. She feels the bigger parks need this type of facility. The Mom’s Club was suggested as a possible proponent for an item such as this to be added to the parks. Director Bronzan said they should identify the parks in need of the facility and they will pursue it.

Chairperson Brown mentioned how the restrooms match the school at Oak Meadow Park, he asked about the shade structures -- will they be painted? Director Bronzan said no, they are to weather to the natural shade.


ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Brown adjourned the meeting at 9:05 p.m.


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