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June 28, 2001at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Karen Rarey at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Karen Rarey, Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni, Commissioners Lanny Brown, Scott Shepherd, and Jeffrey Cowling. Others present included Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Ken DeSilva, Park Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Barry Margesson, Park Landscape Supervisor; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation.

1. Recognize Soroptimist International donation of seven trees to Creekside Park (Barry Margesson). Mr. Margesson reported that the Soroptimist International has donated the seven trees to the Creekside Park and that a ground memorial has also been installed in accordance with their request. The memorial is situated along the Marsh Creek Trail, approximately 100 feet south of the pedestrian bridge that connects the Campanello subdivision with Creekside Park.

2. Recognize Neighborhood Church for clean-up day (Barry Margesson)

3. Recognize July as National Park and Recreation Month (Craig Bronzan) 
Mr. Bronzan noted that all of the Commissioners have in their packets a resolution that explains the importance of Park and Recreation, and July is National Park and Recreation Month. Mr. Bronzan will draft a letter to the editor of the newspaper for Chairperson Rarey’s signature for both local newspapers explaining the importance of Parks and Recreation for the month of July. It will also be sent along to the City Council for their meeting on July 10 as a recommendation that they also declare July as National Parks and Recreation month.

Dave Stoeffler (of Knightsen) indicated that although he does not live in the City of Brentwood, he has been a supporter of the Parks and Recreation Department. He has taught classes and been involved with the Department for a long time. He cited membership in the former Brentwood Bicycle Advisory Committee, and the soon to be dissolved Bicycle Advisory Subcommittee. He also represents the Delta Pedalers Bicycle Club and is here tonight to indicate that that they agree with his position in the matter he is bringing forward to the Commission. He also cited membership in the County-wide Advisory Committee. He is speaking in opposition to the merging of the Equestrian and Bicycle Subcommittees. He said the Bicycle Subcommittee was not told of this and felt it was pushed through without considering members of either committees. He voiced his concerns that biking as a means of transportation is concerned with signage on the streets that are not a concern of the Equestrian Subcommittee on trails. He also said bicyclists usually prefer hard surfaces, where equestrians like soft surfaces. He expressed his extreme disappointment with the way things were currently going and mentioned that in 1999 the City Council passed a resolution authorizing application to become a Bicycle Friendly Community. This, he said, is an honor and a very prestigious award that only approximately 60 cities in the United States have. This still hasn’t happened, and it appears to him mostly because paper work has not been completed. Mr. Stoeffler said one of the qualifications of the Bicycle Friendly Community is that there be a Bicycle Advisory Committee. He would like April 26th’s vote be amended or changed. 

Julie Reichenbach (of Brentwood) came forward to speak about the possibility of a dog park in Brentwood. She was present since she has often spoken previously to Mayor McPoland and Chairperson Rarey regarding a dog park in Brentwood. She wondered where the Commission is currently at in establishing a dog park in Brentwood. She was there to express interest and support. Chairperson Rarey responded that is one of the items on the agenda for the meeting and invited Ms. Reichenbach to stay for the meeting. Ponderosa Homes is considering a dog park although it is only in the conceptual stages at this time.

Chairperson Rarey requested a change to minutes on page two, Item No. 7, discussion of installation of a brick memorial plaque at Creekside Park, she said should be changed from “wall” to “ground memorial”. 

Commissioner Shepherd moved to accept items 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12. Commissioner Cowling seconded and motion carried unanimously. Other items pulled for further discussion.

Item No. 3.  Accept staff report from Park Services Manager and Park Landscape Supervisor. 
Vice Chairperson Melloni asked when the hitching posts would be going into Summerwood Park. Mr. DeSilva has not received an installation date as yet. Chairperson Rarey then asked about Grupe’s park, she wanted to know if it was still on for completion by the end of August. Mr. DeSilva responded affirmatively. He indicated that all three parks in the same general area KB Homes’ Orchard, Grupe’s park, and Signature Properties park are all looking at mid to late August to have all amenities and landscaping completed. Chairperson Rarey then asked about Garin Park where the soccer fields will be, when the soccer fields would be available for the soccer teams to play. Mr. DeSilva responded not until next year. They need to look at the sodding in mid to end of July. He further stated that the soccer teams are aware of this time line.

