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July 31, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners were present as follows: Commissioners Jan Melloni, Vice Chairperson Lanny Brown, Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues and Commissioner Tom Jones. Others present were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Tom Burt, Recreation Services Supervisor; Kerry Salisbury, Recreation Services Supervisor; and Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician. Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager was also present.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of Tom Burt, Recreation Services Supervisor, Kerry Salisbury, Recreation Services Supervisor, and Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician.
Janet Hansen, Park Planner introduced Lynn Spatz, Park Planning Technician and gave some of her background. Director Bronzan then introduced the two new Recreation Services Supervisors and described their positions and background. Mr. Salisbury cited his background with the Police Activities League (PAL) for the past 2-1/2 years and prior to that with Parks and Recreation Department in Oakland and with aquatic sports for about nine years and is a resident of Brentwood. He described the after school programs he will be associated with through PAL and the local schools. Director Bronzan then introduced Tom Burt who had worked for the cities of Rocklin and Napa, and is replacing the position formerly held by Poldina Scherff. 

Director Bronzan said that Item 11, an action item, has been requested to be removed from this agenda and to be returned at a date to be determined at the request of Western Pacific Housing.
Commissioner Jones moved that the Item 11 be removed from the agenda and returned at a later date, Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried.

Director Bronzan introduced Stephanie Wassenberg who was in the audience and who is a candidate for Park and Recreation Commissioner and will be recommended by the Mayor on August 12, 2003 to join the Commission. Her oath of office is scheduled for the 28th of August. She was welcomed by Chairperson Rodrigues.

Item No. 1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of June 26, 2003.
Item No. 2. Accept staff report/project status reports from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/K. Byrd/J. Hansen).
Item No. 3. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division (P. Scherff).
Item No. 4. Accept project status report from Facilities Division (M. Merizon).
Item No. 5. Accept ASA Girls Fast Pitch Softball evaluation results (T. Burt)
Item No. 6. Accept update on Skate Park (T. Taylor).

Commissioner Brown moved to accept the Consent Calendar as presented. Commissioner Jones seconded the motion and motion carried.


Item No. 7. DISCUSSION ITEM Discussion of BMX possibilities in Brentwood (K. DeSilva).
Mr. DeSilva presented for discussion the idea of having a BMX facility track in Brentwood. He said staff has met with them previously and also at a possible site near Sunset Park. He then introduced Charley Murphy of Oakley, Shane Huntoon of Livermore, and Robert Snell of Brentwood. Mr. Murphy started off the presentation by giving a PowerPoint presentation along with printed brochure. He discussed what the sport of BMX Sport Racing is and their affiliation with local, state and national programs and the history of the sport. He said the objective of the group is to 1) introduce the sport of BMX to the community of Brentwood; 2) develop a common strategy and program matrix; and 3) outline project definitions and timelines; and 4) identify action plan and assignment. He further defined BMX (bicycle motocross) as family oriented off-road bicycle sprint racing, held on a closed course consisting of a variety of obstacles, such as jumps and turns. The sport was developed in the early 1970s by groups of children, imitating their motorcycle Motocross heroes on land built on vacant lots with tracks nationwide. He gave the main terms used in the sport. 

Participation and growth in the sport throughout the Western United States and Regional participation was described as Western National; 650 riders and growing, Western Regional; 320 riders and growing, Livermore and affiliates; 150 riders and growing. The local age demographic spans from age 3 through 50 plus, participant age majority 3-10 and 40 plus cruiser class and currently participants located in the Bay area, and many neighboring states. 

