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January 25, 2001 at 7:00P.M.
City Council Chamber
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513


ROLL CALL: Chairperson Lanny Brown; Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey; Commissioner Jan Melloni; Commissioner Scott Shepard; Commissioner Jeff Cowling.

Others Present: Craig Bronzan, Director; Sue Barry, Recreation Services Manager; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Ken DeSilva, Park Manager; Barry Margesson, Park Services Manager; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager. 


1. Oath of office presentation postponed awaiting the arrival of Mayor McPoland. Commissioner Jeff Cowling seated as commissioner.


Annette Rains (3751 Holmes Road, Oakley) displayed a map with several overlays showing regional trails abandoned and local trails along with the Brentwood trail map that separated pedestrian and equestrian trails. They had discovered that for many trails in Oakley they require many easements and right of ways. They submitted this along with potential staging areas including buffers for other use. Oakley will be using this map for use with their General Plan.

Chairperson Lanny Brown asked how they intended to cross Highway 4 from Knightsen to Byron. Annette replied they had not gotten there yet. She did show on the map where they have a crossing near the Cypress School in Oakley and asked if he had a recommendation. Chairperson Lanny Brown did not.

Chairperson Lanny Brown inquired if they would be using canals. Annette replied that they were and that the Contra Costa Water District was doing an inventory of all their layouts to define their properties. The County is hoping to have the assessment completed in June, at which point the equestrians are hoping to retain some of this land for staging areas and that it would hopefully be reclaimed more for public use. 

Chairperson Jan Melloni asked what was happening with Dupont property and if there were any updates. Annette replied that it is not complete and that East Bay Water has acquired the property that is the marshland and they are putting together a public task force to have public use of the vineyard areas, which will continue leasing to the Kline’s. They are taking a very open approach for public use of this land.

Joe Briseno (1070 Sea Island Court, Brentwood) representing East Diablo Pony Baseball League, and as a coach, volunteer and father wanted to express concern about field space for the kids. Last year they worked with approximately 750 kids. This league is currently using fields at Brentwood Elementary School and Knightsen School. These fields are currently very rough with divots and holes. They are waiting to see if they can use the Garin School Fields that are currently being used by adult leagues. With all the new teams and increasing amount of children playing, they need more quality fields and need to maintain contact with kids to give them programs to keep them occupied and busy. Joe is also a long time resident of Brentwood and works for the Probation Department working with kids from 9 to 18. There is an increase in the number of kids getting in trouble, and with fewer things for them to do, the number of kids in trouble will increase. He is hoping that more board members from the league will attend more City Commission meetings. The main focus is to provide for the community a place to play with quality fields. Would like the to board to open topics on the agenda to discuss the fields.

Chairperson Lanny Brown asked about the current Sunset Park expansion proposed map. Director Craig Bronzan replied the consultants are trying to develop more industrialized sites in the blighted areas on Hwy 4 North of Marsh Creek and South of Lone Tree Way. The City owns 20 acres of that land which will expand Sunset Park from 10 to 30 acres. The consultants have been asked to look at the whole site and are putting together a Performa on how the City can develop the industrial site and if they wish to sub land off to do the improvements. The map given was made for a presentation to the Economic Subcommittee. Now that the developer fees have been approved by City Council the design can be made as a footprint for actual development of the park. The design is not complete and the field placement is not set. They also need to review drainage issues and that entire site may have to be graded and leveled in the 100-year flood plain. One field may have to be used, when necessary, as a holding facility rather than flooding the wastewater treatment plant. The plan still has to go back to the Economic Subcommittee and then back to City Council.

Chairperson Lanny Brown liked the plan but questioned if we can retain existing fields or rearrange scheduling to have fields available in April. Director Craig Bronzan replied we might be able to reorient existing facilities. The best interest may be to level what we have and start over. That creates major scheduling problems with use needed on school district fields for a one-year period of time. Both school districts have been extremely helpful to assist in the short term. The City will need help in organization and manpower where citizens such as Joe Briseno can help. 


Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey moves to separate item 1 and accept items 2 through 8.
M/S/C/U/ Rarey/Jan Melloni (5/0)

Acceptance of staff report from Park Services Manager/Recreation Services Supervisor.

Accept information update from East County Horseman’s Organization (ECHO).

Accept City Council staff report on Loma Vista Park redesign project (J. Hansen).

