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April 25, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Jan Melloni at 7:07 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Chairperson Melloni asked for roll call. Commissioners Ernie Rodrigues and Jeff Cowling were present. Commissioners Karen Rarey and Lanny Brown were both absent and excused reported by Director Craig Bronzan. Others present were Craig Bronzan, Director; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; and Janet Hansen, Park Planner.

Director Craig Bronzan presented a brief slide show of the recent Walnut Park Grand Opening. The show consisted of pictures that were taken of the Grand Opening that day and showed various Commissioners and others that were in attendance. Photos were taken by Karen Rarey’s husband and presentation put together by Sylvia Elias.

AGENDA REVIEW: No additions or changes.


Item No. 1. Approve minuets of regular meeting of March 28, 2002.
Item No. 2 Approve minutes of Capital Improvement Program Workshop of March 28, 2002.
Item No. 3 Accept staff report from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/K. Byrd/B. Margesson/J. Hansen).
Item No. 4 Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors (S. Barry/P. Scherff/M. Kaiser).
Item No. 5 Accept Proclamation of May 2002 as “National Bicycling Month” and May 16th as “Bike to Work Day” in Brentwood (J. Hansen).
Item No. 6 Update of Play Equipment and Dog Park Tour (J. Hansen)
Commissioner Jeff Cowling moved that the Consent Calendar be accepted. Commissioner Rodrigues seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. 

Item No. 7 Discussion of the Senior Advisory/Trip Committee Memorandum (Senior Advisory Proposal) (M. Kaiser).
Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor, gave a brief background of the group, citing when he started three and half years ago as Executive Director with the Delta Community Services, there actually was a Delta Seniors Club. At that time they leased the Blue Room in the Community Center as their office space and planned events for seniors in the area. Since that time, that group basically disappeared and the funds they had have gone into a scholarship fund at the high school. The Delta Community Services merged with the City of Brentwood about one and half years ago and about six months after that moved across the street and left Mr. Kaiser with the Senior Advisory Group, which meets once a month and plans trips and other activities. They are now more organized, meeting the first Tuesday of the month if anyone is interested and wants to stop by. Now have drafted by-laws and looking at formalizing the group more and becoming a non-profit organization. Considering doing Bingo and have received some Bingo equipment donated from Dublin Senior Center. Funds raised would then be used to offset costs of trips and other activities. He has a proposal for the Commission since they will become a more formal group, they would like to have someone from the Commission meet with the group. Since Commissioner Rodrigues is from Summerset they are very interested in having him, or another Commissioner, come to their meetings to represent the Parks and Recreation Commission and perhaps bring information and input from seniors at Summerset. Commissioner Rodrigues said he would be willing to serve on the Senior Advisory Group. He discussed what is happening with the Summerset Activities Director at this time. Commissioner Cowling asked if the Brentwood Grants Writer is qualified to pursue grants on behalf of the non-profit group. Director Bronzan and Mr. Kaiser said yes, they could. Commissioner Cowling nominated Ernie Rodrigues to the Senior Advisory Committee. Chairperson Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 8. Discussion of the City Park Redesign (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen discussed the redesign of the City Park and copies of the proposed redesign were placed on the overhead and in each Commissioner’s packet. The proposal was from Abey/Arnold Associates. Community meetings were also held prior to this time for community input. She reported that they have applied for playground grants and have been awarded two of these totaling $75,000 to be used for play equipment and accessibility upgrades, and one for the rubberized surfacing for the playgrounds, specifically. Beyond that they have also applied for a competitive grant and evaluators have come to Brentwood and talked to Director Bronzan, Ms. Hansen and Karen Wahl, Grants Coordinator. They will be hearing more on this proposal in late June or early July. This proposal is for an additional $200,000 and Ms. Hansen felt that the city is definitely in the running for this grant. The CIP for the park is currently for a total of $750,000, although Ms. Hansen feels to do the park full blown redesign will come closer to one million dollars. They will work within the budget and start with the playground since they have already received these funds as part of Phase 1 of the redevelopment. Based on whether or not they receive other grants work will progress. She then presented the grant plan and stated that there will be other community meetings later on, waiting now to see what Economic or Redevelopment Department arrives at in their specific plans for downtown redevelopment, parking as well as the downtown element. Karen Wahl, the Grants Coordinator has received a commitment from the redevelopment people that they will have some money to add for matching funds for proposals. Commissioner Rodrigues asked what funds are budgeted for this park without the grants. Ms. Hansen said none has been allocated from General Fund or Quimby Funds since it is a redevelopment of an existing site. Plan is to continue to pursue the grant funding, other than the per capita monies. Prop #12 per capita funds are projected at about $300,000, also projecting funds from Prop 40. With grants already received, Prop #12 funds and funding proposals written, they will have approximately $600,000 when and if all are received. She also reported no phasing plans done at present. They have about two years to use money already received for playground equipment. She then went through the conceptual plans with the commissioners, discussing moving of current playground to new area. Explained new and artistic elements planned, such as tiles, fruit trees and history of Brentwood’s orchards. Commissioner Cowling asked what would happen to the Christmas tree. Ms. Hansen said there is a proposal to move it to a more central area in the park and will need the Commissioners input on this idea as well as that of the community at the next community meeting. Gazebo will remain in about the same location but oriented so it can be a plaza or area outside of the gazebo will more accessible for events such as weddings and other activities. Snow park could be located near there and further away from traffic, and closer to new play area. There is also a plan for a large event permanent stage with power and lighting provided. This is all being currently researched. Chairperson Melloni asked about this since the Art Commission has been looking at buying a stage for the City. She felt this was a better idea, since it could be done in stages and be there for all City events. This would then be space for all concerts and other city activities. Chairperson Melloni asked about when playground is moved what happens to the other side? Ms. Hansen said the plan will be if they get the grant they were just interviewed for, to remove the existing equipment and demolish that and do the new picnic area and playground as Phase #1. They would leave the old playground and put in the new one first, them demolish the old area. Part would become group picnic area and access to restrooms, etc. The entire area would be changed and be more of an angular shape. Commissioner Cowling asked about lighting and electrical, Ms. Hansen said the electrical would be provided at various locations across the park and lighting would be parts of stage area and gazebo and taller light standards in other areas. They will be more decorative lights and there are four electrical pedestals in place at this time. Commissioner Cowling asked about the rose garden and Ken DeSilva explained how this would be planned so that roses would not be dangerous to public because of thorns, but pruned correctly and could be a educational tool for the growing and pruning of the roses. 

