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October 25, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Karen Rarey at 7:01 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Karen Rarey, Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni and Commissioner Lanny Brown. Commissioner Jeff Cowling was absent. Others present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; and Olivia Ruiz, Recreation Services Supervisor. 

PRESENTATION: Village Drive Resource Center Halloween Activities (Olivia Ruiz)
Ms. Ruiz introduced Crystal and Inez, both of whom are working on the Halloween Carnival. The carnival is from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and they invite all Commissioners and anyone in the community that would like to come and bring their children. They are having 18 games, and are selling hot dogs, nachos and other refreshments. There will be Halloween face painting and hairspray painting. They said they have had a lot of local donations of candy, goldfish for raffle, jumper by “Got-A-Party” and other various items. They are still accepting donations for the carnival. Comments that they have plenty of candy, but could use decorations or colored hair spray. The Carnival was very well received last year and should be an even bigger success this year. 

On November 3rd, the Village Drive Resource Center was donated a 15 passenger van by the Ford Division of “Health on Wheels Van Donation Program” to provide transportation for members to local clinics or to doctors for cancer screening. The presentation will be on Saturday, November 3, at 10:00 a.m. There will be a Puzzle Party, using the van as the canvas, participants will collaborate and help put together a puzzle designed for the van. John Muir Mobile Clinic will offer services to the community and there will be a breast cancer screening promotion. 

Director Bronzan also reported that Ms. Ruiz is in the process of getting her Class B license so that she will be able to drive the van. There were only 25 vans given across the United States and Village was one of 3 recipients in the Bay area. They had applied for a grant through the Ford Foundation. The Commissioners congratulated them on their success and thanked Ms. Ruiz and her co-workers for the presentation.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: No citizen comments at this time.


Item No. 1 Approve minutes of meeting of September 27, 2001
Item No. 2 Accept staff report from Park Services Manager and Park Landscape Supervisor
Item No. 3 Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors.
Item No. 4 Accept staff report from Park Planner.
Item No. 5 Accept recommendation of Bicycle Subcommittee members and forward to City Council for approval. (J. Hansen)
Item No. 6 Accept aquatics complex users group letter (S. Barry).
Item No. 7 Accept update on open gym (S. Barry).
Item No. 8 Accept update on hitching post at Summerwood Park (K. DeSilva).

Chairperson Rarey pulled Item No. 2. Commissioner Brown then moved that Items 1, and 3-8 be approved. Vice Chairperson Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Rarey said that at the Grupe Belvedere Park, she had walked through the park about a week and a half ago and there were a lot of weeds throughout the park, and the grass was very yellow and sickly. She also noted that the walkways were not right and there were no distance markers. Director Bronzan said the official punch list had not been done yet and they will note problems and ask developer to correct them. Ms. Hansen asked what the problem was with the walkways and Chairperson Rarey said it was the texture. She also indicated that she is not pleased with City Park, and downtown flowerpots need to have soil level raised so flowers can be seen. At Creekside Park she spoke to someone and they said it is now like a swamp. Director Bronzan said that at that park and two others, people are getting into the irrigation system and the assumption is that some of the soccer teams are shutting off clocks and are now over watering to get grass back. Chairperson Rarey also said that by the bridge, the trail is buckling and although looks as though it has been repaired once, it is needing it again. Again Director Bronzan said that most of that area is in a project to repair that and the rip rock area, some pointed rocks have never been approved, so that area will be knocked down and repaired.  Chairperson Rarey then moved to approve Item No. 2. Commissioner Brown seconded and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 9 Presentation and discussion of the Sunset Sports Complex concept. (J. Hansen and Sunset Expansion Subcommittee).
Ms. Hansen introduced Peter Arnold of Abey/Arnold Associates and he gave an overview of the recommendation from the Subcommittee on the Sunset Sports Complex. She reported that they have had three or four meetings with the group, including Commissioners Melloni and Brown from the Commission. This presentation was to bring forward what is hoped to be recommended on to the City Council for further development. 

