City of Brentwood
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City Administration
Banc meeting Minutes from 4/27/2005


Jeff Altman
Sheilah Cunningham
Paul Rose
Dirk Zeigler
Alfredo Garcia
Bob Taylor – Council Representative
Brian Bornstein- City Representative


  1. Opening comments
  2. Presentation by Donna Landeros, City Manager
    • Downtown plan is the priority
    • Brentwood Blvd will be the next project after downtown
    • Donna would like to establish a better communication plan back to the community to provide more consistent updates
    • The cities fiscal model is changing very rapidly
  3. Home of the month sign assignments.
    • May - Derrick, Alfredo, Val, Dirk
      1. **We will need to have someone replace Derrick, he has now resigned from BANC.
      2. Please submit Home of the month selection to Hazel by Wednesday May 27th. Her contact information is 925-516-5106 or
    • Meet 6:00pm on Friday April 29th for Home of the month presentations
  4. Review Letter written by Paul to go out in Brentwood press. Any feed back please get to Paul by Monday.
  5. Committee accepted the resignation of Derrick Bullington
  6. Adjournment

**Next Meeting will be Wednesday May 25th.

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366