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February 28, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Jan Melloni at 7:05 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners Lanny Brown, Jeff Cowling, Ernie Rodrigues and Karen Rarey all present along with Chairperson Jan Melloni.

Others present were Director of Parks and Recreation Craig Bronzan, Janet Hansen, Park Planner and Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager.

Parks 2002 - Measure K Ballot Measure presentation by East Bay Regional Park District (T. Mickelson). 
Chairperson Jan Melloni introduced Mr. Tom Mickelson for a presentation on the aforementioned ballot measure. Mr. Mickelson gave a background on the history of the East Bay Regional Park District. The District was formed in 1934 and was originally formed to serve the East Bay between Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro, and over time has annexed most of Alameda County and in 1961 annexed Contra Costa County with the exception of the far East County. In 1981 far East County was annexed, and at the time of the annexation they did not implement a tax transfer. Therefore, no tax revenues have come into the East Bay Parks Regional District. Mickelson went on to explain the tax revenue distribution until l988 and other revenues and propositions since that time. There are no tax revenues coming into the East Bay Regional Park District from East County, only sources of revenue from lighting and landscape assessment district. Rate has been kept flat for last 11 years. However in past two years the cost to operate the regional trails and parks in East County has exceeded revenues and has been that way ever since. Revenues in current ballot measure essential to continue and maintain the regional trail system. Mickelson listed all of the trails and parks included in this measure. He then presented a video tape explaining the need for the measure and the parks system involved in the measure. He explained that the existing East Bay Regional Park District cost was approximately $360 million, at today’s prices (if you could obtain the land) the cost would be $1 billion. Comments were all positive on the proposed measure. There is a “Sunset” clause after 12 years. Much more expansion and plans included in the measure also. After a question and answer period, Mr. Mickelson thanked the Commission for being able to give his presentation. 

Concord Youth Center, Power Point Presentation by Commissioner Jeff Cowling.
Commissioner Cowling presented a slide show of a tour that he, Senator Torlakson, and the Mayors of Brentwood, Oakley and Antioch attended of the Concord Youth Center. Other dignitaries also present on the tour. He described the reason for the tour was to look at the facility with the idea in mind that a donor has agreed to build the facility for approximately $3 million, and what is now needed is an endowment fund for operating expenses. Senator Torlakson envisions a facility similar to the Concord Youth Center, and which is why the tour was conducted. He showed slides of the current facility and what it plans for expanding the current center. The slides featured wrestling, boxing, karate, a gymnasium, and places to study and do home work. Commissioner Cowling said he would envision more outdoor activities and fields for different outdoor sports as well as the wrestling, boxing and karate. He said there is a meeting on this proposed facility for Brentwood at the Council Chambers on March 14 at 4:00 PM. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Chairperson Melloni asked what this type of system costs to operate. Commissioner Cowling thought it would cost approximately $250,000 per year. Questions and comments on the proposed youth center, Proposition 40 could provide these funds for operating the facility.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.


Commissioner Rarey asked that Items 1, 2, 3 and 6 be pulled from the Consent Calendar. No one else had any questions. Motion to approve Items 4,5,7, and 8. 
Brown/Rodrigues M/S/U

Item No. 1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of January 24, 2002.
Commissioner Rarey asked for clarification of the Item #8 Subcommittee meeting, she was present at the Subcommittee meeting, but absent at the regular Parks and Recreation Commission meeting. Motion to accept Item 1, the Minutes of the Regular Commission meeting. Commissioner Cowling seconded the motion, motion carried.
Rarey/Cowling M/S/U

Item No. 2 Accept the staff report from the Parks Division (K.DeSilva/B.Margesson/J. Hansen)
Commissioner Rarey reports she received a telephone call regarding the tot lot that was having the sand removed, but does not see it anywhere in the report. Mr. DeSilva responded that it was just done today. 
Rarey/Cowling M/S/U

Item No. 3 Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors (S. Barry/P. Scherff/M. Kaiser)
Commissioner Rarey wished to comment that unfortunately, she was not able to attend the Bike Subcommittee, but reported that Mike, from the Bike Subcommittee did fill her in on the meeting. She was able to request a letter from the Mayor to include a statement that he does ride a bike around town, and does use it for business. Commissioner Rarey does have pictures of the Mayor on his bike, and can include them with the article for the “Bike Friendly” application. Commissioner Rarey noted that she has the next Bike Subcommittee meeting and future meetings on her calendar. Ms. Janet Hansen confirmed that the next meeting will be on March 14th at 3:30 PM, and invited Commissioner Rarey to either bring the information to the meeting or give it to her ahead of time. Ms. Hansen can then include it on the “Bicycle Friendly City” application. Motion to accept Item #3.
Rarey/Cowling M/S/U

