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March 29, 2001at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Karen Rarey at 7:40 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni; Chairperson Karen Rarey, Commissioner Lanny Brown; Commissioner Scott Shepherd; Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling.

Others present: Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Ken DeSilva, Park Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor, and Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary.

PRESENTATION: California Parks & Recreation Society Awards by Sue Barry. 
Sue displayed the awards recently received at the California Parks and Recreation Society State Conference. The City of Brentwood, Parks and Recreation Department was awarded three Awards of Excellence and the Award of Distinction. The Youth Commission received an Award of Excellence for their logo, an Award of Excellence was received for Design & Park Planning for the Family Aquatic Complex, and also another Award of Excellence for the Team R&R Marketing Theme Campaign. The Team R&R also received an Award of Distinction, a special new award, selected from all of the Award of Excellence and Merit Award winners. This was a very special honor and beautiful trophy. Special also for a city the size of Brentwood, since only three cities were selected out of all award winners.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.

Annette Rains (3751 Holmes Road, Oakley), representing ECHO, reported on recent activities of the group. She voiced concern over inability to ride to the Vasco Caves. She said the road is owned by the Contra Costa Water District and they are working with them to improve access. Commissioner Melloni suggested sending emails, she had done this on behalf of herself. This is a method of indicating interest and concern to the District. Mr. DeSilva also felt the East Bay Regional Park District could be instrumental in doing something about this situation. Ms. Raines discussed Horse Day in Brentwood and the Big Break Multi Purpose Trail, she feels the vocabulary should be changed as it is not really a multi-purpose trail. 

Next Citizen Comment by Julie Raichenbach, 1578 Autumn Valley Way, Brentwood. She was there to discuss the feasibility of a dog park in Brentwood. She presented some information she had obtained off the internet and pictures of other dog parks. Her question was if there was an opportunity to have a dog park in Brentwood. Vice-Chairperson Melloni said there had been discussion on this a year ago, she had received information at last year’s conference. She had attended a meeting and obtained information on how to set one up, size of park needed and discussed this with Director Bronzan. He had mentioned there was about a 2-acre park that was available near Fairview and Sand Creek. Mr. DeSilva said that in the new park Master Plan it makes mention of the need to have a dog park, but not actually a pin-pointed location. Ms. Raichenbach said what she had hoped for would be a fully gated, off limits dog park. She commented that she would do whatever she could to assist. She is experienced in fundraising and has talked to many others in Brentwood that are very interested. She left her card and Commissioners said that it would be helpful to have her involved when they get to the point of establishing a dog park. 



3. Accept Equestrian Subcommittee report (B. Margesson).
4. Accept information update from East County Horseman’s Organization (ECHO).
5. Accept update on Aquatic Complex customer feedback form (S. Barry).
6. Accept Girl’s ASA Softball League and Adult Slo-Pitch Softball League rules packet
(S. Barry/P. Scherff).
7. Accept correspondence from RRM Design Group regarding Parks, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan (K. DeSilva).

Commissioner Brown moved to accept consent calendar items 3 through 7 with items 1 and 2 pulled for discussion. Commissioner Shepherd seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 1 Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 22, 2001
In the minutes, page 2, second paragraph, instead of Chairperson Rarey mentioned they would have to put in more portables, that should be Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni. On page 8, second paragraph, should be Chairperson Rarey, not Vice Chairperson Melloni. On page 12, near end of second paragraph, should be Chairperson Rarey, not Vice Chairperson Melloni on need for more shade trees. 

Motion to accept Item No. 1 as corrected by Commissioner Brown, seconded by Vice Chairperson Melloni. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 2 Acceptance of Staff Reports from Park Services Manager/Recreation Services Supervisors
Discussion of landscaping at Summerwood Park. Vice Chairperson Melloni asked about hitching posts, wondered if they were out there. Mr. DeSilva, Park Manager, responded no, have been working on this and they would be located behind the rail fence, on the trail side. Chairperson Rarey asked about picnic tables at Glory Park. The tables installed are not the same design as others, are very high, even for tall persons they are hard to get onto. Discussion of these tables and disabled persons tables also. Mr. DeSilva will check on these matters.