Chairperson Rarey then moved that Item 3 be accepted. No second, call for vote by Chairperson and motion carried.

Item No. 7.  Accept City Council staff report regarding Skate Park Ordinance (Janet Hansen)
Director Bronzan reported that there was one minor modification in the ordinance where it states, “any person who rides a skate board” we realize the state law allows you to waive your liability in regard to skate parks, and there is nothing in the law about roller blades, so added “skate board or on skates”. The intent of the rules and regulations for the skate park, he suggested, would be to get the participants to wear safety equipment, if they haven’t got it on to go and get it. Persons could be cited then if they don’t comply. All will be appropriately notified by signage in front of the facility. Skate Park still planned for completion by end of August. Commissioner Cowling moved approval of Item No. 7, Lanny Brown seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 9  Accept policy regarding selection of play apparatus (Janet Hansen) 
Commissioner Cowling ask for clarification of this and if they would have an opportunity to have a cursory review of the plans and construction documents before they go out. Is this limited only to site furnishing locations and the play equipment apparatus style and color. Asked if they could make other comments as to placement of trees, etc. Ms. Hansen responded that they would have the initial opportunity at the concept level, before they begin the construction documents, to discuss more shade and those types of issues. By the time they are ready to be signed they will have been through a number of departments and plan reviews and depending on what the issue is, that is the time actual layout of park is pretty well determined. Ms. Hansen says the time to make changes is at the concept level and after it has been approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission, it is more difficult to make changes. 

Commissioner Cowling moved to approve Item No. 9.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Brown, and carried unanimously. 

Item No. 13.  Accept update on B.A.N.C. bus tour for July 25th (Tammy Homan). 
Vice Chairperson Melloni had a question regarding date, she asked Director Bronzan if that was not the same date as the Art Commission meeting. Director Bronzan replied that was correct, but that he is attempting to change that meeting, moving it up one week. Vice Chairperson Melloni motioned acceptance of Item No. 13. Commissioner Brown seconded and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 4.  Discussion/direction regarding Carlisle Property conceptual neighborhood park plan (J. Hansen/C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan explained that the Carlisle Property in the Ponderosa Home Development is where they are proposing to put in a dog park. He pointed out that this is at the conceptual level only and is intended to establish size, parking, design, amenities, etc. Ponderosa Homes wanted to do something different with this 4.3-acre neighborhood park. This is near Sand Creek Road and since there has been interest in a dog park, they have gone forward with a very conceptual plan and want the Commission to look at this plan and see if they want to move forward at this location. Director Bronzan explained, that after reviewing the conceptual plan, if they wish to move forward, he would recommend that they notify the City Council at their next meeting. He also suggested that if they decide to go ahead on this plan they should go out and have a neighborhood meeting so that the people in the neighborhood would understand what they are doing. Ms. Hansen, Park Planner and Ms. Hardy of the Ponderosa Homes were both present to answer any questions the Commissioners might have.

