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Home of the Season!

Spring Home of the Season  
The HOTS winner for Spring is Donna Aspell. Donna has been a Brentwood resident for the past 19 years. She is an avid gardener and isn't afraid to venture outside the box. 3 years ago, Donna had artificial turf installed in her backyard to reduce her maintenance and cut down on the dirt her dog was tracking in. She loved it so much, 1 year later she installed it in her front yard. Now that we are in a declared drought, she is at the forefront of water conservation in her neighborhood. Donna has a beautiful garden and now is able to water her plants and still conserve. Erica Rodriguez , from Assemblyman Jim Frazier's office , presented Donna with a certificate from the Assemblyman and Debbie Auer from DIG presented Donna with a gift certificate for Pompeii Nursery and a years membership in DIG. Congratulations Donna. click to enlarge
October Home of the Season  
Dan and Craig's home in Trilogy best represents BANC's Home of the Season for October.
The home is landscaped in a way that matches the old with the new. Many treasures from the past have been blended into the decorations and landscaping giving a very unique appearance among the rest of the new homes in the development. In addition, Halloween decorations are added using the same old plus new artistic flair inviting the onlooker to stop, look and search, all of the unusual items sprinkled throughout the home and garden.
BANC believes this selection best represents our quest in finding that home in Brentwood the best fits our Home of the Season for this Halloween Season.
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April Home of the Season  
When Barbara and Anthony Hailey purchased their home, it had been vacant for some time due to foreclosure. They quickly got to work renovating the front yard by removing dead plants and grass and replacing them with lush green grass and colorful flowering plants. The Hailey’s have worked hard to turn a once neglected yard to one of the best on the block. click to enlarge
Hale Dukes is the winner of the Home of the Season. Hale's grandson, Joey, did the bulk of the work. Joey used a hot glue-gun to get the strings of light straight and even framing the windows and eves. The placement is perfect. Along with the entire second floor of the home adorned with light, every tree and bush was as well. A strategy of careful light stringing was very apparent to the observer. Unfortunately, our picture does not come close to providing justice to the fantastic job which Joey did. Congratulations to Hale Duke and his family for being BANC's Home of the Season winner. click to enlarge
October Winners  
Marc Bowden's meticulously maintained yard shows tremendous care - a care which Marc does himself. His care shows. A bountiful supply of colorful begonias, which Marc plants himself yearly, adds color to Marc's yard in high-season bloom. A neatly maintained porch area adds to the overall attractiveness of the Bowen home and is inviting to friends and neighbors. The care that Marc gives to his garden and upkeep of his home is why the Bowen's are BANC's Home of the Month for October 2012. click to enlarge
September Winners  
Laura and Neil Linden have a fantastically well-manicured yard. A plum tree is the main feature of this small, yet handsome front yard. Colorful perennials, neatly trimmed shrubs, and decorative rock adorn the Linden's home. Congratulations to Laura and Neil Linden for Home of the Month for September. click to enlarge
August Winners  
The first thing that one notices as they approach Sean and Jennifer Fernandez home is how neat their yard is kept. A neatly trimmed olive tree doesn't obstruct the view of their home. Near the edge of the property Sean and Jennifer created a small front-yard patio complete with table, awning and chairs - perfect for wine sipping. Next to their patio is a small vineyard which completes the statement of Brentwood's agricultural area complete with two of Brentwood's popular crops: wine and olive oil. click to enlarge
July Winners  
Andy Kanyuh is the master gardener for the HOTM for July. One of Andy’s secrets to keeping a weed-free yard is to lie-down weed protector and anchor with golf tees. “It costs $5.00 a bag for 10 weed anchors, but you can get 100 golf tees for $3.00,” stated Andy. Thanks for that gardening tip Andy and congratulations to you and your wife Pat for Home of the Month for July 2012. click to enlarge
June Winners  
Congratulations go out to John and Lynn Tiemeyer for BANC’s Home of the Month for June 2012. John is the proud grounds keeper of this yard. The wellscaped hedges and lush green lawn really shows John’s efforts which makes this home our winner this month. click to enlarge
May Winners  
Jorge Vargas is in the ag business and it yard shows it. Jorge’s uses lush tropical plants such as bird of paradise and palms and rich, dark, finely mulched bark which gives the yard a tropical feel. The grass area is neatly trimmed and lush green. Congratulations to Jorge Varga’s for a job well done as BANC’s May 2012 Home of the Month winner. click to enlarge
April Winners  

