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City Administration

Members in attendance:
Tammy Lynn Meisenheimer, Dirk Zeigler, William Iles, Valerie Smith, Brian Bornstein, Dr. Eric Burkholder, Claudette Naturel – Staton, Johnny Staton, Cassandra Youngblood, Victoria Gits, Bob Taylor, Jeff Altman
Valerie Austin, Michael Trapani, Perry Chicane, Sheilah Cunningham, Alfredo Garcia, Deborah Diaz, Charles Handwork

Important items:
Please review the BANC Group Goals, if you want to add, subtract or otherwise adjust the group goals let us know at the May Meeting. We have added the possibility of adopting a section of highway for clean up and possibly heading up the Brentwood City disaster preparedness initiative.

General Resident e-mails for concerns can be sent to the “BANC” e-mail

Action Items for next month:
Finalize “Home of the Month” signs for residents since the cities new logo is complete.

Meeting Called to Order:
Introduced two of our three newest members:
Cassandra Youngblood and Victoria Gits – Welcome to the Committee.

Presentation from Ken De Silva and Craig Bronzan (Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department)
Details of the presentation: - All Service requests for the following problems can be sent via the weblink listed here:
or by calling 925-516-5444 – this covers the following problem areas:
All Sprinkler and irrigation problems (Sprinklers are set to run only at night and in the early AM hours.)
Damaged, un-kept or under maintained - Streetscapes, signs or median areas.
No operating or broken lights of any kind (as long as there are city owned of course!
Any problems with Park play structures, apparatus or area.
Open spaces, Trails, Ball fields, sound walls and other common city maintained or owned areas.
Ken detailed a few park openings, which will occur in the next month:

Park Openings occurring in the next month or so:
• King Park in the Ponderosa Crossroads Development will open on 5/19/2006 @ 9:00 AM and includes a Dog Run area. Event will be low key!
• The Veterans Memorial @ Veterans Park on Balfour road will be dedicated on 5/27/2006 @ 11:00 AM.
• A General Planning meeting will occur on 5/17/2006 for the John Marsh Home Project as the city plans to move forward with saving the house and paying for most of the park build out, since the state can not afford to do so.
Ken also detailed some plans for upcoming Tree plantings (Date(s) not set yet) and announced the Cities effort for creek cleanups in conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup day in September.
Ken also detailed the Reasoning behind the “Fencing” off of parks by developers until they reach the 80% sold out level. Which is the current demark point where the development can be turned over to the City and is the point at which the parks are opened and maintained by the city. Craig Bronzan – Mentioned that the city will look at this current requirement to see if reducing the point to 50% sold out makes more sense in the current real estate market.
Craig also detailed plans for the Brentwood Aquatic Park – which includes Concessions, and new Community Center and more parking – The plans for this upgrade were submitted to the city planning commission but at the moment there are no funds dedicated to this next phase.
Ken and Craig also answered questions about Pest and Weed abatement and discussed the cities water treatment changes recently.
Brentwood Press “BANC” Article update:
Ray Carter has been assigned as our “BANC” column writer for the Press articles; it is up to the group how often and what details we would like to place in the press.
The first Article should be in this Friday’s press along with the First Home of the Month awards and it was suggested that we complete another article and attach a “committee group photo” with the next article.

Update on Home of the Month signs/ gifts / reserved parking space at Home Depot –
Home Depot Gift cards were arranged by Tammy Lynn for the first 8 home of the month awards – Congratulations to Tammy on getting these gift cards from Brian Sharp realty.
Hazel and Charles have finalized the permanent sign and hope to get it to Home Depot by 5/26/2006 – this has been completed and the covered space at the Home Depot is ready to go!
Deborah, Charles and Hazel have worked on a letter to the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce to drum up more prizes for the Home of the Month winners.
Charles was able to get Perez Nursery to add in $100.00 a month to the Home of the Month prize pool ($25.00 gift to each household that wins.)
Update on Ordering BANC t-shirts:
Committee agreed that everyone prefers Polo style – collard shirts with the City Logo and “BANC” embroidered below the logo instead of more t-shirts. Cost will range from 10 – 16 dollars per shirt + 5.50 embroidery fee.
An order sheet was passed around in last night’s meeting and will again be passed around for next month’s meeting to pick our colors quantities and finalize the order.
BANC – “Adopt a Highway” Program?
Dirk and Hazel will work on talking to the appropriate groups in the City and the Highway 4 Bypass Authority to come up with suitable areas our group can “adopt”. We will have an update on this initiative by the next meeting.
Lt. Brian Strock and Craig Bronzan were announced as the newest City Liaisons to the BANC Committee. – This means Brain Bornstein is leaving the group – A Hearty thanks to him for his work with the committee.
Lt. Brian Strock also talked to the BANC Committee about the cities plans for a Disaster Preparedness initiative and asked the group if anyone was interested in assisting:
Jeff Altman and Bill Iles expressed interest with this area of need.
Dirk Ziegler will collect up the last remaining “Home of the Month” sign.
Action Items Carryovers for the next meeting:
1. We have tabled the BANC Goals until the May meeting in order to gather more information concerning the “Adopt a Highway” and Disaster Preparedness Teams.
2. We will add on the Public works Department presentation to the May meeting if Brian Bornstein can arrange it.
If I missed anything or did not capture enough details on a specific agenda item, please let me know.
Thanks, Bill Iles

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366