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May 24, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Community Center
730 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Karen Rarey called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Karen Rarey, Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni, Commissioners Lanny Brown, Scott Shepherd, and Jeffrey Cowling. Also present from the Parks & Recreation Department were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation, Barry Margesson, Park Landscape Supervisor, Janet Hansen, Park Planner, Ken DeSilva, Park Manager, and Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary.

PRESENTATIONS/ANNOUNCEMENTS: Director Bronzan announced the Commission had requested to have a special meeting with City Council for next Tuesday the 29th of May on behalf of the Parks and Recreation Commission for an opportunity to talk with the City Council regarding the Parks and Recreation Commission’s goals, objectives, and roles. Also, because on May 8th Council member Bill Hill requested an opportunity to review the Park & Recreation Commission’s Master Plan. The Council has been having so many meetings so they did not want to meet next week, but did talk about a meeting in June. Chairperson Rarey is unable to meet in June. Staff has been meeting with Planning Commission and he has up-to-date copies of the Parks, Trails and Recreation Draft Master Plan (May 2001) for all Commissioners. The Council did look at other items and he will send emails on any new items. Talked of maps and some mistakes that have shown up in matching where there were errors such as park on wrong side of road and clearing up these areas. Will be getting Commissioners a copy in the next couple of weeks. 


CONSENT CALENDAR: Motion by Commissioner Lanny Brown to accept consent items 2-5 on the Consent Calendar. Minutes pulled for discussion and correction. Seconded by Commissioner Melloni and motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Rarey felt that it was the Commission’s intent to lump together the Agricultural Education Facility and Equestrian Center with the John Marsh Creek Watershed Habitat Restoration Project. This change is hereby added to page four, and on page seven, fourth line down, Chairperson Rarey requested change to “green spaces like we have along our creek sides, with a bench there, instead of walls and house after house.” Motion to accept the minutes as corrected by Commissioner Brown, seconded by Commissioner Melloni and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 6. Update on all-weather track for third high school (Craig Bronzan). 
Director Bronzan reported that Roger Wilson had called him and the consultant was supposed to give a presentation to the School Board on Monday with new information, based on an update of what he presented to the group last time. The consultant couldn’t make it, so he has to reschedule that meeting. Mr. Bronzan has asked Mr. Wilson to notify him when the next meeting with the School Board is scheduled so he can let the Commissioners know so they can attend the meeting if they wish. Commissioner Brown asked if the focus is then on the new third high school? As he has stated before, he would like to see this all weather track at Liberty and bring more business downtown. Director Bronzan said they are waiting see if the track does in fact stay at the third high school and then will come back and look at Liberty for an all-weather track. Commissioner Cowling asked about funding from local business. 

Item No. 7 Discussion of installation of a brick memorial plaque at Creekside Park by Soroptimist International of East Contra Costa County. 
Chairperson Rarey reported that later in the meeting they will be going over a first draft of naming and dedication of City facilities. She was not sure if it was appropriate to discuss this until the other commissioners had a chance to look at this draft of dedications. Director Bronzan thought it would be appropriate to hear this presentation and hear what they are willing to do for the parks. Barry Margesson then introduced the Soroptimist members present including Bertha Ruiz (1430 Mandarin Court, Brentwood), Dee Pruitt (208 Putter Drive, Brentwood), and Barbara Turner (660 Moraga Road, Lafayette). The Soroptimists wish to dedicate a memorial at Creekside Park where they have planted seven trees. They noted there is an existing memorial at this park and believe it to be an ideal spot. The project will be designed and executed by Higgins Memorial to blend with the existing memorial. They plan to install 46 bricks that may be inscribed, along with a plaque, in a concrete foundation. A granite plaque will be inscribed “Soroptimist International of East Contra Costa County Memorial Grove”. Bricks to be inscribed with three-lines maximum, fourteen characters per line. The bricks will be memorializing immediate family, wife, husband, mother or father. They are projecting 15-20 years to fill the entire space. If for any reason the concrete bricks need repair the Soroptimists will be liable. The eight bricks to be installed and inscribed will be of a terra cotta, slightly different from the Pulte Memorial which was also discussed and was done two years ago. The terra cotta easier to inscribe and looks like brick. The granite centerpiece will be centered on the ground memorial, eight inscribed bricks installed around this and then room for 38 to be installed later by immediate family members. Trees would be planted, one for each brick. Commissioner Brown stated he thought it an excellent idea and moved that they approve the request of the Soroptimist International for the memorial. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioners asked to be informed when they have the dedication ceremony.