Kelly and Glen Banducci are BANC’s Home of the Month winners for April 2012. Glenn and Kelly maintain a tidy and colorful yard. The center tree of their yard receives yearly grooming and maintenance to remove the mistletoe which keeps the tree in its stately condition. Kelly and Glenn also paint their house every four years which provides the fresh-look their home exudes. Congratulations to Kelly and Glen for being BANC’s HOTM April 2012 winner.

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December Winners

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arce won Brentwood Action Neighborhood Committee’s December 2011 Home of the Month.

Mrs. Arce stated it takes three days to decorate the outside of their home which includes two wreaths made of sea shells.  Lighted gift boxes, and reindeer with strings of lights in the trees accentuate the front yard.  Lighted Christmas tulip form a whimsical lighted side yard.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arce for your beautifully decorated home
October Winners

Driving past the ghoulish residence, you cannot help but notice the cemetery, the casket with a body in it, the bloody bodies and the goblins lurking about waiting to jump out at you. The eerie fog and headless horseman set the theme from the curb and invited those , who were brave enough, for a closer look! Congratulations Frago family for a job well done. The Frago family, along with their neighbors, the Hawkins and Franklin families, worked together to create a haunted yard that frightened and delighted the neighborhood children….and adults! Congratulations Frago, Franklin and Hawkins’s family for a job well done.

September Winners

Prem and Shobna Maharaj love their yard and it shows.  Wife Shobna designed the hardscape and landscaping, while husband Prem spends a minimum of four days a week taking care and nurturing his plants.  Two elephants at the foot of a long slate walkway greet visitors, taking them up to a porch-patio enclave, also featuring slate, and housing an elephant fountain surrounded by various annuals planted throughout and walls of covered ivy.  The home's  landscape and hardscape are spectacular, and for these reasons, the Maharaj’s home is  BANC’s Home of the Month winner for September 2011.

August Winners

Pedro and Coreen Rangel have nursed their yard since its infancy eleven years ago into a full-blown mature and beautiful yard consisting of a miniature magnolia tree and a non-fruiting olive tree. The center-piece of the Rangel’s yard is a rock, waterfall feature, located at the foot of their driveway. The waterfall is surrounded by flowers plants and bushes with multiple shades of green.

The Rangel’s amazing landscaping, compliments the four giant columns on the face of the home. All of the features combined, are why the Rangel’s home has won the Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee’s Home of the Month award for August 2011.

July Winners

Ron and Angela Jacobs are the winners for Brentwood Advisory Committee’s July 2011 Home of the Month.

The Jacobs well manicured landscaping consists of many different varieties of succulents, and tropical plants. The lawn is impeccably manicured. The Jacobs’ is nicely painted and the overall ambiance of the lot is a nice balance of color.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs!

June Winners

2161 Gold Poppy Street
William Emmerling

Located on Gold Poppy Street you will find William and Rebecca Emmerling’s beautifully landscaped home.  Not only is the landscaping beautiful, the entry to the home is welcoming.

A Japanese maple surrounded by purple lilacs and irises fill the front yard which lines a curved cement walkway fronted by brick.  The Emmerling’s lawn in a deep forest green.  Lanterns guide guests at night to William and Rebecca’s entry way.

Congratulations William and Rebecca for winning June’s Home of the Month.  The honor is well deserved!

