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February 27, 2003 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Jeff Cowling at 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present were Chairperson Jeff Cowling, Lanny Brown, Ernie Rodrigues and Tom Jones. Commissioner Jan Melloni was absent at roll call.

Others present were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Barry Margesson, Park Landscape Supervisor; Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; and Carrie Pankhurst, Recreation Services Supervisor.

A. Welcome Tom Jones, Park and Recreation Commissioner
Chairperson Jeff Cowling officially welcomed Tom Jones, new Park and Recreation
Commissioner. Mr. Jones commented only that he was anxious to start learning and working with the Commission.
B. Announcement of promotion of Poldina Scherff to Recreation Services Manager
Chairperson Cowling and Director Bronzan announced the promotion of Poldina Scherff from Recreation Services Supervisor to her new position as Recreation Services Manager. 



Item No. 1 Approve minutes of regular meeting of January 23, 2003.
Item No. 2 Accept staff report/project status reports from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/K. Byrd/J. Hansen).
Item No. 3 Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors (S. Barry/P. Scherff/M. Kaiser).
Item No. 4 Accept project status report from Facilities Division (M. Merizon).
Item No. 5 Accept Sandlot Sports Kickball Evaluation results for 2002 (P. Scherff).
Item No. 6 Accept CAPRCBM Guidelines (C. Bronzan)
Chairperson Cowling requested pulling Items 1 and 2. Commissioner Brown moved the acceptance of Items 3 through 6. Commissioner Rodrigues seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 1 Approve minutes of regular meeting of January 23, 2003.
Chairperson Cowling said he had a few edits to the minutes, nothing substantive, so if no one objects he will turn them over to the Minutes Recorder to make the changes. He then moved to approve Item 1 with the editing changes. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried. 

Item No. 2 Accept staff report/project status reports from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/K. Byrd/J. Hansen).
Chairperson Cowling discussed the format of the staff reports and asked about the revision on the spreadsheet. Chairperson Cowling then moved to accept the staff status reports. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 7 Discussion/recommendation to City Council concerning request by Skate Park users to allow for night skating (C. Bronzan/P. Scherff/K. DeSilva).
Director Bronzan lead into the discussion by explaining the item being presented tonight is a result of a presentation that some of the youth and adults made to City Council on November 26, 2002. This was a Citizen Participation on the City Council Agenda, wherein the request was made to add lights to the Skate Park. At that time the Mayor directed the staff to meet with the citizens and also see if this item could be brought back to the Parks and Recreation Commission for consideration. At this point City Council is waiting for a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Commission. Staff has met with the youth and citizen applicants, interested skaters and parents of the community. Director Bronzan said he has written a lengthy staff report on this issue and was willing to answer any questions specifically; however the bottom line was when the school went in, followed by the Aquatic Complex; a number of the neighbors there became concerned when the skate park was proposed. At that time they brought up the issue of the lights. City Council then early on made the decision to make this a facility without lights, no after hours and also no lighting any ball fields or facilities in the park after hours. 

It was then suggested that if they wanted to go out and talk to the neighbors in the surrounding community that is part of democracy in action. Staff has been working with them and identified within about a 1/10th mile radius, the names and addresses of the homes that surround the park and helped them put their petition together so it could be in a format that they could use to go out and convince the community, at least the surrounding residents that this is a good idea. This started in December and the group has now turned in the petitions, which are a part of the agenda packet. Director Bronzan said it is his understanding that they have reached support from about 79 of the 224 homes and also in fairness to the residents they have been notified they could email, fax or come to the meeting to express their wishes in the matter. This was cut off at noon today and Ms. Homan has two emails in favor, two against and one phone call, which has since come in as a written letter against. Director Bronzan summed it up that the intent of the park was not to have lights and staff still believes that is the prudent thing to do. Park and Recreation recommendation at this time is not to light the facility. Should the Commission decide that they want to consider lights, there are a number of points that would need to be discussed now or delayed to another time before going to City Council. One point would be that there are four motion sensor security lights at the park, they were there for after hours security protection and allow the Police Department to know someone was in there. They were not strategically placed for competitive lighting. Initial cost estimate is that there is at least an $8,000 retrofit to use the four existing poles to come up with anywhere from 24 to 30 floodlight fixtures in order to get light around the facility. The foot candles under the security lights are ten foot candles and about ten feet away it basically goes off the scale. They would still need to look at the bottom of the bowls. The design was not intended to throw light from the poles to the bottom of the bowls. Question would be how to pay for the lights? Developer’s fees cannot be used on existing parks. Another question is who would pay for the electricity? The third item is the direction of the City Council, which at this point staff continues to support, the facility is supervised and costs the Parks and Recreation Department $57,000 a year to supervise the facility. City Council has been very pleased with what has gone on since it has been supervised because there have been very few problems. With after hour skating there would be additional supervision charges and question would be who pays this additional cost? Finally, have the applicants adequately brought forth the support of the community? 