Item No. 6     Play equipment update (J. Hansen)
Commissioner Rarey commented that although she would have loved to have been able to attend this event, there is another big event that same day and all officials in town were invited. This event is the Highway 4 Bypass Grand Opening and Safety Fair. Commissioner Rarey was very disappointed that the commissioners were not asked what date would be convenient for them. Ms. Hansen said that Grupe Homes has taken the lead on the scheduling since it is their event. Grupe had submitted three dates, one was in March which was too early to allow the maintenance crew to have the park prepared, the next date was April 6th, the date the commissioners are all at the CPRS Conference, and then the date of April 13th. April 13th was the only date when there could be representation from the Park & Recreation Commission, and staff. Discussion was held on consideration time/date change for Grupe. The Commission asked Ms. Hansen to speak with Grupe and ask if they could consider a date of either April 14th, April 20th, or April 21 and return to Commission with their response. Commissioner Cowling at this point inquired as to what is happening with Orchard Park. He was wondering if K&B will be doing some type of event for that park. Director Bronzan confirmed that K&B is working on scheduling an event. Motion that Ms. Hansen get back to Grupe and ask to move the Grand Opening dates to Sunday, April 14th, Saturday April 20th, or Sunday April 21st. 
Rarey/Rodrigues M/S/U

Item No. 9 Play equipment update (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen presented plans and samples of materials for new and more innovative play equipment for older children. She has been meeting over the past month or so with representatives of play equipment companies. She stated that if there are particular lines of equipment that the Commission is especially interested in she will be very happy to schedule those representatives to come to the Commission and do a full presentation at a later date. She also suggested scheduling a tour of parks where the new equipment and play elements are in use. She would like to combine a tour of the play equipment, to a dog park tour which the Commission never had an opportunity to do because of scheduling conflicts. A slide presentation was conducted along with sample material from which the equipment was constructed. Discussion was held regarding the materials and pictures of completed equipment. Water features and various color features were also displayed and discussed. Director Bronzan suggested that when the Commission attends the CPRS Conference in April they check out play equipment and colors, and bring back business cards from representatives of the equipment should they like further information. 

Item No. 10 Set date for tour of dog parks and play equipment (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen asked the Commission if they wanted to wait until after the conference to schedule a tour of parks including a tour of dog park. She reported that the best case scenario for completion of the dog park is in the Spring of 2004. Ms. Hansen explained the reasons for the time involved in completion of the park, which much of the delay was due to completion of Sandcreek Road. Commissioner Cowling suggested that the tour be scheduled for the following week after they return from the conference. There was discussion of whether the tour could be later in afternoon when daylight is longer into evening, perhaps later into May. Discussion on using a City van, and Ms. Hansen will plan for food and the tour schedule. Date of May 11th was set as tentative date, with start time at 8:00 AM and continuing as an all day event. The tour will include visiting parks and dog parks in San Jose, Oakland and San Rafael. Ms. Hansen asked the Commission to let her know if there is a scheduling conflict, otherwise she will plan for the May 11th.