Item No. 8 Discussion of Centex trailhead proposal (Janet Hansen)
Ms. Hansen gave a brief background of the Centex Trailhead. Centex Homes will develop a trail and bridge from their Campanello development, across Marsh Creek to connect to Creekside Park and Marsh Creek Trail. The City Council approved this agreement.. Ms. Hansen presented the preliminary plan developed by Abey/Arnold Associates for this area and the estimated cost for the design. Currently no funding source has been identified for the project. She presented the breakdown of the cost estimates that came to a total of $96,650.40. Commissioner Brown asked what budget this would come out of, would it be the Parks and Recreation? Response was yes. Chairman Rarey thought it would be good to contact the City of Paramount and see how they funded their pocket parks. Director Bronzan said it was his understanding that it was all done in- house. Discussion of funding brought the thought from Ms. Hansen that this might be a good way to introduce new neighbors by going into the neighborhood to take this on as a neighborhood project. Commissioner Shepherd asked if developer has been approached for funding. Ms. Hansen said they have not asked anyone to do anything at this point. However, Centex did do the bridge and various other trail construction costs. Various funding ideas were discussed such as plant sales, organizing neighborhood projects, etc. Commissioner Cowling lives in the area and has been invited to a party and thought it might be a good time to present this to the people living there. Also, Boy Scouts could use this as Eagle Scout project. Consensus was that it would take an organized effort and should be kept simple. Discussion of lighting costs. Director Bronzan felt it should be well lighted because of pathway for safety reasons. Mr. DeSilva, Park Manager said also donations, such as park bench, etc., with memorial plaque is also good idea. It was decided to come back next month with ideas and in the meantime discuss ideas with each other and neighbors. Commissioner Cowling will take plan to party to see if this could be a neighborhood project. Conservation Corps also an option offered by Mr. DeSilva.

Item No. 9 Update on possible date of June 27, 2001 for joint Commission tour of Brentwood (Craig Bronzan) 
He announced that the Neighborhood Committee has their annual tour of the City set for Wednesday June 27, and this Commission and the Arts Commission had asked at different times if they could join on that tour. They talk about parks and roads and schools, and it really is for those who have been on it a great tour. The City Manager has agreed to allow the Parks and Recreation Commissioners and Arts Commissioners who want to be a part of that to come on the tour. The start time is either about 5:30 or 6:00 p.m., and will go until about 8:45 p.m. or so. Anyone who wants to go on that on Wednesday, June 27, please let the staff know, because based on the Neighborhood Committee, the Arts Commission and your Commission, we will order the size of the bus to accommodate everyone. Commissioners Brown, Cowling, Shepherd, indicated a desire to go. Chairperson Rarey has another meeting and cannot go. Director Bronzan needs names and will get back to them next week with time. 

Item No. 10 Discussion of ways to disseminate department information in a timely manner to Commission (Craig Bronzan) 
This is Director Bronzan’s response from Chairperson Rarey’s legitimate concern that staff doesn’t do the best job to keep Commissioners informed. He discussed the problems in getting everything in their packets, especially for meetings that had just met (some commissions meet two times a month) and there is just not enough time for Ms. Homan to get everything in the Parks & Recreation Commissions packets for everything that has transpired in all meetings. He discussed what types of system could be used, asked for their input. Email suggested as good alternative. Ms. Homan needs to know what type of information they want. There was a discussion among the Commissioners as to type of information and best method. Commissioners decided that email was the best method. Director Bronzan will email, through Ms. Homan, such items as news releases, programs, etc. He also will put this as an agenda item next month for their response on how they are doing. Chairperson Rarey also commented then that they will know which items they really need. 

Item No. 11 Discussion of park approval process related to follow-up of conditions and selection of play apparatus (Janet Hansen). 
Ms. Hansen stated that she and Ken DeSilva are doing the plan checks; however, in many cases they weren’t involved in the initial presentations from the developers to the Commission. They are meeting to find out if the construction requirements in the developers concept plan are being met. The original concept plan may have types of trees, benches, play equipment etc. She asked the Commissioners if they would like these plans coming back to them just prior to the plans being signed off by the City and developers, or just when going into construction. If you wait, there are still some things such as color and other things than can still be changed at that point in time. She requested the Commissioners thoughts on these issues and asked when would they want to review plans. Chairperson Rarey brought up issues in recent park development where what had been promised was not what they finally received. Discussion of swings, wall and other issues with park that were not resolved to the satisfaction of the residents. Ms. Hansen said wall issue may still be something that they could go back and address. Discussion also of types of swings allowable and some clarification by Ms. Hansen of what is allowed. Director Bronzan will go back through files and check these issues as to what was promised and what the final product was in the park. 