At this point the presentations began with Tewah Chirayunon and Ken Enger. Mr. Chirayunon and Mr. Enger originally went to City Council and started the ball rolling for the facility being lighted. They began their presentation by stating that they are proud of the skate park Mr. Chirayunon said he appreciates the Park and Recreation Department’s motto “ . . .adding joy to people’s lives”. His purpose at the meeting was to extend the hours, discuss safety and hope that they can reach a reasonable solution. He explained the reasoning behind extending the hours is that kids and his son get out of school at 3 p.m. and by the time they do their homework and get to the park, it is nearly time for it to close in the winter months. He is looking only for a semi-annual change from November 1 to May 1 each year. He said by the time the students get out of school at 3 p.m., do their homework and with the park closing at 5 p.m. therefore their window of opportunity to utilize the park is very small in the winter months. He is not concerned with summer usage. Mr. Chirayunon says that if the park costs of $800,000 were correct, then possibly the park is not being used to its full potential in the three hours in the winter time. He feels the park is a safe place to go to, he appreciates the supervision and the fact that it is gated. He also feels that extending the hours on a semi-annual basis will extend the safety to the community because they are not going to be in a parking lot, or a school or in another park. The majority of the kids will be in the skate park. He also mentioned closing the park early may not be appropriate since it could strand kids in the dark. 

He discussed the fee as suggested by the Parks and Recreation Department and does not feel this is fair either to the lower income kids. He also quoted some figures as to other cities and how many charge for the supervision and have some type of subsidy to cover the costs of the supervision. Mr. Chirayunon felt lights, keeping the park open might be included in safety costs. He also quoted figures of what the Brentwood residents are assessed on an annual basis that is to cover ground maintenance, water and electricity. Mr. Chirayunon said he felt both parents and kids would benefit from the extended hours in the winter months only. He felt it would promote a safer community, since last November 1, 2002, there have been no incidents at the skate park involving the police. He cited the fact that the Aquatic Center currently has events until 10 p.m. and they are looking for the skate park hours to be extended only to 8 p.m. during school days, which are Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday they would like the hours extended to 9 p.m. He felt that of the residents they were able to survey, they achieved a 90% approval. He did indicate that some residents were not home or did not answer the door. He is willing to try another way to reach those residents they were not able to contact. Copies of the survey was included in each Commissioners packet. 

Next speaker was James Curtis, and he was speaking in favor of lighting the skate park for night time activity. He disputed the cost of the skate park, saying 45% of the $800,000 was for landscaping which the skate boarders did not ask for or want. He said that he attended all of the meetings of the task force and said that lights were brought up at every meeting. He stated that he lives about three blocks from the Skate Park and Aquatic Complex and that there are about 20 cars present at the Aquatic Complex presently. He asked why are they allowed to stay open and have a lighted facility when the skate park is not? He feels the Park and Recreation Department has done little or no promotion of the park. They have not hosted any events and there are no vending machines, telephones and other items that have been brought up at other meetings. Mr. Curtis says there are several construction flaws in the park which he has brought up several times to people in maintenance and nothing has ever been done at all. He felt there were safety issues at the park that are absurd, little kids walking around in the middle of the park, roller blades are leaving wax on the surface and water stands in some areas and does not drain properly. He felt the design was scaled down from what the skaters on the task force requested. Chairperson Cowling asked him to be a little more positive in his attitude. Mr. Curtis feels the Parks and Recreation Department has ignored the requests from the skaters. Commissioner Rodrigues said he has not been too involved in this skate park since he was new on the Commission, but was very involved in the skate park in Livermore. Although, there may be some issues to be addressed, but the bottom line is they have an excellent facility and it takes time to get what you want overall. 