Mr. Arnold then presented a large map of the plan to the Commission. He explained the parking area, general location of park in the city and general layout of the park. The final layout turned out with four soccer fields, two full sized baseball fields, three softball fields, and one mustang/bronco (which is in most cases Little League). There is also a school age and preschool play area near concession stand, and another concession stand centered on the “wheel”. There are also grandstands, concession areas, central walkway, and an equestrian parking area and trailhead. They are hoping to extend the trailhead to the creek that meets on opposite side. The entire park is completely circumnavigated with a 10-foot concrete path and other paths that bisect the areas. Chairperson Rarey had a question on the parking area, if it would be separate from the ball fields and fenced off. Ms. Hansen had some questions regarding sizes and maintenance. Ms. Scherff also had some questions regarding usage of the fields for the soccer, flag football and softball usage. Chairperson Rarey asked about stands and Mr. Arnold thought there could be portable stands and storage area could be supplied for them. Budget changes have affected this also, and other options will be presented to the City Council according to Ms. Hansen. She also said she is working with Karen Wahl on writing grants for trees which could free up some more funds. She said there are a number of grants available for playground apparatus. She explained the grant for the trees is not the same one discussed in a previous meeting for seedling trees, this one is for 15-gallon trees. 

They then moved into the phasing of the construction of the park. This was also shown on a large map showing existing areas and new planned areas. There will be continuous use of park while construction of new area is ongoing. Chairperson Rarey had questions about fencing during phasing and Mr. Arnold said there would be portable fencing or sleeving to separate different fields. Timeframe of phasing was questioned and Ms. Hansen responded that Phase 1, outlined by Mr. Arnold, would be directly associated with the construction budget that is in place currently. Money has been allocated this fiscal year, next fiscal year and the following two after that with design costs for each of those years. If the money allocated for this fiscal year is bumped up to next fiscal year since they will not be doing any construction this year, the construction schedule would overlap those two latter fiscal years, so that phase one could be completed within that part of the budget. In construction documents outlined at this point, Mr. Arnold would be working on construction documents next Spring and Summer and would be out to bid in Fall/Winter of 2002 and ready to begin first phase of construction in Spring of 2003, and overlap into next fiscal year through the Summer because fiscal year begins in July. Complete construction of Phase One of the project in late 2003, early 2004. If we to get the tree grant, the trees have to be planted by the end of 2003. Vice Chairperson Melloni asked what time she anticipated that the section would be available for play. Ms. Hansen said probably about summer of 2004 or fall of that year. 

Commissioner Brown felt it was a great plan and said at the meeting everyone expressed much satisfaction with the plan and the phasing. Chairperson Rarey asked about the industrial park, Director Bronzan said this is still under a lot of discussion. Ms. Hansen said also that the street to the industrial park has been designed to be wide enough for parallel parking. Wastewater treatment facility has to be completed first and at the absolute latest December 2002 according to Ms. Hansen. Commissioner Brown moved that they approve the Sunset Park Master Plan and recommend it to the City Council; Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 10 Presentation and discussion of William Lyon Homes Yamanaka property park/detention basin concept (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen introduced Sue Shafer of William Lyon Homes and Frank Kluber of John Nicol & Associates. Ms. Hansen gave a brief history of the original concept of combining the five-acre parks and the detention basin on the Yamanaka property. The Commission had agreed that it was a good idea to try and expand the open space by combining these two elements of the subdivision. William Lyon Homes was instructed to move forward based on the Commission’s comments and tonight Ms. Schafer and Mr. Kluber will present what they have come up with. Also, the Planning Commission asked for three pocket parks to be incorporated into the subdivision as a whole and so they are also going to be reviewed tonight also. 

Ms. Shafer then put up a large display of the area, depicting the three pocket parks for the Commission, and then introduced Mr. Kluber, the designer. He situated the parks on the map for the Commission and started with an overview of the three parks. He showed the location of each of the three pocket parks within the property. He designated the parks as Parks, A, B, and C and showed each location on the map. There is also a larger 10-acre park designated as a neighborhood park. Pocket Park A is more of a passageway park and more linear in shape, with meandering path up the middle, couple of benches and some screen trees throughout the park. It has two trash receptacles, one at each end and a pet station. Pocket Park B is a special park, enclosed within the community, has a walk that arcs through it and in the middle has a small play area for toddlers. Has a small play structure they had worked with Ms. Hansen on, but with enough elements to provide enough interest to a toddler. It is also handicap accessible. It has a bench by toddler area and has trees to shade the area. Pocket Park C is also a linear park. It has two benches, trash receptacles and a pet station. He then described general overall areas as to placement of trees, etc.

