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April 26, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Jan Melloni at 7:05 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni, Commissioner Lanny Brown, Commissioner Scott Shepherd, and Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling. Chairperson Karen Rarey arrived at 7:10 p.m.

Others present: Ken DeSilva, Park Manager; Winston Rhodes, Senior Planner; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary, and Diana Guthrie, Administrative Assistant. Janet Hansen, Park Planner arrived at 7:20 p.m.


Item No. 1 Presentation on Police Activities League by Officer Sergio Verbis 
Officer Verbis was introduced by Vice-Chairperson Jan Melloni. Officer Verbis gave a brief rundown on the Police Activities League and when they were established. Many leagues around the state, started with a grant and activities include a wide variety of activities to keep juveniles off the streets and prevent crime. P.A.L. is a non-profit organization. He reported that state crime stats report that 85% of juvenile crimes happen between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. These are either as victims or suspect in a crime. So that is what they have targeted, with after school program, started with Edna Hill from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. He reports they are starting to expand hours, experimenting this summer with an indoor Soccer League, affiliated with an International Soccer League, now in areas such as Berkeley, Santa Rosa, and North Bay which also has a big league. Also have a 9:00 p.m. to midnight program, sort of copying midnight basketball leagues. This will be roller hockey and pickup basketball. They have had offers from Centromart and Albertsons for parking lot space. He reported they are also starting a karate program after school, for 5th and 6th graders and also some 7th and 8th graders. PAL is also looking at starting a Rugby Club next year with grant money. The PAL wants to work with the Recreation Department, and knows he will receive a lot of support here and around the City. Commissioner Brown informed him that he knows of a person who used to play Rugby, works in his building, he would be glad to introduce him to Officer Verbis. 

Officer Verbis recently returned from state conference with CALPAL, where all the PAL groups get together and share ideas. All have strong relationships with local Recreation Departments. He mentioned grant possibilities in partnership programs. 

The Brentwood Police Department will be breaking ground the next year for a new facility, which will include a gym, exercise room and kitchen. He mentioned Chairperson Rarey has been involved in raising money for this project. Also getting vans to bring in children from outlying areas, also partnership with Pony League this Saturday. Many things but starting small and hoping to grow at a good pace to accommodate the youth of the community. Chairperson Rarey commented that this is a good way to bring the communities together. Lots of opportunities for the PAL and Parks and Recreation Department to work together. Commissioners thanked him for his input and report.

Item No. 2 Announcement of Fun Run by Mac Kaiser, Recreational Services Supervisor 
Mr. Kaiser reported that everything is ready and presented Spring to Life Fun Run tee shirts to the Commissioners. This is the fourth annual run and looks to be a good turnout. They have 122 pre-registered, which is a little better than last year, so should have 200 to 250 to run if history repeats itself. He would like to get up around 300 to 400 some day. 

Item No. 3 Announcement of Opening of Aquatic Complex on April 28, 2001 by Ken DeSilva for Sue Barry. 
Mr. DeSilva passed out a general information sheet on the opening the weekend of April 28 
and 29, 2001. The sheet showed times of operation, admission fees and also listed special event days. 

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions

CITIZEN COMMENTS: Shawn Stange (948 N. Estates Drive, Brentwood). He introduced himself and said he came to thank everyone who helped to promote the skate park. He was involved in the Skateboard Task Force, and knows that the Parks and Recreation Department, including Craig Bronzan, Director did a lot of work to promote the skate park, and also others of the Commission. Mr. DeSilva said actually the groundbreaking has taken place and should be done in 120 construction days. Tomorrow will be actual first construction day. Janet Hansen said contractor has other upcoming contracts and is anxious to get going, so they are actually anticipating a summer opening. Commissioners thanked him for his appearance.



Lanny Brown moved to accept the consent calendar, items 6 through 10 items and 12 through 14. Pulled for discussion were items 4, 5, and 11. Commissioner Melloni seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 4 Approve minutes of budget workshop meeting of March 29, 2001.
After discussion, it was realized that only item No. 5 with relation to minutes needed to have corrections made.