Mr. Curtis’s stated that it is a nice facility, but feels that it has been built and then neglected as far as the Parks & Recreation Department is concerned because they have not added things to the facility or promoted it as much as he feels they should. Question came up as to the amount of usage after school. Staff was asked this question and Ms. Scherff agreed to obtain these statistics. It was suggested that the group wishing the changes in hours bring not only the problem, but try to come up with some solutions as to how to finance the additional hours, lights and supervision. Discussion of the design and Commissioner Brown asked Mr. Curtis what was wrong with the design. Mr. Curtis feels there are drainage problems and also the original plans had been scaled down considerably from what the task force had requested. 
The next speaker was William Timmerman who lives right next to the park. He stated that he was a member of the original Skate Park Task Force and did have a lot of conversations about the lights. He said the lights were a big consideration, the neighbors concerned were promised by the Mayor at that time and the Parks and Recreation Staff that there would be no flood lights in the park. He states this subject was brought up many times at the time they bought their house and was included in City Council minutes, no flood lights, security lights only. He is there to support the staff report that there should not be flood lights. He also said the original EIR report did not cover mitigation on lights in the park, so another report would have to be done and that also would be very expensive. Mr. Timmerman feels that right now with the school, the Aquatic Complex and the security lights along with the Chevron Station and traffic lights, they have enough lighting in the neighborhood. He understands the need for the kids to have a place to congregate and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. 

Commissioner Melloni arrived at 7:45 p.m.

The next speaker was Brandon Verrett. He says that after 5 p.m. there is very little for them to do and no other place to skate other than parking lots or in the street. He feels his parents would like it better to know where they are at and that they could come and pick them up and drop them off knowing they are at a safe supervised facility. He suggested box lighting where the lights are reflected down into the park such as he has seen at Dublin’s skate park. 

The next speaker was Ryan Dalke. He also feels the park will keep teenagers off the street and from doing things that they should not be involved in after school hours. He also said there are lights on at the school longer hours and they are close to the neighborhood houses also. Commissioner Brown asked Mr. Timmerman if he has noticed at night when the security lights in the skate park come on. Mr. Timmerman said he had not. Question was asked about how often the skate park was used by the skaters, most used it just about every day, 5-7 days a week. Commissioner Jones asked how the kids get to the park after hours, and do they have to walk at night after dark or do their parents pick them up? Some have their parents drop them off and pick them up, some drive and some walk.

The next speaker was Stacy Teller. She and her children use the park on a regular basis and believes it is hard when it closes at 5 p.m. because she does insist on homework being done first. She says it is a privilege to go to the park and they must maintain good grades. One daughter swims for Liberty High School and practices at the Aquatic Complex and gets out at 6 p.m. she wonders why the skate park could not be open longer as well. They go as a family unit and skate together. She asked what is going into other areas near the skate park. She feels there will be other facilities opening in the area that will also require lights and traffic. She does not live in the immediate neighborhood, but feels the park is for all of Brentwood and all of the City should be asked in the questionnaire what they want, not just the close neighbors.