He asked them to scrutinize the plans and ask questions and be prepared to make changes or whatever decisions they wish to make on this property. Ms. Hansen has met with Director Bronzan and Ponderosa Homes and explained where the dog park would be located and that parking could be a problem. She demonstrated the area planned for the dog park on the drafted plan to the Commissioners. Ms. Hardy introduced herself and also expressed concern for no parking near the area since usually people bring their dogs in a car. However, on a neighborhood level, this might not present a problem. She assured them that whatever the Parks and Recreation Commission decides, along with the City Council, they will certainly be there to work with them. Commissioners Brown, Cowling, and Rarey all asked questions regarding distance from Sand Creek Road, concern for proximity of road to dog park. Dog park area is approximately 1 acre, and could be moved within park. Commissioner Cowling didn’t think this an appropriate place for a dog park. Vice Chairperson Melloni disagreed and felt it was a good neighborhood area for a dog park. She felt it might be better to move it down nearer Sand Creek Road. Chairperson Rarey thought this a good idea also. Commissioner Shepherd felt it should also be shifted and also agreed with Commissioner Cowling that a detention basin park might work better. Director Bronzan discussed various ideas for parking accommodations. The Commissioners also commented that there will be the first handball court and half basketball court in the same park. Director Bronzan asked for direction, a consensus of the Commissioners as to whether they want to move forward on this project and if so, what amenities they would like. Chairperson Rarey felt there should be more shade as it does get very hot without some shade. Mr. DeSilva, Park Manager spoke about grass and what type to use so it isn’t killed by dogs. Commissioner Shepherd asked about maintenance. Director Bronzan suggested checking with Lafayette where they are in the planning stages for a dog park and find out what standards they are incorporating. Vice-Chairperson Melloni suggested a field trip to other dog parks for ideas and standards. Director Bronzan said San Ramon had a very impressive list of rules, as to how to deal with aggressive dogs, these would have to be in line with city rules and laws. He offered to do whatever research needed to make it a successful park. Director Bronzan requested a motion as to whether the Commission wanted the department to move forward on this issue, and also request a neighborhood meeting and discussion with City Council. 

Commissioner Brown moved that they go ahead as Director Bronzan suggested. Vice Chairperson Melloni seconded and motion carried. Commissioner Cowling opposed. 

Director Bronzan asked if there were any specific directions from the Commissioners. Chairperson Rarey said to bring it down along Sand Creek Road and move it sideways. 

Item No. 15.  Discussion of Trail Subcommittee effective July 1, 2001 (Craig Bronzan)
Director Bronzan said he wished to start by saying he appreciated Dave Stoeffler’s comments earlier in the meeting. He was unaware that the Bicycle Subcommittee was not aware that they were moving ahead with this and apologized. He further explained that it was not practical to have all the various subcommittees. He feels strongly that they need a single Trails Subcommittee that has representatives of the different user groups. Mr. Bronzan stated that he was not aware that to be a Bicycle Friendly Community that they needed to have a Bicycle Subcommittee. Therefore, he will ask the Bicycle Subcommittee to have another meeting and he will go back and talk to them. If that is indeed needed for the Bicycle Friendly Community and also for the bicycle transportation plan, then he would ask them to keep them in existence. He still recommends a Trails Subcommittee made up of representatives of different users and that is the group they would go to as to how to build trails in town. 

Director Bronzan suggested that there is a need to identify the tasks of the Trails Subcommittee. He said the City Council has indicated a desire to have the Parks and Recreation Commission have one committee, rather than several different ones. There could be representatives knowledgeable from each group on the Trails Subcommittee. Commissioner Cowling commented that the bicycle subcommittee is unique in that they deal more with roads, striping and signing than other trails-related groups. Director Bronzan suggested that to possibly continue with a Bicycle Advisory Subcommittee would be the best way to proceed. If the Commission decides they would like to continue with a Bicycle Advisory Committee and a Trails Subcommittee and staff would come back and have a purpose of each with a focus of attention on what they are dealing with, and the Trails Subcommittee would be the big picture. That would then include all the different groups. Director Bronzan said if they would like to continue on with the Trails Subcommittee and direct him to work with the Bicycle Advisory Committee he would proceed in that direction. 