Item No. 5 Approve minutes of regular meeting of March 29, 2001. 
Corrections as follows: Page 1, second paragraph under Citizen Comments, should read Vice Chairperson Melloni not Chairperson Rarey. On page 4 under Commissioner’s Comments, should read “allow us” to do simple things. On page 5, second paragraph, 4 lines down, should read “the local artists could do the art work.” Commissioner Brown added a correction to Item #9, third line, Discussion among Commissioners that pertinent, big issues such as skate park good to have more details, was not sure what that meant?  Minutes Recorder said instead should read “skate park should have more details”. 

Motion by Commissioner Brown to approve Items 4 and 5. Motion seconded by Vice Chairperson Melloni. Commissioner Cowling abstained on Item No. 4, as he had missed most of the workshop, motion carried.

Item No. 11 Approve recommendation to merge the Bicycle Subcommittee and Equestrian Subcommittee
Commissioner Melloni requested this item be pulled from the agenda at this time as the Equestrian Subcommittee has reported to her that at this point in time they are not quite willing to do that. Question as to why by Janet Hansen. Commissioner Melloni responded that the bike and horse issues are separate, and in the future they would be willing to consider this merger. But they still have issues that they want worked out. Commissioner Cowling stated that he could understand this as bikes would prefer paved trails and equestrian would prefer non-paved. Ms. Hansen then stated that she goal of the department is to have a trails committee, with multi-use to view all of the trails as multi-use and then designate specific trails for equestrian use, bike use and to lump things more under multi-use trails category based on opportunity for funding and such. Some further discussion with Commissioners and Mr. DeSilva. Vice-Chairperson Melloni suggested possibility of bringing this back at a later meeting. Further comments by Commissioner Cowling and Chairperson Rarey. After further discussion with the Commissioners and Ms. Hansen, it was decided to table this item until the July meeting. 

Commissioner Brown made a motion that the bicycle subcommittee and the equestrian be combined, effective July 1, 2001.  Motion carried unanimously.

It was noted that Vice Chairperson Melloni is on the Equestrian Subcommittee. Commissioner Cowling also indicated an interest and Chairperson Rarey appointed him to serve on the subcommittee as well.


Item No. 15 Discussion of all-weather track for third high school by Roger Wilson, Director of Facilities and Planning with the Liberty Union High School District
He was introduced by Mr. DeSilva, Park Planner. He passed out literature on the proposed all-weather track for the new third high school, as well information on the actual track surfaces. He reported one of the issues is the sports complex for the third high school as it relates not only to the third high school, but the district in general and what we plan to do at Freedom High School. Currently as far as whether there will be an all-weather track - and this is certainly something that they are looking at, it is one of the items on the wish list for the Freedom High School. Currently that is going to have an all-weather track, and if it does then this school will also have an all-weather track. He provided the Commission with material on cost estimates, generic in lay out, but basic construction runs between $200,000 to $350,000 dollars. You can put different types of surfaces on it. Currently looking at ME or S systems on the area of the track itself. Discussion with Commissioners regarding types of track. Commissioner Cowling expressed his preference as runner. Commissioner Shepherd asked life of track, Mr. Wilson responded company claims 10-15 years warranty, depending on manufacturer and materials and how it is maintained, some say can get 20 years out of it. Question on resurfacing, would depend on how badly it was deteriorated. Commissioner Brown said he would like to see this at Liberty High School as it brings people down town, rather than three miles away, to down town businesses for meets. Further questions as to costs to bring to Liberty, response more funds usually available for new facilities, rather than revamping older ones. New school scheduled for 2005. Chairperson Rarey asked what it would take to get facility at Liberty? Mr. Wilson said would depend on type of track chosen, it would vary. Probably looking at the low end of the budgetary range for the prep, possibly less and then depending on which one of tracks were chosen, the dollar amount that you see there. Does not include engineering or drawing or anything like that. These items would have to go out on bid. Discussion of bringing in more meets with new facility. How to bring in donations such as surrounding area schools have received. What grant monies available, use of old tires brings a 50% discount. Discussion of how Freedom High School got their funding, Mr. Wilson said it was a collection of various groups such as Cowell Foundation, Rotary, individual donors, a community effort. Commissioner Brown stated he would like to explore idea of having a facility such as Commissioner Cowling suggested that could bring in meets, charge admission, etc. He would like to explore this further if possible. Mr. Wilson suggested bringing in the Southwest Industries to give a full presentation for the Commission. Questioned as to whether they have given this presentation to the school board as yet and Mr. Wilson said that they had not. Mr. Wilson said a tentative meeting is scheduled with Southwest Industries and the School Board for May 16, 2001, he will notify the Commission by e-mail since they would like to attend. He is trying to get as large a group as possible to the meeting and will definitely let them know when plans are finalized. Commissioners thanked him for the report.