Director Bronzan explained the issue that the City Council had decided that this would not be a lighted facility and had made this promise to the neighbors. The City Council, not the Parks and Recreation Department, made this commitment to the residents of the area that it would not be a lighted facility. Recommendation would have to be made to the City Council. Discussion of survey and respondents and how to reach the other residents who have not responded to the survey or the callers when they went door to door. Mr. Chirayunon said of the 40 respondents they had, only 4 said no, and he felt that was a very good percentage that did not object. He also said he was willing to go back out for more signatures and asked if there is a better way any of the Commissioners or staff can suggest to get a broader response. Ms. Teller wanted to know what other facilities are planned in the adjacent communities and if they would not have lighted parking lots and traffic that would affect this neighborhood. Director Bronzan explained what is planned in the various areas being questioned. 

Ms. Erna Barr addressed the Commission with her wishes not to have the facility lighted. She was in favor of healthy activities for children and has supported them over the years. She has nothing against the skate park as it currently exists. She felt the letter from the Parks and Recreation Department was late in coming, since she had just received it in the past couple of days and neighbors she had talked to had not seen the letter at all. She discussed other parts of the park that are going to be completed which will provide other healthy activities and also was concerned of the amount of money available for these other projects as well as the skate park. Ms. Barr expressed concern for undesirable elements which may be attracted by lights and longer hours at the skate park. She stated that she feels the needs of one group needs to be weighed by the entire community’s requirements and ability to finance projects. 

Ms. Teller commented that they are not asking for lights late into the evening, only until 8 p.m. when people are still up and watching television, etc. 

Ms. Barr then again addressed the Commission on her concerns for traffic on the street, noise factors and parking that may spill over into the residential areas. 

Chairperson Cowling then thanked all those who took the time to come to the Commission and express their views. He said if there were not the concerns of intrusion and financial there would not be a problem with complying with the requests to lengthen the hours and light the facility. He summed up the problems as he sees them to four major issues as follows:

1. Light intrusion 
2. Supervision costs for longer hours.
3. Lighting upgrade costs 
4. Electricity costs

Commissioner Tom Jones also said another issue is the political issue since there is a prior commitment to the residents. Chairperson Cowling said his view on the political issue is that there is a new Mayor and City Council that might impact how the current City Council would view the issue. He discussed the lighting issue and the length of time it would take to get trees to block the light from the residents. He feels there is justification of the fact that the lighting may be drowned out by other lights from the school, Aquatic Complex and other developments in the area. The fact also that the lights only being on until 9 p.m. could mean this would not be as strong an issue as originally thought. He addressed the supervision costs and felt that there could be ways to get around this. Users have been following the rules lately and could possibly pull out some supervision or have roving supervision as opposed to full time supervision. They could concentrate more on the night time supervision. He felt the upgrading of the lighting and cost of the electricity are major concerns and he is not quite sure how this should be dealt with, possibly offset some of the supervision costs, so night time supervision and release of some of the day time supervision would release some funds for the lighting and electricity costs. 

Commissioner Rodrigues asked Director Bronzan what the original cost of the skate park was. Director Bronzan said the entire cost for the facility was $800,000. Original estimate was $550,000, and could have left landscaping off, but that would have left a “no mans land” between the pool and the skate park. He explained the costs and reasoning for completing it as it was at that time. Commissioner Rodrigues then asked for the lighting costs and this issue was again addressed by Director Bronzan and he has estimates of about $8,000. He also explained the difference between the lights at the pool and what would have to be installed at the skate park for competition lights. Commissioner Rodrigues then said if current supervision costs are at $57,000, what would it cost to add the additional hours of supervision for the expanded use of the facility. Director Bronzan said it has been estimated at $8,000 additional to the current $57,000. Director Bronzan said also that he could not support any recommendation that took supervision away from the park. He said it would not be worth the possible problems that could occur. Commissioner Rodrigues said his last question would be the numbers, how many use the skate park on the peak times and low times, he asked staff for an estimate. Ms. Poldina Scherff said she does not have those numbers at this time, but can obtain them and get them to him at a later date. Participants at the meeting said weekends are higher than during the week, often 40-60 on weekends. Commissioner Rodrigues made further comments regarding his views. He also thanked the citizens who appeared at the Commission meeting and said he gave them a lot of respect for the way they conducted themselves.