Commissioner Brown moved to have Director Bronzan proceed with this plan. Commissioner Shepherd seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 16.  Update on conditions of approval for Grupe Park (Janet Hansen)
Ms. Hansen reported that at the last meeting Grupe’s park plan was brought up and there were some questions regarding drinking fountains locations and other issues. Ms. Hansen researched previous meeting minutes and correspondence with Grupe. She reported that on the initial Commission meeting on April 27, 2000, the initial conceptual master plan for the park that Grupe is building was approved by the Commission. At that time they were to include, except for the restrooms, bike racks, dog waste containers, additional drinking fountains, trash receptacles and pathway lighting. The Commission also instructed the developer to return with information on the water feature fountains and costs associated with that. They then moved ahead with the concept design based on that approval and came back the next month with the water feature information and at that point it was determined that the water feature wasn’t really wanted or required there by the neighborhood. Grupe was instructed to set up a meeting with the neighbors, and determine what type of trade-off or mitigation measures could be done to make the park special without the water feature fountain. Grupe then met with the neighborhood on May 31, and sent a letter back to Director Bronzan on June 8, which then came before the Commission on June 22nd, and was approved on consent. Jeremy White of Grupe Company’s letter detailed the outcome of the community meeting, and it is in the files signed by one of the neighbors. The agreement was actually signed by Michael Spencer from Grupe and Theresa Ellis of the neighborhood. There was also included a sign-in list of all attendees at the meeting. This was all in the packet when it came back for review on June 22nd on the consent calendar. Jeremy White’s letter details what was referred to as the “wish list” that was agreed upon by the neighbors and Grupe for the park. She then went through the items listed, in short, the letter said add two more drinking fountains for a total of four, with no specific locations; add four more benches to be located in specific locations around the concrete walkway, these were added to the six in the play area, bringing it to a total of ten; construct a total of four swings in the school age play area, if the play structure can incorporate the swings, and also construct four swings in the tot play area if the play structure can incorporate the swings. They have two swings in one bay which is the maximum number you can have according to the safety guidelines. Chairperson Rarey said they could add four. Ms. Hansen said you can add an additional bay, however in this case you cannot do that within the play area zone, there is not enough space in the established play area zone shown on the concept plan, even though the tot area was enlarged to accommodate the swings. In order to allow the four swings they would have had to significantly enlarge the play areas. This would have cut down on open turf space. Chairperson Rarey says they promised four. They said we could probably get three in there, and the neighborhood group said they would go as low as three, but wanted four. Ms. Hansen replied that all she had to go on was what was written, she not being there for the meeting. Chairperson Rarey said this is something the neighborhood was adamant about, the City Council promised this to that community, Grupe also promised at the meeting. Then they went ahead with two only instead of the promised four swings. She still feels that they should have to go ahead and build the other bay outside and put in two separate bays with the swings. Vice-Chairperson Melloni asked if that would require change orders. Director Bronzan commented that the current standards for tot lots does not require swings in other parks. Chairperson Rarey still felt it was promised and since they did not get the water feature fountains, Grupe should supply the swings as promised. Vice-Chairperson Melloni asked if the approved set showed two, Ms. Hansen responded that the approved set shows two school age swings and two tot swings, in separate areas and in separate structures. She further stated that you can’t add swings to the existing area, the concrete is poured, the entire play area is outlined. She had the plans with her to display to the Commissioners for clarification. Ms. Melloni asked whose responsibility it is to pay for changes after plan check, Grupe or the city? Does the developer or the city bear the responsibility? Director Bronzan replied that anything can be done, his opinion at this point is that Grupe would come back and say this is what we said we would do in the very beginning in the play area, they did show a play area, and then a bubble play area that says if we have to go more we will go out in this area. Chairperson Rarey felt Grupe should still be made to add more swings. Director Bronzan said he would be happy to request Grupe to come to next meeting and discuss issues with them. He believes that Grupe has done a fair expectation and have done more in this particular park, as a result of the water condition. However, he says if the Commission really feels that four swings were promised by them, he will bring them back to talk to them about this issue. He is willing to give them the information ahead of the meeting time so that they can come prepared to help in resolving this issue. He may even suggest they go back and meet with same community members who they met with previously. Director Bronzan will talk to them and see if they will be willing to come back to the next meeting. Vice-Chairperson Melloni commented that one thing she does not want is for additional monies to come out of the commission budget for this issue. Ms. Hansen said they have expanded the tot area for swings, and issue would be to increase space and all would have to accommodate the changes. It would decrease open space and turf area for soccer. 

