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City Administration
The Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee (BANC) is an advisory committee made up of residents from the city's 53 neighborhoods. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are held on the second Wednesday of each month in the Brentwood Community Center Meeting Room at 35 Oak Street. The committee serves on special task forces to study city issues and to works on projects such as the committee's "Home of the Month" program, National Night Out, and assists with the annual Christmas tree lighting.

Mission Statement:

Provide recognition of neighborhood efforts in Brentwood that bring about a betterment of the community.These efforts can be accomplished through the Home of the Month program, attending Neighborhood Watch meetings, involvement in the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) and National Night Out programs, coordinating the annual holiday tree lighting with the City, participating in Hometown Halloween, and other activities as directed by City Council.

Act as a supplemental resource for residents and/or neighborhood focused organizations related to information about City services, departments, and events/activities.These efforts can be accomplished by attending community events such as:

Community information booths

Volunteer at City sponsored events such as Playport to Fun and community events, including Marsh Creek Clean-up, Farmer’s Market or Chamber of Commerce events

Maintaining a webpage on City website

Submitting local newspaper articles

Take advantage of publicity opportunities

Other activities as directed by City Council.

Membership Requirements:

Term: 2 years as approved by City Council upon a recommendation of the City Council Liaison. All terms will end on the 31st of December of the appropriate year.

Meeting Requirements: Maximum of two unexcused absences per calendar year are allowed. Upon a third unexcused absence, the member will be dismissed from the committee.

Quadrants: Membership not to exceed 24 members total from the four quadrants. Representation from each of the four quadrants is encouraged, however a minimum or maximum per quadrant has not been established to encourage increasing membership.

Applicants: Applicants are required to attend a Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee meeting and complete an application to be considered for appointment. The City Council Liaison will make recommendations to City Council for consideration of appointments.

BANC Committee Members:
Name Position Quadrant Term Expires
JoAnn Klement Chair 3 12/31/2015
Rick Fuller Vice Chair 1 12/31/2014
Tni Jackson Secretary 3 12/31/2014
Stephen Smith Treasurer 3 12/31/2014
Earl Medeiros Public Relations 3 12/31/2014
Claudette-Naturel-Staton Committee Member 3 12/31/2014
Karen Nunez Committee Member 3 12/31/2014
Cathy Palestro Committee Member 3 12/31/2014
Maria Pearl Committee Member 3 12/31/2014
Silky Sanahan Committee Member 3 12/31/2014
Johnny Staton Committee Member 3 12/31/2014
Gene Clare City Council Representative    
Poldina Scherff City Representative    
Barbie Gary City Staff    
Michele Keady City Staff    
City of Brentwood BANC Committee
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone 516-5366