Accept City Council staff report on acceptance of aquatic center (C. Bronzan).

Accept Youth Commission update report (P.Scherff).

Accept City Council staff report on City Council/Management staff planning session (J. Elam).

Accept City Council staff report on acceptance of East Bay Regional Park District License Agreement – Marsh Creek Trail (C. Bronzan).

Related to consent calendar item #1, Karen recommended the following changes: needed to change her title from Co-Chairperson to Vice-Chairperson on minutes dated 11/9 & 11/30.
Page 2 2nd page 3rd line park should state Glory Park as 1.1 acre, not that both are.
Page 3 last page should read as Commissioner Rarey not Brown.
Request that minutes be paged
Page 7 second page should read K& B Homes there are two places.
On page 9 4th page third line from bottom repeat says a strong a strong.
P13 2nd page Craig is listed as Dr. Bronzan -- needs to be Director.
Second page from end last sentence should read “conform to standards” not “confirm to standards”
3 more pages 4th page 4th sentence early spring by the time fall comes around 
last sentence should read those instead of hose

Minutes of 11/30
P3 2page vice chair 2nd line big league dreams, not field of dreams

Motion to approve minutes of special meeting of November 9, 2000 and regular meeting of November 30, 2000 with corrections as mentioned:

M/S/C/U/ Melloni/Shepard (4/0/1) Commissioner Cowling abstains.


9. Presentation/discussion/recommendations on Shea Homes 2.7 acre neighborhood park design (K. DeSilva/Shea Homes representative).

Don Hofer (2155 Los Positas Court, Livermore) explained the site plan review was approved by Planning Commission November of last year. As part of the recommendation from the Planning Commission they were to bring their presentation to the Parks and Recreation Commission for the park design. Back when the tentative map was approved, there was a condition of approval attached that required a neighborhood park to be built. There was an environmental study done that involved the Army Corp. of Engineers and the Department Fish and Game in which a large portion was delineated as wetlands and another aspect is that a portion of the trail system goes into the Seeno Development.

Mike Jordan (Vandertill and Associates, Livermore, CA) indicated the design and intent was to be a fun and durable park for the community near St. Reges Blvd. Selected are coordinating amenities including fun colors that are durable and permanent with low maintenance including vandal proof. The park is accessible by bicycle and pedestrian paths running the full length of the wetland area and is ADA accessible. The play structure is mounted on fiber (wood chip 1’ deep). The bench is an expanded metal bench, not plastic or wood, and is of vandal resistant elements all steel, vinyl coated and powder coated and color coordinated along with the trash receptacle and drinking fountain which is also ADA accessible and freeze resistant. There is bike loop to hold five bicycles and there is a bollard mounted in the sleeve of the pavement that more options can be specified upon. 

Vice Chairperson Karen Rarey asked about the picnic tables and if they are the tables the skateboarders grind on because of the ADA access. Mike replied that the bench edges are rounded with armrests on the ends. They are vinyl coated in order to curtail skateboarders. The design of the picnic table is also rounded and vinyl coated it may still be used by skateboarders. Park Manager Ken DeSilva said that they would look more into the construction aspect to address those concerns. 

Vice Chairperson Karen Rarey also expressed concern about the lack of shaded area in the park. Director Craig Bronzan asked about the ring of concrete be arranged so that trees may be put in the outer edges for more shade. Don pointed out that trees might contaminate the fiber in the play area. There is not a large grass area either and they wanted to provide an open area large enough to be used. Park Manager Ken DeSilva asked about putting trees outside of park area. Don pointed out that area it is sloped, the grass area is about the only flat space. There are street trees proposed, although distanced they would supply a certain amount of shade. 

Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling asked if these were conditioned to be 24” box trees. He was told there were originally 15-gallon trees and although it would be long before they provided shade there would eventually be some. Director Craig Bronzan suggested that one of the recommendations be to direct staff to address tree placement in every conceivable place.

Chairperson Lanny Brown asked if the Police Department had inspected the plans for blind spots. Park Manager Ken DeSilva will verify in plan review that they have addressed these concerns.

Director Craig Bronzan reiterated that they are trying to make the best out of this small area. He is concerned about overlay of trails, but there are not a lot of options. Don said they did originally discuss with PD during a Planning Commission Meeting and there were not a lot of options because of the trail design.

