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City Administration

Members in attendance:
Craig Bronzan, Jeff Altman, Dr. Eric Burkholder, Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, Valerie Austin, Alfredo Garcia, Deborah Diaz, Brian Strock, Johnny Staton, Sheilah Cunningham, Victoria Gits, William Iles, Steve Smith, John Brennerman, Claudette Naturel – Staton, Councilmen Brandon Richey, Chuck Handwork, Cassandra Youngblood, Perry Chicane, Valerie Smith.

Jeff Marchetti, Cameron Sessions, Chris Reagan.

Meeting Notes:
Craig Bronzan will present the Parks & Recreation Department’s plans at our next meeting on 2/28/2007.

Jeff Altman is leaving the Committee to undertake a new appointment with the Contra Costa Regional Transit Authority.

We wish Jeff the best of luck in his new assignment and thank him for his efforts on the BANC committee.

Meeting Called to Order: 6:05 PM.

Agenda Topics for this month:

  1. Meeting called to order and roll taken.
  2. Opening comments from new City Council Liaison to BANC – Brandon Richey.
    Move to Agenda item # 9 – the Brentwood City Council moved during the past meeting on the following highlighted items below:
    • Approval of adopting the Habitat Conservancy Plan (HCP) – This allows the city to streamline the approval process for development, land use planning and growth limits. By adopting this plan the city also avoids some of the federal and state approval delays and pitfalls that are inherent with the previous approval process.
    • The Cornfest final report was submitted to Council – the focus on a smaller event that would be more City-centric versus a “regional” event as in prior years. The results of this refocus were a resounding success. There was a drastic reduction in the number of Police related activities and costs associated with enforcement during the event. The result was positive financially for the Cornfest.
    • Chuck Handwork commented on the problems faced during the Cornfest for the downtown merchants. Parking availability and lost revenue are concerns for the merchants.
    • Housing Committee – Will be split into two core functions detailed below:
    • Land use – Which will still work on the core problems with City growth, housing, commercial development and related issues
    • Neighborhood Improvement – Which will focus on the problems faced in our community at the neighborhood level and how these issues can be met.
    • Councilmember Richey has a mission to address the problem with run away rental properties and property owners running basically an unregulated business. Councilmember Richey has looked at other cities like Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri that have exemplary controls over rental housing businesses. The core problem facing the City is the drain on resources to solve problems with rental properties, especially with enforcement of community rules and regulations.
    • Stephen Smith asked for comment on two citizens concerns over rental property regulations. Basically the Section 8 system is broken, rental properties are running amok and are a serious drain on City resources.
  3. Discussion on Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. The first class of graduates have completed their training. Nine residents in all completed the training, six from the BANC Committee. In the next couple of months there will be another training session offered. There is interest from Summerset residents to have a training and Lt. Strock believed they may be able to offer a specific Summerset training class in the future.
    • Jeff Altman asked about train-the-trainer classes – Lt. Strock let us know they are not frequently offered. The City is looking at increasing the number of certified trainers for these courses as CERT participation grows.
    • Extra classes may be offered on different nights as the program grows.
  4. Selection of Candidates for BANC Officers: Nominations were accepted for each position and the Committee will vote at the February meeting.
    • Chair –Tammy Lynn Misenheimer and Claudette Naturel – Staton.
    • Vice Chair – Chuck Handwork, Claudette Naturel–Staton and Johnny Staton.
    • Secretary – Bill Iles
    • Treasurer – Stephen Smith

    Special Note – The Committee considered the suggestion to form subcommittees to develop suggestions for agenda items that require a bit of discussion beyond the time allotted for our meetings. Valerie Smith made a motion to accept this new strategy and Cassandra Youngblood seconded the motion. The group carried the motion. For this month the following agenda items were issued to subcommittees:

  5. Selection of Guest speakers for BANC Meetings in 2007.
    • Valerie Smith, Eric Burkholder, Bill Iles and Tammy Lynn Misenheimer volunteered for this subcommittee.
  6. Home of the Month Program changes and award selections:
    • Stephen Smith, Johnny Staton, Deborah Diaz, Perry Chicane and Chuck Handwork volunteered for this subcommittee.
  7. BANC Tag Line creation for approval with the City Council – Topic will be brought to Councilman Brandon Richey’s agenda at the next BANC meeting.
    • Tammy Lynn Misenheimer suggested the use of the tag line below:
    • BANC – Bringing All Neighborhoods Closer
  8. Downtown merchants’ participation with BANC was tabled until the February meeting.
  9. Carried forward to Item # 2
  10. Staff Update –
    • Parks and Recreation – Craig Bronzan noted that Brentwood was named one of the top 100 communities for young people based on the number, quality and types of youth programs and activities we provide. More details to follow soon. Parks and Recreation will present an update at the February meeting. Link to America’s Promise website is listed below:
    • Police Update – Lt. Brian Strock noted new Police Chief Mark Evenson will come to visit a BANC Meeting as his schedule permits. There has been a grant extended to Brentwood, CHP and Livermore Police for further enforcement measures on Vasco road. Use of radar trailer and signage trailer are also effective measures in place for monitoring speed.
    • A special subcommittee was formed to discuss an ice rink or other related activities in conjunction with the BANC Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in an effort to make the downtown area more of a destination for the holidays.
    • Chuck Handwork, Craig Bronzan, and Valerie Smith volunteered for this subcommittee.
      A suggestion was made by Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, Perry Chicane and Deborah Diaz to create an online group for BANC on Yahoo or a similar site in order to foster better communication between meetings for BANC and to provide an electronic communication forum for the assigned subcommittees. – Note – Bill Iles has created one on Yahoo just in case the committee feels this is a productive tool for the group to use in the future.

    Agenda items continued until next meeting:
    # 8 – Downtown merchants’ participation with the BANC Committee.
    BANC shirts have to be re-ordered using a clothing manufacturer/embroidery company selected by the City. A catalog will be passed around at the February meeting to finalize this item for the group.
    A suggestion was made to provide a special gift to BANC members and support staff who leave the group. Discussion will continue at the next meeting.
    Open Table Session:

  • Eric Burkholder asked Lt. Brian Strock about traffic control measures. There is persistent stop sign/red light running and speeding within Shadow Lakes. Lt. Strock mentioned that Michelle Keady can be scheduled to visit the neighborhood watch meetings and discuss these issues. He also mentioned that the more details given to Police via the “Tell a Cop” hotline, the better chance they have at mitigating the problem.
    i. Side Note – City Council has approved the change of color scheme for Brentwood Police cars to traditional black and white.
  • Stephen Smith asked about BANC posters for the Summerset club houses.
  • Several group members brought attention to trash items piled up along the roads in and around Brentwood. Craig Bronzan mentioned that if the trash is within the city limits, the maintenance department can be dispatched to clean up the mess.
    Carryover agenda items for the February meeting:
    Photos for BANC Website at next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 P.M.
Please let me know if I missed any important topics.
Thanks, Bill Iles

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