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City Administration

Members in attendance:
Deborah Diaz, Jeff Altman, Dirk Zeigler, Sheilah Cunningham, Charles Handwork, William Iles, Alfredo Garcia, Valerie Smith, Michael Trapani, Brian Bornstein, Bob Taylor.
Valerie Austin, Tammy Lynn Meisenheimer.

Important items:
The Next Committee meeting will be held in the Engineering department conference room @ 120 Oak Street – 3/22/2006 at 6PM. – Hazel to emphasize this point on the Agenda distribution.

General Resident e-mails for concerns can be sent to the “BANC” e-mail

Action Items for next month:
There is a need and a wish to take advantage of the Space offered In the Brentwood Press to help raise visibility for the BANC committee. We need to finalize when we want to start the article and what the format and content should be.

We need to finalize the Committee Goals in the next session – especially concerning civic projects we will undertake for 2006!

Meeting Called to Order:
Introduced our two newest members:
Perry Chicaine and Dr, Eric Burkholder – Welcome to the Committee.

Presentation from Linda Maurer – Brentwood Economic Development Manager.
• Linda Talked about various projects and answered questions from BANC members, of note were the following projects.
o Lifestyle Center being green lit for the Sand Creek – Shady Willow intersection. – Design calls for an outdoor multi story mall. Upscale Shopping and restaurants.
o Vic Stewarts Steakhouse being constructed nears the Brentwood Medical Center campus.
o Brentwood Medical Campus will be constructing a second building on the land, which will be a regional Cancer Center.
o Downtown central shopping district changes, possible future parking structure, preserving the Delta theater and maximizing building sizes in the downtown area taking advantage of open lot space and converting it to retail and restaurant space.

Economic Development presentation notes continued:

Michael Trapani - Stated that the residents of Somerset are adamant about saving the Palm trees – willing to strap themselves to the trees if necessary to save them and they are upset with the plum trees being removed from the median at Fairview & Balfor intersection.

Voting for the 2006 Vice Chair:
Voting for Vice Chair was tabled until next session due to Tammy Lynn Meisenheimer’s absence.

Committee had a discussion on Holiday Tree Lighting, it was decided that a separate event should be held for the Tree Lighting, since this event needs to be conducted at night. It was also discussed about inviting the High School choirs to sing at this event and the possibility of sponsorship of the event. Further discussion will be picked up in future sessions.
Bob Taylor discussed the success of the City’s Christmas decorations and commented on some of the Economic Development future plans for the City.
Update on Home of the Month signs/ gifts / reserved parking space at Home Depot –
Charles Handwork stated that Home Depot is ready to deploy the program as soon as we provide them with signs.
No further progress on the signs has been made – Remind Valerie Austin that she needs to investigate leave behind options.
Committee agreed that the same logo should be used on all signs.
We need to finalize the sign options and order them in March for first deployment in April.
Report on Home of the Month Permanent leave behind signs was tabled until next session.
Update on Ordering BANC t-shirts:
Committee agreed that everyone prefers Polo style – collard shirts with the City Logo and “BANC” embroidered below the logo instead of more t-shirts. Cost will range from 10 – 16 dollars per shirt and Bob Taylor was checking to see if the City would chip in towards the purchase.
Colors of shirts and embroidery colors were not finalized and the discussion will be picked up at the next session.
Goals Discussion will be continued next session.
We discussed having a booth at the Cornfest – This is not possible this year and potentially not feasible at all.
We did confirm that a “BANC” brochure could be useful and might be appropriate to display at the City’s booth for interested residents. Dirk Ziegler was going to work with Perry Chicaine on possible layouts and design work.
Bill Iles reported on issues from the Mothers of Brentwood group.
New issue regarding traffic congestion/chaos at Bristow Middle School during pick up and drop off times. Dangerous mix of speeding traffic on Minnesota, cars parking wherever the wish and students crossing wherever they wish is a dangerous mix.
Bill will draft up another e-mail with details for Chief Davies to disseminate down to the Police staff.
Dirk Ziegler will collect up the last remaining “Home of the Month” sign.
Monthly presentation draft was approved.

Action Items Carryovers for the next meeting:
1. Valerie Austin will be looking into the "Home of the Month" leave behind signs for award winners.
• Similar signs to Real Estate, or Alarm company signs were suggestions for the search.
2. Brian Bornstein will send an e-mail out to the City Departments asking about new initiatives they may be undertaking which would be of interest to our committee.
3. Deborah Diaz asked Brian about the possibilities of finding a stretch of road which the BANC committee could adopt and place signage to that effect to help our committee exposure with the city's residents.

Items carried over to the March meeting:
1. Discussion of Goals and Committee mission.
2. Fundraising, Signs and Gifts for the "Home of the Month" program.
3. Voting of Vice Chair Position
4. “Home of the Month” signs – types, styles – etc.
5. BANC – Polo shirts – Finalize colors sizes and cost – prep for order.
If I missed anything or did not capture enough details on a specific agenda item, please let me know. Thanks, Bill Iles

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366