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BANC Minutes 07-11-12
Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee
Minutes for July 11, 2012
Regular Meeting

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6:07 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Johnny Staton, Steve Smith, Claudette Naturel-Staton, Rick Fuller, Karen Nunez, JoAnn Klement and Staff Liaison CSO Michele Keady were present. Staff Liaison Barbie Gary, Shelly McHugh, Cheryl Nickerson, Arthur Koski and Council Member Bob Brockman were absent

PRESENTATIONS: No presentations.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rick thanked everyone for the card and gift certificate. Karen thanked CSO Keady for organizing the Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Shadow Lakes golf course.


1. Approve regular meeting minutes of June 13. Motion to approve the minutes made by Rick Fuller and seconded by Karen Nunez. Approved 6 to 0.


2. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update from members regarding progress made towards marketing BANC to the community. Johnny presented an info packet on the history of BANC. Several ideas were presented and it was decided that the BANC Committee would contact past BANC members and invite them to the October meeting to give us some background on BANC. It was also suggested that a past BANC member, a council member and a current BANC member participate in the interview for 110 magazine article. CSO Keady will contact Wade Gomes and BANC members Rick Fuller and JoAnn Klement will contact Annette Beckstrand, Madeline Krebbs and Karen Rarey, former BANC members, and report back at the August meeting. BANC members would compile a list of questions for the previous BANC members.

3. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update on the Annual National Night Out (NNO) event scheduled for August 7, 2012. CSO Keady reported that she has sent out information on NNO to all Neighborhood Watch leaders and Brentwood apartment complexes. BANC member were asked if they wished to participate in the event and partner with local officials to visit NNO events. BANC members Claudette Naturel-Staton, Johnny Staton, Karen Nunez, Rick Fuller and Silky Sahnan agreed to participate in the event and represent BANC. All participants will meet at the Brentwood Police Department at 6 PM. BANC member Johnny Staton would attempt to contact Fremont Bank for a donation for the gift basket. BANC member JoAnn Klement volunteered to put the BBQ basket together. The NNO Spirit award winner will be selected the evening of NNO. The NNO Spirit Award Winners basket will be presented the weekend following NNO. BANC members will be advised of the date, time and location of the presentation.

4. DISCUSSION ITEM: Review the Home of the Month program, including winner presentations. BANC member Rick Fuller has requested assistance completing Home of the Month. BANC member JoAnn Klement volunteered to assist with BANC member Karen Nunez providing backup assistance when required. CSO Keady announced the BANC budget has been cut to $1000 due to Parks and Recreation taking over the Christmas Tree Lighting, which was a large expenditure for the BANC budget. BANC members elected to not order mugs for the HOTM presentation. BANC member Karen Nunez suggested “Home of the Season” instead of “Home of the Month”. A suggestion was made that BANC members speak to the council after elections, approximately during the month of January, to get their input on how BANC can become more relevant in the community.

5. ACTION ITEM: Approve participation in the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce’s Hometown Halloween event Saturday, October 27, 2012 and approve a budget not to exceed $550 for the application fee and giveaway items. BANC members discussed BANC’S participation in Hometown Halloween. During this discussion it was decided BANC would not participate in 2012. BANC member Rick Fuller made a motion to not participate in the event which was seconded by BANC member Karen Nunez. Approved 6 to 0.


REQUEST FOR FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: Suggestions were made to acknowledge random acts of kindness by residents and make presentations at council meetings. BANC member Karen Nunez suggested we also contact the Press to cover this. A name of “Keeping it Close” was suggested. Members requested that this topic be a discussion item for the August meeting.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 7:48p.m. Motion made by Karen Nunez and seconded by Rick Fuller. Approved 6 to 0.

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