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Members in attendance:
Craig Bronzon, Jeff Altman, Dr. Eric Burkholder, Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, Valerie Austin, Alfredo Garcia, Deborah Diaz, Cameron Sessions, Brian Strock, Johnny Staton, Sheilah Cunningham, Jeff Marchetti, Victoria Gits, William Iles, Steve Smith, John Brennerman

Dirk Ziegler, Chuck Handwork, Valerie Smith, Claudette Naturel – Staton, Cassandra Youngblood, Perry Chicane, Councilmen Bob Taylor, Chris Reagan.

Meeting Notes:
Next month the November Meeting will be moved to 11/28/2006 to accommodate 6 week CERT training for interested BANC Members and to allot time for the decorating of the Brentwood City Christmas tree. 11/29/2006 will be the second date for finalizing decorations.

Hometown Holiday Parade will be on 11/18/2006 @ 6:00 PM.

BANC - Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony will be on Friday 12/1/2006 @ 7:00 PM. The ceremony will be held at the corner of Oak and Second Street (Across from Cap’s) in Brentwood City Park.

Meeting Called to Order: 6:10 PM.

Agenda Topics for this month:

  1. Meeting Called to order and Roll Taken.
  2. Approved – prior sessions meeting note from 9/27/2006 meeting. . Austin made a motion to approve, T. Misenheimer second the motion. Motion passed by majority.
  3. Discussion on Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. Sign ups end Friday 10/20/2006 and the first training begins on 10/25/2006 at 6:00 PM in the Delta Room at the Brentwood City Police Department.
    1. Lt. Strock still had ten spaces left in this class session. There will be more training sessions after January 1st if you missed this session sign up.
    2. Lt. Strock also mentioned there would be a meet and greet with the Brentwood City Police Chief Mark Eagenson on 10/30/2006.
  4. No City Council Update for this month.
  5. Staff Update from Craig Bronzon – Craig introduced the committee to Hazel Weatherford and let us know that Hazel will be moving to bigger and better things with the City. The committee gave a rousing round of thanks to Hazel for her hard

Agenda items continued:

  1. work and dedication to our group over the past few years and that we appreciated here efforts.
    1. Craig also showed the committee the new BANC event banner and noted that the BANC website was in the process of being updated.
    2. The committee worked out a staffing plan for our half of the Hometown Halloween booth. Schedule was split up into two sessions of 1.5 hours each. Valeria Austin and Tammy Lynn Misenheimer handled the first session and Dr. Eric Burkholder and Victoria Gits handled the second session.
  2. Presentation from Holiday Tree Lighting Subcommittee. (V. Austin and C. Sessions)
    1. Tree Decorating dates were selected from 11/28/2006 and 11/29/2006. Bringing Family to assist was encouraged.
    2. Valerie Austin mentioned using the Liberty High Choir and providing Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes. Bob Taylor was working on the scheduling of the choir and Craig Bronzon was going to follow up on this issue. Banc will purchase the supplies out of our annual budget!! (Yes we have a budget!! More on that later.)
    3. Date of Treelighting as set for 12/1/2006.
    4. Suggestion was made to advertise the event in the Brentwood Press- Deborah Diaz was going to handle this task.
    5. Jeff Marchetti will get the tree lighting event announced at the last high school football game.
    6. Suggestion was made by Bill Iles to look into making the entertainment offerings more robust by asking the local elementary and middle school choirs to perform in addition to the Liberty High School group.
    7. Another suggestion was made to develop a flyer for the event and advertise this event with all of the local businesses. Deborah Diaz was going to tackle this task.
  3. This agenda items handled in details listed in subset of Agenda item 7 above.
  4. Finalize T – Shirt Order – Order sheet was passed around and news came from Hazel around 10/30/2006 that all t-shirt orders must use Green Embroidery. Hazel asked all BANC members to review their order to ensure the green lettering would complement the base color of there shirt. We will add this item to the November agenda to finalize.Best Decorated Halloween Homes presentation will be on 11/3/2006 @ 6:00 PM Meet at City Hall.
  1. Change for November’s meeting was finalized to 11/28/2006 at 6:00 PM after the first day of Christmas Tree Decorating.
  2. Open Table Session:
    1. Jeff Marchetti mentioned that coverage for City Events like Hometown Halloween of the Holiday Parades are getting spotty coverage in the Brentwood Press.
    2. Bill Iles mentioned that the BANC is not utilizing our planned space for our committee news items and events in the Brentwood Press.
    3. Hazel mentioned that name badges are still in the works but are turning out to be expensive. The City is working through some options for us.
    4. Alfredo asked Brian Strock if any internal Brentwood police officers were considered for the Police Chief opening before an outside candidate was considered?
    5. Craig mentioned the tree will be delivered no later than 11/27/2006. The tree is coming from Oregon and s recycled after the Holidays.
    6. Valerie Austin mentioned she was in contact with the Chamber of commerce and requested that announcements be made in English and Spanish during the Hometown Holiday Parade event.

Carryover agenda items for the November meeting:
Bob Taylor will give the group an update on the previous City Council meetings each month.
Brian Strock will update the group on Police issues
Craig Bronzon will update the group on Park and Recreation issues.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:10 P.M.
Please let me know if I missed any important topics.
Thanks, Bill Iles

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366