Item No. 16 Discussion of potential “flagship projects” for future County-wide ballot measure by Winston Rhodes, Senior Planner. 
Mr. Rhodes presented a number of projects that staff had researched and requested the Commission to review and identify those that they feel would merit “flagship” status. These are projects that have been identified by an Advisory Committee of Open Space Funding from local agencies over a period of the last two years. After the Commission has identified their preference in the eight separate categories these would be a focus of future fund raising work, hopefully through a ballot measure. There is a need to carefully choose popular, regionally dispersed and high profile projects to build enthusiastic campaign support. These are hoped to appeal to different interests throughout Contra Costa County from farming areas, wildlife and habitat to real active recreational facilities for the public. The eight separate categories are Community Character, Creeks and Watersheds, Farmland, Historic Preservation and Environmental Education, Local and Municipal Parks/Recreation, Shorelines, Trails/Public Access and Wildlife Habitat and Corridors. Mr. Rhodes had identified specific examples in a handout to the Commissioners and had asterisked the ones he felt of most interest to the Parks and Recreation Department of Brentwood. He described each of these and requested information and input from the Commissioners of what be their highest priority on a wish list if they could have whatever they want. Among those considered, foothills on east side of Mt. Diablo around Marsh Creek, John Marsh home, Sunset Park expansion, revitalizing the habitat, tree planting, a science center and an agriculture and educational center, among other things. Also an all-weather track, horse show arena and intermodal transit facilities. Considerable discussion of how this will handled through the funding process, who will be group with final say, etc. Mr. Rhodes said final decision makers in this case will be the Board of Supervisors, but they are looking for input from all interested groups. Mr. Rhodes said that whatever the Commission formally gives to him tonight, his group will write up those flagship projects. This will include a brief description and an estimated budget and he will then take that to the Advisory Committee. Will try to get the best one in each part of the county and go from there. He requested input from other areas, and projects, even if not in this list. Advisory Group is looking for popular, big impact projects. There was a lot of discussion from all of the Commissioners on various ideas, projects and what they think would be of greatest importance to the Brentwood area. Mr. Rhodes summed up what he felt the Commissioners expressed the most interest in as the following projects: Sunset Sports Complex Expansion, Marsh Creek Habitat Restoration and Trails Extension to Round Valley, Agricultural Education Facility and Equestrian Center, Mokelumne Aqueduct Regional Trail, John Marsh House Agricultural Heritage Park Equestrian Center, John Marsh Creek Watershed Habitat Restoration Project. Mr. Rhodes then said he would write up a brief description of each of these projects and estimate the cost, and then as the ballot measure moves forward will probably come back periodically and keep the Commission informed as to how it sounds. At some point may like to do a formal recommendation for the City Council to take some sort of action based on the recommendation of the group. When questioned as to the time frame, Mr. Rhodes said it is hoped to get it on the ballot in 2002, this would depend on the economy, etc. Now plenty of time to work on this prior to going to the ballot. Question as to whether Sunset project should be titled Sunset Sports Complex Expansion or Brentwood Sports Complex Expansion at Sunset Park. Discussion of funding, whether bond measure, additional percentage of tax, not definite at this time. Would this be a property tax assessment? Yes, could be handled with two measures, one with recommended projects, other with funding structure, not sure how this will be handled at this point. Commissioners thanked Mr. Rhodes for his work and time in this effort. No motion required for this item.