May Winners

61 Hanson Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Williams

Mr and Mrs Williams have a beautiful home on Hanson Lane.  Their large white home with red shutters stands out on the right side when driving north along Brentwood Boulevard.  The landscaping has a lot to do with why the Williams’ home won Home Of The Month for May.

The lawn is perfectly green, as are the well shaped shrubs.  The flower beds are perfectly manicured.  A large arching drive surrounded by an old oak tree fronts the home.  The wide walkway leading to the Williams’ front door is accented with craftsman-style night lighting.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Williams in making your home winner of Home of the Month for May 2011. 

December Winners

199 Kayla Pl.
Lawrence Botelho

The house was beautiful, tastefully done and according to the homeowner took 52 hours to complete. It was obvious that they put a lot of work into the design as well as the decorations. It was a wonderful home decorated for the Christmas season!

October Winners

176 Pescara Blvd.
Zachary Szopinski

Zachary has been doing all of the decorating for his family for the past 7 years, doing both Halloween and Christmas. He started the first week of October to finish in time for the all of the ghouls and goblins. He has done an amazing job, so much so that some of the adults were afraid to go on the porch. We all see a future for him in special effects for the movies.  

September Winners

805 Prairie Rose Way
Pete and Rebecca Haro

Homeowners take pride in the appearance of their yards for various reasons.  Sometimes, that reason is competitive - such as competing with your brother and his yard.  Pete Haro and his brother have such a competition in their family.  Ironically, the day before BANC announced to the Haro family that they were chosen for HOTM for September 2010, Pete was at his brother’s house and saw that his brother’s home, located in Hayward, won HOTM in that city. Sometimes, things just happen for a reason. 

The Haro family impeccably well maintained yard features lush palms throughout and a fountain water feature in the front yard consisting of a tipped over clay pot pouring water into a second tiered lower pot.  The Haro porch features rattan outdoor furniture and a redwood swing for two, for friends and family to gather.

Congratulations Haro family of Brentwood for such a beautifully manicured home and yard.  Competition with your brother can be a good thing!

May Winners
Al and Colleen Paiva show how an older home can have a face lift just by adding plants and small touches. The residence has extensive brickwork outlining beautiful planter boxes. Small details, such as landscape lighting, statues and garden accessories showcase this wonderful corner location.  This is an ongoing adventure for the Paiva family, so drive by and take a look at their ongoing progress to preserve such a wonderful home
April Winners
This month’s home was selected because of its understated elegance and immaculately kept yard. For the Smith family, this was a labor of love and fortunately for the neighborhood, everyone may pass by and enjoy the scenic view.
December Winners

2708 St. Regis Ave.
Steve Robinson

Home of the Season winner: Tis the season to be merry and the residents at 2708 St. Regis certainly did just that! Mr. and Mrs. Robinson spent countless hours decorating their home with twinkling lights, snowmen and Disney characters. The candy canes, gingerbread men and snowflakes added to the attraction. Every year Mr. & Mrs. Robinson enjoy decorating their home, much to their family, friends and neighbors delight, therefore, they were the winners of this years Home of the Season Award presented by the BANC committee. The committee members enjoyed looking at all of the nominees home decorated with bright lights and animated characters and hope that Brentwood residents will continue to nominate their favorite homes for Home of the Month and Home of the Season.

October Winners

538 Almanor Street
Tracie Miga

Many homes in Brentwood were devilishly decorated for Halloween, but one stood above the rest, the home of Jeff and Tracy Miga at 538 Almanor St. The home delighted and scared many goblins that came to the home asking for candy. The Migas’ re-creation of a scary Fun House was named Home of the Month for October by the Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee (BANC).

September Winners

862 Redhaven
Dave and Christine Walters

The Walter’s house is well maintained and the yard is impeccably manicured.  The home shows that its owners really take pride in the appearance of their home.  Various decorations add a special touch that go beyond presenting the house as just another pretty face in Brentwood.