Suggestion was made by one citizen that possibly senior citizens might be willing to come and monitor the park on a volunteer basis. Commissioner Brown thought the kids and parents did a good job of presenting their views. He also wanted to hear more from the neighbors and wondered if it could be done the way it was presented. He would like more input, but felt a good point was made that at 5 p.m. the skate park is closed and in other areas things are kept open such as lighted ball fields, etc. Commissioner Melloni said she would like more information regarding costs and wondered if the citizen’s group had explored a fund raiser for the costs of the lighting. She also wondered about grants. Janet Hansen discussed grants and said that at the moment she did not know of any for lighting. Commissioner Melloni said the lights are on at the school and the Aquatic Complex for security until 7:30 p. m. or later and don’t really seem to bother the neighbors. The subject of advertising on the fencing or holding competitions was also raised for fundraising possibilities. Commissioner Melloni also asked how the situation of funding stands as far as budget vs. actual for the Parks & Recreation Dept. Director Bronzan said that last year $275,000 was transferred into their budget because they had gone into the hole that much over the last two years and trying to do all the projects City Council had directed. The department has been running $85,000 to $90,000 a year in arrears. Chairperson Cowling told the citizens requesting the extra hours and lighting that if the Parks and Recreation Commission sends this item back to the City Council they should come prepared with recommendations as to how they could deal with the problem. After further discussion by the Commissioners, Chairperson Cowling said that the citizen’s group needs to come up with not only the problem, but with solutions to the problem. Commissioner Brown moved that the Commission send this issue back to the City Council, Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion. Commissioner Brown said the issue should be explored further, if lights could be put in, switching of hours, and other types of compromise. At this point Commissioner Melloni wondered if it might be more prudent to have the citizens come back to the Parks and Recreation Commission with plans or solutions and results of further polling the neighbors, and then at that point decide what should be done. Commissioner Jones said he would be more comfortable if they did go back and “do more homework” and come back to the Commission before sending to the City Council. At this point Commissioner Melloni rescinded her second to the motion. 

Director Bronzan offered the suggestion that staff could come back with numbers as to attendance, exact costs of supervision and best accuracy as possible on figures for the lighting upgrades. He will get specifications from Risk Management, whether it can be done with existing poles and other factors involved. He suggested this would probably not be all available until either the April or May meeting. Chairperson Cowling suggested that the citizens group approach a local electrical contractor for possible donations and Director Bronzan promised to get the facts and figures together to help in making the decision. Commissioner Melloni said she would like to have more neighborhood input as well. Discussion was held in how to obtain this further information. Commissioner Jones suggested also that they might glean information from other skate parks in the area that have night usage. Suggestion that Parks and Recreation staff contact the City of Dublin for information as to how they acquired their lighting. Ms. Hansen suggested the Skate Parks Coalition, an organization of different cities that meet on a regular basis, specifically on skate parks and programs of management. Staff could contact them for information. She stated there is an organization for Northern California and one for Southern California. Discussion of expanding the poll of the citizens of Brentwood to get a more complete survey. 

Commissioner Brown rescinded his previous motion. He then said that he is currently inclined to support returning the question to the City Council but would like further information as indicated above. At this point Commissioner Brown moved that he requested the group to put a whole package together regarding this issue and come back in a couple of months. Director Bronzan said he knew he would not have all the requested information available by the March meeting, but would send another letter out two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting for this item of the Commission to the residents. Commissioner Rodrigues asked that a survey also be done of other area skate parks as to their night skating and lighting costs and trends. This request echoed by Commissioner Jones. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 8. Update on citizen concern for expansion of Marsh Creek Trail, south of Creekside Park (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen gave a brief update on the Marsh Creek Trail expansion and asked that Chairperson Cowling be assigned to work with the staff on the issue that Mr. Randy Christ brought to the attention of the Commission at the previous meeting. She has since that time met with Mr. Christ and done some “brainstorming” the various options and is now in the process of researching those options and any monetary implications and who would be responsible for implementing the various options. Once she has all this information together she is asking that Chairperson Cowling sit down with Mr. Christ and herself to review those options and come back with a recommendation to the full commission. Mr. Christ said nothing has changed at this point but he is looking forward to getting all the details worked out. Ms. Hansen will stay in touch with Mr. Christ and let him and the Commission know any further details. Chairperson Cowling asked if there are only two residents on this portion of the Marsh Creek Road and Mr. Christ said there were three -- himself, Mr. Wolf and Mr. Wolf’s mother. 

