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City Administration

Members in attendance:
Deborah Diaz, Jeff Altman, Valerie Austin, Sheilah Cunningham, Charles Handwork, William Iles, Tammy Lynn Misenheimer, Valerie Smith, Michael Trapani, Brian Bornstein.
Dirk Zeigler, Alfredo Garcia, Robert (Bob) Taylor.

Meeting Called to Order:

We reviewed the Christmas Tree Decoration successes and brought up a few ideas on how to expand the offering this year to make this process into more of an "Attended Event" opposed to an add on to the Holiday Parade.

Options discussed:
Asking local schools to decorate smaller trees (based on a supplied theme) and display them at the park.

  • This might require additional A/C power for smaller tree lights.
  • We would need a more decorative way to "cordon off the trees" rather than using nylon rope and wood stakes as years past.

Overall the collective buzz regarding the City Holiday Tree and Decorating was a success.

Michael Trapani - suggested patterning our Tree lighting and Holiday events more in line with Los Gatos - with carolers, High School Chorals and other events getting the children of the city involved to keep people around for the tree lighting.

It was agreed that the Tree lighting itself was not a success this year and at the suggestion of Deborah, Valerie A. and Valerie S. We may consider moving the Tree lighting to the day after Thanksgiving,  hold the event separately or move event and  Holiday Parade later in the day so the Tree lighting could occur at night.
We also discussed the possibility of adding a survey about the Christmas tree decorations to the city's water bill, an article in the Brentwood Press or directing interested residents to the BANC website to fill out a survey online. - No Decision on the survey was discussed.
The Christmas discussion was tabled until later in the year.

We welcomed Charles Handwork to the BANC committee.

Voting for the 2006 Chairperson, Vice chair and added position of Committee Secretary:
2006 Chair will Be Deborah Diaz (nom. by Valerie Austin, 2nd by Jeff Altman) All Attendees voted for the nomination.

Voting for Vice Chair was tabled until next session due to Dirk Zeigler's absence.
Tammy Lynn Misenheimer was nominated for the position if Dirk does not want it for

Voting for the new Position of Committee Secretary:
2006 Secretary will be Bill Iles (Nom. Jeff Altman, 2nd by Tammy Lynn Misenheimer) All attendees in attendance voted for the nomination.

We discussed in detail the guest speaker / tour schedule for 2006:
January - will still serve as the annual review and update of committee functions meeting
February - we will invite in the Economic Development Group
March - we will invite a representative of the "Vineyards" project to discuss this project.
April - we will invite Parks & Recreation
May - we will invite the IS Department in to discuss the cities growing Fiber Optic infrastructure, Website design and other City Technology initiatives.
June - we will still conduct the City tour as years past.
July - we will conduct a School Tour of Adams Middle School
August - we will invite the Fire District
September - we will invite in the City Engineering Department
October - we will tour the new Marsh Creek Elementary School
November - is reserved for Tree Decoration preparations
December - is reserved for the "Best Decorated Homes" initiative.

Action Items for the next meeting:

  1. Valerie Austin will be looking into the "Home of the Month" leave behind signs for award winners.
  • Similar signs to Real Estate, or Alarm company signs were suggestions for the search.
  1. Valerie Austin will bring the "BANC" t-shirts by for review and possible re-ordering.
  • Jeff, Chuck and Brian discussed the possibility of ordering "BANC" polo shirts with the cities logo on them. Brian will find out minimum quantities, and styles that can be ordered through the city’s established provider. We may be able to piggyback on the city’s order this year.
  1. Brian Bornstein will send an e-mail out to the City Departments asking about new initiatives they may be undertaking which would be of interest to our committee.
  2. Deborah Diaz asked Brian about the possibilities of finding a stretch of road which the BANC committee could adopt and place signage to that effect to help our committee exposure with the city's residents.

Items carried over to the February meeting:
Discussion of Goals and Committee mission.
Fundraising, Signs and Gifts for the "Home of the Month" program.

If I missed anything or did not capture enough details on a specific agenda item, please let  me know.
Bill Iles

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366