Commissioner Brown asked if the police department has had an opportunity to see the diagrams, and was concerned about lighting. Wondered if people to could see through for whatever types of activities were going on in the park. Ms. Hansen said that they do take plans to Design Review meetings that they have with Engineering, Parks & Recreation and Planning. The Police and Fire Departments come to these meetings. Mr. Kluber said that in the beginning and probably for the first few years people would be able to see through the parks as the trees would not be that large and the mounds are not more than two feet high. As the trees mature, lighting would become important. Chairperson Rarey also had several concerns with regards to safety issues. She felt the houses do not face the park, therefore no one would really be watching the parks. This would make it difficult to see who was utilizing the parks. She expressed other concerns for the shape and design of the parks. Director Bronzan responded to some of her concerns. He felt they were designed more for pass through parks than activity-oriented parks. He said that whatever limitations or problems the Commissioners are concerned with should be sent back to the Planning Commission with recommendations as to what should be considered. Vice Chairperson Melloni said she felt the Police Department should look into this and make their recommendations as to what should be done to make them safe. Director Bronzan said he would like the Commissioners input as to what they think should be done to make the parks safe. For example, if there should be less planting of trees, more lighting, etc. then could be taken back to the Planning Commission. Vice Chairperson Melloni said they do have Pocket Park Guidelines, and though not adopted as yet, but could be looked at in the creation of these pocket parks. Night lighting should be definitely added. Commissioner Brown was satisfied with Parks A & B, but has problems with C. Chairperson Rarey still had concerns with houses not facing the parks. Director Bronzan gave some suggestions to modify the proposed plans to fit the concerns of the Commission. Commissioner Brown was concerned about area near Oak Street going into Liberty High School. 

Director Bronzan asked the Commission to give whatever suggestions they could to make these parks workable. Commissioner Melloni said no low bushes; make sure everything is up so everything is visible, and lighting. Trees could be moved. Chairperson Rarey likes trees and would like to see them situated somewhere through the park. Ms. Hansen said police like bushes and trees situated so that they can see through parks from their cars, often with widened sidewalks so police cars can be driven through parks. They prefer Bollard lights to taller light standards when surrounded by homes, because residents then complain of lights on when too high. They also like motion sensor lights. Eliminate or move benches from middle to ends. 

Mr. Kluber then went on to describe the 10-acre park, which has the detention basin and lots of room for recreation and half is originally a detention basin, and other area for recreation. In event of a 100-year event, all of the park could be covered with water. In the recreation area there is a play area for children from 2-12, with swings and combination play structure. There is a promontory with trees, a trellis and picnic tables. Both are backed by mounded turf no higher than three feet. There are trails and could accommodate jogging and could be marked for distances. A nature interpretive sign and more picnic tables on other area and handicap picnic area also overlooking the basin. He described the various entrances and parking and placement of trees and drinking fountains. Chairperson Rarey questioned placement of drinking fountains, she would like one closer to playground. Suggestion by Director Bronzan of two drinking fountains, one near the play area and one in original location. Chairperson Rarey also questioned placement of trees, needs faster growing or larger trees near play equipment. Chairperson Rarey discussed the play structures, feels they need some more challenging types of structures. There will be signs designating age groups for play structures. Commissioner Brown asked when the project is planned to start, and the response was that they would start grading in the spring. Ms. Shafer explained the process and when all will be planned and that all streets and everything has to go in at the same time. Detention basin will be first. 

Director Bronzan said that this is a park assigned to Chairperson Rarey and Commissioner Brown, so that when they get to the playground they will be called in to work with Ms. Hansen on this phase. 

Item No. 11 Presentation and discussion of Centex Homes Montelena park concept (C. Bronzan). 
Director Bronzan introduced the presenters as Dave Carlson (Carlson, Barbee and Gibson), Terece Herder (Centex), Will Leighton (Centex), and Architect Ken Nabeta. Dave Carlson gave the first presentation and put up large detailed maps of the project for the Commissioners. Director Bronzan gave a brief overview of the project, which is located between the Highway 4 Bypass, Sandcreek Road and Fairview Road. He explained reasons such as cost, citywide park tax and other factors entering into types of parks that can be built in these areas. He did also mention that smaller parks are more expensive to maintain. He discussed area, its proximity to ball fields, school and retention basin with larger parks planned. He further stated that the reason for the Commission to look at models before them tonight was to see what they thought of the concept of smaller parks within community. 

Commissioner Melloni asked about who was responsible for landscaping in EBMUD, since Director Bronzan said that area would be landscaped separate from the park areas. Director Bronzan said there were a number of way this could be done and explained them. Some fees could be collected from developers and some from City. Commissioner Melloni also questioned if horse owners would be provided with access to trails for their horses. Director Bronzan said this could be done through easements or go through backside of properties. Generally the Commission liked the plans as presented. 

