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BANC Minutes August 13, 2008
CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.
ROLL CALL: Alfredo Garcia, Johnny Staton, Steve Smith, Claudette Naturel-Staton, Jeff Altman, Valerie Smith, Craig Bronzan, Barbie Gary, Michele Keady, Captain Strock, and Councilmember Brandon Richey.
1. Approve regular meeting minutes of August 13, 2008. Motion to approve the minutes:
2. ACTION ITEM: Discussion and approval regarding BANC offering a booth at Hometown Halloween, scheduled for Saturday, October 25, 2008 from 5-8 p.m. in downtown Brentwood.
BANC Committee approved to have the Hometown Halloween booth and members agreed to attend the event.

3. ACTION ITEM: Discussion and approval of revised BANC goals/mission/member requirements drafted by subcommittee.

The revised BANC goals/missions and member requirements drafted by the subcommittee were discussed and approved.
INFORMATIONAL REPORTS FROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS, SUBCOMMITTEES AND LIAISONS: City council member Brandon Richey updated the committee on his continuing efforts to have local contractors receivE first preference for city projects. He mentioned that American Avenue road improvements are completed. There are three lane changes on Balfour Avenue and a bike trail. The police department increased their staff to 59 officers and the Fire Department consolidation with the rest of the county is on hold and there is a need for more paramedics.
STAFF COMMENTS: Michele Keady reported the city first National Night Out was received with great support from the community and hopes next year more neighborhoods will be involved. She also mentioned that CERT training classes are being held at Summerset One and has 32 volunteers from the community. She recommends BANC members attend their Neighborhood Watch Meetings and will prepare a schedule of all meetings for BANC members to attend.
Barbie Gary requested BANC members to help with passing out sponsorship letters to local Brentwood businesses to obtain gift items for the Home of the Month winners.
Craig Bronzan commented on the new agenda format for the BANC committee and explained procedures for items posted on the consent calendar 72 hours prior to each meeting. He also recommended that BANC members should attend a training session on the Brown Act.

• Discuss presentation options for future BANC meetings
ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm.

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