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August 23, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Karen Rarey at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Karen Rarey, Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni, and Commissioners Lanny Brown, Jeff Cowling, and Scott Shepherd. Others present included Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor; Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Olivia Ruiz, Recreation Services Supervisor; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; and Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary.

Overview of Fall/Winter Activities Guide (S. Barry/M. Kaiser /P. Scherff)
The new Fall/Winter Activities Guides were given to each Commissioner and all others present.  Ms. Barry then went through the main points of change in the guides and updated format. She discussed the new park facilities and the addition of a water aerobics instructor. Poldina Scherff described some of the Youth Commission activities and plans including being involved with Skate Park Grand Opening, Fright Fest, recent trip to other Youth Commissions in Salinas and Monterey. Mr. Kaiser discussed the older adult trips, web site update, and the new bocce ball program. He noted this is the largest listing of all the services they have had to date in the Activities Guide. There being no action needed the Recreation Services Supervisors were thanked by the Chairperson for the presentation.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.

Lynn Del Chiaro and his daughter Stacie Del Chiaro addressed the Commission regarding the benefits he and his daughter have seen in the bicycle shaped baseball/softball fields. Stacie has been playing competition softball since she was about twelve and is now about eighteen. They play tournaments all summer, starting in early June and ending in August. They have played all over the United States including Las Vegas, Arizona, Washington and various other areas in the east. The majority of the fields they play in are the bicycle-shaped fields and he mentioned he had been a proponent of this type of fields for the Sunset Sports Complex. He sees them as a great benefit as a revenue producer for the community. He mentioned being in Hayward a few weeks ago and in her division alone there were 28 teams from all over Western United States. Mentioned costs of housing, feeding etc. such large groups and the amount of money spent while teams are in the community. He also mentioned that in some of the areas they have soccer fields around the softball fields, so there could be even more use of the area. He felt if Brentwood could get the fields going they would have teams from Brentwood, Oakley and Antioch and hold tournaments in all those areas. He noted that they haven’t had a tournament in the Brentwood, Antioch area in over six years. He urged the Commission, as they are building these fields, to consider the bicycle-shaped fields, with concession stands in the center. Tournaments typically last five days and great revenue producing events. Some questions from Commissioners regarding where other bicycle-shaped fields are located. Mr. Del Chiaro urged them to consider building this as a community-related activity. Discussion of hotel/motel availability and since there is one more motel coming in soon to Brentwood this would be encouraging to them as well. Discussion of Sunset Sports Complex and whether it could be expanded for these types of fields, along with soccer fields. Chairperson Rarey reported that the next meeting on Sunset Fields will be September 19 and 3:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers and invited Mr. Del Chiaro to attend if he wished. Chairperson Rarey thanked him and his daughter for their comments.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of July 19, 2001.
2. Accept staff report from Park Services Manager and Park Landscape Supervisor.
3. Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors.
4. Accept staff report from Park Planner.
5. Accept staff report on resolution of Grupe Park (J. Hansen).
6. Accept flyer for Edna Hill Gymnasium Dedication Ceremony (C. Bronzan).
7. Accept announcement of 2002 CPRS conference (C. Bronzan).
8. Accept listing of Commissioner park assignments (T. Homan).
9. Accept update on rules and regulations for rental of City facilities (T. Homan/D. Guthrie).

Motion by Commissioner Lanny Brown to accept the Consent Calendar. Motion was seconded by Vice Chairperson Melloni and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 10. Approval of park names by Naming of Parks Subcommittee. (K. DeSilva)
Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager, reported that there have been a couple of meetings where they have gone over the park names and presented tonight are current names of the facilities and the subcommittee’s suggestions of names for the facilities. Chairperson Rarey commented on remarks that she had received from a group of farmers regarding the facilities. 