Item No. 17 Discussion regarding rules and regulations for rental of City facilities by Tammy Homan and Diana Guthrie.
Tammy introduced Diana Guthrie, who is Administrative Assistant in charge of City facilities rentals. Ms. Homan stated that they had been having some issues coming up quite regularly that we would like some discussion with the Commission, to see how you would like us to handle them. We need procedures and policies, trying to get things settled down for the City and how we should deal with these things. She cited one incident which had recently come up with one individual who wanted to rent one of the facilities for more than one year in advance, and wanted to reserve large blocks of time for classes and such. Want to know how to handle these things as will be coming up more and more often as facilities become more in demand. Commissioner Brown questioned who the party was and what they were requesting. Ms. Homan described the applicant the her needs. The suggestion was that the City needs to come up with a written policy that could then be shown to people when these situations arise. Discussion of rates currently being charged, commercial rate and non-profit rates now in effect. Ms. Homan reported that Craig Bronzan has been working with this particular applicant to try and assist her in solving her problems. This is just one of many issues that need the Commission assistance on; Diana has brought a list with her this evening, such as insurance and deposits and things of that nature. There was considerable discussion with the Commissioners as the types of events, when someone would need to book in advance, such as a wedding, etc., and types of deposits that would be required. Chairperson Rarey felt they should poll other cities nearby and see what if any policies they had in effect for this type of situation. Ms. Guthrie said they had gotten some information from Poldina Scherff, a staff member who had come from Lancaster and had given some input. Also Ms. Homan brought up subject at parks, reserving spaces, restrictions required, deposits, insurance coverage, and also monitoring by staff to see if rules are being followed. Discussion also of liability involved in people bringing in things such as “jumpies” which are not allowed, but have been brought in despite rules. Ms. Homan has done some research on insurance with other City staff. Commissioner Melloni brought up question of what parks are designed for, that this should impact what could be brought into each park. Chairperson again said she would like the staff to poll other cities and check with the city attorney. Ms Homan said staff could do this and then come back later with more information for the Commission and maybe have a draft of what they think will work, according to attorney and other information received. No motion required.

Item No. 18 Discussion of recommendation to City Council for approval of standardized park sign. 
Mr. DeSilva gave the report in Director Bronzan’s absence. Janet Hansen also participated in this discussion. The issue was whether or how to incorporate the Parks and Recreation logo with the Brentwood official sign. Mr. DeSilva said that to put the Parks and Recreation logo on the Brentwood sign at parks, swimming pool complex, etc., would need to have City Council approval. The Aquatic Complex did have the Parks and Recreation logo and within 2 days were told to remove it, so it was covered up. There is an area on the Brentwood sign where possibly the logo could be placed as demonstrated by Ms. Hansen. There following discussion of whether to just add “Parks and Recreation Department” on sign or a small version, or name of park, which is another issue. Mr. DeSilva said that the rendering would have to go to City Council, he felt they would want to put the regular city logo on it, and being that the silhouette of the sign is the Parks and Recreation Department logo, would that be adequate enough, or do you want more recognition on it? Commissioner Melloni objected, for the record, but felt she knows how it would end up, doesn’t really want to go through the issue. Further discussion by Commission members. Commissioner Brown volunteered to go to the City Council. The Commissioners would like to have some recognition. 

Chairperson Rarey moved that the Commission forward the sign that was chosen by them to be submitted to the Council for approval. Commissioner Brown seconded and motion carried unanimously.

There was also some discussion of the naming of the Loma Vista Park. No naming policy in effect as yet. The park was formerly San Jose. Commissioner Melloni said that at one time she and Chairperson Rarey and Director Bronzan had a meeting at one time to discuss naming of parks, there are notes on this meeting with Mr. Bronzan. The commissioners agreed after some discussion to just continue the name Loma Vista Park. Ms. Hansen also reported that there is another developer coming along and will have another park area soon. This needed to be decided now as the contractor for Loma Vista is going to be completed very soon. Mr. DeSilva believes that Director Bronzan plans to have the naming issue on the agenda for the May meeting. Discussion of naming policy, felt historical names dedicated to a specific person, or trees, will hope to have these notes at next meeting.

