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City Administration

Minutes for the BANC meeting on 10-22-03

  • Discussion of BANC website, councilmember’s report on city activty and phone line
  • Decision to work on fine tuning of website and other logistics that will help committee provide more outreach to the community
  • Redevelopment Presentation by Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment analyst
  • A redevelopment book with information was presented
  • The presentation consisted of the following:

RDA presentation paraphrased

  1. Redevelopment Agency (RDA) background
    1. The Redevelopment Agency (RDA) is separate form the City Council. However, the Council members serve as RDA members.
    2. RDA also has separate financing from the City.
    3. RDA Purpose: RDA encourages the community to grow inward vs. outward. That is, to develop land within the inner part of the City.
    4. Redevelopment zones are found in the agency map of the City (see map).
    5. How does the RDA get money/financing?
      1. Tax from new projects in the RDA zone (property tax)
      2. RDA funds can only be spent in the RDA zone
  2. RDA projects—What has the agency done?
    See attached sheet in presentations section of the website
    1. Provided water and sewer services in the Lone Tree area, transitioning from well water
    2. Village Drive area- provided 28 new street lights
    3. Downtown—paving of service parking lots
    4. Delta theater marquee renovation
    5. Housing: 1st St. Habitat for Humanity Housing, Fairview low income housing, Sycamore place (80 very low income units)
    6. Imposing 15% inclusionary housing for low to very low income in RDA zone
    7. Summertime in the Park music series
    8. Roadway improvements on Brentwood Blvd.
    9. Sunset Industrial complex
    10. Mercy homes project (affordable housing)--entirely funded by public agencies including RDA
      1. Investments for projects are dictated by a plan the Agency set forth for 5 years. The last update to this plan was in February 2003.
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