Mr. DeSilva went down the list and of the first three facilities; Windsor Way Park, Homecoming Park and Summerwood Park, they are all proposed to remain the same. He asked if the full Commission had any problem with this decision. Next was Brentwood Lakes Entry Park, and the suggested name for this facility is Lake Park. Loma Vista Park was proposed to remain the same. The next list was of parks that are under construction. The first of those, Garin Park, is proposed to remain the same. Heritage (SPA ‘L’) Park, in the Morrision Subdivision, suggested name of Miwok Park. After several suggestions and discussion by all, including the fact that there is a Miwok Trail, it was decided to leave final decision until the next meeting. Next park was Belvedere (Grupe Homes) Park. Suggestion to name this park Walnut Park. This name was approved. For California Orchard (KB Home) Park, the suggestion of Commission Park was not favorable to everyone. The name of Orchard Park was approved. Centex Trailhead to remain the same. For Brentwood (Pulte Homes) Park, suggested name is Almond Park. There was a suggestion of Arboretum Park because of the large variety of trees there. Arboretum name finally decided upon. For Brentwood Hills (Shea Homes) Park, suggested name is Black Gold Park after oilfields formerly located there. In discussing the Skate Park, there was suggestion to let the Youth Commission and Skate Park Task Force meet and decide on a name for this park. For Boulder Ridge (Brookfield) Unit 4 Park, suggested name is Berkshire Park since it will be near a Berkshire Lane or Berkshire Drive. Mr. DeSilva said there will be a number of pocket parks coming up in some subdivisions and thought maybe name these small parks after the name of the street they are on as appropriate. Berkshire Park did not meet with any resistance. Boulder Ridge (Brookfield) Unit 6 Park, the final park on the list, suggestion had been Waterville Park. Suggestion of name of Rolling Hills Park seemed to be a good one and was accepted. 

Considerable more discussion on the suggested name of Miwok Park, again decided to let this go until the next meeting.

Other parks and their current names, which are under design, are as follows: Family Aquatic Neighborhood Park, SunCal Neighborhood Park, Ponderosa Homes (Carlisle Prop.) Neighborhood Park, Sand Creek Community Park, Lyon Homes (Yamanaka Property) Neighborhood Park, Schuler Homes (Sciortino Property) Soccer Field and Sunset Park Expansion. Various names for the Family Aquatic Neighborhood Park and future Sand Creek Soccer Complex were discussed. It was decided to wait on naming these parks since the parks are only in the design phase.

Commissioner Cowling moved to forward the recommended park name changes to the City Council for approval. Commissioner Brown seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 11. Discussion of Village Drive Resource Center summer programs. (O. Ruiz)
Director Bronzan introduced Olivia Ruiz, Recreation Services Supervisor, to speak about the Village Drive Resource Center’s 2001 Summer Program and report to the Commission on their activities. She described the various projects over the summer involving the youth of the community. She reported that 65 youth participated in the different activities and fieldtrips. They were taught about cultural arts, doing paper mache projects and rock painting among others, and no fees were charged for any activities or materials. Funds were obtained from grants. She explained the various trips and activities, including bowling, swimming, outdoor recreational activities, a water rafting trip, and an excursion to Santa Cruz. Other events included Teen Health Workshop, fun with fruits and vegetables kids cooking class and teaching them importance of healthy foods. Ms. Ruiz also described upcoming holiday plans. Commissioners complimented her on the great programs and Director Bronzan said they will have Ms. Ruiz at future Commission meetings on a monthly basis to keep commissioners updated on plans and activities. Commented her hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Village Drive Resource Center. 

Item No. 12. Discussion and authorization of submittal of letter to Highway 4 Bypass Authority regarding bicycles on the Bypass. (J. Hansen/K. Rarey)
Chairperson Rarey reported on this as Ms. Hansen was absent. She reported that one of the problems with the Bypass is that they have said no bikes will be allowed. The Bicycle Subcommittee has asked for authorization from the Commission for a letter to be drafted asking the Bypass Authority to allow bikes on the Highway 4 Bypass. After some discussion and comments by Director Bronzan, who feels it is appropriate to send a letter to the Highway 4 Bypass Authority and indicate need for permission for bikes on the Bypass, especially in lieu of all the bike trails around and need for the north/south route. Chairperson Rarey also asked if they are not looking in the future to have an off-bike trail on the east side, from San Jose to Balfour, just outside Bypass. Chairperson Rarey said in the meantime the subcommittee would like a letter sent, signed off by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Commissioner Brown moved to send a letter from the Parks and Recreation Commission in support of the Bicycle Subcommittee’s request for a bike path on the Highway 4 Bypass. Vice Chairperson Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 13. Discussion of older adults work plan. (M. Kaiser)
Mr. Kaiser had provided for the Commission with a written Older Adult Goals/Objectives (short-term) from July 2001 and long-term from January 2002 to December 2002. He explained these written goals and objectives that have been developed by him and the advisory committee. This advisory committee is a result of a merger between the Delta Community Services Inc., and the City of Brentwood. They are now trying to re-establish the connection of a more formal committee, and if people have an interest in giving to older programs, this can be done through the advisory group, rather than through the City if they so choose. He explained plans to develop these plans and donation funding for them. He hopes through input from the older adults to formalize more what they all want to do, and from that hopefully have some fund raising events to assist in activities. Mentioned requests for bingo in Brentwood, these funds could help in subsidizing seniors who need assistance to pay for these trips. Question asked if this Advisory Committee will be similar to the Youth or Art Commissions? Mr. Kaiser said it has not gotten to that point as yet. Right now everyone interested is invited to come to meetings first Wednesday of the month. There are no selected persons; sometimes there are 6 people and sometimes 26 people. 