At this point two of the students from Los Medanos College asked questions regarding the financing of the project. Ms. Hansen again explained the grants funding and monies from the Prop 12 funds. Chairperson Melloni asked if it was agreeable for her to take back the information to the Art Commission that there were some possibilities for Art in the Park? She mentioned the tile work that had been submitted to the Art Commission by a former Brentwood resident. Tiles could be peoples names, or art project or various other types of art work. Ms. Hansen said she thought this would be a good idea. Could be incorporated into seat wall, rose garden and in other places in the park, but be consistent throughout the park. 

Item No. 9. Motion to approve special meeting on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. for Public Hearing on Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan (C. Bronzan)
Director Craig Bronzan reported that the Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan is completed, and a copy was included with each Commissioner’s packet. This is the final copy and the comment period is out for public until May 13, at which time all comments will be put together. A public hearing then needs to be set to allow people to come in and make any other comments. The Park and Recreation Commission will be hopefully approving a mitigated negative declaration on to City Council and would go to the City Council on their second meeting in June for adoption and Master Plan will finally be complete. Since it could not be done fast enough for the meeting on May 23, and since this is probably the most important document done by the Commission in two years, it would be good to have this set for a special meeting on May 30, 2002. This will be a single-issue meeting and Director Bronzan requested that the Commissioners make themselves available for this special meeting. Commissioner Ernie Rodrigues moved that the Commission accept this date for this meeting on May 30, 2002. Commissioner Jeff Cowling seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 10. Discussion of California Pacific Southwest Park and Recreation Training Conference (Commissioners/Staff)
Director Bronzan gave this item as an opportunity for the Commissioners who attended the recent conference in Los Angeles to report back to staff any comments on the conference. Chairperson Melloni felt the conference was good, although she did feel the banquet was very long and drawn out. Ms. Hansen asked for input on banquet, all felt too long, but liked the jazz band. Commissioner Rodrigues asked if his request for officers and board members phone numbers and addresses had been taken care of. Director Bronzan said Sylvia is working on this for him. He commented that in his state conference, they just give out six awards, the rest are on a display table and seems to work better. Chairperson Melloni complimented Sue Barry on how things picked up when she got up and things then went faster. Director Bronzan reported the conference next year will be in San Jose in March. 

Item No. 11. Discussion of Apple Hill Linear Trail (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan said Summerset I has filed a letter with the City Council requesting that the City Council do everything they can to get Blackhawk/Nunn and Apple Hill to finish the trail connection. The only thing missing he reported is the connection under the bridge at Apple Hill Drive. He discussed the history of this problem, and stated that City Council member Annette Beckstrand has directed the Parks and Recreation staff to come up with a report on this situation on May 14. He is supportive of this and said that to finish the trail under the bridge the water level will have to be lowered. Director Bronzan explained how this is to be done with a “Gabian Drop” which is like a waterfall with netting around rocks. This will keep the erosion from creating silt and creating problems for the trail. He explained that the Flood Control for Contra Costa County wants to do the project but has no money set aside to do it. He explained the problems that have arisen on this and will be meeting with the attorney for Blackhawk/Nunn next Tuesday and will then explain what the City Council has directed them to do to get the trail completed. This report was given to the Commissioners as an update. The matter will be discussed at the Brentwood City Council meeting on May 14, and hopefully something will happen then to move the project forward. 