Chairperson Lanny Brown asked if by leaving the wetlands would there be a maintenance issue. Park Manager Ken DeSilva replied that it is homeowner maintained and falls under LLD. Commissioner Jan Melloni asked if this would cause access problems. Don replied that there are very strict restrictions on the builders from the Department of Fish and Game and the Army Corp. of Engineers as far as to what they can do with the wetlands.

Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling asked about remediation in area. Don replied contaminations were not bad but Contra Costa County Department of Environmental Health took lead to manage clean up. They set rigid standards on what level of clean up would be required. Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling asked if they knew the site would be a park. Don said the entire site was cleansed. Samples were tested and all material that was contaminated was hauled to a hazardous waste site. The standards set by the County for cleanup were set much higher than what is normally required for this kind of developing. Commissioner Scott Shepard asked how long ago cleanup was originated. 
Don replied that the original cleanup started in August of 1999. The final inspection from the County came in November of 2000.

Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling commented about the trails not being of permeable material. Park Manager Ken DeSilva spoke that they can research those types of materials. The problems with permeable materials are weed growth and erosion. 
Director Craig Bronzan said that the minimum standard is a 10-foot asphalt trail, but the department tries to exceed those requirements when possible. Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling would like more latitude to pick and choose.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked about fencing from homes backing up into it and also about the front yards on several homes. Don showed where certain homes were backed up by the wetlands and how the terrain is sloped and bordered for inaccessibility. Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked how this ties into the trail. Park Manager Ken DeSilva said this does not tie into trail and they had to use streets in order to get to trails on the east side. On the north it will not be a problem with the new development.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked about equestrian activities in this area. Annette Raines of ECHO said they would like to go through there, but it would not be a great need. Don spoke of how the area is mostly ranch land and may not be accessible to the public equestrians. Annette expressed that some ranchers would like to have trails on their property. 

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked when they would build the park. Don replied there are no specific conditions and they are waiting on approval from Planning and weather. Park Manager Ken DeSilva will verify the park layout with the Police Department. They will work for shade around play area; inquire about permeable trail and the aggregate area around picnic tables to prevent skateboarding.

M/S/C/U: Rarey/Cowling 5/0 to accept the design with conditions that verify the design with the police department; the developer works to provide shade around the play area, consider permeable trail medium, and use exposed aggregate around the picnic tables to prevent skateboarding.

10. Discussion/recommendation on temporary concession services at Aquatic Complex 2001 season (S. Barry).

Sue Barry -- when complex was built there were to be future commercial buildings to supply concession. In the interim they have installed soda machines that are proving to be insufficient. It is a agreed that they need to supply some sort of concession and would like to set up some standards as to what vendors must meet before being considered. They are that vendors must meet all County health requirements, that all food be prepackaged, that there be no food preparation or storage in any designated staff areas; stock may not be stored on site; no glass, seeds, gum or taffy-like candy. There is no product exclusion so that families may bring their own, and that staff would determine location of machines or carts, and finally that contracts may be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked what type of vendors are they looking to attract. Sue mentioned that they have had several contacts from different types of vendors. Then she presented Robert Taylor. Robert Taylor (753 Sienna Lane, Brentwood) commented that he would like to see parks designed for older children also. He proposed considering a park conversion at a later time when the park needed maintenance and would like the City to look at another phase for developing parks for older children. Mr. Taylor than presented to the Commission some plans pertaining to small concession carts from Canada. This machine is built for either temporary usage on wheels or upon completion of a building it can be permanently installed. The reason for this type of cart is that you can be in business the first day and it is a complete set up.

Chairperson Lanny Brown said you could just wheel it out and take it home at night. Robert was more interested in having kept in the area after the commercial buildings were complete as a permanent structure.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey expressed concern that when commercial building is completed they wish to open a courtyard and how would Robert get his money back at that time. Bob said this is not an ordinary vendor cart. He would like for the Commission to let him know when they decide. His ultimate goal was to have the cart in a permanent building.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked Sue about prepackaged items. What was the point of making that a constriction? Sue said storage space and facility to prepare food was very limited and would prefer not to use staff areas.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked Bob if his vending cart would be stored at his home and would most cart vendors store inventory in a cart area. Bob replied he did intend to store items at home and was concerned about insurance requirements. He acknowledged the lack of space.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked who would be managing the cart. Bob replied that he would until he was sure as to what type of help he would need; at this time he was unsure. Director Bronzan brought it up that this would have to be negotiated in the vendor contract.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked if this would be primarily hot dogs. Bob replied drinks, hot dogs, maybe chips and pretzels -- no candy. Park Manager Ken DeSilva said this might work in conjunction with the vending machines. Bob wanted to close with the emphasis that he is a sincere person and wanted one of the complex buildings when they are available and will truly try to become a long-term tenant. 