Commissioner Brown moved to accept the plan. Vice Chairperson Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Item No. 14. Discussion of scheduling a field trip to visit Bay Area dog parks. (J. Hansen/K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva spoke to this issue as Ms. Hansen was on vacation. He had two dates for the proposed field trip, September 22 or October 6. Mr. DeSilva asked how much time would the Commissioners like to spend for this event. Vice Chairperson Melloni commented that the 22nd is the Downtown Barbecue sponsored by the Art Commission and would not be a good thing to schedule the proposed trip to dog parks on that day. October 6 not a good day for Chairperson Rarey. Mr. DeSilva will check with Ms. Hansen and Director Bronzan and come back with a report of a new potential date for the September meeting. Director Bronzan asked who is interested in going on the trip. Chairperson Rarey, Vice Chairperson Melloni, and Commissioner Cowling indicated they would be and Commissioner Shepherd said he might also like to go. They will bring some dates back to look at for the trip on the next meeting.

Item No. 15. Verbal update on Skate Park/appoint Commissioners to work with Youth Commission for the Skate Park grand opening ceremony. (K. DeSilva/P. Scherff)
Mr. DeSilva gave an update on construction, all flat concrete completed and are currently working on transitions and bowls. Looking at completion by end of September. Recommended not using the park for between 10 to 29 days, so have agreed to 10 days after completion. City Council, at their last meeting, amended rules for safety and will not be in force until 30 days after amending, which will be October 11. Looking at that date as the earliest opening date. Lighting was also discussed and need to have safety lights to prevent vandalism. The facility will not be lighted all the times, but there is a definite need for security lights. Budget so far as been good, only $6,000 over contracted amount and have the contingency. There may be enough money in the contingency to pay for the security lights. May have to ask for extra funds for this. Director Bronzan commented that the recommendation is for motion sensor lights. Neighbors, specifically one, did not want lights at all. The concern is that they want the Parks and Recreation Department to open and close the facility every day and there will be lights available in case someone goes in there. Staff report will recommend the motion sensor lights. Police Department concerns also are addressed in this way. Mr. DeSilva also said that they stressed that the Youth Commission be a part of the grand opening when it takes place. 

Ms. Scherff commented that the Youth Commission has had a lot of good ideas on this and have John Albright, vendor in Brentwood, who is very interested in being a sponsor. He will bring in his vendors, which in turn will bring in skaters who are semi-professional. Just need an idea when the opening will be so can do some planning and advertising for the event. Director Bronzan asked for volunteers from the Parks and Recreation Commission to work with the Youth Commission and attend next Monday’s meeting so that they have representation. Direction Bronzan said the City of Brentwood already has in effect health and safety regulations requiring use of helmets and knee and elbow pads, etc. Council has insisted on rules of behavior also being established so these are what are being put into effect, such as no cussing, no pushing, and all behavioral rules will be going into effect on October 11. Rules can still be enforced or ask them to leave facility under current Health and Safety Rules. Director Bronzan wants to be able to open the facility as soon as the concrete dries. Ms. Scherff needs some firm date from which to plan the grand opening with the Youth Commission. He feels the park could be opened as soon as facility is declared ready, and let them skate and get used to it, then plan the actual dedication ceremony at a later date. Chairperson Rarey has worked with Task Force and would like to be a part of it. Vice Chairperson Melloni, also the Arts Commission, would also like to also be involved. 

Ms. Scherff reported that they have called a special Youth Commission meeting Monday, August 27 at 6:00 p.m. One part of the meeting will be to appoint more Commissioners, and the other part is to start a working plan for the Skate Park grand opening.

Item No. 16. Verbal update on status of Park, Trail and Recreation Master Plan. (C Bronzan)
Director Bronzan presented the Master Plan, which was a part of each Commissioners packet. He reported that the General Plan has to do a full-blown Environmental Impact Report and that is just now being completed. Once the General Plan is completed, the Parks and Recreation Department comes back with a very short 30-day notice and come back with a Mitigated Negative Declaration. The working group for the General Plan had their last meeting early in August and they approved the recommendation to the Planning Commission to approve the General Plan as presented. That is supposed to go to the Planning Commission no earlier than the week of September 18. It will go to the Planning Commission for a public hearing for review at which time should probably be approved, and approximately a month later probably late October, it will go on to City Council for approval. He then recommended to the Commission once the Environmental Review is done the report is ready to go to the Planning Commission, that the Commission ask City Council for a Workshop, not before a regular City Council Meeting. Then discuss plans and ideas in the Master Plan. Director Bronzan will continue to track the progress and keep in touch with the Commissioners as to when to ask for the special workshop.