August Winners

Norman and Julie Escover
1721 Latour  Avenue

The home was lovely with over flowing flower boxes, textured walkway and ornamental bushes. A large urn with dainty, colored flowers was nestled atop a rock pedestal for all to see. The lawn was nicely manicured and all of the color made this home a visual delight! It was obvious that the Escover family took great pride in their home.

May Winners

393 Roundhill Dr
Robert and Vera Knowles

This lovely two story cottage style home, accented by cobblestone, is beige with white accents. Many potted plants dot the cozy porch and double doors welcome visitors with open arms. An American flag is proudly displayed and a small side patio is dotted with a miniature lemon tree. Heliotrope, Birds of Paradise and palm trees are prominent landscaping components.

April Winners

1583 Dawnview Dr
Rhonda and Robert Kathain

This spectacular Spanish style two story home is beige with accents of blue. The lush landscaping is accented by tropical foliage of palm trees, birds of paradise and asparagus ferns. Large pottery urns filled with asparagus ferns welcome visitors up the steps to the home, A state of the art lighting system illuminates the special home each night.

December Winners

1944 Las Colinas Dr
William and Denise Iles

Home of the Season winner. The proud family is William and Denise Iles. Their residence is located at 1944 Las Colinas Dr. This home was chosen for its outstanding decorations. The Disney theme was beautiful with many characters ranging from Mickey Mouse to Winnie the Pooh. The colorful lights accented the characters and made the entire home delightful.

November Winners

2336 St. Augustine
Glen and Joyce Davies

This beautiful home belongs to Glen and Joyce Davies. This home has been lovingly cared for; the lawn was green and well manicured, the bushes and foliage was cleared and pruned. The burst of color from the flowers was magnificent. A stunning water barrel feature greats you at the front of the home, for all of those who are passing by or coming to visit, to enjoy!

October Winners

458 Chestnut
Jose Aparicio and Farrah Lozano

This home has what everyone Halloween scene should have ….bats, skulls, a scarecrow, an open coffin and a large spider web with a large spider, which drapes across the home and the trees. The family made the spider web and spider themselves! There are also lights which illuminate the decorations and the home. Jose Aparicio and Farrah Lozano have enjoyed decorating their home for their children and their neighborhood.

September Winners

856 Larkspur
Ross & Dee

The Manalad residence at 856 Larkspur Lane, was selected by the Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee (BANC) as the September Home of the Month winner for its calming Japanese garden theme. Home to Ross and Dee Manalad, as well as Dee’s parents, Alberto and Dolly Trinidad, the front yard features bright green asparagus ferns, Japanese themed statues, unique pottery, and rocks of all colors and sizes that mimic flowing water. Dee's father, Alberto, who designed and maintains the yard, is thrilled that his family’s home was selected as a winner of the Home of the Month program.

August Winners

Patrick and Julie McVeigh

The Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee’s (BANC) Home of the Month award for August goes to Patrick and Julie McVeigh who reside in a Hallmark Morrison home. Several large fruitless plum trees shade the walkway and flowering impatiens beneath create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The yard pops with reds and oranges, showcasing “Veterans Honor” and “Perfect Moment” roses, along with red trumpet vine. Additional features of the home include a fountain/bird bath and bird feeder. The McVeighs maintain the yard themselves and stated that they are honored to receive the distinction of August Home of the Month.

June Winners

550 Lakeview Drive
Roberto and Angel Sudario

The Sudario residence at 550 Lakeview Drive, was selected by BANC as the June Home of the Month winner for its beautiful curb appeal. Tasteful colored stamped concrete graces the walkways which are surrounded by queen palms, colorful flowering shrubs and a green lawn. Several rock formations further enhance the overall interest and beauty of this great house.

May Winners

535 Brushwood Place
Spencer and Antoinette Skillman

The Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee’s May Home of the Month award goes to Spencer and Antoinette Skillman at 235 Brushwood Place. Their yard boasts many queen palms, a beautiful fountain, birds of paradise and an array of bright pink and orange flowers, including rose bushes that grab your attention.

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