Vice Chairperson Melloni moved to accept Item No. 2, Commissioner Brown seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Sue Barry, Recreation Supervisor asked if they could consider, at the request of the Arts Commission, having a competition for the art work for the sign at the Skate Park. Also, regarding the fifty entries for $75 at the Aquatic Park, had been considering lowering rates and offering passes. These would be added as an emergency motion numbers 14 and 15. 

Commissioner Brown moved to add these as items 14 and 15. Commissioner Shepherd seconded. Motion carried with Commissioner Melloni abstaining as she is also an Arts Commissioner.


Item No. 8 Discussion of Recommendation on Priority Use of Fields Subcommittee (K. DeSilva) 
Mr. DeSilva reported that they have had two meetings. Commissioners Shepherd and Melloni are on the subcommittee, as well as himself , Sue Barry, and Poldina Scherff from staff. Idea was to insure that Brentwood residents are given priority as far as fields are concerned. Have discussed the issues with some of the other leagues to determine if that is possible. Because leagues are regional in nature, it really is a difficult situation. Several options discussed and presented to the group for discussion. Several ideas were discussed by the Commissioners including early registration. Commission also discussed on-line registration. All Commissioners felt the early registration, first come first serve basis is a good idea. Advertise that if they want to be on all Brentwood team to sign up early and indicate their wishes on sign-up sheet. Late sign-ups would end up on whatever team available. Item #3 of Mr. DeSilva’s report seemed to be the most feasible. If you have primarily Brentwood residents on the team, will try to schedule practice in Brentwood. 

Commissioner Brown moved that use Item #3 for non-sponsored league and for the City program. Seconded by Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 9 Discussion of Minutes Content (T. Homan)
Ms. Homan asked the Commissioners, at the request of Director Bronzan, what kind of minutes they want, detailed as the last or more of an action style. Discussion among Commissioners that pertinent, big issues such as skate park should have more details. Information can be pulled from recordings also as minutes kept on tape for 2 years. Agreed to shorten comments. 

Chairperson Rarey moved that only pertinent information and motions, seconds and votes. Seconded by Commissioner Brown. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 10 Discussion of Packet Distribution (T. Homan)
Ms. Homan asked the Commissioners what they want in terms of packets for other Commissions, agenda only or full packets. Commissioners responded that just the agenda, and that could be e-mailed to them. 

Motion to this effect by Commissioner Cowling, seconded by Vice Chairperson Melloni. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 11 Discussion of California Parks & Recreation Society Vision (L. Brown).
He reported that he was not sure what this was about, thought possibly about Mission Statement. Agreed to table this item until next meeting.

Motion to table by Chairperson Rarey, seconded by Commissioner Brown. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 12 Discussion of Department/Commission Open House (M. Kaiser)
At the last Delta Services Committee Board of Director’s meeting, they indicated that they were proceeding forward to moving to the Post Office where there is apparently a group of non-profit organizations located there. It became a mute point to go with the idea of a partnership since they were moving across the street. Mr. Kaiser will continue to be a liaison with them as long as they want him to, and will go from there. Discussion of oil painting class, 16 to 20 people in the group, and are quite good. 

Item No. 13 Discussion of Procedures for Rolling Blackouts (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry passed out a power outage pool closure protocol for all the Commissioners to view and discuss. Want to make sure that all supervisors have flashlights and look into other types of lighting that could be hooked up on poles at Sunset to ensure safety. Want to purchase some electric lanterns and flashlights. They are already training staff on procedures to follow in case of blackouts. With approval of Commission, staff would like to purchase these flashlight, battery pack lights, etc. Discussion of types available. Also discussion of generators. City has some already, may need to purchase 1 or 2 more, definitely something for pool. Vice Chairman Melloni asked what fund this would come from. Chairperson Rarey requested Ms. Barry to look into it and come back to them when they have the amounts and who will pay for what, etc. City has generators they bought for Y2K. Ms. Barry will check out costs and report back to the Commission.