Item No. 17. Verbal update on priority of use for Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex. (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry reported that at there was an agenda item on the August 14th City Council agenda with relation to priority of use at the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex. All groups regularly requesting usage of the pool were invited. Some of the issues discussed were sharing of hours and public swim. Council made it clear that they wish for all user groups to get together and plan requests so that all can equally share the facility. 

She said another issue was searching through coolers. There was an incident where there was broken glass and the area had to be cleared. Users must observe safety rules. Ms. Barry has a meeting scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 28 in the conference room to meet with users of the pool. A letter has been sent out and those attending need to bring tentative schedules and requests and are requested to limit themselves to only two people per group.

Item No. 18. Verbal update on Delta/Creek Clean-up Day. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva referred to an advertisement in Activities Guide. He reported he has gotten a few calls on the clean up day. Ads will start running in a couple of weeks and will be coordinated between Antioch and Brentwood. He will be taking the proclamation to City Council on Tuesday, August 28, and at that time he will be asking for donations. Items needed include coffee, juice and pastries in the morning for the registration and bottled water during the clean up activities. Lunch not planned, but could be done if someone wants to. He reported that they did have the water tests back and found no mercury levels. The Youth Commission is handing out bags and helping with registration. He could still use help with taking photographs, slides, etc. Crews will be going up and down distributing supplies and picking up garbage. No minimum age, just need an adult with children. There will be two main areas for meeting. Marsh Creek Staging Area is relatively quiet so would be best for younger children, and Creekside Park has a lot of vegetation and old tires which will be better for older volunteers. Liability forms have been taken to the City Attorney and have been completed. Water tests used were the same as for drinking water and tested for both arsenic and mercury, both over at Creekside Park and by Central. There was no arsenic or mercury detected. Chairperson Rarey said the reports were by Antioch, other side of Highway 4 where the creek empties into the Delta, four different areas where the detection of mercury was found. Mr. DeSilva said they had done very complete tests and even stirred up the mud and so feel very safe. She will make calls to scouts to let them have this information. May get information into the Brentwood Press also. If someone needs copy of results of tests, Director Bronzan will make them available. 

Item No. 19. Commissioner discussion regarding attendance at League of California Cities Community Services Conference. (K. Rarey/L. Brown/J. Cowling)
General comments on the conference they attended with Director Bronzan. Commissioner Cowling commented on the mobile art van, and said he noted Chairperson Rarey was quite interested in that also. It is a van that goes from park to park and teaches art free and has a schedule available to indicate where van will be on a given day. Commissioner Brown commented on Walnut Creek’s teen web page. Very impressive, he will get information to Ms. Scherff. Chairperson Rarey said she did pick up tapes of sessions and so did Commissioner Cowling and they will make them available to the Commissioners if they wish. 


Commissioner Cowling commented on a meeting that Senator Tom Torlakson is starting a East County Youth Center, similar to the Concord Youth Center. It is very conceptual at present, but did invite Commissioner Cowling to a meeting Friday, August 31, at 3:00 p.m. for a brainstorming session. Meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers, and anyone wanting to attend is welcome.

Commissioner Shepherd has a function at the Ron Nunn School, a barbecue on August 24, and wondered if anyone would like to pick up the left over food. Potentially 500-600 hot dogs, etc. would need to be refrigerated they would deliver it around 7:00 p.m. It was noted that this is the same night as the Edna Hill Gym barbecue. Several possibilities were mentioned and groups such as churches that could be contacted. Director Bronzan has tickets for everyone who wants to attend the Edna Hill Gym barbecue. They will also be introduced by Director Bronzan as the Park & Recreation Commissioners who are there. This will be at 6:00 p.m. in the courtyard behind Edna Hill School.

Chairperson Rarey asked about Berkeley Skate Classes. Director Bronzan says this will be in the next Activities Guide.

Traffic calming devices -- power point presentation.

Passive Parks -- question by Chairperson Rarey will they be able to go to Council with this concept, Director Bronzan will work with her on that.

Commissioner Brown moved to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner Cowling seconded, motion carried. Chairperson Rarey adjourned the meeting at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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