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City Administration
Banc meeting Minutes from 4/28/04


Valerie Austin
Anna Gutierrez
Dirk Zeigler
Drew Hanson
Tyler Sewell (Guest)


  1. Call to order
  2. Opening Comments/review and approve meeting minutes from March
  3. Presentation by George Aguirre, Brentwood Police Department
  4. Old Business
  5. Submit names for Home of the month
  6. Misc
  7. Adjournment


  1. George Aguirre, Brentwood Police Department
    1. Brentwood Traffic safety Unit, made up of 4 officers
      1. Responsible for Accident Investigation & Emergency Road closures
        1. Insure public safety is number one concern
        2. Secure the scene
        3. Help with emergency crews
        4. Investigate
          1. Educate youth on safety
            1. Lectures at local schools
            2. Stranger Danger
            3. Helmet requirements
              1. Free to those that can’t afford one
            4. Seatbelt safety
            5. Neighborhood watch
            6. Kid Finger prints
          2. Old Business
            1. Tree Planting update-should be end of May or early June
            2. Discussed last months meeting (helpful?)
            3. Painting of Griffith Wall (Griffith to Heather & Heather to Dainty)
              1. Almost 1400Sq feet
              2. Need Pressure washer
              3. Need to set dates, discuss in May
            4. New Business
              1. Approve extension of Drew Hanson as member-need to vote in May
              2. We have two new members, will attend in May
              3. Do we want to volunteer at the Cornfest
                1. Have a BANC handout/Banner
              4. Misc
                1. Brain Bornstein to send Dirk Mission Statement, soft copy
                2. Dirk to write a story about Brentwood Police and submit to Paper

Next Meeting Wednesday May 26, 2004 at 7:00PM

Meeting adjourned

City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366