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Arts Commission Minutes - August 18, 2010

AUGUST 18, 2010 AT 7:00 P.M.

CALL TO ORDER: Chair Juan Castillo called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present were, Chair Juan Castillo, Vice Chair Danny Senn and Commissioner Wanda Groseclose. Commissioners Barbie Koncher and Donna Spencer were excused. Staff members present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager and Elaine McGurk, Administrative Assistant II.



1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of July 21, 2010.

 Motion to approve the minutes of regular meeting of July 21, 2010
Motioned: Senn
Second: Groseclose
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Excused: 2 (Koncher & Spencer)

2. ACTION ITEM: Discuss and review the draft Memorandum of Understanding for the Brentwood Art Society and decide whether to recommend funding to City Council. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, reviewed what was done in the past with the Brentwood Art Society. With the 2009 Memorandum of Understanding, in order for the City to close out the MOU that year, a final recap needs to be presented to the City Council. Until this is done, staff recommended that the Commission not submit the new MOU for Fiscal Year 2010-11 for approval to the City Council. Poldina Scherff also mentioned that currently in fund 270, there is approximately $30,000 remaining and once that account has been depleted, there is no way to replenish it.

Jack Gaughan, President of the Brentwood Art Society, gave a revised handout with the funding request for FY 2010-11 MOU. They have revised the request of $500 for Student Art Show instead of the $1,000 as initially stated at a previous meeting. The cost of the Student Art Show was re-evaluated and it was determined with some of the framing material being donated, less money was needed. He gave a brief overview of the areas they are requesting funding for.

Brentwood Under the Stars has been a huge success thus far. They are currently on their second show and they all have been sell out showings. They began this new venture by approaching the owners of the Streets of Brentwood who then funded $20,000. In the future, they hope to approach more businesses for support. They are also eligible to request for grants in the near future after a full season of this program. They are planning on doing a fundraiser in January by hosting a dinner and a show type event. They hope to drum up more company sponsor memberships as well.

Mr. Gaughan said that with any surplus they make from the shows or the Art Wine Jazz Festival will be used for their scholarship programs.

Vice Chair Senn inquired about whether the Open Mic events provided any funds to the Poet Laureate. It was said they do not. The Poet Laureate is in attendance but is not paid for their services.

The Commission discussed the possibilities of helping out the Brentwood Art Society. Commissioner Groseclose is in favor of utilizing the money they have to assist them. Vice Chair Senn would like to see the accounting of what was done in the past. Mr. Gaughan said he would have completed in the next 14 days or so. Poldina Scherff reminded the Commission that the previous MOU has not been closed out therefore they may want to think about when to move forward with the recommendation of the MOU for Fiscal Year 2010-11.

The Commissioned asked if it would be possible to have on the City Council agenda an item for the closing report for FY 2009-10 and another item recommending the MOU for Fiscal Year 2010-11. Poldina Scherff said that would be possible if that is what the Commission would like staff to do however, she was concerned with moving forward a new MOU when the old one has not been closed out.

 Motion to direct staff to place two agenda items on the next Council Staff Agenda relating to the Brentwood Art Society. 1) Report Post-Evaluation report for FY 2009-10 to City Council and 2) Approval of $24,500 for the MOU in FY 2010-11 as requested by the Brentwood Art Society.
Motioned: Senn
Second: Groseclose
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Excused: 2 (Koncher & Spencer)


Commissioner Groseclose appreciated all the work that the Brentwood Art Society has done for Brentwood.



Chair Castillo adjourned the meeting at 8:01 pm.

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