Item No. 12. Consideration of dates for grand opening of Orchard Park as either Saturday, June 1, 2002 or Saturday, June 8, 2002 (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva said he actually has one more date to consider and that would be June 22, 2002 according to recent notification from KB Homes. The Commissioners agreed that the 22nd would be a good date. Mr. DeSilva said he would contact Commissioners Rarey and Brown and see if the 22nd would be agreeable to them. Mr. DeSilva also wanted to know if the Commissioners could set a potential date for the Pulte Park dedication, which would probably be in August. This is for Pulte’s “North” Park. The 10th of August was given to Mr. DeSilva as a good date for all present. He will contact Pulte and report back at the next meeting. Discussion of other parks in progress and when they might be opened. Discussion of maybe having a opening of several developer’s parks at the same time. Mr. DeSilva will check on this idea. He said KB is talking about catering the event with a barbecue and live music. They had also talked about giving a donation to some charitable organization. Discussion of shade for the event at that time of the year. 

Director Bronzan said that one thing remaining for the Pulte Park is to give the park a name. So far it is not named. Naming Committee should meet and come back with a name for that park and any others that need to be named so it can be taken on to City Council. Commissioners Rarey and Brown have those parks and Mr. DeSilva said they have had problems getting together for a meeting. Director Bronzan asked Chairperson Melloni that if for some reason the above two Commissioners cannot get together could she meet and finish that committee. She agreed that she would.

Item No. 13. Discussion of application of Sunset Park for the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation Murray-Hayden Urban Parks and Youth Service program under the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000 (Proposition 12) and request for resolution in support of application. (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen explained that previously that this park was fully funded under the CIP. The City Manager then decided that the prudent thing to do was to take a balanced budget for Council approval. In doing this, a number of projects were evaluated, and the Parks and Recreation Department was told that legally they could not use Quimby Funds for redevelopment and part of the Sunset Park is actually redevelopment, since there are an existing three fields there. She explained this is where the cloverleaf four fields replace the three existing ball fields in Phase 2 of the redesign. She was told that this would be approximately 1.7 million dollars, when she completed figuring costs of this project it did come to 1.772 million dollars. So this amount has been unfunded in Sunset Park. She then looked for other funding sources and found a Land and Water Conservation Grant that they could have applied for, and also the Murray-Hayden Urban Parks Youth Service Grant. Originally Village Drive Resource Center had been putting together a proposal for the Murray-Hayden grant, but due to environmental issues and work not completed on that project they will not be able to meet the deadline. Since Ms. Hansen had attended a workshop and felt it could go to either project, she and Karen Wahl have reviewed and discussed both projects and now have decided and are pulling out the Village Drive application and will look for that project later on. They are now instead going to apply for the Sunset Park Sports Complex, the minimum that can be applied for is $50,000 and the maximum is $3,000,000, so it is their intent to apply for the full $1,750,000. She said it is a very complicated application and among things requested is a letter of support of grant application. She had this letter completed and with her that evening hoped the Commissioners would be in full support and would sign the letter at this meeting. Commissioner Cowling asked about major qualifying criteria for the grant. Ms. Hansen said it was from highly urbanized areas and from a county perspective Brentwood qualifies for this, it is youth-oriented and that also is a qualifier. Commissioner Cowling moved that they approve the application and sign the letter. Commissioner Rodrigues seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 


Mr. DeSilva commented on the tree planting this Saturday, April 27, behind the Homecoming Park. He has about 25 volunteers at this point and Delta Gardeners. Mac Kaiser commented that there would be three of the Commissioners at the Spring To Life Fun Run. Commissioners Cowling and Melloni will be running and Commissioner Brown will be at the finish line. 

Director Bronzan said the pool will open Saturday at noon and will now be open weekends. Commissioner Rodrigues asked about the Terrapin relationship and Director Bronzan said no further comments from them at this time. Chairperson Melloni said the rates were raised because of City of Concord raising their rates and cost of lifeguard at City of Brentwood. 

Ms. Hansen asked people regarding the dog park tour, that if they are not attending to be sure and let her know so she can make her plans accordingly. Chairperson Melloni will be there. Commissioners Cowling and Rodrigues will not be able to attend. Director Bronzan will confirm with Commissioners Rarey and Brown. 



ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Melloni adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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Brentwood, CA 94513
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