Chairperson Rarey still felt Grupe had promised four swings in each area, or at least three if four not possible. She stated that this is one of the reasons she wants plans to come back to the Commission. Director Bronzan said on plans coming back to the commission, the only reseveration he had on construction documents back is that it is a timely issue sometimes. One way around that, that might be that we could have a representative of the Commission assigned to each park. Then when an issue comes up for that particular park, we could call that commissioner to come into the office to look at the plans to confirm as opposed to waiting the arbitrary time to the next meeting. The minutes should clearly reflect the conditions you put on them, so that when we come back you show the plan and here is all the things they said, we can do a better job at that. Director Bronzan said he will make up a list of the parks coming up and send them to the Commissioners by email and ask each commissioners to sign up for the ones where they have the most interest. They will then be assigned to their choices and notified by staff. He will also talk to Grupe and express the Commission’s concerns. One option would be to have the original people who signed on concept plan and see if there is a resolution. Chairperson Rarey confirmed that they do want to meet with Grupe. Director Bronzan asked if this is the only issue, she replied that and the fence. The residents wanted markers on the fence. Some further discussion of the fence with Ms. Hansen and Director Bronzan and Chairperson Rarey, will check further on this. She also was concerned about the drinking fountain being so far away. Ms. Hansen said it would be cheaper now to add another fountain than to move the existing one. One reason he would like in the future to have clear minutes of all meetings with the commission, problems arise with meetings with neighbors and no clear minutes as to proceedings of those meetings. 

Discussion of whether the Commissioners would like Grupe to come back to a meeting. Director Bronzan will talk to them and relay at least one of the members at the meeting felt that they were to install at least three if not four swings and if they say that is not the way they remember it. His suggestion will then be to meet with the people involved, in hopes that by your next meeting he will be able to have resolved the issues. Failing to do that, he will request Grupe to come back and talk to the Commission. This was agreed to by the Commissioners.

Item No. 17.  Discussion of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex programs and issues (S. Barry/J. Melloni).
Ms. Barry said reason she is bringing this back to the Commission is that it is becoming more apparent that the demands of the community all seem to be of the same prime time. The greatest time that everyone wants is right after school until about seven or eight o’clock. Staff is trying to balance swim lessons, lap swimming, swim teams, and high school teams and at the same time we are trying to offer to the community other types of activity. Last season, she stated, because the Aquatic Center was new, and were, one of the few facilities that are open when everyone else is closed, have high use requests. The center was able then to give some of these outside user groups exclusive use of the pool, including the high school Now, with this season and more groups wanting use of the facility and some groups who have had pretty unlimited use, now cannot give them all the time they had in the past. She would like some direction and discussion as to the Commission’s feeling are on this issue. Difficulties of dividing time for all users discussed, along with wish to add new opportunities to the community such as water aerobics, and exercise classes and other uses. Discussion of user fees as a possibility to cut down on those using the facility for free. Chairperson Rarey wanted to know how this affects the agreement with the School District. Mr. Bronzan said they are currently revising the agreements, currently it states that the City is first, then the School District second, but it is silent on fees. Since opening the facility in September, the entities knew that initially they came in free, but probably would be a charge down the road. Now since everyone’s use has grown, he believes it is fair to sit down and discuss the issues of fees. He feels that if it was available for meets, or on some regular basis and they knew that there would be a minimum charge, they could work something out. Chairperson Rarey said she believes they should look into fees on this issue, especially with the utility charges going up as they are supposed to. Ms. Barry commented that you all have a copy of City Council’s recommendation that a fee study be done for all the Parks and Recreation classes, and pool usage is included. Commissioner Shepherd stated that he felt that the only fair way since there is competition for the times is everyone is equally charged. He believes fees are appropriate. 

There was a discussion of fees as presented by Ms. Barry to the commissioners. Fees based on actual operating costs, and actual personnel costs and were compared to the Antioch facility. Chairperson Rarey asked what the fees currently being charged for Terrapins, Ms. Barry said currently $1.50 per hour per lane. Dolphins charged the same, Aqua Knights charged $2.50 per hour per lane, but there is also flat fee covering “splash fee” and lifeguards. Chairperson Rarey asked when the fee study is expected to be complete. Ms. Barry responded that it was started July 9, and has to be completed by end of August. Fee study will then go to the City Council for direction. 