Sue Barry expressed concern about cart vendors with schedules and that vendors would have to comply to and adhere to schedules. Bob assured us it would be taken care of.

Director Bronzan spoke from a staff perspective what we need to know is that should there be any other parameters and should they go forward and solicit proposals. 
Park Manager Ken DeSilva expressed if it makes sense to tie in with the Sunset Concessions. Director Craig Bronzan they could be either individually or both.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked about contracting. Director Craig Bronzan affirmed it would be year-to-year. Swim clubs could take over concessions but we need to allow them to have the choice also.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked what the Terrapins were doing in their concessions. Director Bronzan expressed that they will have to look at several proposals and may limit fundraising days closed to vendors. 

Commissioner Jan Melloni motioned to move forward to explore vendors and concessions, allowing for cart vendors that fall within the parameters and also informing teams of intentions. 

M/S/C/U: Melloni/Rarey 5/0

11. Approve staff recommendation to identify Sand Creek Road under crossing as #1 priority for trail development in 2000/2005 Capital Improvement Program (C. Bronzan).

Director Craig Bronzan recommended that staff use funding from trail plan for the under crossing and that this become priority for trail development. The City conditioned that the Developer pays for the box culvert but did not have funding to raise the road. If this is set as a priority, then the culvert will be built along with the under crossing by the Developer and the raising of the road would be covered by roadway fees. If this is set as priority out of all the trail projects, then it will be on record that this is important and must go forward. 

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked about homeowners being notified of the road raising and was very concerned. Director Craig Bronzan replied that the Developer has been told and is aware that they need to raise the road. John Stevenson proposed that the noise issue comes with the tires and so his suggestion was that the over crossing they build a sound wall. Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling included a recommendation for rubberized asphalt to reduce noise.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked if it was horse accessible. Director Craig Bronzan believes it is 9 feet high, which would require a person to get off and walk them under.

Commissioner Jan Melloni motioned to approve the project, on the condition that surrounding residents receive adequate notification and include rubberized asphalt and all other known methods of sound reduction.

M/S/C/U: Cowling/Melloni 5/0

12. Approval of Department Code of Conduct (P. Scherff/S. Barry).

Poldina presented a Code of Conduct form. Last year there were several situations that occurred where they had to penalize accordingly. To avoid that, she is presenting a new document for all coaches, parents and volunteer coaches. It is broken down to sections, violations and penalties based on conduct. Includes clause that it would cover all family members that would watch the child play. They would not tolerate any unsportsmanlike activities.

Chairperson Lanny Brown asked if this matches up with what a group from Florida is doing where no talking is allowed from parents. Poldina said no, they are hoping they do not have to get to that point. 

Commissioner Scott Shepard asked what are the enforcement steps and appeal process. Poldina would enforce it in-house, if it went further it would be presented to Commission.

Commissioner Scott Shepard asked about multiple violations. Poldina pointed out the sections that includes expulsion.

Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling questioned if this covered smoking before going on and off field. Sue said that when other users use a facility the coach would have to follow code of conduct along with officials

Director Bronzan said this could be applied to other users of our facility too and we would hold them responsible for any actions taken while using the City facilities.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked if this could be extended to practices and any other associations that would use the facilities. Poldina replied that it should go across the board covering everyone who uses city facilities.

Commissioner Scott Shepard applauded Poldina on coming up with this sort of agreement he would like to see it strictly enforced in order to avoid future complications.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey motioned to approve the code of conduct, but to include practices and use of all facilities.

M/S/C/U: Rarey/Shepard 5/0

13. Establish committee to develop recommendation on priority of use for Sunset Park Fields

Director Craig Bronzan discussed a request from Council Member Wade Gomes to evaluate how the facilities are prioritized for usage because of the park tax incurred on City of Brentwood residents and many of the leagues come from outlying areas. Staff is recommending a sub-committee be set up to determine how to make sure that Brentwood residents get use of City facilities first. He hopes this committee could meet and create a policy for commission recommendation to Council.

Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling asked if fields could be reserved a year in advance. Director Craig Bronzan said not at this time. Reservations are made in January for that year. Director Craig Bronzan said Park Manager Ken DeSilva will move forward and should include Poldina and the aquatic center, and also Pony Baseball, and East Diablo Soccer.

Park Manager Ken DeSilva informed the commission that Pony Baseball now has a senior league and an independent league team that will be competing for space.

Chairperson Lanny Brown motioned to create the subcommittee and include Jan Melloni and Scott Shepard.

M/S/C/U: Brown/Rarey 5/0

14. Approve recommendation for agreement with Futures Explored for park litter, garbage and restroom services (K. DeSilva)

Ken DeSilva explained that he has meet with the City contractor MCE to see if they could tighten up their estimate to do garbage in the parks and he also called several other agencies in the County. Futures Explored is interested in providing that service and he had several documents from them including charges and service levels. Ken’s recommendation was to take this to the City Manager for approval as there is money in the budget to complete this service.
M/S/C/U: Rarey/Melloni 5/0 to approve the recommendation.

15. Update on Equestrian Subcommittee (B. Margesson)

Barry Margesson spoke and handed out small list of candidates for representatives. Jan would represent a planning component and Barry would also serve on the committee.

Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey asked when the first committee would meet. Barry replied that they had not confirmed yet. Commissioner Jan Melloni had a conflict with the fourth Wednesday of every month. Annette asked when meeting preference would be. Commission Jan Melloni said most evenings were ok. Annette will work with Barry to come up with dates.

16 . Update on Bicycle Subcommittee (J. Hansen).

Janet Hansen discussed that they had a committee and community meeting where they reviewed bicycle classifications and trail types. They also discussed Community Development and want to include East Bay Regional Park District. They are also looking for school and parent participation and had asked Poldina in regards to someone from the Youth Commission. They discussed goals and objectives the revision of the 1995 bike and that they should overlay the trails to give them a basis in which to follow. They are also developing more community interaction such as bike to work and/or school day. Their next meeting is set up for February 15th to establish a final vision and actual plans.

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked if the Bike trails could be overlaid like the equestrian trails that Annette presented. Janet said that is exactly what they would like to do.

17. Update on Skate Park (K. DeSilva/J. Hansen).

Janet had great news; they are now out to bid on the park. Bids are due February 20th by 3:00 in the Council Chambers. That day will give them enough time to get it on the City Council agenda for the 27th so they can move forward quickly. The construction time frame is down to approximately 120 days to open this summer. 

Commissioner Jan Melloni asked if there is some way to update the skate task force in order to get the kids involved. Director Craig Bronzan assured a letter would get out before the meeting.

18. Update on State recognition by California Park and Recreation Society (C. Bronzan).

Director Bronzan informed the commission the state awards committee has awarded the aquatic complex a first place award, not second place, as they had not considered population in the review. During the State conference in March the department will receive 3 first place awards, one for the pool, one for the youth commission logo, and one for the Team R & R marketing program. This recognition is a credit to the community, department and staff.

19. Election of Vice-Chairperson (L. Brown).

As per the City commission ordinance, Vice-Chairperson Karen Rarey automatically becomes the Chairperson at the conclusion of the meeting.

Nominations were held for Vice-Chairperson. Karen Rarey nominated Jan Melloni, Commissioner Jeffrey Cowling seconded the motion and all were in favor 4/0/1 Jan Melloni abstaining.


Annette Raines will forward permeable trail information to Ken DeSilva. CSHA region five has an annual event in Livermore that ECHO is partnering with Contra Costa Horseman’s Association. They are going to try to make an annual event out here also, most likely in the Antioch Fairgrounds but would prefer to have something out here. 


Craig pointed out that Jan Melloni was sworn in the Arts Commission and for the first time there is a Commissioner serving on two different Commissions at the same time. Also that Karen Rarey has been appointed Chairperson in Contra Costa County Transportation Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Director Craig Bronzan commended Janet Hansen and Ken DeSilva on their jobs for getting the plans more exact for more accurate bids related to Loma Vista Park.


Craig would like to put on the February agenda a discussion on the City web page. He would like to have the Park Master Plan and other items on the page. He reiterated that the Commission needs to review and inform staff as other items become available.


Respectfully Submitted,

Leah Winig
Recording Secretary

City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925)516-5445