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City Administration
Banc meeting Minutes from 2/23/2005


Brian Bornstein
Dirk Zeigler
Deborah Diaz
Alfredo Garcia
Paul Rose
Sheilah Cunningham
Jeff Altman


  1. Opening comments
    • Introduced newest member Jeff Altman
    • Amend previously noted nominations
      1. Debra Diaz-Chairman
      2. Dirk Zeigler- Vice Chair
      3. Valerie Austin- Treasurer
  2. Presentation by Jon Carlson, Public Works, Solid Waste Committee
    • Public works offers a fall clean up which allows all residents to bring anything they want to drop off site
    • Once per year in October all Hazardous materials may be dropped off.
      1. Recycled paint is cleaned and given away to the public to whomever want/needs it.
    • Compost is available to all residents when available, usually in April.
      1. Public works offers composting classes for free twice per year
    • In 1994 the city of Brentwood stopped contracting out waste management (Brentwood Disposal) and brought this in house.
      1. Brentwood now has 10 full time drivers, with all new trucks and containers
    • The city currently recycles approximately 62% of all city waste.
    • The City does contract with BFI to haul away waste to their refuse site in Milpitas. Tours of this facility are available.
  3. The committee voted and agreed to remove Shawn Strange from the committee roster for lack of participation.
  4. Update Quadrants on Internet-Dirk work with Donna
    • Pink
      1. Dirk Zeigler
    • Green
      1. Deb Diaz
      2. Sheilah Cunningham
      3. Valerie Austin
    • Grey
      1. Alfredo Garcia
      2. Jeff Altman
    • Yellow
      1. Paul Rose
      2. Derrick Bullington
  5. Adjournment

**Next Meeting Wednesday March 23, 2005 at 7:00PM**

Items to be discussed next month

  1. Sign up for Home of the month
  2. Review new letter by Paul Rose
City of Brentwood BANC Committee
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Brentwood, CA 94513
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