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City Administration

Members in attendance:
Deborah Diaz, Tammy Lynn Meisenheimer, Dirk Zeigler, Sheilah Cunningham, Charles Handwork, William Iles, Alfredo Garcia, Valerie Smith, Michael Trapani, Brian Bornstein, Dr. Eric Burkholder, Perry Chicane, Claudette Naturel – Staton, Johnny Staton.
Valerie Austin, Jeff Altman, Cassandra Youngblood, Bob Taylor.

Important items:
Please review the BANC Group Goals, if you want to add, subtract or otherwise adjust the group goals let us know at the April Meeting.

General Resident e-mails for concerns can be sent to the “BANC” e-mail

Action Items for next month:
There is a need and a wish to take advantage of the Space offered In the Brentwood Press to help raise visibility for the BANC committee. We need to finalize when we want to start the article and what the format and content should be. – Perry Chicane and Dirk Ziegler are working on this project. We are hoping to provide Perry with Digital Pictures for a Tri-fold “ BANC” brochure and find space on a monthly basis for BANC issues in the Brentwood press.

Meeting Called to Order:
Introduced our two of our three newest members:
Claudette Naturel-Staton and Johnny Staton – Welcome to the Committee.

Presentation from Dee Boskovich (Brentwood Project Manager) Cameron Paul & Elle Montgomery from Shea Homes – Trilogy / Vineyards project at Marsh Creek.

  • Details of the presentation:
    • 1100 Active Adult 55 + homes will be built over the next 4 – 5 years
    • Two Housing Developers (Shea for Trilogy Project), (BlackHawk for Semi-Custom / Custom Homesites 128 homesites.)
    • John Muir Parkway will be extended in three phases and a new road is being readied for the Vienyards project called “Trilogy Parkway.”
    • Ampitheater (2500 – 3000 seats), Shopping/Retail Center, Vineyards and Future College Site are planned but no further details on when projects will start.
    • Project is 670 Acres in total, with over 400 acres as build-able homesites, etc.
      Trilogy Development presentation notes continued:
    • Trilogy will share the Golf course with Sommerset, There will be some public access trails, parks along Trilogy Parkway but Trilogy Homes will be a gated community.

Voting for the 2006 Vice Chair:
Tammy Lynn Meisenheimer was nominated to the position for 2006 – congratulations and many thanks to Dirk Ziegler for serving in this role for the past few years.

BANC Group Goals discussion and Finalization –
Issue was tabled until April Meeting in order to allow our new members a chance to review, comment and suggest changes.
Update on Home of the Month signs/ gifts / reserved parking space at Home Depot –
Charles Handwork stated that Home Depot is ready to deploy the program as soon as we provide them with signs.
Hazel and Charles have finalized the permanent sign and hope to get it to Home Depot by 4/28/2006.
Charles is working on extra gifts for the Home of the Month winners.
Charles Suggested we use “campaign” style signs for the leave behind gift since it will be more cost effective to purchase in bulk.
Charles is heading up a group to finalize the sign decision and get an order in, We would like to use a Local Printer Business for this work if it is cost effective. Alfredo Garcia suggested using a printer he knows down on Walnut Boulevard.
Update on Ordering BANC t-shirts:
Committee agreed that everyone prefers Polo style – collard shirts with the City Logo and “BANC” embroidered below the logo instead of more t-shirts. Cost will range from 10 – 16 dollars per shirt + 5.50 embroidery fee.
An order sheet will be prepared for next month’s meeting to pick our colors quantities and finalize the order.
BANC – “Cornfest” Information Alley Brouchures.
Perry Chicane is working with Dirk to finalize the brochure. We need any Photos we have of the Group in “Action” for the brochure. Please send any photos, high resolution quality digital images and artwork to Perry for incorporation into the brochure.

Bill Iles reported on issues from the Mothers of Brentwood group.
New issue concerning the large # of City Parks which are built in new developments, but then get “fenced” off for months/years until the entire development is handed over to the City?
We will discuss this with the Park and Rec department at next month’s meeting.
Bill Iles will compile a list of Parks in question for Brian.
Dirk Ziegler will collect up the last remaining “Home of the Month” sign.
Action Items Carryovers for the next meeting:

  1. Charles Handwork will be looking into the "Home of the Month" leave behind signs for award winners.
  2. Brian Bornstein will send an e-mail out to the City Departments asking about new initiatives they may be undertaking which would be of interest to our committee.
  3. Deborah Diaz asked Brian about the possibilities of finding a stretch of road which the BANC committee could adopt and place signage to that effect to help our committee exposure with the city's residents.

If I missed anything or did not capture enough details on a specific agenda item, please let me know.
Thanks, Bill Iles

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366