Mr. DeSilva stated that in working with the group they feel they have found a great potential site by the new Sunset Park construction at a detention basin that is used by the wastewater treatment plant for emergency use only. This is available if they use only what is available there in dirt. Existing dirt can move around but not bring in any more to add to the course. Chairperson Rodrigues said he had worked with Mr. Huntoon in Livermore and that he had done an outstanding job. He said that he really cared about the kids and he would certainly support the program. There is a rewards program involved with the BMX racing on a regional, state, national and world levels. The program could bring in participants from a large area to participate in these events. Commissioner Jones wondered about the Sunset location and transportation for the kids to the track. Mr. Huntoon said they are sometimes brought by their parents who usually stay and watch the events and some older ones just ride their bikes there. Further discussion and questions and answers from the Commissioners to the presenters and questions to the staff as to cost. Questions of liability also discussed between Director Bronzan and the Commissioners. Director Bronzan said his recommendation would be to move forward on this program and with one or two of the Commissioners to work with staff and the representatives and look at the preliminary plan, view the site and look at costs. He said there is plenty of time since it will take about a year to get all the aspects surrounding the program together. They could then come back to the Commission with a plan. Currently there is no money dedicated, but that could be a possibility later in the coming year. Commissioner Brown inquired as to injuries, if the area if supervised, etc. The response was that there have been few injuries and it is not supervised. Requirements are posted for wearing helmets and pads. There have been no major injuries to date in the Livermore facility. Races are supervised. Question as to how many could be drawn to the area for these races and the response was 300-400 for events. Chairperson Rodrigues suggested that a committee be formed to work with staff and the promoters on the project. He would like to serve on this project and Commissioner Jones also said he would be very interested in also being on the committee. They will work with staff and the presenters and bring it back to the Commission at a later date. 

Item No. 8. ACTION ITEM Discussion and approval of concept design for pocket park(s) for Meritage Homes “Sterling Pinnacle”, Subdivision 8603. (John Nicol, Landscape Architect/J. Hansen.
Ms. Hansen reviewed with maps on display of the parks in the area that will be by Mr. Nicol. She described the “pocket parks” and the varying acreage in each subdivision. Each proposed park location was designated on the maps. Background of the development was reviewed. Description of what will be in the areas, as roads, schools, trails etc. were described and presented on the maps by Ms. Hansen. 

Discussion of Master Plan and pocket park plan between Commissioner Jones and Director Bronzan and definition of standards. Mr. Nicol of John Nicol and Associates presented maps and plans for the Meritage Homes, Sterling Pinnacle, Subdivision #8603 including four pocket parks. Discussion of location of these parks in the new neighborhoods by the Commissioner with clarifying comments from Janet Hansen, Park Planner and Director Bronzan. Description of each pocket park and location was provided by Mr. Nicol. He also described the plans for each park as to equipment, trees, shrubs, walkways, etc. Discussion of full or half court basketball court and whether it should be in close proximity to the play area. Parking discussed and comment that these are mainly neighborhood parks, not normally used by people out of the immediate area. Chairperson Rodrigues requested a motion to direct staff to work with developer, the Chairperson then said based on all the comments to move to refer the action to the staff. Commissioner Jones moved that the Commission direct the staff to continue to work with the Developer. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion, motion carried.

Item No. 9. ACTION ITEM Discussion and approval of concept design for pocket park(s)for Meritage Homes “Sterling Preserve II”, Subdivison #8546. (John Nicol, Landscaper Architect/J. Hansen).
Again Mr. Nicol presented this item in much the same manner and again discussed the map, showing where pocket parks are located and with a description of what is planned for each park and their location in the subdivision. Questions were asked and answered regarding the project by Mr. Nicol and staff. Ms. Hansen commented that there will be “mutt mitts” along the trails for persons walking their dogs. Commissioner Brown moved that the staff be directed to continue to work with the architect and developer on these plans, Commissioner Jones seconded the motion, motion carried.

Item No. 10. ACTION ITEM Discussion and approval of concept design for pocket park(s) for Western Pacific Housing “Stonebrook II” (Providence Plan), Subdivisions 8556 and 8557. (John Nicol, Landscape Architect/J. Hansen).
Mr. Nicol then continued with a discussion of the above subdivision and location and description of the pocket park planned for this development. He again located the area on the maps for the Commissioners, the size of the park and what is planned for this park. Comments and questions satisfactorily responded to by Mr. Nicol. Commissioner Melloni then moved that this project also be referred back to staff to continue to work with the architect and developer on these plans as presented. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion, motion carried.

