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BANC Minutes September 10, 2008

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.
ROLL CALL: Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, Alfredo Garcia, Johnny Staton, Steve Smith, Claudette Naturel-Staton, Jeff Altman, Valerie Smith, Sheilah Cunningham, Craig Bronzan, Michele Keady, Captain Strock, and Councilmember Brandon Richey.
CITIZEN COMMENT: Harry York, CEO for the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, commented that the final event for 2008 that the Chamber will be hosting is the Holiday Parade on November 22, 2008. He expressed a desire to partner with BANC to offer the parade and annual Tree Lighting event on the same day.
1. Approve regular meeting minutes of August 13, 2008 with a change to show that Valerie Smith was in attendance. Motion to approve the minutes made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Johnny Staton. Approved 8-0.


2. ACTION ITEM: Schedule members to work at the BANC booth at Hometown Halloween on Saturday, October 25, 2008 from 5-8 p.m. in downtown Brentwood and approve $20 to purchase booth space. Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, Alfredo Garcia, Sheila Cunningham, Steve Smith and Johnny Staton volunteered to monitor the booth at Hometown Halloween. Motion to approve $20 to purchase booth space made by Steve Smith and approved 8-0.

3. ACTION ITEM; Determine interest and details related to offering the annual Halloween Decorating House contest for the October Home of the Month award. Motion made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Tammy Lynn Misenheimer to select a home decorated for Halloween instead of the usual Home of the Month criteria. Nominations for the Halloween contest are due by October 24, 2008 and BANC members will present the award on October 30, 2008. Nominations can be made through the City’s website and will be advertised through an article in the local newspaper.

4. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update on City Council action from the September 9, 2008 City Council meeting related to BANC’s amended mission and purpose. The City Council approved BANC’s new mission statement and membership requirements. Craig Bronzan distributed the new mission statement to all members.

5. ACTION ITEM: Establish a subcommittee and select members to plan the annual Tree Lighting Event scheduled for December 5, 2008. A subcommittee of Johnny Staton, Claudette Natural-Staton and Tammy Lynn Misenheimer was established to plan the event. They will report back to BANC at the October meeting.

6. DISCUSSION ITEM: Discuss and assemble a list of individuals, City staff, and community groups to invite to make presentations at future BANC meetings. No suggestions were made.

INFORMATIONAL REPORTS FROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS, SUBCOMMITTEES AND LIAISONS: Liberty Union High School District’s dislike for the new civic center plans was discussed. The CERT program offered at Summerset has just concluded as was the largest class to date, with a new class scheduled to start in November.
ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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