Commissioners discussed starting to charge those entities that had been receiving free use. Director Bronzan told the Commissioners that the agreement from the very beginning with the high school district was that the center would keep a tally of what it is costing for their use of the pool, and when the gymnasium opens, that will get rebated back to the center. This would be in the form of free use of the gymnasium. These issues have been discussed with the high school district and they have been appreciative of the free use of the pool according to Director Bronzan. There is a philosophy now for youth, adults and older adults as to what percent recovery there is. Fee study will show this to the City Council and assist in planning new fees. 

Ms. Barry shared some of the good things happening with the pool and lessons, most people very well pleased and have had a recent complimentary letter. Hours are now from 5:30am until after 10:00am. Currently have 44 lifeguards on staff, many activities all day long. Classes all booked. Junior Lifeguard program doing very well. Chairperson Rarey asked if Ms. Barry would like to be directed to bring more information on costs and fees. Ms. Barry will bring more information, her main purpose now was to give the Commission a “heads up” on what is going on, and fee study will be giving them more information later on. 

Item No. 18.  Discussion of benefits of recreation (Mac Kaiser).
Mr. Kaiser gave a presentation with overhead views showing the benefits of recreation philosophy within the department. He cited the changes and challenges of the department within the community and in the City. He told of the importance of parks and recreation activities for the health and well being of everyone in the community. He passed out notebooks and talked of moving from the philosophy to the paradigm shift and to the integrating all this into activities to increase quality of life for all ages. A good parks and recreation department adds to the attractiveness and health of the community and make it a more desirable place to live. 

He wanted input from the Commission as to what further areas they would like to pursue in the community. He mentioned need to expand older adult programs and how to facilitate and provide needs for them on a broader basis. There were further questions and plans for the future discussed and Mr. Kaiser will come back at a later date for further information and plans. The Older Adult Programs are his main focus at this time. Further comments and discussion of the benefits of sports activities for health and keeping at risk youth out of trouble and occupied.

Item No. 19.  Discussion/direction of Centex trailhead (Janet Hansen).
Ms. Hansen asked Commissioner Cowling if he had attended the barbecue in his neighborhood and what input he had from neighbors regarding plans for the Centex Trailhead Park. Commissioner Cowling said he didn’t attend so had no report. 

Ms. Hansen said she has contacted the Conservation Corps. through Mr. DeSilva for assistance and will have more information later. Commissioner Cowling asked for a color copy of plan since that would be helpful in making plans and/or flyers.

Item No. 20.  Discussion of park approval process related to follow-up of conditions and selection of play apparatus (Janet Hansen).
This has been already discussed in Item No. 9. No further discussion or comments at this time.

Item No. 21  Update of creek/park clean-up days (Ken DeSilva).
Mr. DeSilva said that at the last meeting there had been some discussion of creek clean ups and he had promised to get some further information on this subject. The Coastal Commission sponsors the Annual Shoreline Cleanup and he has information in the packets for each Commissioner. This year it will be September 15, 2001. The Parks & Rec. Dept. can advertise in Activities Guide, the local news media and the Coastal Commission will also have bigger advertisements in larger papers. He showed example of what was done in Antioch with video news clips. He felt best to pick two areas at Marsh Creek, with staging areas at Creekside Park and at Marsh Creek Staging Area on Central Blvd. as logical spots. We will also need volunteers, registering people, handing out supplies and giving safety instructions. Most of the participants are really young folks and can do recycling also, and then show people what is recyclable. First Aid will need volunteers and will need people to give directions. Coastal Commission will have bags and usually have disposable gloves for volunteers and some freebies sometimes. Commissioner Cowling asked if they had tally of items picked up and Mr. DeSilva said yes, usually data cards are used. This helps to pass legislation on how to dispose of products for manufacturers. Chairperson Rarey said she can bring this up at Scout Roundtable. Mr. DeSilva also mentioned church groups, organized groups, scenic groups, etc. Commissioner Rarey said if she has a letter on letterhead, she can get donations. He then showed the group PSA announcements he has used in the past. 