Mr. Nicol was thanked for his presentation, as well as Park Planner Janet Hansen. Chairperson requested that the Commissioners retain these planning concepts into their binders. At this point Chairperson Rodrigues asked about having all of these projects as well as the Western Pacific Housing “Brighton Station” be combined and Commissioners be appointed to work on these projects with staff and the developer. Commissioner Jones volunteered for this assignment along with Commissioner Brown. The Western Pacific Housing “Brighton Station”, Subdivision 8601 which was originally included in this agenda under item 11 and then tabled to be brought back at a later time. 

Item No. 11. DISCUSSION ITEM. Discussion of subcommittee assignments (T. Homan).
Ms. Homan commented that at the June meeting there had been some questions as to who was on which subcommittee, and with the resignation of Jeff Cowling, there were some vacancies. Also, she said with the new Commissioner coming on soon they may wish to wait to do the reassignments to subcommittees. However, they could do some now and wait for the rest until the August meeting. She presented what subcommittees the members are currently on and where the vacancies are at the present time. Chairperson Rodrigues thought this might be put on the agenda for the next meeting and by that time Ms. Wassenberg will have had some time to look over the vacancies also. Other Commissioners agreed that this should be brought back to the next meeting in August. Ms. Homan will update list to the current time.

Item No. 12. DISCUSSION ITEM Discussion of moving August or September meeting to an outdoor location (C. Bronzan/T. Homan).
Ms. Homan said that last year the Commission held a regular meeting outdoors at Creekside Park. The Commissioners have indicated a desire to do the same type of thing again this year, possibly at a different location, but outside. There are some things that have come up that would that would make this best for August - since September will be a full business meeting. Director Bronzan also suggested that the Commission could just set a special meeting at some site in town and just have an informational meeting, with no business. Citizens could be invited for comments and the August meeting could be held on the regularly scheduled time in the Council Chambers. Chairperson Rodrigues suggested doing this and then advertise the special meeting at a special date and time. After some discussion it was decided to have the regular August meeting on the 28th, and have a special meeting in a neighborhood setting on September 18th at Arbor View Park (Pulte). The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. near the gazebo. Neighborhood will be notified by direct mail or flyer. 

Item No. 13. Verbal report on attendance at League of California Cities Community Services Conference (Commissioner Jones and Melloni).
Commissioner Jones reported on the conference and his assessment of the agenda and speakers. Although sponsored by the League of California Cities, the conference really was more of a California Parks and Recreation conference. He felt Brentwood is far ahead of most in the VIP program. He commented on some very good speakers from around the country. He felt it was a good conference. Commissioner Melloni felt the Arts Commission could benefit from this VIP program as well. She has proposed this to the Arts Commission and that they develop a Mission Statement as well as a Vision Statement.

Item No. 14 Verbal update on Sunset Sports Complex Expansion project (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen reported that bids have been opened for the Sunset Sports Complex the bid was significantly under the engineer’s estimate and at the present time the contract is in the contractor’s hands for signing. Notice to Proceed will be issued on August 1, 2003, which starts the clock for bonding, etc. Groundbreaking ceremonies (to be called “Sunrise at Sunset”) will be Friday, August 15, 2003 at 8 a.m. This will be coordinated with the dedication of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (planned for 9 a.m. the same day). Ms. Hansen said as far as the surplus funds that were allocated for the park, they will be getting together with the subcommittee with some recommendations for items or elements that were not in the design to get them back into the design. One would be the scorekeepers booth and concession areas also. The entire sports complex will also be lighted and other possible amenities as the project moves forward.

Stephanie Wassenberg gave a brief background of her work history. She is a teacher, recently received her Masters Degree and is from Minnesota.

Ms. Hansen commented that the Bicycle Subcommittee is looking for the second person to fill the open position. They also want to move to an evening meeting on the fourth Monday of the month at 
7 p.m. 

Ms. Scherff, Recreation Department Manager said that the All American Boys Choir is in town and their concert will be August 1, 2003 and urged all to attend. 

Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues reported that he will attend the CPRM Conference on September 6 
and 7, 2003, and is on the Board for the next six years. 


ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues adjourned the meeting at 9:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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