Decision to forward ideas to Council and let them make decision. 

Chairperson Rarey then suggested moving on to Item #20 so Mr. Rhodes could then be excused.

Item No. 20 Consideration of setting a date for a joint workshop with Planning Commission regarding pocket parks by Ken DeSilva for Craig Bronzan
Chairperson Rarey commented that she would like to see this workshop scheduled before June. Mr. Rhodes said they are recommending May, so it was decided to have the workshop at 6:00 p.m. prior to the regular meeting on May 24. The main meeting will be in the Community Center rather than in Council Chambers, pre-meeting will be there also. Commissioners requested memo/reminder of time and place for this meeting with the Planning Commission. Ms. Homan said she would alert them. 

Commissioner Brown moved that they hold a joint workshop with the Planning Commission on May 24, at 6:00 PM. Vice-Chairperson Melloni seconded and motion carried 4-0. Commissioner Shepherd left at 9:30 p.m. so was not available for vote.

Item No. 21 Discussion of California Park & Recreation Society Vision by Lanny Brown
He noticed that it is now on the website and that is what he had requested. He had discussed this earlier with Director Bronzan and is pleased to see that it has been done. He was asked if he wanted any changes and he replied no, just exactly what I wanted. 

Item No. 19 Discussion of feasibility for passive/pocket parks by Mr. Ken DeSilva
Mr. DeSilva recalled that Chairperson Rarey had attended the Sacramento conference and had brought this subject up at the last meeting, although he did not attend the conference, Janet Hansen, Park Planner had and had passed the informational material on to him. One of the issues that will be with the Parks and Recreation is the whole concept of pocket parks. He sees the issue before them now is the concept of more private areas that agencies have developed. The other concept is, does the Commission want to look at part of the planning process instead of just looking at neighborhood parks? Do we look at actual pocket parks similar to what Curtis and Windsor and some of the smaller ones have, as something which is addressed in the parks and trails master plan which is in there currently? Chairperson Rarey said not necessarily like Windsor and Curtis, but when talking to Bob Brockman, Planning Commissioner, he said they went on a tour and saw all the green spaces like what we have along our creeksides, with a bench there, instead of walls and house after house. Having small pocket parks instead, in community developments to add green space, is more pleasing to the eye. Considerable discussion of cost, maintenance, cost would probably be maintenance only. Mr. DeSilva thought this would not be too big an issue. He passed out information that he had put together on these pocket parks. Maintenance costs can sometimes be rather high for space since cannot go in with large mowers and equipment, can be more labor intensive. Can come in under LLD regulations. There was a lot of discussion of these types of parks, their desirability, liability for insurance and what would happen if property sold. Chairperson Rarey would really like to see something like this take place, especially in vacant lots, etc. Mr. DeSilva will research further with Finance Department and any other issues that may be involved.


Commissioner Brown asked regarding the California League of Cities Community Services Conference that will be held in Monterey at the Doubletree Conference Center. Commissioner Brown, Chairperson Rarey, and Commissioner Cowling indicated a desire to go, Vice-Chairperson Melloni wasn’t sure. Ms. Homan will send out e-mails a few days ahead to remind them and then make reservations firm for those who wish to attend.

Vice Chairperson Melloni would like to request scheduling a workshop with the City Council. This would be on the working relationship with the Council. Discussion of budget workshop and issues that they need clearer direction and heads up on what the Parks and Recreation Commission is expected to do and what they expect to be doing. Is the function of the Parks and Recreation Commission to direct the Council on issues? Commissioners would like an annual workshop with Council and all the other Commissions. 

There being no further business to come before the meeting, Chairperson Rarey adjourned the meeting at 9:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder 

City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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