Commissioner Shepherd left the meeting at 8:18 p.m.

Item No. 12 Discussion of establishment of creek/park clean-up days (Karen Rarey). 
Chairperson Rarey talked of establishing an annual creek/park clean-up day. This could be done in the spring with community groups involved. This used to be done in the past with groups such as Boy Scouts and others. Ken DeSilva, Park Manager said the Boy Scouts did this for some time and then later were of the understanding that they would need to coordinate with the County and sign waivers to do the work. Director Bronzan said if they would like to take this on he will research this and work with Jon Elam on this project. Mr. DeSilva said a good time would be in mid-September and coordinate with Shoreline Clean-up Day. Mr Bronzan said if the Commissioners wish to direct him to go ahead and work on that, he will come back with information. The Commissioners agreed they would like this and preferably have it in September or Earth Day. Boy Scouts could come out and paint benches and do other things to assist in the effort. Commissioner Melloni requested it not be September 22nd as that is the day the Art Commission is having their barbecue. Chairperson Rarey moved for an Annual Clean-Up Day, Commissioner Brown seconded and motion carried 4-0 (Commissioner Shepherd was absent).

Item No. 13 Review of first draft of naming of facilities policy recommendation (Craig Bronzan)
Director Bronzan reviewed a meeting he had previously held in March of 2000 with Chairperson Rarey and Vice Chairperson Melloni. At this meeting they had reviewed policies of other surrounding cities for naming/dedication of city facilities. This is a draft that he feels is very important as the way it is presented to the City Council because in whatever form it is finally approved, this is the how facilities are going to be named and there is also a section on dedication. He requested the Commissioners to look it over, make comments and suggestions, and then bring back to final form in next meeting. The Commissioners read the draft and discussed policies involved in naming parks, trees, benches and criteria used to dedicate and name facilities. Commissioner Melloni stated as the discussion of the draft ensued that they were “recommending” these names to the City Council. They have the choice to approve or disapprove what the Commission is recommending. Commissioner Brown really liked the draft and did not feel the necessity to change any part of it. Commissioner Brown moved that the Commission adopt Director Bronzan’s draft of the Naming/Dedication of City Facilities and forward it to the City Council for approval. Seconded by Commissioner Melloni and motion carried 4-0 (Commissioner Shepherd was absent).


Chairperson Rarey commented that she had attended a meeting where she had requested a trail and crossing across Highway 4 Bypass. She said there currently is no safe route planned from Byron, Knightsen, Oakley or Brentwood to any other parts of the area. Other discussion of bike trails and bike lanes by Commissioners. Balfour mentioned in particular. Discussion of having a fundraiser at dedication of new Highway 4 Bypass. Director Bronzan reported he had talked to Lowell Tunison of the Bypass Authority, who has said he would be happy to let them do this Opening Day Fundraiser. This could also be done the day before, and could then have a bike ride the day of the opening. For day of opening it would be possible to plan events such as riding bikes, hiking, or even taking golf carts on Highway to celebrate opening day ceremonies. 

There was a question on when the gyms will be ready by Commissioner Brown. Director Bronzan replied that Edna Hill should be ready in June or July, or when school starts. There will be a dedication ceremony and he will make sure everyone is invited. Liberty is about 2-3 weeks behind schedule because of dirt problems and settling of some walls, so looking at November for completion or first of the year. Commissioner Melloni asked about plans for Bristow. Mr. DeSilva said they have made arrangements to have areas ready for practice and are working with soccer teams. 

Commissioner Brown commented he would like a plaque at swimming pool. Director Bronzan said there is a plaque and it will be put in place. He also said they are working to get pictures of Commissioners in the Parks and Recreation office. 

Discussion of vending machines at pool. 

Creek/Park Clean-up Day
Cornfest Booth
Dissemination of Department Information Follow-up

Commissioner Brown motion to adjourn. Commissioner Cowling seconded and meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m.

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