Item No. 11. Commissioner confirmation/assignments for park sub-committees (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen reported that she has gone through minutes of previous meetings, and with so much going on and new parks coming in, she wanted to take this time to consolidate all the subcommittee assignments and make sure everyone is aware of their particular park sites, and if they feel any adjustments need to be made. Also, since one Commissioner is no longer on the Commission, and one new Commissioner has been added, assignments will have to be adjusted accordingly. A discussions were held regarding the following; Centex Trailhead and grant applications. This park remains with Commissioners Cowling and Melloni; Brentwood Park (Pulte) South Park, with Commissioner Brown and Commissioner Rodrigues; Brentwood Hills (Shea Homes) Park, with Commissioner Brown and Commissioner Rodrigues; Boulder Ridge (Brookfield Homes) Unit 4 Park and Boulder Ridge (Brookfield Homes) West Park, both assigned to Commissioner Cowling. Balfour Road Family Aquatic Complex Neighborhood Park, Commissioners Melloni and Rarey, regarding design development construction. RRM is working on this park and will be brought before the Commission soon. City Council has requested some changes which are now being planned. Construction documents should be ready by the end of the year. Suncal, AKA Deer Ridge, has been before the Commission once, (has had several names, now Suncal out of business). It is not sure who will build the park since villages are now being sold off to other builders, which include Morrison, K & B, Grupe and others. This park is assigned to Commissioners Brown and Melloni. Ponderosa Homes Neighborhood Park, with dog park element, Commissioners Melloni and Rarey; Lyon Homes (Yamanaka) Neighborhood Park, Commissioners Brown and Rarey; and Empire Ave. Elementary School Neighborhood Park, no plans yet and no commissioners assigned. Blackhawk (Fairview Avenue) Neighborhood Park, had not been assigned, now assigned to Commissioner Rodrigues; Pulte Rose Garden Neighborhood Park, smaller parks and one larger park, assigned to Commissioners Cowling and Rarey. Sunset Sports Complex, assigned to Commissioners Brown and Melloni and they have attended subcommittee meetings on this park, and March 12th it will be before the City Council. Peter Arnold has provided proposals to move forward with construction documents and Ms. Hansen will take a couple of options to City Council on this park. It will be decided whether or not to do construction documents in phases or all at once. Centex Montelena Park, just rough concepts at present, Commissioners Melloni and Rodrigues are assigned to this park. City Park Redesign, have had some community meetings on this park, has been to Commission and to City Council and will be utilizing Proposition 12 per capita funds in addition to three grants which were applied for this project. A $50,000 grant was awarded, and commissioners have been notified that it is recommended for $25,000 for rubberized playground safety surfacing. This park assigned to Commissioners Rarey and Brown. Chairperson Melloni asked if they are keeping in mind any kind of art for this park? Ms. Hansen said there as been no decision as yet since there is no design concept as of yet. This was the reason for the recent community meeting. Chairperson Melloni asked that when this subject comes up, if the art design could be kept in mind. Ms. Hansen responded that they definitely could. Both Ms. Hansen and Director Bronzan discussed other plans and ideas in progress with grant applications for this park. At this point Commissioner Rodrigues asked Director Bronzan for a tour of these park sites, Director Bronzan said that is on the agenda for March 9th. Last park to be discussed was the Mission Peak/Amber Park which is a new subdivision close to Empire School Park near Lone Tree. Mission Peak is the developer, Amber Park the name of the subdivision. Commissioners Rodrigues and Cowling volunteered for this park. Ms. Hansen said that it is not on the list, but a grant application is in for acquisition for part of the Griffith parcel, along Mission Creek where Deer Creek and Marsh Creek and Sand Creek all come together. Also, another grant that is being worked on for habitat restoration, trails, and educational elements in this area. She reported that Dr. Griffith seems to be receptive to this grant application. This is currently in four phases with acquisition of property, grants, etc. 

Item No. 12 Discussion of agenda items/tour for Commission retreat scheduled for March 9, 2002 (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan said he plans to meet with the Commission at 9:00 a.m. on March 9, 2002. They will meet and go to Brentwood (Pulte) Park. The Commission was asked to bring warm clothes in case of weather change. This will be a time to discuss issues, one will be rules and decorum and procedures for City meetings. Director Bronzan will make copies of the rules and procedures for all the Commissioners. The tour plans are for coffee, discussion, lunch and touring parks and projects in the afternoon. Total time will be approximately 9:00AM to 3:00 PM. Director Bronzan will send out the agenda, and asked if anyone has ideas they want to discuss to e-mail items to him to add to the agenda. There was a suggestion to bring a digital camera to take pictures of parks and possibly add to the City’s web page. 

Item No. 13 Verbal update on Marsh Creek survey (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen gave an update on the Marsh Creek survey. The survey went out to 2,000 residents of Brentwood. Responses are requested by March 6th, and then sent back to doctorate student for tabulation. Ms. Hansen will give an update at the March meeting as to how many responses were received.

Item No. 14 Verbal update on Arbor Day Tree Planting (K. DeSilva).
Mr. DeSilva has secured a site for the tree planting. This will be where the nursery and the tree planting will take place, and where they will be having the nursery. This location is behind Homecoming Park, near the City’s old water treatment plant. This will be a good location as they have access to water source, and a nice flat area with some shade for younger seedlings. He will be meeting with the delta gardeners who have expressed interest in helping with the planting. Currently, he is looking for help at the different staging areas that would include working with volunteers to show them how to plant the trees. They will have approximately 500 seedlings. Liberty High School has also expressed interest in helping. Commissioner Rarey suggested a Jan Callaghan who sets up volunteers, who get credit for volunteer hours for community service. Jan works at the High School. The event is also in the Activities Guide, and DeSilva and commissioners to bring Scouts or anyone else interested in assisting. 

Director Bronzan gave everyone a copy of response he had as a result of the meeting held with the Terrapin Swim Team. Commissioners Brown and Rodrigues represented the Commission at this meeting. He e-mailed this report to the Commission, but gave a brief report to the full Commission. The Terrapins made their case for what they would do to satisfy the City’s request for a lifeguard, but staff and commissioners felt it still does not provide the same level as a lifeguard at the facility. Also, they were given the option to go to the City Council and request a subsidy, this is what the group will do. Director Bronzan will be going before the City Council in April with all their costs. Discussions were held of issues involving the pool. Costs of the pool are approximately $756,000 to operate, and revenues are $200,000. The City is presently subsidizing approximately $550,000 for the pool.

