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ArtCommissionMinutes. - January 20, 2010

JANUARY 20, 2010 AT 7:00 P.M.


CALL TO ORDER: Vice Chair Juan Castillo called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

Present were, Vice Chair Juan Castillo, Commissioners Barbie Koncher and Donna Spencer. Commissioner Greg Ruiz was excused. Chair Wanda Groseclose arrived at 7:27 pm. Staff members present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager and Elaine McGurk, Administrative Assistant II.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of October 21, 2009

 Motion to approve the minutes of October 21, 2009.
Motioned: Koncher
Second: Spencer
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Absent: 1 (Groseclose)
Excused: 1 (Ruiz)

1. ACTION ITEM: Approve the 2010 Arts Commission Meeting Calendar. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, reviewed the upcoming dates for the 2010 Arts Commission meetings. Commissioner Koncher will be absent in February and August. Commissioner Spencer may be out for the March meeting. Commissioner Castillo will be absent in June. Any changes to the 2010 Arts Commission Meeting calendar will be noticed in accordance with the Brown Act.

 Approve the 2010 Arts Commission Meeting Calendar
Motioned: Castillo
Second: Spencer
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Absent: 1 (Groseclose)
Excused: 1 (Ruiz)

2. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update on the critter replacement, art element for the poetry contest and discuss the future unveiling of both. (P. Scherff)

On January 12, 2010, City Council approved “Adopt a resolution to amend the Veterans Park Public Art CIP Project No. 352-52350 and authorizing additional funds from the Public Art Acquisition Fund in the amount of $37,739.00 for “Critter” replacement and installation and surveillance equipment”. The next step in acquiring this surveillance equipment will be to go out for bid. Currently, there is surveillance equipment located at the Brentwood Senior Activity Center and Skate Park. The ones at the skate park are capable of panning over towards the raccoon. A sign will be posted year round to let the public know that a surveillance camera has been installed.

With the recent copper theft issue at Oak Meadow, Balfour-Guthrie, and Sunset Parks, staff may be looking into getting surveillance equipment at those locations as well.

Eric Powell has completed the poems and is holding them until the surveillance equipment has been installed. It was brought up to possibly invite the kids back that wrote the poems in a small unveiling event. With the kids being older, a time would be selected based on the availability of the students and City officials. Poldina Scherff hopes to do the unveiling mid April.

Meeting Recessed at 7:25 pm

Meeting Reconvened at 7:37 pm


Commissioner Koncher gave a brief update on the star walk at the new City Hall. A committee made of people from various organizations will decide who will be selected for the star walk. The Gonzalez fountain located on First Street and Oak will be relocated and replaced with a new fountain. The new fountain will contain pieces of the old fountain as well.

The Arts, Wine, and Jazz festival will be held at the Streets of Brentwood on August 28 – 29. This will be headed up by Jack Gaughan, new President of Brentwood Arts Society.

She mentioned the upcoming cocktail reception at Bill Weber gallery on March 27, 2010 from 11 am – 4 pm. There will also be an Art, Wine, and Chocolate festival held in the model homes at Trilogy. Each model home will house a particular artist that will showcase their work. Another upcoming event will be an Artist open house studio on May 22 – 23 at the Lynn House Gallery.

Commissioner Spencer inquired about the possibility of having a Film Festival at the Rave Theater in the Streets of Brentwood. She had mentioned attending one in Sedona. Commissioner Castillo said Palo Alto also has held one in the past. It would be like the Sundance type festival.

Poldina Scherff said that at the next meeting a Chair will be voted in.

More information about having a Film Festival.

Chair Groseclose adjourned the meeting at 8:01 pm.

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