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Arts Commission Meeting Minutes - January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012 AT 7:00 P.M.

CALL TO ORDER: Chair Senn called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Present were Chair Danny Senn, Vice Chair Donna Spencer and Commissioners Juan Castillo and Barbie Koncher. Staff members present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager and Elaine McGurk, Administrative Assistant II.

1. Swearing in new Arts Commissioner Mr. Jack Gaughan

Vice Mayor Barr swore in incoming Arts Commissioner Mr. Jack Gaughan.

Kati Short, Poet Laureate, gave a final report regarding a project which the Arts Commission donated money to. This project was a compilation of poems and/or writings from Brentwood students and writers. A book was published titled “In Mt. Diablo’s Shadow.” This is an anthology of prose and poetry. Ms. Short presented the Commission the finished product and also read a new poem titled “Our New City Hall.”

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of October 19, 2011

 Motion to approve minutes of the regular meeting of October 19, 2011.
Motion: Spencer
Second: Koncher
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0

2. ACTION ITEM: Accept and approve the list of entry way locations for possible City public art for City Council consideration. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, reviewed was discussed at the October 19, 2011 meeting. She reviewed a PowerPoint slide show that displayed the various entry way locations for possible City public art. Discussion ensued among the Commission to prioritize the top 4 projects and presenting this recommendation to the City Council for approval.

The result of that discussion listed the following as the top 4 projects:
1. Open perimeter areas along Balfour Road between Shadow Lakes and West Country Club Drive east bound in the City landscape area along the meandering sidewalk.
2. Hill area to the west of Hwy 4 Bypass.
3. Oak Street and Lott Drive – just past Garin Parkway on the roundabout.
4. Civic Center/City Park/Library expansion/Downtown

The result of that discussion listed the following as future projects in its order of priority:
5. Hwy 4 Bypass and Sand Creek Road – NE corner.
6. Dainty Avenue and Central Boulevard – area along the creek.
7. Oak Street and Chestnut Avenue – 2 triangle pieces
8. Balfour-Guthrie Park
9. Fairview Avenue and Sand Creek Road along future 13 acre park area.

 Motion to approve the updated list of entry way locations for possible City public art for City Council consideration and appointing Chair/Commissioner Senn to present this information to City Council on February 28.
Motion: Koncher
Second: Spencer
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0

3. ACTION ITEM: Approve the 2012 Arts Commission Meeting Calendar. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, presented a meeting calendar that included deadlines for staff to follow to be sure deadlines were met as set forth by the Brown Act. The month of December has been designated as the month where no meetings will take place.

 Motion to approve the 2012 Arts Commission Meeting Calendar.
Motion: Gaughan
Second: Senn
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0

4. ACTION ITEM: Election of Vice Chair. (P. Scherff)

Chair Danny Senn will complete his position tonight and hand over the reins to Vice Chair Donna Spencer. A new Vice Chair will need to be elected for 2012.

Commissioner Koncher nominated Jack Gaughan. Jack Gaughan accepted the nomination.

 Motion to approve Jack Gaughan as the new Vic Chair of the Arts Commission.
Motion: Koncher
Second: Castillo
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0


Chair Senn inquired about the next step in getting the entry way locations for City public art project started. Poldina Scherff said if and when the City Council approves their list of areas of public art, the Commission will then need to discuss what type of art element they would like to see at a particular location. Once the type of element has been chosen, then a specific type of Artist will be sought after. Staff will work on a Request for Proposal to find an Artist that would be ideal to complete that specific element at a particular location.

Poldina Scherff informed the Commission that the Liberty High School Art Academy students have started the mural project of an underwater delta theme at the tunnel located at King Park. They began this project on January 11. This project will be done prior to the end of the school year.

Commissioner Koncher mentioned having a celebratory event when this project is completed. It was mentioned that the Commission could possibly hold their meeting in May at that park to celebrate the completion of this project.


Chair Senn adjourned the meeting at 7:48 pm.


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