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City Administration

Members in attendance:
Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, William Iles, Valerie Smith, Craig Bronzan, Claudette Naturel – Staton, Cassandra Youngblood, Jeff Altman, Dr. Eric Burkholder, Valerie Austin, Alfredo Garcia, Deborah Diaz, Cameron Sessions, Brian Strock.
Perry Chicane, Victoria Gits, Dirk Ziegler, Chuck Handwork, Johnny Staton, Bob Taylor, Sheilah Cunningham, Jeff Marchetti

Correction for July Minutes: Brian mentioned that the OAS.CA.GOV website has a recommended 72 hour list of supplies all residents should have on hand.
This should have stated “”.

No Presentation this month – Due to the Adams Middle School Tour.

Next month the September meeting will have the East Bay Fire District presentation.

Meeting Called to Order: 6:15 P.M.

Douglas Adams Superintendent of Brentwood Union School District and Adam Clark – Adams Middle School Principal gave a quick background talk about Adams Middle School and Guided the School Tour.

Doug Adams discussed the traffic issues affecting access to Heritage High School and Adams Middle School. There have been some schedule changes, traffic sign and control improvements and an emphasis placed on using public transportation if possible for students. Before the conclusion of the October break a second turn lane should be completed, which will allow two streams of cars to exit back out onto American Ave.
Doug also spoke about trying to get another road built for traffic flow but school funds can’t be used to complete this so city or county funds to add an additional access road.

Principal Clark spoke about the class pods and adjusted schedule and focus on math, and science curriculums though the use of double or triple periods. This helps students migrate easier to High School and eventually College schedules. The point and design of the school was to easily create bonds within pods of students. Two pods equal a family. Within these family groups, students will become familiar with the staff who work just in those specific areas and will actually continue teaching students in both 7th and 8th grades to further this learning environment.

Adams Middle School Gymnasium is a Joint Use Facility built in coordination with the City. This allows the Park and Rec. Department to host and organize after school programs, Police Athletic League activities and take advantage of a 1000 seat facility for Citywide functions or events.

Agenda Topics for this month:

1. Update on Home Depot “Home of the Month” sign. – Ceremony scheduled for August 19th @ 10:00 A.M. in front of the Home Depot Store.
2. Home of the Month Presentations will be on Friday 8/25/2006 at 6 PM. Meet at the City Hall Parking lot.
Agenda items continued:
• Tammy Lynn will give the presentations and receive the goodies for our monthly winners. Deborah will not be able to attend and will deliver the committee gifts to Hazel Weatherford prior to 8.25/2006.
Items to add to the upcoming month’s agenda:
Valerie Austin asked about adding a discussion about the BANC committee hosting a Halloween booth during the Hometown Halloween festivities.
Carryover agenda items for the September meeting:
Bob Taylor will give the group an update on the previous City Council meetings each month.
Brian Strock will update the group on Police issues
Craig Bronzan will update the group on Park and Recreation issues.
Committee Roundtable:
Valerie Austin – Asked about having some Brown stain picked up from her home. Craig Bronzan will coordinate a pick up of the material. Valerie also asked about BANC participation in the Hometown Halloween festivities.
o Alfredo Garcia mentioned he may be able to get a Banner made for the committee at a good discount here locally.
o Craig mentioned that the Banner must use the new city logo.
o Jeff Altman suggested a banner size of 3’ X 5’ with corner grommets
Craig talked briefly about the new Park and Rec.offices that are being constructed at some of the City’s multi use facilities.
• Adams Middle School Gymnasium will be the latest facility added to the Joint Use Program.
• Edna Hill Middle School is in the process of adding on to there Gymnasium so the facility can support more Joint use functions, it will provide spaces for a Park and Rec. office and allow for more PAL offerings.
• Jeff Altman mentioned that Adams Middle School already has 50 PAL participants and the school has only been in session for 15 days!
Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 P.M.
If I missed anything or did not capture enough details on a specific agenda item, please let me know. Thanks, Bill Iles

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