Update on Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
Director Bronzan explained the new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and to the fact that any requests for services, whether internally or staff or other parts of the city, will all be assigned through work requests. He states it is rather a stressful time at present for some of the staff but will give much more accountability and justification for the things that they do. Building maintenance has now moved into the Parks and Recreation building and is now starting building maintenance on the same program. This should go live by July 2002. In approximately 3 weeks to a month, if anyone wishes to come by he will take them to the Park trailer and show how the maintenance program works, and how work is assigned, etc.

Update on Urban Forest Guidelines
Director Bronzan said that the document sent by the Commission to the Planning Commission has been approved, and made a couple of suggestions on how to make the document a little more user friendly. Two of the four Planning Commissioners said that this is the finest piece of work that has come out of the City since they have been on the Planning Commission. So, the Planning Commission sent back compliments to the Park and Recreation Commission, and to the staff. This will now be sent to the City Council to be accepted. Recommendation has been to accept this document and allow the Parks and Recreation Director to make any changes on trees, and other related items that are necessary. 

Update on Building East Bay Capacity for Agricultural and Open Space Conservation
Director Bronzan said there is a Building for East Bay Capacity for Agriculture and Open Space Conservation meeting tomorrow in Pleasanton which he will be attending. He said they had held a spot for him because of the good reports they have been receiving on what is happening in the parks and trails, and open space development that is occurring in Brentwood. This is a workshop for people from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to get together in Pleasanton and talk about what people are doing for preserving agriculture and open space, etc. He will bring an update at the next meeting.

Update on Heritage High School design/landscape
Director Bronzan reported that Liberty Union High School District is getting to the final design of their high school number three. Staff is working with the high school to enlarge their pool from 25 meters to 50 and the community bathhouse. He states that they are working with the guidance of the City Attorney so this can be accomplished, and also utilizing developer’s funds. He also reported on other enlarging and improvement aspects for the gym, track and football field. Ms. Hansen is working on planting, so that trees will be of good height by the time they are needed by approximately 2005. Mr. DeSilva will be working with the youth and teaching them how to plant, trim and care for the trees. The School District is very interested in these plans. 

Also, discussed were other future plans for Cowell property and the power point demonstration that was given to visiting dignitaries. He also discussed the upcoming issue of the Contra Costa Times with its section on “Living in Brentwood”. He then showed the power point program the City is using for new visitors. Commissioner Rarey also reported on the Mayor’s report of the event and felt that the visitor’s were impressed. 


Commissioner Brown asked Director Bronzan about the floor in the gym at Liberty High School. He wanted to know if it was ready for traffic. Director Bronzan said it was not ready, but will let him know when it is and will take a tour of the new facility. 

Commissioner Rodrigues commented on the fact that the Livermore Skate Park has all the related problems with unruly users of the Livermore Park. They will have to fence it and put guards around the park. He thought the Mayor handled everything in Brentwood very well. He also said he will not be able to attend the CPRS Conference since he is scheduled for some heart surgery. This will the first conference he will have missed in many years. All of the Commissioners said they would be thinking of him.

Commissioner Rarey discussed Highway 4 Bypass Safety Fair that will be held on April 13, from 10:00AM until 4:00 PM. She has spoken to several groups, including the senior group which will be putting out a newsletter. There will be a grandparent - grandchild look-alike contest, so they can stop by during the day and have photos taken with choices being made at the end of the day. There will prizes at the event. Commissioner Rarey has also spoken to the Art Commission which agreed to do the Italian Street Art, and will be going to the Youth Commission who will be asked to be in charge of the Porta Potty or Commode race. The Mayors and other dignitaries will be riding the motorized porta potties at the event. Commissioner Rarey asked the Commissioners for any other safety types of events they might like to participate in for the Highway 4 Bypass event. They could possibly do something to raise money for grant fund and scholarship fund. Space is free for participants. Director Bronzan said this Commission could always help the Youth Commission with their project. 

Chairperson Melloni reported on the “Art For Art’s Sake” which the Art Commission is hosting in May. This will be a street fair for art, which will lure local artists, the high school and other local schools to participate in exhibiting art. The fair will be on Oak Street by Cap’s Restaurant to the alleyway just before Chevron, and on First Street from the Wine Store to just before the Fire Station. The parking will be closed off, but not the streets. They are hoping to get local restaurants involved. Contacts will be Art Commissioner, Mary Hannigan and/or Sue Barry. She then said that October 12th and 13th will be “A Day in the Park”, at the City Park. This will be a wine and cheese, and art fair. There will be entertainment, the event will be free. Vendors will be brought in from all over the country similar to those held in Walnut Creek and Lafayette. She reported that the Art Commission is also bringing in a Film Festival and Melodrama later in the year. 

Commissioner Rodrigues complimented the Commission and said they are a real joy to work with and thanked them for the privilege of working with them. Chairperson Melloni said she felt the Commission is lucky to have him and his wealth of experience.

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Melloni adjourned the meeting at 9:40 p.m.

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