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City Administration

Craig mentioned the city’s priority is to keep city Members in attendance:
Tammy Lynn Meisenheimer, William Iles, Valerie Smith, Craig Bronzan, Claudette Naturel – Staton, Johnny Staton, Cassandra Youngblood, Victoria Gits, Bob Taylor, Valerie Austin, Sheilah Cunningham, Alfredo Garcia, Deborah Diaz, Cameron Sessions, Jeff Marchetti, Brian Strock.
Jeff Altman, Perry Chicane, Dirk Ziegler, Dr. Eric Burkholder, Chuck Handwork.

No Presentation this month – Due to a scheduling problem for the East Bay Fire Protection District. This presentation has been re-scheduled for the September meeting.

Next month the August meeting will be a tour of Adams Middle School. No presentation scheduled.

Meeting Called to Order: 6:15 P.M.

Brian Strock made opening comments and began meeting.

Agenda Topics for this month:

4. Update on Home Depot “Home of the Month” sign. – Ceremony scheduled for August 19th @ 10:00 A.M. in front of the Home Depot Store.
5. Photo release forms were handed out, completed and signed by all in attendance for the eventual posting on the city’s website.
6. BANC meeting minutes:
Bill Iles will still complete the minutes each month. Committee will vote to ratify minutes at each subsequent meeting and suggest changes, additions each meeting. Claudette Naturel – Staton will serve as back up in case Bill Iles is not at a meeting.
7. Home of the month presentations scheduled for Friday August 25th:
Quad 1: Valerie Smith
Quad 2: Perry Chicane
Quad 3: Claudette Naturel – Staton
Quad 4: Tammy Lynn Misenheimer
Items to add to the agenda:
Bob Taylor will give the group an update on the previous City Council meetings each month.
Brian Strock will update the group on Police issues.
Craig Bronzan will update the group on Park and Recreation issues.
Committee Roundtable:
Victoria Gits – Brought up the issue of how to get city codes enforced. Brian and Craig mention using the City’s code enforcement office for all non compliant properties.
Johnny Stanton also asked about noise control issues – Brian informed the group to use the police force for all “Disturbances of the Peace”.
Cassandra Youngblood – asked about links to after school programs, specifically why certain vendors are chosen to operate after school centers at each school.
Bob Taylor mentioned passing the question on to the Brentwood Elementary or Liberty Unified School boards
Brian mentioned the Police Athletic Leagues.
Sheilah Cunningham raised the issue of presenting the “home of the month” signs in the current month they will be displayed, instead of giving the resident a sign for the month they won at the end of the current month.
Claudette – Asked about an update on the city’s efforts for disaster and emergency preparedness.
Brian commented that training will soon be completed for two city employees who will then begin training city staff and eventually resident safety teams. Next meeting Brian will provide an update on this topic.
Victoria asked about extra city emergency supplies. The committee was informed that the city does not stock extra emergency supplies for all residents. All residents are strongly encouraged to keep 72 hours to one week's worth of supplies at their residence to cover emergencies.
Brian mentioned that the OES.CA.GOV website has a recommended 72 hour list of supplies all residents should have on hand.
services running and attempt to restore civic safety.
Johnny mentioned having nametags for all committee members.
Deborah Diaz relayed positive comments regarding “King Park” and the dog run.
Meeting adjourned at 7:16 p.m.
If I missed anything or did not capture enough details on a specific agenda item, please let me know.
Thanks, Bill Iles

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366