Item No. 9 Discussion of Park and Recreation Commission working with the Arts Commission regarding an art element in new park designs (J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni reported that at the Arts Commission meeting of the previous evening some suggestions were brought forth by Commissioners Woolley, Weber and herself for art designs in the new Balfour Road Park. Some suggestions were for bronze statues of animals native to the area such as foxes, coyotes and rabbits, etc. Also, some imbedded footprints in the sidewalk, and on the pathways. Since the Arts Commission has no money at this time for this project they are looking for ways to fund the project. She explained various fund raising projects as the “Day in the Park” as methods of providing more creative art in the parks. Ms. Hansen said she felt there are a number of opportunities to engage the Arts Commission in not only the park behind the pool, but in many other efforts. She feels art should be integrated in all parks and in some capacity and incorporated into the budget. In some cases the budget has already been set, but she felt it is still critical to plan for art in the design stage and plan a spot for the art. Commissioner Melloni would like to create a subcommittee with the Arts Commission and have the two Commissions work together on future parks. Director Bronzan said it may not be necessary to form a subcommittee, may direct staff to work with the Arts Commission on park projects. 

Commissioner Melloni moved that the Parks and Recreation Staff work with the Arts Commission in planning art in future parks. Motion seconded by Commissioner Rodrigues and motion carried.

Item No. 10 Discussion of retreat for Park & Recreation Commissioners (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan said that this item had actually been on their agenda last October and the subject had been brought up that Commissioners have an informal meeting, either a morning or afternoon session with appropriate staff to discuss items on a more informal basis. At the time the Commission had wanted to wait until the new Commissioner was with them and now that this is a reality he wanted to see if they still wanted to have the retreat and if so, set a date. Chairperson Cowling mentioned the new trail in Livermore incorporating Concannon with Arroyo and Wente. He would like to show this to other Commissioners. He felt this would be appropriate with the plans now being formed for trail from Concord Avenue to Round Valley. The Commissioners could meet with staff and have lunch and then tour whatever facilities they choose. Dates were discussed and Commissioner Rodrigues moved that the retreat be held April 6, 2003. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 11 Update on park dedications - Miwok, and Brookfield Homes Parks (K. DeSilva/D. Fugazzi).
Dedication for the Miwok Park is set for May 3, 2003 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the ribbon cutting at noon. The theme will be in keeping with Miwok Indian Tribe. Deanna Fugazzi has been in contact with 500 Nations, California Rural Indian Health Board and Native American Student Association at Cal State Fresno. Not too much information has been gleaned at this point. Activities will be available from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., including balloon artist, face painting and a jump house. Cart Wheels Catering will provide four carts for hot dogs, hot pretzels, churros, ice cream and beverages. Carlos Lopez Band will be set up south of play area. Mr. Margesson also verified the Brookfield Homes parks dedication will be May 17, 2003. All the food will be free. 

Item No. 12 Update on East County Youth Center (J. Cowling).
Chairperson Cowling reported on the last meeting of the East County Youth Center on January 21, 2003. He reported they are currently trying to seek out grant funds. They do have a builder who is going to build the structure and looking for money to create an endowment fund to fund the operation of $250,000 to $300,000 per year for operation of the facility. Discussion of grant funds and the fact that many of the available grants went to Southern California; however Oakland did get one grant. Chairperson Cowling said they are still looking at alternatives and looking for a good plot of land. He reported they do have a draft of an agreement that they have reviewed at the last meeting and made some modifications and it is now up to the cities to add their input. The builder will be Hofmann for about a $3 million dollar structure. Most plans are still rather indefinite at this time and he expects there to be another meeting soon on the project. 