Ms. Herder presented what the architect has drawn up and discussed quadrant that was centrally located and could also serve as a pedestrian pass way connecting other areas. She then discussed some of the features and amenities planned for the park. She said that in this type of community they have discovered that 60% of the buyers and families have children up to 9 years old, then a gap and another 30% that are families with teenagers. So they have concentrated more on toddlers and younger children. Some features would be sandboxes, swing sets, one handicap accessible, with baby seats and climb bars, and another feature would be the learning wall. Also added trees and shade structure, drinking fountains and barbecue and more benches and shade trees throughout. In another area a sport court for older children. Vice Chairperson Melloni asked about doggie bag dispensers and suggested metal rather than wooden ones. Commissioner Brown asked about shade structures, would like them in the middle so that parents could keep an eye on children in all areas, not be so far away. Chairperson Rarey did not want swings, felt children don’t feel challenged enough with toddler type of equipment. She also didn’t like sandbox since often cats use it. They liked the sport court, wondered about water stub for future water fountain. That could be done according to Ms. Herder and associates. Chairperson Rarey asked if masonry walls would be graduated down near the end, and response was to the affirmative. Director Bronzan said that since they recommended one of the Commissioners work with the design people and asked for a volunteer. Vice Chairperson Melloni said she would like to work with them on this park and was then assigned to it. Director Bronzan said this will be brought back the Commission at a later date for final decisions. 

Item No. 12 Discussion Skate Park Grand Opening Celebration. (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff distributed copies of the posters for the grand opening of the Skate Park and asked them to put them up in their businesses or around town. She said they are posted at the schools. The grand opening ceremony is scheduled for November 3 and Ms. Scherff provided an overview of the schedule of events. If any of the Commissioners have anything they would like incorporated into the script they should get the information to Ms. Scherff. She indicated that Boards ‘N More have been very supportive and have come up with more than 70 raffle prizes. There will be portable risers to watch professional skaters, booths for food and portable toilets. She described many other things that are planned for the day and hopes all of the Commissioners will be able to attend. Raffle tickets will be sold for prizes throughout the day. 

Item No. 13 Discussion of expiration of Commissioner terms (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan asked Commissioner Brown if he is going to reapply since his term expires in December. Director Bronzan gave him the new packet for applying and told him that the deadline is November 9, 2001. Commissioner Shepherd’s position is also now vacant. If anyone knows of anyone who would like to apply he had other packets for them to give to them. Applicants can call the City Clerk or the Park and Recreation office. The announcement was put out about 2 weeks ago and there has been one applicant from a man recently moved into town from Livermore. Applicants will be appointed by the Mayor. 


Commissioner Brown commented on quote in paper on “Punt, Pass and Kick”. It is not the first time it was brought to Brentwood. Director Bronzan has his jacket from winning the very first time, and Commissioner Brown had also participated. Ms. Hansen said probably the first time sponsored by Parks and Recreation Department. 

Chairperson Rarey wanted to know when they are going to bring pocket parks to City Council. Director Bronzan said it could be brought up at meeting on the 13th of November. Bring PowerPoint presentation at their meeting on November 27th. 

Director Bronzan said updated copies of draft Recreation Parks, Trails and Master Plan, which includes stakeholders comments, were given to City Council members. There is a workshop with City Council on November 13. There will be three weeks to review and the meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. prior to the regular meeting. He wants all to be prepared to discuss issues at that time.

Director Bronzan also reported that the Mayor contacted him last week and evidently he has heard from residents in the community that there have been some problems with inappropriate behavior in the soccer and tackle football programs. The Mayor is adamant that people who use City or school facilities ought to have to follow a Code of Conduct. He then gave him a copy of the Code of Conduct, copy of information brochure on National Youth Sports Coaches Association and National Youth Sports Alliance. He also printed off from a website called “Character Counts”, where an attorney got tired of the way people behaved and he has put together a non-profit where communities can buy in to make people accountable. At the City Council meeting next Tuesday the Mayor has asked Director Bronzan to bring back some type of recommendation that he wants to take a stand and get the school districts to buy into. Therefore anyone who comes into any City or school facility, the parents, the school officials and everybody will sign a Code of Conduct and be held accountable or we will deny facilities to them. 

Ms. Hansen then asked if the Commission was interested in being involved in a meeting she has next week on with a play equipment company where she will be viewing the most recent play equipment. Would the Commission be interested in Ms. Hansen putting together a presentation at a future meeting with 3 or 4 different representatives of play equipment companies. The Commission said they would like that very much.

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Rarey adjourned the meeting at 9:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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