Some discussion of liability form included in the packet and need to have them signed. Mr. DeSilva will work out details with City Attorney.

Chairperson Rarey moved that the Commission participate in this event. Commissioner Brown seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Vice-Chairperson Melloni asked when he would be taking volunteers. He responded approximately six weeks before the event. 

Item No. 22.  Discussion of naming existing and new parks (Craig Bronzan).
Director Bronzan reported on the Commission’s recommendation for the naming of the facilities, which the Council adopted in total except for the section for naming for individuals. Council did not really want to go there, liked all the rest regarding dedications. He handed out in their packets the first set of five that are parks that are open, that have a name. These have been around awhile and also what has been open, and what’s under construction and what they are currently working on designs. Now that we have a policy, how do you want to go forward on this? A number are parks that within the next three months will need to have signs put there. Discussion with the Commission members about these parks and what they are currently being called. It was decided to form a subcommittee to work on naming these parks. Chairperson Rarey and Commissioner Brown volunteered to work on the subcommittee and Director Bronzan then said he would get staff to assist them. He hopes they might have 1 or 2 suggestions by the next meeting on July 19. City Council will have to approve names recommended by the Commission. Commissioner Brown moved that Chairperson Rarey and he would serve on that subcommittee. Vice Chairperson Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No 23.  Update of dissemination of information to Commissioners (Tammy Homan).
Ms Homan asked about feelings of how Commissioners get information handled on upcoming Council meetings. All felt that email was fine, except for Commissioner Shepherd, he prefers mail. Ms. Homan will make one extra hard copy for Commissioner Shepherd and mail it out. 

Item No. 24.  Update on Park & Recreation Commission website (Tammy Homan).
Ms. Homan reported that there was previous suggestion to have photos of Commissioners on the website. In checking with the City Attorney, the City Attorney is highly recommending against that. As to email addresses, she must have all or none as they want consistency on the website. Ms. Homan then asked each to provide her with the addresses they want on the website so she can get this on the site.

Item No. 25.  Discussion all-weather track presentation (C. Bronzan/L. Brown).
Commissioner Brown described the various types of materials and their lasting capabilities. Cost of the track was estimated at about $200,000. The are looking at year-round plastic grass blades. This material is softer and provides a little better traction. They are considering using this at Freedom for the football field. Director Bronzan described how construction is done. Director Bronzan said the expectation is that they would come to the city and talk to the city about being a partner in this venture in some capacity. The Interagency Meeting group has discussed this and having a facility here that could accommodate football, and soccer and all other events and the group feels positive about this. It would probably not be a developer type of fee, but something where the City as a part of their general fund would put money in over time. Money could come in from big stores such as Home Depot, Smart & Final and others, which would create tax revenues. The third high school and eventually third middle school are in the future planning stages and Director Bronzan and Roger Miller have been directed to discuss some joint facility. If the property is annexed in, this would be good for an event center or something similar. 


Vice-Chairperson Melloni wondered if they would be interested in having a barbecue. It would have to be a public social event. She is willing to have it in her back yard. 

Chairperson Rarey would like to see the Commission look more into skateboard lessons, similar to what they saw with the Berkeley Group. Director Bronzan reported that the Youth Group wants to do some type of Grand Opening for the Skate Park. He has suggested to them that when the contractor is done, they will open immediately. Then when know approximately when they know it will open, can pick a dedication date. He felt between the Parks and Recreation and Youth Commission, could bring in some professionals and make it a real fun day and big event. He then asked if anyone is interested in working on a subcommittee on this. Commissioner Brown, Chairperson Rarey and Vice Chairperson Melloni are all interested in serving on this and will bring in all Task Force members. Chairperson Rarey would also like to see the developers do grand openings for their parks. Director Bronzan said most are willing to do this. Director Bronzan said at the next meeting should set up a subcommittee for the dedication of new parks. 

Another agenda item for next meeting suggested by Director Bronzan the types of sports camps that could be set up.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn the meeting by Vice-Chairperson Melloni. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown and motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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(925) 516-5444
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