Item No. 13 Review of Commissioner Assignments to park projects (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen referred the Commissioners to the Review of Park Assignments from the previous meeting which was included in the Commissioners packets. She asked all to look over the summary and make sure that they are on the right park. Commissioner Jones was asked by Chairperson Cowling if he was willing to take over the two open spots -- Blackhawk and Pulte Rose Garden Neighborhood Park. Commissioner Jones said he was willing to do so. Commissioner Jones made the motion to approve the park assignments as printed and that he will take the two open assignments. Motion seconded by Commissioner Rodrigues and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 14 Discussion of California and Pacific Southwest Recreation and Park Training Conference in San Jose March 20-22, 2003 (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan said that Ms. Homan has all of the details. He gave the dates again and said that the staff are very involved in the conference and that Sue Barry and Poldina Scherff are in charge of the Room Hosts and will be working at the conference to make sure people collect evaluations and introduce speakers. Most of the staff has volunteered in one capacity or another. The Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department will win two state awards, one for design of the Skate Park and one for the Activities Guide design. He gave a description of events and time schedule. Ms. Homan then passed out a sheet to each Commissioner showing the dates of the conference and when they are registered, when to check in and check out, most are at different times. Approximately two weeks before the conference they will receive a packet that will include the per diem check, conference ticket and everything that they will need. Director Bronzan noted that Commissioner Rodrigues is running for the California Association of Parks and Recreation Board and Commission Members Board and so he will be campaigning while he is at the conference. Carpooling was discussed and Chairperson Cowling said he will go with Commissioner Rodrigues and Commissioner Jones said he will as well. Director Bronzan will be sending out emails or letters on events as he receives them. 

Item No. 15 Update on 2002/2003 Park Improvement Projects (K. DeSilva).
Mr. Barry Margesson handed out an update to all of the Commissioners. He said that this had been a very lengthy process in updating all the parks landscaping and lighting. He indicated which areas are high priority with highlighting on the handout. Irrigation and landscaping changes were indicated in the form. Commissioner Rodrigues asked about cutting the weeds in the Blackhawk area, was this the Association’s responsibility or does the City take care of this item? Mr. Margesson said that area has not been accepted by the City yet. The Parks and Recreation Department had done this last year just to keep the weeds away from the homes. Commissioner Rodrigues asked if there is a date set for that project as yet and Mr. Margesson promised to look into the matter. Director Bronzan said that Mr. Margesson and Mr. DeSilva had spent a lot of time in putting this together and it is the first time they have put together the starting of a multi-year maintenance plan and the goal is to get high level ones as a priority, then on down to medium and lower level and when it is adopted set forth a five year program for maintenance. At that time an actual year will be put to each project. As other issues come up the Commissioners are urged to let Mr. Margesson and Mr. DeSilva know so that they can be added. 

Chairperson Cowling asked about the budget meeting as it was erroneously in the minutes as February 27, when it should have been March 27, 2003. Director Bronzan said the Commissioners will meet at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be provided. They will meet with Pam Ehler, Finance Director for a workshop prior to the regular meeting.


Janet Hansen asked the Commission for an additional person to serve on the Bicycle Subcommittee, currently have only Commissioner Brown. Chairperson Cowling said he will serve on the subcommittee. She asked then if he could meet with them on the fourth Monday at 4 p.m. He said he could and Ms. Hansen will email a reminder to him. 

Commissioner Rodrigues thanked the staff for coming to the meeting. He also reported that the new official name for the Livermore sports complex is the Rodrigues Sports Complex in honor of him and his work with the Livermore Commission. Everyone congratulated him on this honor. Commissioner Brown asked when Tim Taylor is expected back and Director Bronzan said he is expected back on April 1, 2003. 

Cowell Property update
Mayor attend meeting

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Cowling adjourned the meeting at 9:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925)516-5445