Item No. 14 Discussion of Skate Park Sign (S. Barry)
Request for the Art Commission to have contest through local schools, junior highs and senior highs to come up with drawings for skate board park. Ms. Barry said that she was coming at the request of the Art Commission and in discussing the matter with Ms. Scherff of the Youth Commission they had asked to do the very same thing awhile ago. The Youth Commission had already put $250 from Youth Commission and grant from company designing park, another $250, making a total of $500. Therefore a $500 prize for the very same thing. Possibly then the Art Commission could do the judging or whatever you decide. Would hesitate to take away from the Youth Commission. Discussion of Art Commission also has money from old fountain fund, therefore wanted to design sign. Sign at top on archway and two silhouettes on sign. Mr. DeSilva reported that this was originally in the park designer’s budget, and he has been asked to remove them and has agreed to do so. Discussion of skaters and trellis design by Commissioners, also naming of the park. Did set parameters on how things should be named, they have to be named for a person, field could be dedicated to someone, complex itself couldn’t be named. Ms. Barry will check back, tell them of the parameters set by Commission, and then will report back at next meeting. Art Commission wanted to do sign over the entrance, find out what Youth Commission are planning on. Ms. Barry will check this all out, and get exact details and report back at the next meeting.

Item No. 15 Discussion of Aquatic Complex Rates/Passes (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry brought up discussion and concern over uncertainty of PG&E rates. Mr. DeSilva reported that problem with PG&E rates was discovered when it was determined they needed to increase the regulator size for the gas supply going into the pool, because the boilers weren’t operating efficiently. They called PG&E and they had no record of the facility even being on the line. Could not even get a rate schedule, they suggested check with web site. Chairperson Rarey suggested that they revisit this in 10 months when they know what PG&E’s rates are going to be. Just continue with rates already charging at the pool.


Chairman Rarey, commented on conference, had a great time, learned a lot of things, and one thing in one meeting talked about utilizing the Internet. Since have cameras at the pool would like to take live cam pictures and have them on the web page. Also some of ball games, other things that be of interest and bring people to web page. Another item presented by Chairperson Rarey, is beautification of empty lots. This is being done throughout the state, discuss and encourage owners to allow us to do simple things such as pathways, bushes, just to beautify with benches, passive parks. Cost is usually at $8,000 to $10,000, and owner can sell it at any time. Little pocket parks that are on private property and insurable under California insurance. Example, across from Brentwood Cafe there are nice trees, just need to make a nice little passive park, would bring crime down and would make city look better. For large lots, quarter or half it off and make so you only see front half and put landscaping that grows fast or trees. Funds of $50,000 to $60,000 per year that are available for this purpose from the city. Mr. DeSilva said some is already for medians. He will check into this and report back at the next meeting.

Next thing Ms. Rarey brought up was she had spoken to John Elam regarding the Highway 4 Bypass and grand opening. May want to do something such as fun run, golf cart parade, followed by grandparent, grandchild lookalike contest. Also sell squares at $100 to $500 apiece to local businesses and developers etc. and the local artists could do theart work. Did similar thing when opened Highway 85 in San Jose, had antique cars, races etc. Different youth organizations could be involved, could set up booths. Italian street art, 4 to 6 foot squares has been done in conjunction with group such as Kiwanis or Rotary. Could sell spaces for large companies such as John Muir, could land helicopter. Could be floats made of golf carts. Chairperson Rarey will discuss this with Director Bronzan, all thought it a good idea and should be considered.


Vice Chairperson Melloni would like a budget meeting in the near future and bring in company doing grants. Discussion of need to have more time to discuss these items. Commissioner Brown is concerned about Sunset Park costs, eight million dollars a large amount of money. 

Councilman Petrovich had reported to Chairperson Rarey that he had gone down to Big League Dreams and it was a big mistake that it was not looked at. He went to Palm Springs and saw it, said the concept should have been looked into further. Loans were at 4 or 4-1/2 percent. Some further discussion on this project. Have appointed a sub-committee to look into 50 acres from EBMUD Committee for $1 per year, it is called the East Bay Negotiating Subcommittee. This will be for soccer fields, out by the high school. Supposed to be 50 acres of flat land near Byron. 


There being no further business Vice Chairperson Melloni moved to adjourn, Commissioner Brown seconded. Motion carried unanimously and meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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Brentwood, CA 94513
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